Who Was Jean Baptiste Lamarck

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Who Was Jean Baptiste Lamarck

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The Lamarckian Legacy on Evolution and the Life of Lamarck

Jean Baptiste Lamarck, on the other hand, is French. He was a former soldier and then went to becoming a naturalist, a zoology professor, and a botanist. The latter book was about the classification of invertebrates in which he was the first to coin such a word. He worked on further and focused his studies about invertebrate zoology. Lamarck believed that species evolved due to acquired characteristics in response to the drive of the environment. For example, he believed that giraffes really do not have long necks.

But since these animals are trying to reach for food by stretching their necks, their next offspring had longer necks and were able to reach food. On the other hand, Charles Darwin believed that all species came from a single ancestor. He believed that there were types of giraffes with longer necks and with shorter necks. However, those giraffes with shorter necks died due to competition and the drive of the environment, and those with longer necks survived. Darwin is an Englishman while Lamarck is French. Darwin is known for his theory of evolution while Lamarck is known for his theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics.

Difference Between Darwin and Lamarck. Difference Between Similar Terms and Objects. MLA 8 J, Joshua. Name required. Email required. Please note: comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment. There is no need to resubmit your comment. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Unfortunately, he became completely blind before he finished his writings on the subject, but he was assisted by his daughter so he could publish his works on zoology.

His most well-known contributions to zoology were rooted in the Theory of Evolution. Lamarck was the first to claim that humans had evolved from a lower species. In fact, his hypothesis stated that all living things built up from the most simple all the way up to humans. He believed that new species spontaneously generated and body parts or organs that were not used would just shrivel up and go away.

His contemporary, Georges Cuvier , quickly denounced this idea and worked hard to promote his own nearly opposite ideas. Jean-Baptiste Lamarck was one of the first scientists to publish the idea that adaptation occurred in species to help them better survive in the environment. He went on to assert that these physical changes were then passed down to the next generation. While this is now known to be incorrect, Charles Darwin used these ideas when forming his theory of Natural Selection. Jean-Baptiste Lamarck had a total of eight children with three different wives. His first wife, Marie Rosalie Delaporte, gave him six children before she died in However, they did not marry until she was on her deathbed. His second wife, Charlotte Victoire Reverdy gave birth to two children but died two years after they were married.

His final wife, Julie Mallet, did not have any children before she died in It is rumored that Lamarck may have had a fourth wife, but it has not been confirmed. However, it is clear that he had one deaf son and another son who was declared clinically insane. His two living daughters took care of him on his deathbed and were left poor. Only one living son was making a good living as an engineer and had children at the time of Lamarck's death. Share Flipboard Email.

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