Analysis Of Adam Savages Speech Why We Make

Friday, November 12, 2021 12:25:37 AM

Analysis Of Adam Savages Speech Why We Make

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You can unsubscribe at any time. More info. British singer Adele has broken her silence on her split from her ex-husband, branding the situation "embarrassing". Adele, 33, and her ex-husband Simon Konecki announced that they had decided to go their separate ways two years ago after being married for a short period of time, before their divorce was finalised earlier this year. Speaking for the first time about her marriage, Adele spoke candidly about her nine year relationship with her ex-husband. When asked why she decided to end the marriage, Adele revealed that she was too "embarrassed" to go into further detail about the painful split. Speaking about reaching a milestone birthday, Adele looked back on how her life took an unexpected turn.

The megastar sparked a frenzy back in when she referred to Simon as "my husband" during an acceptance speech at the Grammys. A statement from Adele's representative confirmed her divorce, saying: "Adele and her partner have separated. Adele also shared a snap of them at a glamorous party, as she seemingly confirmed their relationship. Adele covers the November issues of British and American Vogue and the interview can be read here. Adele teases the release of her new track 'Easy on Me'.

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