How Do People Respond To Change

Sunday, December 12, 2021 8:45:06 AM

How Do People Respond To Change

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From before we can even remember, we possess a strong need for social connection. That extra reassurance from our social network is especially important in moments of change and uncertainty. It manifests in physiological responses as well. Seeking out information in the face of uncertainty is therefore a crucial way in which we can better adjust to change, says Scarlett. One simple way to do this on a daily basis is making a list of what you know you need to accomplish in your day.

Decision making goes in tandem with moments of change in our lives. But there are simple things that can be done to help improve our ability to handle such moments of uncertainty. Events Innovation Festival. Follow us:. By Jane Porter 3 minute Read. Our Need for Social Connection From before we can even remember, we possess a strong need for social connection. If it hasn't been done before, there will be some in your organization who likely can't see the end from the beginning. Every organization needs a visionary, but merely stating your vision is not enough. You also have to show, not just tell.

You can demonstrate how you would like to do things before actually doing it. Minimize the frustration and hurt feelings by communicating and demonstrating. Wherever possible, keep some things the same. Stay focused on the important reasons change is being sought. And avoid a follow-the-leader-because-I-say-so attitude. Fatigue can be a killjoy for change. If an organization has been through a lot of upheaval, people may resist change simply because they're tired. And when people are tired, they tend to be cranky, angry, and irritable. It has been my experience that when the environment is tense or inundated with projects, the people in that environment will be the same way. When this is the case, leaders have to be understanding of people's complaints and attentive to their needs throughout the change process.

Keep the reasoning for change front and center, and make the environment more conducive for future change. By definition, implementing change is a departure from "the way it's always been done. Transformation, especially when it's from the top down, can make people feel uncomfortable. Some people may feel betrayed. Others may simply dread the new day that changes may bring. In either case, leaders can help people embrace change by acknowledging those parts of the past that were good while at the same time making it clear that the change being presented is necessary.

When people respect their leaders, it's often because the leader has built trust over a period of time. When a new leader step in to replace an old leader, it's important that the new leader embrace the responsibility of building trust with the people they lead. If trust is not built, then mistrust is the default response and mistrust often becomes evident in a resistance to change.

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