The Malthusian Theory Analysis

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The Malthusian Theory Analysis

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Thomas Malthus (Malthusianism): Does Population Growth Lead to Food Shortages \u0026 Resource Depletion?

It is favorable methods adopted by nature, included wars, flood, earthquake, disease, hunger, poverty and particular lack of food. Earlier time proportion of having passion and having baby is nearly same now a days. Passion can be exist between same sexes to which does not lead to population. The doubling time of population is also thoughtful. This case is true in many countries. So, Malthus stands wrong in case of India, a developing country. During that time UK was a developing country. One dependent on agriculture and another on industries. At that time agriculture engaged a lot many numbers of people and share of service sector was less.

Thumb rule of 72 to calculate the population doubling time. If population growth is 2 then,. It is the influence of Malthus principle of population that people of today realize the need of size within reasonable limit. However, at the global level Malthus has found ethos in the recent literatures. Above all, Malthusian principle of population-initiated theory building and is agreed in the form of neo- Malthusianism, and thus his ideas and work are of great importance.

Location: India. Unknown June 9, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. It so happens that when people do not get employment outside agriculture. The pressure of population on land increases. But the additional men. The concepts of optimum population, under population and over-population are represented in below. In this figure, the size of the population is measured on X-axis and output per capita on Y-axis. It is evident from the figure that. Output per capita goes on increasing with every increase in population till OM population is reached. At OM level of population, the output per capita MP is the highest.

If population now increases beyond OM, output per capita falls. OM is the optimum population. If the population of the country is less than OM, it will be under-populated and if the population is more than OM. Optimum population is not-a fixed and rigid number but is movable. As explained above. But the quantity of capital and natural resources and the state of technologjsare subjected to change. In fact. When there is any change in them. For instance. The concept is relative to natural resources, capital equipment and state of technical knowledge. It is assumed that they remain the same.

Since these factors are subject to constant change, the optimum is a constantly shifting concept. As such we can seldom arrive at a stable optimum which may have significance in economic analysis and practice. Thus, the theory is based on wrong assumptions. Also, mere size of the population is of little significance. The composition of the population, e. The world population has become 7. Economically, spacing the economic resources especially food stuffs are not increasing as fast as the tempo of the growth of world population.

Thomas Robert Malthus was an English economist and clergyman. This book contained his theory regarding increase of world population. The Malthusian theory states that the world population is increasing geometrically but the food supply is increasing arithmetically and thus the shortage of food leads to famine, war and diseases. Main features of Malthusian theory include the followeing:. Criticism of Malthusian theory of Population:. Importance of Malthusian Theory of Population:. Your email address will not be published.

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