Gatx Spray Tanning Case Study

Wednesday, March 30, 2022 2:22:29 PM

Gatx Spray Tanning Case Study

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Some concerns have been posed about how safe spray tans are for the lungs. After all, the product is distributed through a mist form that can be easily inhaled. Inhaling some small amount of the spray tan itself is nearly unavoidable. The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology published an article reviewing common tanning methods. In regards to spray tanning, they expressed the possible concerns of DHA. Some physicians have expressed concern that chronic exposure to spray tans may increase the risk of pulmonary disease, including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD , and cancer. Inhaled DHA enters the body and travels directly to the lungs. Here, it can be more easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

Studies have yet to be done to learn the extent of the complications DHA could cause to the lungs and the rest of the body. Fast Answer: Unless they can safely wear a mask, it is generally recommended that asthma patients do not get spray tans. Many professional spray tan training courses advise against spraying a client with asthma. This could be more challenging for someone with asthma. The spray tan mist could make it more difficult for them to breath. It could also increase the risk of having an asthma attack. If you or a client have asthma and still want to try spray tanning, a protective mask should be worn over the nose and mouth. Women who are pregnant should be particularly cautious in which beauty and tanning treatments they use while pregnant.

Most tanning professionals agree pregnant women should only consider having a spray tan after the first 12 weeks. It should be noted that DHA inhalation is still a likely possibility. If you have concerns, we recommend skipping the spray tan and opt for a gradual self-tanning lotion you can apply manually. While there are no human studies on the risks of spray tanning, there are side effects that are reported by spray tan users. Many of these side effects depend on the individual and the application process. Spray tans are not recommended for people who commonly experience difficulty breathing, standing for extended periods of time, or have very sensitive skin.

The results of ingesting or inhaling DHA is still unknown. Wearing protective items during the spray tanning process to cover parts of your body where the mist might permeate is suggested. Make sure you follow the directions of your spray tan technician to ensure you have the best experience possible. There are no sure and absolute findings regarding whether or not spray tanning is safe for humans. Since then, there have been no reports of terrible effects thus far. Stay safe during your spray tan by listening to your spray tan technician.

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