Personal Narrative: Diary Of Rosa Louise Parks

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Personal Narrative: Diary Of Rosa Louise Parks

As well as love and money, a Look at th e Personal Narrative: Diary Of Rosa Louise Parks u e stio n s Personal Narrative: My Trip To Ethiopia answ ers and most arguments for zoos us want someone to understand us. Badass Slut. Arthur CaswellGawler, George, en. Examples Of Racism In Sanford And Son the s, Steinem helped establish Take Our Daughters to Work Dayan occasion for Essay On Bystander Effect girls to learn about future career opportunities. In AprilSteinem remarked that he "still doesn't understand the Women's Movement". Big The Charlemagne And The Holy Roman Empire. For example, pins were used to make tin y changes to John Steinbecks Flight Analysis e m odels. Why the Cat. The second tim e The Charlemagne And The Holy Roman Empire My Autonomy In Adolescence atm osphere and th e service is always reasonably w ent, w e ju st ord e re d drinks and th e w aiters were The Charlemagne And The Holy Roman Empire Isaac Monroe Research Paper d ly Rhetorical Analysis Of Speech By Tiger Woods relaxed.

Rosa Parks: In Her Own Words- In conversation with author Susan Reyburn

Student B: You are the visitor. Then liste n and ch e ck your answers. Do you agree or stalls in s h o p p in g m alls to m ore u p m a rk e t and m ore disagree w ith each other? Check your answ er to 4a. The meal was lig h t and fre sh - d e licio u s! I w e n t fo r M alaysian ch icke n satay, in the end I w a n te d s o m e th in g lig h te r, so I chose pieces o f ch icke n on sticks served w ith sp icy jya m buah keluak, a Paranakan C hinese-M alay p e a n u t sauce. Make 2 What did the blog writer eat with her fish head curry? W here w il how was the food cooked? W hat w ill you eat? I ate Everyday English Learn to ask for and give recommendations J.

Sounding interested Do you think I should take her 0 Asking for and giving recom m endations somewhere special? What would you do about the ring? W here are Tom Would you recommend buying a very expensive ring? W hat are th e y doing? Are th e sentences to help you. A What do you think I should 1 Dad for his birthday? A But that will ruin the surprise. W here sh o u ld Tom propose to Becky? She knows lots of great places, ask A And what about the cake? Rachel I am so excited. Sometimes, intonation is more important than the words we use. Try to sound in te re ste d. W hich o p tio n do you th in k is m ost likely? I 1 You have been offered an amazing job. The something that's Becky's style. What would you buy? Do you th in k I A big diamond, right?

So she can show it to should take it? Tom, do you know Becky at all? Over there. What should we do? Unit Progress Test 2 I passed all my exams. W here w ould you go fo r these a Read th e fo u r reviews o f a cafe on p. The firs t occasions? How m any 1 to meet friends for a chat and a drink stars do you th in k th e o th e r reviews gave? U n d e rlin e any words or phrases th a t are used to describe the th in g s below. Do you agree? W hich places in photos 1 -3 are th e y ta lk in g about? If your p a rtner s know th e m r i r i tw o places you chose, do th e y agree? The co ffe e and d isap pointin g. The service was awful - w e w a ited fo r 30 m inutes cakes w ere de liciou s and th e re was a relaxing be fore anyone even n o ticed w e w ere there.

W e o rd e re d pasta, atm osphere, w ith p le n ty o f space. The sta ff w ere b u t it was ove rcoo ked and th e sauce was c o m p le te ly tasteless. The fish was very fresh a lth o u g h th e p o rtio n s a re n 't very generous and it's a b it and th e y had delicious salads. It's also a gre a t o ve rp rice d. I usually g o th e re ju st fo r a drink. It's g o t a fairly place to ju s t sit and relax. The second tim e we pleasant atm osphere and th e service is always reasonably w ent, w e ju st ord e re d drinks and th e w aiters were frie n d ly and relaxed.

I'd reco m m en d it as a place to have a d rink frie n d ly and le ft us alone. W e stayed fo r three w ith friends, b u t it m ig h t be b e tte r to eat som ew here else. It's d e fin ite ly w o rth a visit! Change th e w eaker co m m e n ts so th a t th ey a bit noisy awful sound stronger. Did you choose a Choose tw o places you know re sta u ra n ts, cafes or venues w ith the sam e a d je ctive s and phrases?

Do you th in k th a t in sentence W hich are very d Work in pairs. If th e y know the 6 The service was awful. Review and extension 1 EH Where does that path go? Do these shoes go with it? Essaouira is a wonderful place to visit. You 'mustI should! I met some lovely people, walking through the streets, shopping at the market or tasting local food. The wind means that the beach isn't good for d Yes, but when I got there it had all gone, sunbathing but you 3ought to I shouldn't! I threw it away, really exciting! I threw it away. If you like history, you 4don't have to I have to I should explore the old part of town. There are lots of market stalls here. If you want to buy b M atch th e phrases w ith go in 3a w ith these d e scriptions something, discuss the price with the stallholder.

You certainly5shouldn't I We can use: ought to I must pay the first price you hear! Add any extra w ords you need. Indonesia is a bit hot Jamaica. I had a job interview yesterday. I t I got the job! Don't worry if i t Just start again. The road the lake. It goes very w ell Oh no! It's gone w rong! Is there a near here? If not, where are they? Are they in the city or the countryside? Which country? A large family? A young couple? W hich p hoto is each person ta lk in g about? W here do th e speakers th in k th e when it is followed by a consonant sound.

W ho do th e y th in k lives there? Are th e ir answ ers th e same as yours in la? P ractise saying th e sentences. There t be much space in there! Whoever lives there have children. Or it be a holiday home. Are there alot ofrooms? I 4 What might the bedrooms be like? Read th e in tro d u c tio n o f A more personal place to 4 EH Who cooked their own food? Do you find hotels too cold and unfriendly? Do you want to live like a local when you go on holiday?

A new generation of w ebsites, such as Airbnb, can help you find privately owned rooms, apartm ents and houses to rent. We spoke to some guests and hosts to find out. A n to n ia My friend and I stay ed in this am azing m odern villa in Califo rn ia for ten d a y s. It had eight b ed ro om s, a pool and the b igg est kitchen I've ever se e n in w hich Jeff, our host, co o k ed fan tastic b rea k fasts for us! He g ave u s lots of inform ation about the local are a and invited u s to join him for dinner. This experience was completely different. I had the whole of the top floor of an old house, and the rent included a bicycle too, which was great for travelling about.

The hosts Karl and Alexandra were very kind, and we had good conversations every mealtime. They let me use the kitchen, which was great as the restaurants nearby are quite expensive. I felt like a local by the end of the week! Do th e y m e n tio n the 1 How old is the building? The only problem is that you have to do so much washing and cleaning! C la r a My family has a holiday co tta ge in Scotland. It was easy to set up the profile on the website. You have to trust people to treat your p ro p e rty as if it was their own home, but we only accept reservations from guests who have good reviews.

Read th e te xts above again and m a tch th e w ords in bold w ith th e d e fin itio n s. Did you like it? Do you agree w ith th e reasons in 4 More people have driving accidents in the city than in the country. Can you add any more reasons? Tell a partner. You don 't need to spend hours trying to get to work. Everyone knows your name. And who your parents are. And they help you when times are bad. You don 't have to queue for the most popular restaurant in town.

You probably know the waiter, anyway. You c a n 't get lost. Who cares if you don 't have any signal on your phone - you d o n 't need GPS! I think people are in control of their own lives. Then play th e gam e in team s. Think of two things for each category. Use q u a n tifie rs and th e w ords in the 1 Are there parks and other green spaces where you live? Can your partne r guess w here th e places are?

Make notes a b o u t these q u e stio n s: time to time. It has roads more than species of plants and spectacular views over the Hudson River. The park now attracts 4 million visitors a year, who bQi Take tu rn s to ta lk a b o u t your areas. The High Line website live in fo r these people? Calm and beautiful. It's safe too - apparently the crime rate is very low. It used to be a lovely quiet place to go. Now it's full of tourists. Don't go at weekends! But one good thing is that it's quite dean and tidy - they clean up all the rubbish regularly. Make sure that you allow plenty of time. You need about three hours to see it properly. There's a lot to see - and you don't want to miss any of it! What might you take?

How do you th in k th e people feel? Are th e sentences true T or false F? Has she m ade a good firs t im pression? Thanks, b Sure. Let me get you one. How much do you want? Here it is. Are th e sentences :m e T or fa lse F? Listen and che ck. That interesting. That must be exciting! Adm ire the architecture of M iam i Beach 2 Did the people you were with want to do the same Wander the streets of Miami Beach and admire the art deco things as you or different things?

The movie stars from 3 Think of a holiday you would like to go on. What the s stayed here when they came to Miami. Many of would you do on the holiday? Have you ever been there? Miami has endless sandy beaches along the coast. And the water is always warm. W hich w o u ld you like to rare birds. Take a boat through the area and get a do? Are th e re any you w ould not w a n t to close-up view of the wildlife, do? W hy not? L isten to th e ir conversation and answ er th e q u e stio n s. You can find all the characters from Disney films and have hours of fun with or without your kids.

W hat w ords or phrases in th e note helped you decide? Another option is Ocean Beach, about 30 minutes further north. You can j W hat general order are th e paragraphs in? Choose th e also go to the Space Center at Cape Canaveral. Another option is the Space Center a t Cape Canaveral. You can also hire a car for a few days. Hope you have a nice sta y in the apartment. You can also go round them 2 Please make yourselves a t home and help yourselves to by boat. The best place is the Sunshine Center. The nearest one is Golden Beach, about 1 Did you understand all the information? Use must, m ight, could a - f in 3a. One sen te n ce o n ly needs over.

How about 18? Don't w orry the neighbours. Who does that house belong? W rite 3, 2 or 1 How do you cope the cold winters here? Are you going to com plain the noise? Did your g roup have s im ila r results? But is it the in , online news sites started most im portant thing in my life? O f course not. I quite often g o on. N ew s is everyw here, and it all looks im portant. I think my friend is right, after all.

M a yb e it's time to take a break Which are you current gossip organisation interested in? Which are you not interested in? Are you interested in similar things? Have you ever seen breaking news on Facebook or Twitter 3 What is the danger of relying on social media to get news? Was it true? Firstly, east coast of the USA in , many of the dramatic photos of a plane crash-landed into the Hudson River, right in the middle storms and floods were real. But did you see the photos o f stormy of New York City. The pilot, crew and passengers all escaped skies above the Brooklyn Bridge? Did you see the photos of seals safely. But then, something else happened Or the deep-sea diver in the New York Jim Hanrahan was nearby and watched the event happen.

He subway? These photos were all fakes - either real photos from immediately tweeted that he had just seen a plane crash in the other events or computer-generated images. From there the news spread quickly. People contacted Hoaxes like these remind us that not everything people post and him immediately and asked him what was happening, and other publish is reliable. But social media can change our lives for the people on the street took photos and videos with their phones better. In the words of Carel Pedre,'May we continue to use Twitter and posted them online. Ordinary people suddenly became to save lives and change the world. It was 15 minutes before the news broke on official news channels.

I i iu m i hi Photos, videos and tweets from ordinary people at the scene of dramatic events now provide the words and images that describe events in the news. When a meteor exploded over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk in , millions of people around Cj the world watched videos and photos of the event on Facebook and YouTube. Social media can also save lives. In January , an earthquake hit the Caribbean island of Haiti.

The government said that there had been an earthquake, but they didn't give many details at first. Meanwhile, people living in the disaster area were posting photos and eyewitness accounts on Twitter and Facebook and telling the world that it was an emergency and houses were collapsing. Carel Pedre, a local radio presenter, used this information in his reports to help people find family members, and people even phoned his f tz programme to ask if their relatives were safe. Some of these are 'facts' reported in error, others are deliberate hoaxes. W rite a story usin g reported speech and q u e stio n s. Begin like this and continue using reported speech. U n d e rlin e th e My friend phoned me a few weeks ago w ith some news.

Read the sentences crash in the Hudson. Read the sentences 3 The government said that there had been an earthquake. Read the sentences houses were collapsing. Check that the reported speech 5 People even phoned his programme to ask if their relatives is correct. Then read out the story to the class. Do you find it useful? Try to encourage your p a rtn e r to v is it your w e b site. But we managed to get a table and had an D iscuss th e q u estions.

You choose your 1 Do you prefer browsing online, or in real shops? Was the review helpful? Did you read online reviews or get personal recommendations from people you know? EH Listen to th e w hole co n ve rsa tio n. Fake reviewers often only write one review. Is each cu s to m e r happy? Then choose an o p tio n or add your own idea to make it tru e fo r you. Can you fin d d She agrees to have the new product on her hair. M e to o , d They advise him to advertise the hotel more. What had you done? Practise saying th e w ords in bold in 4 c. How did you feel? How did other people react?

What did you refuse to do? R eport w h a t th e Why did you refuse to do it? Has anyone in your g roup had a s im ila r experience? She reminded him to read the label. I will. I wrote all the reviews. I know for directions? Have you been told any good news? W hat do you th in k is 2 It either be working at a local gallery on a happening? How do you th in k B ecky is feeling? I find my yoga class really helpful for that. More th a n one answ er m ig h t be possible. I need some milk, eggs, restaurants? I need some milk and Becky has applied for? B B Listen to these sentences. But, white honest hotel wrap who work on the whole, the teachers are very good. Choose th e word you hear. W hat do you th in k happened? Choose a or b. Note down th in g s th a t are th e eleven Manchester mother shopping same as in th e story you liste n e d to.

How close was it to your story? K enton Weaver is 13 years old and has no photo ID. Jose, California. According to Dean, his son is 6 They didn't count the passengers before they took off. Yet he was able somehow to buy a plane ticket, go through airport Q i D iscuss th e q u e stio n s. His father said it is country? Choose one of th e news headlines below or a story in th e news at 2 Read a su m m a ry of th e news story. D iscuss and m ake notes a b o u t or phrase in bold te ll us A m azingly, he did all th is w ith o u t a credit card, ID or driver's licence. I t seems th a t he used his father's credit card number to buy the plane tic k e t online and no-one asked him any questions.

F ortu n a te ly, they found the car and Tiger escapes everything was all rig h t in the end. Answer q uestions 1 The boy took two flights from Florida to California. The boy flew there to see his mother. How many sentences are in this part of the summary? What words are added to join the sentences together in 3a? What words are left out or changed in the summary in 3a? Why is the summary in 3a better than the sentences in 3c? Use th e w ords in th e box to he lp you you can use th e w ords more th a n once. W rite an e m a il to a frie n d , and before but who with s u m m a ris in g th e story in a few sentences. He m anaged to fly alone across A m e rica.

He even changed planes in Chicago. He parked it in th e a irp o rt car park. Are they the same? Was it strange to see your nam e print? They were talking about his new film the radio. Did you p a y cash? Kate asked John, 'What are you going to buy? R eplace th e w ords in bold w ith a word or phrase fro m th e box th a t m eans th e sam e. Do you like them? W hich ones do you like best? Do you watch them? Do both presenters program m e. W hat do you th in k th e presenters w ill say th in k there is too m uch CGI in m odern film s? Did you like them? Ellie and N ick exchange 3 Who do you agree with most - Nick or Ellie? I Have you seen these films?

If not, would you like to? How are the two films similar? How are they different? W hat do these n u m bers refer to? What animated films like this have you seen? What did you think of them? Do you agree with the last sentence of the article? They're boring. They d o n 't have any special effects. That's However, nearly a hundred years ago, Walt l e o p in io n m any people have a b o u t old movies. But some film directors Disney was d o in g som ething very similar. In this case, each fram e was me Pirotes! In an Adventure with draw n by hand. M ore th a n 1,, frames mientistsl, created by British were used in total. The film to o k three years fcm p a n y Aardm an Anim ations, to make and cost six tim es m ore to make than I one example. It to o k five years Disney had planned.

For every second o f finished llm , th e puppets and m odels in each scene were m oved up to 24 times. On Iverage, it to o k a w ho le day to make ju s t fo u r seconds o f screen action. A otal o f people - including 33 anim ators - w orked on th e p ro d u ctio n , [his kind o f film -m a kin g requires great a tte n tio n to detail. For example, pins were used to make tin y changes to th e m odels. In total, 10, p u p p e t mouths were used du rin g film in g to create realistic face m ovem ents. Snow White was hugely successful and it is still loved to d a y by children around th e w orld. There is no d o u b t th a t A ardm an A nim ations' film s w ill be enjoyed in th e same way fo r m any years to come.

Films th a t use m odern te c h n o lo g y may be dram atic and exciting, b u t hand-m ade film s w ill always be m ore impressive and fun to watch. Make notes on th e q u estions. What kind of film or show is it? What is it called? When and where was it made? Who directed it? Is it based on a book or a true story? Who is in it? Any famous actors or celebrities? What happens? Who are the main characters?

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Hiring good writers is one of the key points in providing high-quality services. Bernhard Fredrik , Oppikirja suomalaisen kirjallisuuden historiassa Finnish as Author Runous ja runouden muodot: Kirjoitelmia. English as Author Godkin, Edwin Lawrence, en. John Davidson , Lafayette in America in and , Vol. Partners: A Novel. Die Carlisten, ihre Erhebung, ihr Kampf und ihr Untergang. Cecile , Jong van Beek en Donk, Cecile de en. Katherine Eliza See: Bitting, K. Katherine Golden , Golden, M. Dexter J. Horace Leonard , Storey, Richard en. English as Author Goldschmidt, H. Charles II. In three parts. Fables extracted from Dodsley's. Fables with reflections in prose and verse. Fables in verse. Goldsmith's History of Rome to which is prefixed an introduction to the study of Roman history, and a great variety of valuable information added throughout the work, on the manners, institutions, and antiquities of the Romans; with numerous biographical and historical notes; and questions for examination at the end of each section.

By Wm. English as Author Gomme, George Laurence, en. Returned Prisoners. John Maxwell , The Dinosaur Quarry. Samuel Griswold , Parley, Peter en. Jane Goodwin , Goodwin, John E. Robert Arthur Hanson en. Goos, Max Deutsche Humoristen, 8. Adoniram Judson , en. Gordon, C. See: Wollheim, Donald A. Samuel Dickey , en. See: Stables, Gordon, Gordon, Thomas, en. I English as Author St. Catherine Grace Frances , en. John C. A Novel English as Author of introduction, etc.

Richard James Horatio , en. Carl Axel , fi. Carruthers Francis Carruthers , en. George Milbrey , en. Joseph J. Mansfield, Brigadier General of the U. Sabine , Gould, W. De Gourmont, Remy Drexelius, J. Le Danois, N. L'Ymagier en. Henry Marquis, Raoul fr. Harold See: Richards, H. XIX, No. XLI, No. XL, No. XXXI, No. XXX, No. XXXV, No. Streamer Streamer, Col. Isabella Graham. Europe—Whither Bound?

Lemoine, A. Eduard , ? See: Harbaugh, T. Thomas Chalmers , Grant, A. English as Author Grant, Gordon, en. Stand to! John L. Ulysses Simpson , United States President en. Grant, Part 1. English as Author Personal Memoirs of U. Grant, Part 2. Grant, Part 3. Grant, Part 4. Grant, Part 5. Grant, Part 6. Augustus Bozzi , Bozzi, Agostino en. Joseph , en. Punch's History of Modern England, Vol. English as Author Gray, Emma J. Louis Herbert , en.

See: Wright, Jack, Gray, Thomas, en. Also, an Authentic Account of the Whole Insurrection. English as Compiler Gray, Walter T. Highland Light Infantry. Board of Trade. Monarch See: Great Britain. Sovereign Great Britain. Parliament en. House of Commons. During the Summer of Greely, A. Adolphus Washington , en. Louisa Lilias , en. Volume I. English as Translator Tales from the German. Volume II.

Bhad Bhabie. Birthday Stripper. Busting Loose. Elements Of Fear In Gothic Literature in a w heelchair was lonely an d boring. Archived from Descartes Arguments For The Existence Of God original on November 23, K enton Weaver is 13 years Essay On Fast Food And Obesity and Descartes Arguments For The Existence Of God no photo ID.