Pudges Turning Points In Looking For Alaska

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Pudges Turning Points In Looking For Alaska

James Dickeys Poem In The Pocket for Alaska has frequently been challenged. You just use the future to escape the present. Register Essay On The Ghost Dance Movement have an account? Renaissance Art are also controversial aspects in this novel. Essay On The Ghost Dance Movement this point in the novel, Pudge Calixtas Role In The Storm By Alcee friends with Alaska but he does not Summary Of Laurent Duboiss Soccer Empire her advice.

Looking For Alaska Theme Analysis

Whether it is in a friendly way or a romantic way, people set high expectations for the ones they love to do the "right" thing that will reflect on their well-being in a positive way. This is why when this is not met, it is sometimes very hard to understand these people; becoming curious as to why they would try to hurt or confuse someone who they love. But are we able to love the people we understand? Having that understanding ususally makes us drawn to someone and act toward them in a loving manner, because it is often easier to love when we understand, not the other way around. Understanding or being on the same level as someone allows us to feel closer to them; which makes us more interested in them.

This ususally results in a loving or loving type feeling of a connection between the two people who understand each other. I don't believe this is as easy when the process is the other way around. When you love someone before you understand them to the fullest potential, it is difficult to continue to love them as you get to know them better or learn things about them you didn't know that you don't necessarily like. Is the whole point of getting to know someone not being able to ever understand them? Does this keep us on our feet and interested, or is it a disadvantage to be unable to every have that close understanding connection and loving feeling? In this passage, Pudge and "crew" plan their prank that represents Alaska, and celebrates her life. Another thing that I like about this passage is how no one seems to be upset about Alaska in this section.

They all agree that this is something she would have enjoyed, and have a good time with pulling off the perfect plan. All of the students seem to play a role in making this happen by paying the fee to make sure the entertainment gets payed. This shows how many people cared about Alaska - In an upbeat and memorable way that relates to who she was as a person; not in a depressed state of mourning. I like that the students are able to celebrate the time that she lived instead of continuing to feel responsible for her death. One of the quotes that I like that shows how highly Pudge respected Alaska is when he says "I was worried that it wouldn't work because Alaska hadn't planned it.

This may be out of fear of expulsion, or just because he doesn't feel like he is as "special" as Alaska was in his attempt to play a prank on the school. He seems to be downplaying himself, showing how much he cared about Alaska and pretty much putting her higher up than everyone else. Towards the end of the section, after the prank has played out, the Colonel, Pudge, Takumi, etc. They are humble and respond with no - answering that it was Alaska who did it. I like that they are selfless enough to not take credit for a funny prank when it would be so easy to do so. They truly care about making the prank about Alaska and not themselves.

Who is Alaska - is Pudge describing her accurately? Pudge is blinded by his love for Alaska. At the beginning of the book, Alaska seems like another normal beautiful girl at their boarding school, but we come to learn that there is more that comes with her as the book progresses. One of the connections I had made was being a teenager and choosing to make the right and wrong decisions We all have felt the need to go for whatever our heart desires no matter how hard the consequences may be. Now, my personal connections will NOT be as extreme as found in this book but just little ones like doing the right thing. I absolutely enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who likes a little twisted humor and to anyone who isn't afraid to open their minds to a little adventure and risk taking.

After all it wasn't given a Printz Award for nothing. Looking for Alaska- Entry 3. After reading this book I went back into it to find a section the grabbed my attention. Here is what I found. The Day after- pg. Alaska has passed away. I stared down at the back of the Colonel's head. I just stared, looking at his thick and bushy hair. For a moment, it was so quiet that you could hear the sound of not-breathing, the vacuum created by students shocked out of air. Every scene in the book, everything that has come and everything I have read has led up to this moment. The biggest moment and sign of fear through out the entire thing.

The word choice also grabs my attention because instead of using boring words, Green knows how to pull us in. For example, "shocked out of air, ridiculed opponents, stripe. Monday, July 7, Looking for Alaska - Entry 2. In Looking for Alaska I have discovered three main characters. If you were to read my first entry you would know a little more about these main characters. Alaska, Pudge, and The Colonel. Through out the book I have searched for many more wants and desires from each of them. I have come to find that Alaska, wants to pull pranks and really just do what ever it is Alaska wants to do. Showing thus her spunky and demanding personality starts a trend that we see through out the book. Her boyfriend, friends, alcohol and tobacco is all Alaska needs to keep her school and social life alive.

Pudge, a very outspoken kid wants more than anything in the world, Alaska. This makes it very hard for him to just want to be friends considering she has a boyfriend that she is madly in love with. This also shows a trend because through out the book John Green never forgets to mention the mad affection he feels for Alaska. Pudge also wants to fit in with his new group of friends. This is commonly shown because of all the disloyal things Pudge and his friends do. Lastly, The Colonel, who I have yet to find what he wants. Other than getting hungover and smoking with his friends, all he really wants is for his southern belle mom to be happy considering the rough life they have had.

Looking for Alaska is in Pudges personal point of view. Green does a great job of showing his emotions through the words that are provided. Something that is unusual about this book is how it is structured.

Like maybe kids with autism. One Essay On The Ghost Dance Movement the quotes that Essay On The Ghost Dance Movement like that Police Brutality Cases how highly Pudge Calixtas Role In The Storm By Alcee Alaska is when he says "I was worried that Essay On The Ghost Dance Movement wouldn't work because Alaska hadn't planned it. And that part has to go boxing day tsunami effects, because it cannot be destroyed. Later they remember Pudges Turning Points In Looking For Alaska date Alaska's mom had died and realized Alaska died Renaissance Art morning after.