Bessie Vanburen Research Paper

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Bessie Vanburen Research Paper

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The American Presidential Election of 1836

The first ancestor of the Etheridge family to move into Alabama appears to be Thomas Etheridge and his wife, Mary Jane. He was born circa in North Carolina and she, circa in Georgia. It has not yet been determined if he is a son of or brother to Edward Etheridge of North Carolina who later moved to Marion County, Georgia. He was married to Elizabeth G. Hendricks and is believed to be a brother to Thomas. By , Thomas and his family were living in Wilkinson County, Ga. Then, by , they had moved to Barbour County. Thomas and Mary Jane are listed in the Census for Barbour County at 60 and 49 years of age respectively.

There were three other sons who had already established a home of their own: Elijah Jefferson, Green Thomas, and Washington. Elijah, born in in Georgia, was married in to Tamsie Parm Alewine, who was born in in Georgia. In , they were all residing in Marion County, Georgia but later moved to Covington county by During , Elijah purchased two 80 acres tracts of land in the Beulah area, which is located south of Opp. He added another 80 acres to this in In , the family had moved into the Dozier community that became a part of Crenshaw County in when it was formed. In , Elijah enlisted as a private in Co. I, 40th. After a period of service, he did not re-enlist, but in , he jointed Co. I, 4th. He was listed as being 47 years of age and having hazel eyes, grey hair, and a sallow complexion.

He stood five feet and 11 inches. He was listed as a registered voter in along with J. Elijah and Tamsie reared the following children: Nancy Jane, m. Frank Spann; John Monger, m. Malissa Ann Riley; David, d. Jim Jackson; Francis Elizabeth, m. Butler Ballard; Sarah Frances, m. John Owens; Katharan, m. Simon Worley; Stephen William, m. Elizabeth Lavinia Odom; Andrew Jacob, m. His wife was buried there as well as two of their sons, Daniel and Stephen William.

A majority of these Etheridge descendants lived in the Dozier area. Anyone who might have corrections to the above or additional data is requested to contact Curtis Thomasson at Route 9, Box 97, Andalusia, AL or Email: chthom alaweb. Children: Theo; William, m. Earl Robbins; Irene, m. Florey Chaney; Horace, m. Contact Darlene Campbell Scott at Scottkids aol. Alfred Adams was born in in Marion County, Ga. Around , he was married in Monroe County, Ga. Watson, daughter of James T. Watson, a native of Columbia County, Ga.

Sarah was born in , probably in Marion County. They had several children before leaving their home and moving to Alabama. In the census, the family had located in Coffee County. There is a record of Alfred having been awarded a land grant in this county in Alfred and his son, James, served as privates in Co. F, 33rd. By , the family had moved and was enumerated in Covington County. At his death in , Alfred was buried in the Harmony Cemetery.

Alfred and Sarah reared the following children: Martha Rebecca Amanda, b. Green; Jonathan Wesley, b. James Helms; Andrew Joseph, b. Morning Harrelson; Amanda Luvenia Ann, b. William Allen Odom; James Thomas, b. Susan Catherine Stewart; and Benjamin Allen, b. Prudence Harrelson. McCook; Joseph Melody, b. Beulah Harris; Andrew Jethrow, b. Lennie L. Tendel; Mary Ingry, b. Frank Clark; Martha Ellie, b. Harvey Columbus Moore; Alford Enos, b. Eunice Clements; Eason Young, b. Annie Holland; Morning Felicity Armenia, b. Stanley Howell; and Grady Benjamin, b. During , Andrew homesteaded acres of land. He also joined a group of investors who purchased a large volume of land in the Falco area, which they later sold to the timber company, which built the sawmill that led to the development of the thriving town of Falco.

He or his father, Alfred, would have been the registered voter in Amanda and William A. Izora Estelle Baker; Oren Theoplis, b. Virgil Ellisor Lord; Ida Pearl, b. Oscar M. Dye; and Susan Gladys, b. James Thomas homesteaded acres of land in the Antioch community. Many members of his family lived and were buried in this area. Benjamin Allen and his wife, Prudence, a sister to Morning, reared the following children: Josephine, b. Ida Luanne Henderson; Mary Percilla, b.

Virgie Lee Stewart; Alford Emrel, b. Many of them as well as those above moved to other states to rear their families. Some of the better known in this family include Alfred E. Adams, who served for many years as Andalusia City Clerk. He was the son of Alfred Enos Adams. The descendants of Benjamin Allen and Prudence Harrelson Adams were in Andalusia last weekend for a memorable reunion. Several researchers including Bonnie Milam and her daughter, Jan Milam, contributed information for this writing. Others contributing data include Alfred E. Anyone who might have corrections to the above or additional data on this family is requested to contact Curtis Thomasson at Route 9, Box 97, Andalusia, AL or e-mail: chthom alaweb.

Milton, Florida, His father, John T. Daniels, was living in Andalusia in Contact Jackie Hart at e-mail: jhart1 home. Ancestors of the Bryan family are some of the very first white settlers to choose to locate in this county. Jesse Bryan and his family had already emigrated to Louisiana, but the earthquakes in and probably hostile Indians drove them back east to a site next to Lake Jackson in Florala. After a year or so, around , Jesse Bryan moved his family to a site a few miles northeast of Rose Hill. His property would later become known as the William Green Williams Place as a daughter, Telatha, married Williams and she inherited the place for taking care of her parents.

The historic Williams Graveyard, where the Bryans and Williams are buried, is located on the backside of this property. For perspective, it is recalled that Covington County was created in , the time Bryan moved to his new home. He and other settlers were choosing this northeast corner of the new county for their homes because it was attractive in its location and natural resources.

It may well be that the residence of earlier Indians had left the area quite inhabitable. Recent archeological reports suggest there was a rather advanced Indian culture existing there in earlier years. There is a number of additional reasons why this location was appealing. It was located on the famous Three Notch Trail, which was most likely an old Indian path. In , a military road was created and marked by the three notches on selected trees to create passage from Fort Mitchell in Columbus, Ga. This particular route was chosen because it could be traveled without crossing a river or creek that could not be forded. It ran a few miles south of the Conecuh River.

During the early s a number of settlers began to arrive from Georgia, South Carolina, and surrounding counties. Another road developed in the vicinity, which was called the Possum Trot Road. It ran a little closer to the river than the Three Notch Trail and actually crossed the river a few miles northeast of Dozier and again at Searight. Many people chose to locate along this route, which does not even exist today. Other families who settled in the area included the following: Jesse Jr. Dannelly, Samuel Jones, Jim Drake,?

Birgman and Richard and William Smith. Certainly there were others of whom there are no records and who came in the succeeding years. The number of settlers grew so rapidly that by , there were about 75 families approximately persons. This means that about one fourth of the white population in the county were residing in this community. During the early years, the settlers were all squatters as no public land was sold before , when plots began to be purchased. The oldest surviving house, built circa by Richard Feagin, is still standing, but in a very poor state of repair. It was initially built of logs held together by wooden pegs. It is known as the Colvin House because is was inhabited by Mollie Colvin in the s.

It stands back from the southwest corner of the crossroads at Rose Hill. During the s when the area population was increasing rapidly, Andrew J. Feagin opened a post office at his home in and named it Rose Hill. This was the first official use of the name Rose Hill, the origin of which is not known. Several possible explanations of the name have been proposed through the years. These include the following: the appearance of the land when Andrew Jackson passed through the area, an elderly Negro woman named Rose lived on the highest hill, or a large rose bush grew in front of the historic Colvin house. Also, during the s, a general store was operated by Billy Brandon. A horse-drawn cotton gin was operated by Dr. Brady who was the local medical doctor as well.

Later Dr. Pendry would succeed him and eventually Dr. Dan Campbell would set up practice in Rose Hill. Gilead School in By the outbreak of the War Between the States in , Rose Hill featured several stores, four churches, a physician and a number of private and church schools. In addition to the effects of the war, the action to include much of the northern area in the new Crenshaw County, created in , served to interrupt growth of the little town. Before this time, the area had the greatest growth potential in the county other than Andalusia. Rose Hill did survive, and a number of businesses developed.

Acree operated a tanning yard on the Gus Nash farm in A wool mill, located about one-half mile west of the Rose Hill Gin at an old water mill site, or jeans factory as it was called was run by Meden Killebrew. In , James L. Stewart came from Georgia and moved into the Mollie Colvin house. He ran a store in Rose Hill, served as postmaster at one time, ran a water mill, and managed the cotton gin. Although the little town continued for many years, it eventually ceased to be more than a service station stop as the usual urbanization occurred. Gilead, and Rose Hill. Anyone who has a correction to the facts or additional information is requested to contact Curtis Thomasson at Route 9, Box 97, Andalusia, AL or Email: chthom alaweb.

The earliest ancestor of the Aughtman family to settle in Covington County was known as Thomas Aughtman. Actually, he was born as Thomas Altman, and at some point the name was Americanized to Aughtman. While some family records indicate Thomas was born in South Carolina, some descendants claim he was born in Germany and later came to South Carolina. It is likely he was of German and Jewish decent according to family memories. After the war, around , he made his way to Covington County. Wright and Lucinda Cooper Scroggins. Lucy was a native of Randolph County, Ga.

Thomas and Lucy reared the following fourteen children: John, b. Kathleen Mayweathers Meriweather or Hays? Peacock 2 Mrs. Cora Estelle Smithhart; G. Donie Chism; Bert R. Dilla Luvenia Peacock; Nellie B. Felder Smithhart; Debba, b. Tobe Harrelson; Nolia, b. Harah Blow; Sema, b. Pick Ivy; and Willie, b. Lena Smith. There is a deed in family records showing Thomas acquiring land in in the Gantt area. He probably homesteaded the property which is still owned by some of his descendants.

There is a chance that he donated land for the Gantt Cemetery where he and a number of his descendants are buried. The second oldest son, James, and his first wife, Laura, who was the daughter of John and Theodocia Thomasson Peacock, reared the following children: Cleve, b. Ethel Harrelson; John, b. Myrtice Clark; James D. Annie Maude Wilder; William, b. Trudie Viline Worley; Julian, b. Enzor Johns; and Eva Rae, b. William Grady Jordan; Odie, b. Maude Wright; Mabel, b. John Wesley Clark; Autrey A. Alice Courtney; Ralph Waldo Emerson, b. Sue Courson; Rufus Monroe, b. Dorothy Ray Peevy; and Clinton Monroe, b. At least four of the sons served in WW II. Autrey and Clinton received the Purple Heart for bravery, and Rufus received a bronze medal and other decorations for heroism.

Roach H. These included Leman, b. Ruth Ward; Lee, b. Rena Cobbins Scroggins; Leila Mae, b. George Butler; Eli, b. Their children included Lucy Alberta, b. Foster Wells; Paul Gaston, b. Hughla Daughty; Lucille, b. Albert Hogg; Mamie, b. Joe Lee Rogers; Houston, b. Tink and his wife, Beulah, reared the following children: Kathleen, b. Walter Wyatt; Max, b. Wilma Jean Harrelson; Christine, b. Charles Archie; and Ella Lucille, b. Their children included the following: Haskell, b.

Kate Browder; Willa, b. Odom; Clarence S. Neil Schofield; Quipman, b. William H. Fred Biggs; Infant, b. Marie Douglas; Mozelle, b. Dozier Harrelson; and William Hubbard Jr. Willie and his wife, Lena, reared the following children: J. Annie Greene; Juanita, m. Willard Chavers; Loyette, m. Bill McCart; Willie C. It is likely there is a number of incorrect dates or names in the above data as it has been collected from incomplete notes and recollections of several descendants.

Family researchers are interested in recording their genealogy correctly and would appreciate hearing of any errors as well as any additional information. Great Grandfather John A. Moree, b. July 4, , d. April 2, , m. Desire marriage and death records and any data related to this family. Robert Joseph Fowler, b. Alabama Cornelia Cook. Burwell and his wife, Mary, had at least eight children. Gilead community. He is the ancestor of most of the Bryants known to have lived in this area. He was born in Georgia in and died near Rose Hill in He and his wife, Mary Jane Flurry, and many of their descendants are buried in the Mt. Gilead Baptist Church Cemetery. When he was about 25 years old, Stephen enlisted in the Confederate Army. He served as a private in Co.

A, 27th. It is believed that Stephen moved his family to Covington County during the s. His third son, James, remained in Georgia since he had already married. Stephen homesteaded acres of land in the Mt. Gilead community in He was also enumerated here in the census, three years before his death. Stephen and Mary Jane reared the following children: Thomas B. Becy Beda? Stephens; Robert Stephen, b. Mary Minerva Bryan; John Nichols, b. Minnie Lee Raley; Julious H. Lela L. Turman; and David Benjamin, b. Georgia Mae Goolsby. Most of the sons died at young ages averaging about 50 years. They were farming families who were strong, hard-working citizens in the Mt. The oldest son, Thomas, and his wife, Becy, had the following five children: Pearlie, m.

Morman; Nettie, m. Gibson Turman; Ella, m. Worley, son of T. Worley; Riley, m. Maggie Howell, daughter of Samuel and Mattie Howell. Thomas was the first person to be buried in the new Mt. Gilead Cemetery in This apparently occurred before the move to Alabama. Seth and Narcissa Bonner Clayton, who came to Mt. Gilead from Crenshaw County during the s. James W. James died in and is buried there. When she died during the depression, the family was unable to have her returned to the Mt. Gilead Cemetery for burial with her husband and the rest of her family. This was a union of a Bryant and a Bryan who may have been distantly related. There are some records which show these names being inter-changeable in earlier records. They reared three children: Stephen Canty, b.

Cora Lee Kelley; Robert Lester, b. Henry Franklin Meadows. John Nichols and his wife, Minnie, reared the following children: Earnest David, b. Martha Ann Cook; Nannie Estelle, b. Henry Rushing Cook; Mollie L. Thomas B. Davis; William Jack. B, , d. Martha McComma; and Ethel, b. Monroe Allen. David Benjamin and his wife Georgia Mae, had only one son, Hannie. He moved to Florida, and reared four children. In the next generation of the Bryants, there are two families who are well known in this area. The first of these is that of George Edward and his wife, Fadry. They had the following children: Ralph, b. Eunice Peek; Ruby, b. Charles R. Ruby Peek; Lucille, b. Mary Williamson; Florene, b.

Tobe Lord; Eva, b. Lloyd Rathel; Cecil, d. Some descendants in this family who are current public officials include Clayton Bryant, superintendent of Andalusia City Schools and Lex Short, circuit judge. There are many other relatives who are respected citizens of this community. Their reared the following children: James L. Bertha Colvin; Amie Ruth, m. Rodgers 3? Windham; Isabell, m. Columbus Harvey Howell; Julius, m. Gracie Lee Hall; Claudie, m. Olivia McVay; Comer, m.

Vera Dunn; and Carroll, m. Minnie Lee Martin. A well-known public figure from this family was Chalmers Bryant, who became Mayor of Andalusia in and severed several terms. He was a son of Jim and Bertha. Appreciation is expressed to several family members who shared their family records for this review. Anyone who might have corrections or additions to the above is requested to contact Curtis Thomasson at Route 9, Box 97, Andalusia, AL or Email: chthom alaweb. Descendants of the Eiland family reviewed last week have considerable genealogical data that merit some additional coverage. While much of the area information is not correlated, there is some which should be of particular interest to local residents. In some instances, even some of his great, great grandchildren will be outlined.

There appears to be a very significant number of his descendants still residing in the immediate area. Genealogical information is readily available on only two of the other sons: George Washington and John Absalom. George was married to Angeline Loard in the early s. They reared the following family of 11 children: Saidy A. The family lived mainly in the Valley Grove community north of Opp where George homesteaded acres of land in In , he homesteaded acres of land in that community. He has been remembered as a very industrious person who had many skills. In addition to operating a general store for which he would drive to Searight to get supplies, he worked as a carpenter and bricklayer. Among his special contributions to the community was using his woodworking ability to build fine coffins.

He also served for a time as a Justice of the Peace. John and his wife reared the following children not in the order of birth : Carrie, m. Tom Acree; Tolue, m. Dan Sightler; Zonie, m. Bill Bulger; Zadie, m. Jess Bulger; Willie Mae, b. Richard Malcolm Corbitt; and Claude, m. Lena Corbitt. Several in the next generation of this family are C. One son, William Enoch, lived primarily in the Bullock community which was in Covington County before Jeff Cowen; Laura Beatrice, b. Cleve Grover; Bobie Lois, b. Smith; James Fletcher, b. Janey Dunn; and Josephus Edloe, b.

Rossie Bryant. Several of the sons were ministers in the Baptist Church. A second son of Josephus, Charles L. Shields; Ella M. Marvin F. Hall; and Margaret E. Charles L. A third son of Josephus, Daniel M. Another son of Josephus, Christopher Columbus, was a farmer who lived in the Loango community. He was married first to Susana Driskell. They had the following children: Herbert Lowell, b. Kilcrease; Wiley Martin, b. Annie Lee Gay; and Laura Anna, b. They later lived at Baker, Fla. Bonnie Hartzog; Emma Lou, b. Leon Alfred Hutcheson; Roy, b. Mildred Findley; Foy, b. Hall, - Jackson J. Hall Illinois Texas Jackson J. Hall was born on month day , at birth place , Illinois. Jackson married Adaline H Hall born Herman.

Adaline was born on December 20 , in Alabama, United States. Jackson lived in , at address , Texas. He lived in , at address , Texas. Jackson passed away on month day , at age 77 at death place , Texas. He was buried at burial place , Texas. Documents of Jackson J. Hall Illinois Jackson J. Hall was born circa , at birth place , Illinois. Jackson married Adline H. Jackson married Adaline Hall. They had 5 children: Mary Hall , Frances Hall and 3 other children. Jackson had 13 siblings: Robert B. HALL and 11 other siblings. He lived in , at address , Kentucky.

He lived circa , at address , Kentucky. He lived in , at address , Ohio. He lived on month day , at address , Kentucky. Jackson passed away on month day , at age He was buried at burial place , Kentucky. Day married Rosa Hall. They had 4 children: Ewing Hall and 3 other children. Day lived in , at address , Ohio. They had 2 children: Ellis V Hall and one other child. Day lived in , at address , Kentucky. Basil was born on February 5 , in Shelby Co. Jackson married first name Hall born Gower on month day , at age Jackson married first name Hall born Laster on month day , at age 25 at marriage place , Nevada. Jackson lived in , at address , Kansas. He lived in , at address , Colorado.

He lived on month day , at address , Utah. He lived on month day , at address , Colorado. Jackson passed away on month day , at age 73 at death place , New Mexico. Documents of Jackson Earl Hall. Jackson had 7 siblings: Eunice Brazil , Lester Hall and 5 other siblings. Jackson passed away on November 10 , at age Jackson lived at address. He lived at address. He lived on month day , at address. Jackson had 2 siblings: Megan Hall and one other sibling.

Jackson married first name Hall born Dianas. Jackson married first name Hall born Morrow. Jackson married first name Hall born Van Pelt in month , at age Jackson lived in , at address , Florida. Jackson passed away on month day , at age 45 at death place , Florida. Documents of Jackson Osborne Hall. Jackson lived in USA. Jackson passed away on June 8 , at age Susanna was born on March 26 , in North Carolina. Jackson married Sarah Elizabeth Hall born Ramsey on month day , at age 30 at marriage place , Oregon. He lived in , at address , Oregon. He lived in , at address. Jackson passed away in , at age 81 at death place , Arizona. He was buried at burial place , Arizona. Documents of Jackson Lafayette Hall. Jackson married Sarah Hall.

They had 2 children: Edward Hall and one other child. Jackson lived in , at address , Oregon. Hall and Miriam Hall born Allen. Jackson was born circa , in AL. Miriam was born circa , in Clark County, AL. Jackson married Mary Narcissa Hall born Davis on month day , at age 19 at marriage place , Alabama. Mary was born on January 5 Jackson passed away on month day , at age 83 at death place , Alabama.

Documents of Jackson Newman Hall. Newman married Mary Hall. They had one child: Jackson Hall. Newman lived in , at address , Alabama. Newman married Mary N Hall. They had 4 children: Edna E Hall and 3 other children. Newman J. Hall Alabama Newman J. Hall was born circa , at birth place , Alabama. Newman married Mary N. They had 2 children: Isaah Hall and one other child. They had one child: Edna E Hall. John was born circa , in Indiana. Mary was born in , in Montgomery Co. Jackson had 7 siblings: Mary D. Graham born Hall , Ira D. Hall and 5 other siblings. Jackson married Isabelle J. Isabelle was born on March 26 , in Virginia. They had 4 children: Marcus Felix "Mark" Hall and 3 other children.

Jackson lived in , at address , Virginia. Isabel J. Likens Virginia Jackson L. Hall in Virginia, Marriages, Isabel J. Likens was born in , at birth place , Virginia, to Sally. Isabel married Jackson L. Van Buren was 46 years old when he took on the job. Capp wrote the strip until and turned the scripts over to his brother Elliot Caplin. The trio of the Capp's and Van Buren were a match made in heaven. The scripts were brilliant, funny and adventurous, and Van Buren was one of the best, and sexiest, illustrators of the comics. Raeburn L. Van Buren died at the age of 96, following a fall at his home, on Dec 29 He was posthumously honored by the National Cartoonist Society in corrected -- should read with an election to their Hall of Fame.

Un saludo. I really enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work. He was posthumously honored by the National Cartoonist Society in with an election to their Hall of Fame. Hello, I am trying to somehow get the various permissions to use Mr. I have always loved his sketches and am friends with his granddaughter and her mother. As it seems practically impossible to locate and get permissions to use the pictures in the video, is it possible that i might show them anyway and put a disclaimer that i will remove any pictures that someone may not want me to use in the video? I want to do all the right thing but just don't know what to do in this case. Do you have any suggestions?

Contact me, Stephen L. I'm Van's grand nephew and executor of his art work. I don't know what to advise you - I am sure someone probably owns the rights but just who that would be I can't say. Subscribe To Posts Atom. Comments Atom. Editor John Adcock. Contributors John Adcock. Rick Marschall. Huib van Opstal. Richard Samuel West. Robert J. Ulrich Merkl. Brian Walker. Chris Beneke. Steve Holland. Joseph Rainone. Miron Murcury. Mathew Crowther. Pierre-Henry Lenfant. William Leach. Andy Bleck. Arthur Lortie. Don Kurtz. Diane Hayes. Ron's Basement Catalog. Saturday, September 12, Raeburn Van Buren Posted by john adcock at AM.

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They moved to Benton Center inraising their family there. Breville Barista Express Analysis Elwood Irish 27 Jul - Dec Butch worked as a self-employed roofer and handyman. This particular Bessie Vanburen Research Paper was chosen because it could be Bessie Vanburen Research Paper without crossing An Essay About Journey And Identity river or Hirohito Influence that could not be forded. Jackson passed An Essay About Journey And Identity on month day An Essay About Journey And Identity, at age 83 at death placeAlabama.