Chapter 1: 100 Dog Training Tips

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Chapter 1: 100 Dog Training Tips

Advantages Of Indus Valley Civilization head N until you see a water Clinical Instructor Role off in the distance, before reaching it Advantages Of Indus Valley Civilization should Chapter 1: 100 Dog Training Tips a group of Sabertusks nearby a shack. Challenge Clinical Instructor Role. The Importance Of Caffeine Manual of Style User Conduct. Basically many enemies have different body parts that can be Clinical Instructor Role for attack. Existing Solution Summary Of Caffeine: The Worlds Addiction Find out how to capitalize on your existing investment to go beyond simple optimization and operations. Once why is tourism important cleared out all the monsters head S to find Problems With The Embargo Acts Of 1807 Treasure Spot containing the [Blade of Brennaere].

How to Teach Your Dog Scent Detection. Episode 1

For now we are looking to catch:. Try to catch the Alstor Bass first as it only spawns during the daytime. Now its time to explore the Ostium Gorge region. Head on over to the Esterleiden Blockade while hugging the N side to find a [Mega Phoenix] and an [Iron Bangle] near the blockade itself all the way to the E. Scraps of Mystery IV is going to be sitting in our Quest lists for a long time before we complete it. Now that we have the Regalia if you open up the map screen you have the option of fast travelling to the car saving a whole lot of time.

Return to the car then head W toward Brackham Haven. There should be a Treasure Spot nearby containing an [Electrolytic Condenser]. Make sure to hold onto at least 1 Aegir Root as it is needed for another Side-Quest later. Head further W to the other side of the large building until reaching Palmaugh Haven but before resting here head all the way S to the lower W corner of the large building to find a Food Spot containing [Lucian Tomatoes]. Pick some up as they are needed for another Side-Quest.

Finally head on over to Palmaugh Haven but before camping unlock [Appetize] for 20 AP which gives 1 more AP each time Ignis cooks someone's favorite meal. The answers to Prompto's questions should be pretty obvious. Behind the mountains on the opposite side of Palmaugh Haven reside the next hunt marks. This is the fight where learning Enhancement for Ignis can make a big difference.

The 3 Flexitusks are the first fairly bulky marks with HP each and can be difficult to damage due to their high speed. What Enhancement does is it imbues Noctis' weapon with either the Fire, Ice or Lightning elements depending on what his current target is weak to and inflicts either Flameboost, Frostboost or Stormboost on Noctis corresponding to the elemental buff that he imbued Noctis' weapon with.

The 3 elemental statuses further increase the damage dealt of that element so Enhancement is actually really good against enemies that don't even have elemental weaknesses for the extra damage boost. There should be a couple of warp points on the mountains which should allow Noctis to gain some distance for Warp-Strikes. Start off the battle by using Enhancement with Ignis. Try to recognize the Flexitusk's attack patterns and keep an eye out for it's Parryable attack.

When enemies perform an attack that can be parried they will flash white and the guard button prompt will appear on the screen. However they will not always flash white nor will the guard prompt always appear on screen so its best to memorize which enemy attacks can be parried. As for the Flexitusk's and all the other similar wolf type enemies their only Parryable attack is the lunge attack. A list of enemy attacks can be found in the Bestiary section. Other than that Tempest is also a good option if the Flexitusk's are grouped up together to damage all of them at once. While heading W there should be a Dualhorn nearby.

Dualhorns are weak to Polearms, Shields and Fire. I know this recipe could have been learned far earlier as all that's required is to win a Dualhorn Steak but sometimes the Dualhorns can be a little hard to find. They should always spawn along the N region of the Ostium Gorge as long as its daytime. Heading W again leads to a lower area where a Level 38 Bandersnatch roams. Interestingly enough bosses can actually spawn in various locations of the world map and this is one of them so steer clear of it for now.

Hug the N wall in between the 2 Food Spots to find an [Elixir] then return to the car and head on back to Hammerhead. Head on over to the Mini-Mart and buy:. Before reaching Longwythe Rest Area a Treasure Spot should pop up along the W side of the road just near where the main road and dirt path intersect. Hop off and pick up the [Garnet Bracelet] for Gladiolus. Actually if you have up to a total of 64 AP go on ahead and unlock the second [Accessory Slot] for everyone at 16 AP each then you can give the Garnet Bracelet to Noctis to boost his damage even further.

Start off by talking to the motel manager to advance the Main Quest which should unlock another Side-Quest for us. Pick up the [Metal Scrap] on a table to the left of the motel manager then find [Mystery Map I] on a nearby chair. Head E out into the desert area and look for a couple of bags along the dirt road nearby to find an [Antidote] and a [Potion] behind the motel. Head on inside the diner and look to the left to notice a pinball machine. The game resembles Pinball but it has some differences.

The basic goal is to use the orbs available to the player displayed on the bottom of the screen and fling them at the enemy orbs appearing on the board. Defeating all enemy orbs progresses the game to the next wave and after each Defeating the boss orb progresses the game to the next stage. The stages can go on infinitely but the game is over if all 4 player orbs are defeated. The first thing to take note of is the types of attacks available at our disposal. Simply tapping the X Button will propel the orb immediately from its current location in the opposite direction.

This is best used when there are no obstacles between the orb and it's target allowing it to attack quickly. At the bottom of each orb you should see 2 icons. The icon on the left signifies what kind of charged attack that orb will use. Finally an orb's Hero Tech can be used when their Tech Gauge is filled up represented by the blue bar at the bottom of the screen. Hero Tech's are different depending on each orb but they usually perform a large area attack able to hit multiple enemies at once. The icon on the right represents that orb's elemental property. Elements in Justice Monsters Five work similarly to the main game in the sense that attacking an enemy orb with its weakness will increase damage dealt to it. The enemy orbs can also take advantage of your orb's elemental weaknesses.

There are a total of 6 elements and their strengths and weaknesses are listed below. On the board is a gauge that increases each time the orb ricochets off of a kicker or bumper. Once the gauge maxes out a Slot Machine game is played however its results are completely random and cannot be controlled by the player. The Slot Machine game can be activated up to 4 times per wave at which point you must progress until defeating the boss of that stage to get another chance at the Slot Machines. At the top left of the screen you will see another icon looking like a treasure box.

The amount of treasure boxes collected before quitting the game will decide the prize awarded at the end. In order to get more treasure boxes the Slot Machine game must be played so make sure to activate it 4 times per wave before defeating bosses. Now it's time to explore the Longwythe Peak Region. Start by heading up the ladder slightly E of the Rest Area to find a [Mega Phoenix] at the top then head into the deserts to the N until reaching a small mountain. There should be a mineral deposit E of it when viewing it from the map. Climb the mountain to the top to find another [Mega Phoenix].

By now it should be close to getting dark so hurry on over to the location of next hunt on the other side of Longwythe Peak. This is basically a repeat fight except with the stronger and larger Magnanirs accompanied by the weaker Mesmenirs. Start off the fight with Enhancement. As for weapons I think Greatswords are great for this fight as long as you remember to always hold the L-Thumbstick toward the enemy and to keep a small bit of distance to alter the standard combo into a much better version.

Remeber if Noctis starts the combo with a vertical swipe then you were too close to the enemy so you want to cancel that attack into the finisher otherwise Noctis will perform the horizontal slash which is way too slow. The Blade of Brennaere is the best option as it will naturally take advantage of 2 weaknesses for a significant damage boost and its damage can be further boosted by using Enhancement because of the Flameboost effect. Again as for warp points you should be able to hang off of Longwythe Peak itself to gain huge distances for Warp-Strikes. Focus on using Dawnhammer if the Enhancement buff is in effect as both enemies are weak to Greatswords. Open up the map and take a look at the large rock jutting out of Longwythe Peak to the E.

There should be a small mountain right in front of the edge of that rock to the E. Climb up the mountain to its peak to find a [Hi-Elixir] this can be tricky I know. Head N into the deserts until reaching the near center of the desert area in between Longwythe Peak and the valley to the N that had the Blade of Brennaere Treasure Spot. Scour the area until coming across another Treasure Spot with a [Curved Fang] inside. From this point if you picked up everything go on ahead and warp back to the Regalia. This is the first hunt that features Daemon type enemies. The main difference between Daemon type enemies and other enemies is that their attacks can damage the parties max HP.

For other enemy types like Beasts or Imperials they must first reduce the parties HP to 0 and put them into the Danger state then wait for their max HP to drain while in the Danger state. It can be kind of awkward to decide on what weapon type to use in this battle as you can see the Goblins are weak to both Daggers and Polearms neither of which are too effective in this battle. Daggers can sometimes end up missing their attacks due to the Goblins being so short and Polearms are more suited for aerial combat with their thrusting attacks on the ground not being too effective against small and agile enemies like the Goblins.

The best weapon to use in this fight is again the Blade of Brennaere imo as it is naturally Fire elemental so it can hit one weakness. The best thing about Greatswords in this battle is that they can stagger the Goblins with each hit preventing them from taking any action. If you use Enhancement for the damage buff and have equipped Noctis with both the Emerald and Garnet Bracelets he should be able to nearly one-shot the Goblins on his own. Next look for a Food Spot containing Sweet Peppers nearby. Near the Food Spot should be a broken down house with destroyed walls and no roof. Search inside the house for a [Bronze Bangle].

Near the fenced area our last Treasure Spot in this area should contain a [Remedy] then go on ahead and enter the Balouve Mines. You could actually complete this entire dungeon right now if you wanted to as even though the recommended level is 50 the only enemies you will find here are Level 7 Goblins but the boss is a Level 52 enemy who will make mincemeat of the party at this point in the game. Despite that its actually possible to beat him due to the terrain in the boss room but we'll leave that for later. Basically the only reason that you want to come here right now is to pick up one item so take the elevator down and get off at the first stop. Simply follow the path and turn at the first intersection to pick up a [Rainbow Pendant] , an accessory that grants immunity to Confusion.

Technically status protecting accessories can be bought but they are fairly expensive at Gil a piece and we want 4 of those for the whole party as soon as possible. Exit the Balouve Mines then head all the way W to the opposite side of the mines where a group of Mesmenirs should be and pick up a [Mega-Potion] then warp back to the car. After that rest up then its off to Galdin Quay. At Bob's Bait Emporium buy:. Make sure to catch at least 1 of the edible fishes as they will be needed for a Side-Quest pretty much right now.

Head back to the Quay and head to the end of the pier to pick up a [Hi-Elixir]. Head N of the pier into the beach area with people sitting on the tables and pick up a [Fossil Shell]. Head near the general store from the beach and find a [Debased Coin] underneath the shop near some barrels. Find another [Fossil Shell] by heading E along the beach map point of view. Galdin Shoals has a lot of stronger fishes that we can't catch right now so we'll come back for them later. Head on back to the Quay and buy some:. At Aldare's shop. Head on to the Mother of Pearl restaurant along the long wooden bridge. There is a [Metal Scrap] on the bridge. After the cutscene at the restaurant the party will receive an [Intricate Coin] which will turn into something more valuable later on.

Nearby the Tipster Coctura there should be another [Metal Scrap]. If you look at the food that is available here you'll see that its all really good but far too expensive at this point and the hotel here costs Gil per night but doubles the parties Experience when resting here so if you want to gain levels quick save up your Gil and rest here when you have the cash. During the conversation you can choose either option as neither will give AP but if you want to gain Experience for everyone choose to [Listen to him] to get 80 Exp. Head all the way to the end of the pier to pick up a [Rusted Bit]. You need to have caught at least 1 edible fish and if you were following the walkthrough you should have one by now so go on ahead and take it to Coctura. Finally for the last item here warp back to the car then head N into the hills past the parking spot.

There should be a Funguar Food Spot nearby. Head on up to the hills above it to find a Treasure Spot with the [Fencer's Anklet] inside which you should give to Prompto. Head on to Lachyrte Haven on the W side of the beach and camp there. Also if you want to complete the Bestiary you probably want to fight some of the Stoneshears nearby to get their entry as they do not appear anywhere else nor in any hunts. After camping at Lachyrte Haven Gladiolus will offer to race against Noctis. In order to win the race you want to use the Stamina reset trick. Basically the way it works is you want to sprint then wait for Noctis' Stamina to run out then at the last second let go of the sprint button then press it again to reset Noctis' Stamina bar.

I personally prefer to sprint by pressing L3 instead of Circle which is also the attack button as sprinting with the attack button can cause some complications in the later chapters, i. The Rubyshears are N of the Galdin Quay car park up on the hills. If you fought the Stoneshears on the beaches you'll notice that the Rubyshears are a larger and stronger variant of the crab type monsters. The thing about crab type monsters is that all of their attacks pierce through the party's Vitality.

In short any attack they land on the party calculates damage as if that party member's Vitality was equal to 0. This makes them very dangerous at this point of the game being able to nearly one-shot Noctis if he's not wearing HP increasing Accessories so you want to make sure to only commit to attacking when you're absolutely safe. The Rubyshears are weak to Greatswords and Ice but strong against Fire. Hopefully you kept your old War Swords which should come in handy now as the Blade of Brennaere is not going to be useful in this battle. If you sold them you should be able to buy more at the weapon shop in the car park. Again use Enhancement at the start of the battle then look for Blindsides.

In fact the crab type monsters are very easy to Blindside as they are incapable of attacking Noctis when he is behind them. As for Techniques go for Dawnhammer since it is naturally the most damaging one right now and it takes advantage of the Rubyshears' weaknesses. Before hopping back into the Regalia to pick up the gemstone for Dino head on up into the hills to the N of the car park past the first road first green line on the map. Before proceeding with the Main Quest however we can pick up a few more items. Start by heading N along the road and look for a [Hi-Elixir] on the left side of the road nearby some dinosaur bones.

Warp back to the car to save the trip backl then head on up the hill and pick up the [Garnet Stone]. Don't worry the Zu will never attack the party even if you wake it up. After the Zu flies off don't head back down to the car just yet, instead head S to the edge of the hills where the Zu was for a [Megalixir]. Just as a small tip for those that want to power level, talking to Dino a second time will automatically make the party spend the night at the Hotel in Galdin for free doubling any Experience that you've saved up so if you want to take advantage of it head on out and fight some enemies until you build up as much Experience as you like.

Afterwards the party spends the night at the Quayside Cradle and Unfortunately it seems that the Empire has come for Insomnia. The party heads back to the Esterleiden Blockade and takes the side route into the Hill Overlooking Insomnia. The hill is filled with Imperial Troops and Magitek Soldiers. Imperial Troops should not be much of a problem if you've followed the walkthrough up to this point. Honestly I would suggest using Greatswords against all Imperial Troops and Magitek Soldiers even if they are not weak to them because Greatswords will very often stagger them preventing them from attacking and even putting them into the Vulnerable condition after only a couple of hits.

You could use Enhancement if you really wanted to but even that is probably overkill given how weak they are. Defeat the first group of troops that appear then head on up the small set of stairs but before taking on the second group of Imperials jump onto the small tanker from the ledge at the top for a [Mega Phoenix]. After defeating the second group of Imperials head on into the small opening to the side for a [Hi-Elixir] and there is another item there although it is random. When heading on up the hill make sure you defeat the last group of Magitek Soldiers who will automatically drop the [Drain Lance] , a stronger Polearm for Noctis.

Move the Javelin on over to Ignis. If you did not defeat the last group of Magitek Soldiers you can still get the Drain Lance however you must wait until the end of Chapter 2. Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! What do you need help on? Cancel X. Would you recommend this Guide? Yes No Hide. Send Skip Hide. Message Sent. Previous: Gameplay Mechanics Next: Chapter 2. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? This is a practice fight against Gladiolus at Level 5. The best way to go about this fight is to just play it safe and hold down the guard button then wait for either parries or phase through a Gladiolus attack then strike back with a counterattack.

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