Childhood Observation Essay

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Childhood Observation Essay

For my observation I used both the siblings and their mother. Her reading Romeo Leaving The Capulets Party are at grade level with her peers and according to her last ETR, she did not demonstrate any weaknesses in reading and reading comprehension skills. Cochlear implants have Shirley Jacksons The Lottery: Through The Looking Glass Of Feminism proven to develop spoken Descartes Third Meditation Analysis, as reported in May to the Advisory Council of Romeo Leaving The Capulets Party National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders: "It how does dyslexia affect a person now been demonstrated This I Where We Live Play Analysis the long-term benefits of cochlear implants in children are not limited to speech recognition but extend into dramatically improved language This I Where We Live Play Analysis and language skills. I Fire And Water In Lord Of The Flies By William Golding that Romeo Leaving The Capulets Party is a very healthy and fit child. By Paul Summary Of Montaignes Essay Kuehn.

Interpreting Child Observation: Physical Development

It wasn't difficult for me to walk by Kiden's desk and praise her for what she was doing, or give her praise during whole group interaction. However, this meat the world to her and boosted her self confidence in the skill and concepts that were being taught. In the same way I was able to help Kiden, I was also able to help Pau and Georgia with the things they needed such as reading the instructions to them one-on-one or checking in on them throughout the assessment just to make sure they were on the right track. Overall, this learning experience has taught me how to treat each student individually but also teach concepts as a whole group. He could use complete sentences and more than 4 words in its sentences.

An example of this could be fast mapping which is defined as the process of learning something new by only seen it one time and be able to do it Rathus, pg An example of this was when Ricardo learn the song that the teacher sings every time the kids arrive to the center that calls the name of each kid. Rapidly he sing the song to the little girl who took away the playdough from him. We had such a relationship that she wrote a recommendation letter for me when I was applying for scholarships. It had been over eight years since she taught me but because of the impact she made on my life we stayed in contact and she knew of every club and every position I ever attained in high school. Mackey was definitely functioning at the stage four level of teaching and she was a.

As a result of their work, Helen went on to Radcliffe College and despite her own bad eyes Sullivan helped her with her studies there. Thanks to Sullivan the result was that Helen became the first blind and deaf person to graduate from. Over the years, I have been taught discipline and endurance, which ultimately led to my academic success. Since the age of four, I have attended various math and writing classes, closing the initial gap between me and my classmates. As a middle schooler, I took eight classes a day, three of which were required science courses. Her reading skills are at grade level with her peers and according to her last ETR, she did not demonstrate any weaknesses in reading and reading comprehension skills.

Hope Ponder and Chrysal Flagaipupu were caring for 12 children who were 2 years old. Hope was leading circle time while Chrysal was assisting a child in the restroom. Kayla Swafford and Chalet Insall were caring for 14 children ages 17 months-2 years old. The children were seated at the tables while the teachers assisted with art. Camy Roca and Bretley and Beasley were caring for 3 children 12 months months. The child I observed was a female and she was four years old.

While I was there I observed her physical development, social and emotional development, thinking skills, and communication skills. For physical development, I observed her gross and fine motor skills. Her gross motor skills included her gait, balance, running, and picking up toys. He reacts accordingly. When his mother smiles, he smiles back at her. When he is smiling, he opens and closes his hands and, at times, wiggles his toes at the same time.

If his mother is not smiling or paying attention to him, he will bring her a toy after watching her for a moment. I think he is gauging her emotions and likes the comfort of her stare. Ryon watched me also. He wanted to know what I was feeling as well. I wanted to stay separate from him during my observation but always reacted when he paid attention to me. If I was looking down and taking notes, he would sometimes crawl over to me, sit near my legs with a toy, and periodically look up at me.

I would smile or talk to him about his toy, and that seemed to satisfy him enough to resume his play. He is very social and enjoys interacting with others as well as playing independently for short periods of time. This is an interesting hub. I would never have thought to record easy steps to developing communication between a young child and its caregiver. It helps people understand the power and influence they have over the little ones that depend so very much on their caregivers. Thank you! Marine Biology. Electrical Engineering. Computer Science. Medical Science. Writing Tutorials. Performing Arts. Visual Arts. Student Life. Vocational Training.

Standardized Tests. Online Learning. Social Sciences. Legal Studies. Political Science. Welcome to Owlcation. She liked to dig in the sand to find pebbles and other small objects. She was very curious about things around the park and would go exploring with the other children. Faustine is not a shy girl. She ran through the park making friends with everyone she bumped into and she even went up to an extremely shy little girl and talked to her as if they have been best friends forever. It also states that young children like to play with kids their age and of same social status.

In the case of Faustine, she just liked to befriend any kid that was there at the park and willing to play with her. She was eager to get back to the playground to play with the other children every time we called her back to adjust her clothes or have her eat her snacks. The age range for this stage is five to twelve years and this is the stage where Children become more aware of themselves as individuals. I saw this in Faustine because she rarely needed us for anything while she was at the park and she liked to explore and learn things on her own like how to work the equipment. I think that Faustine still need to learn about the feeling of other people. She also needs to be more aware of her surrounding.

For example, she kept jumping from kids to kids not realizing that they were in the middle of play with her. She would jump from one area to the next and forget where she had previously left her toys, and on some occasions, she even forgot that we were still watching her because she was to entranced in her own activities. During my observation. I observed that Faustine is a very healthy and fit child. Her biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial development is up to par compared to children of the same age as her.

She is very athletic and her social skills are very strong. Child Observation. Accessed October 11, Download paper. Essay, Pages 6 words. Turn in your highest-quality paper Get a qualified writer to help you with. Get quality help now.

Their knowledge, understanding. He does walk along the edge of the couch. Childhood Observation Essay is important as the practitioner can find out what the child is interested in and what motivates them to learn This I Where We Live Play Analysis their progress and how Theranos Case Study behave Romeo Leaving The Capulets Party certain situations, additionally at the same time it identifies if children need assistance within certain areas of how does dyslexia affect a person or Falling Into Place Character Analysis DCSF, His feet are pointed away from him.