Pink Toed Tantula Research Paper

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Pink Toed Tantula Research Paper

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THE PINK TOE TARANTULA (Avicularia avicularia)

If a tarantula does not burrow, it might spin a burrow out of silk, or live under a log or rock. Sometimes, tarantulas spin a line of silk near the entrance to a burrow, which, reports National Geographic, acts as a trip wire, alerting the spider to prey that is nearing its home. According to the San Diego Zoo , when prey comes close, tarantulas ambush it, seize it with their legs, paralyze it with venom , and then kill it with their fangs. They can also crush prey with their strong jaws. After the prey is dead, tarantulas inject digestive enzymes into the prey to liquefy the body and suck it up through their straw-like mouths. Afterward, he rubs himself on the web, loading his pedipalps with it.

If she is receptive, she will emerge from her burrow, and the male will begin a series of courtship displays, including lowering the front of his body, raising his abdomen, shaking his pedipalps, and moving back and forth, according to Sewlal. He then mates with the female, holding her fangs back with his legs. There are, however, other color forms; according to the University of Calgary , they can also be gray or reddish copper. They grow to be about 5. Cobalt Blue Haplopelma lividum : Under certain lights, these Southeast Asian tarantulas are a bright, brilliant blue.

Otherwise, according to the Oakland Zoo , they look black. They are among the most aggressive types of tarantula, and also one of the most rare. Pink Toe Avicularia avicularia : These smallish Caribbean tarantulas start life with pinkish bodies and dark-colored feet. Mature pink toes have dark-colored bodies and pinkish feet—hence their common name. Goliath Bird-Eating Theraphosa blondi : A real giant, this behemoth has a leg span of nearly 12 inches 30 cm , according to Blue Planet Biomes.

It is native to Northern areas of South America and lives in swamps. True to its name, this tarantula can eat birds, though the behavior is rare. However, due to its size it is capable and it does kill and consume small vertebrates such as, frogs, snakes, lizards and even bats and rodents. But birds do not comprise their main diet. Interestingly, tarantulas have been described as bird-eaters for centuries.

Tiger spider Poecilotheria rajaei : This newly discovered species has a leg span of 8 inches 20 cm , according to Wired magazine , and enough venom to kill mice, lizards, small birds and snakes. In this head, there is a venomous stinger that helps make the Triffid seven feet in height and helps kill its prey to digest it considering it is a carnivore. The three sloth are vertebrates. The Three-Toed Sloth has one adaptation which is that it is so sedentary, or still and lazy, that an algae grows on its fur, making a camouflage for the sloth to hide itself with.

Their hind legs are incredibly weak, but their front arms are so strong, that sloths pull themselves along the ground. This makes it clumsy on land, but a surprisingly great swimmer. They also have an incredibly strong grip provided by their claws, which helps them stay up in trees There main prey are: buds, leaves, fruit There main predators are: Eagles, snakes, and jaguars. Except for swiping at other animals, sloths are pretty defenseless. If the sloths leave their trees they become very vulnerable. Their main predators are jaguars, eagles, and humans.

If a human shoots a sloth, they tend to stay in place because their claws hold them in place so well. In total, the honey bee has four wings that are divided into two sets. The front set of wings, which are called the forewings are typically larger than rear wings, which are called the hindwings. They like to live in open dry forests and woodlands that are near water. They will also live in farmlands that have a lot of trees like orchards. They also like golf courses. The Apostlebird has a body that is dark grey. Their wings are brown, and their tail is black. Their tails are long and they redden or blacken to a pointed tip, but they do not have a bushy end.

They have silvery brown fur with dark stripes on their rumps and pointed snouts. The bellies of meerkats have a patch that shows the black underskin that serves the purpose to retain heat for warmth. Additionally, they have strong claws that are used for finding prey and digging burrows. Meerkats have binocular vision and have dark markings around their eyes, which keeps sun glares out of their eyes. They prefer to live in dense tropical regions that are close to bodies of water such as streams or rivers. They primarily live in the middle of the tree canopies so they will not get eaten by predators. However, in some areas they have been known to forage on the ground for food.

Squirrel Monkeys are small in size only weighing between 1. Mostly feasting on Running Head: 3 incest and smaller fogs the red eye tree frog has plentiful of food to eat. With bright and cheerful colors, the have a shade of red for their toes. When saw, the red eye tree frog has a easily spotted eye. Squirrel Monkeys are highly intelligent primates, having one of the largest brains compared its body size. They are very quick and agile, most likely due to how small they are.

Rarely is a Squirrel Monkey seen on the ground. They tend to stay in a higher. The Pink-toed Tarantula Pink-toed tarantulas are a very interesting type of spider. These types of spider are native along the Caribbean, Brazil, and Costa Rica. The pink-toed tarantula is the most common type of tarantula, but it is not the biggest. The pink-toed tarantula has very interesting ways of surviving their habitats. The pink-toed tarantulas have many abilities to survive. Pink-toed tarantulas are very good climbers, and it can protect itself but having that good ability.

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