The Pros And Cons Of US Welfare Programs

Tuesday, April 26, 2022 11:40:17 AM

The Pros And Cons Of US Welfare Programs

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Welfare State and Social Democracy

It should be noted that the welfare system deals with an absolutely large number of people and, therefore, total commitment of the government is required. Even though the work of the welfare system is beneficial, these programs together with the involvement of the government have in the recent past faced criticism from opponents who argue that the main intentions of these programs are totally different from what the public is made to believe. This article is going to look at some of the pros and cons of the welfare system and argue them out in order to develop a middle ground. It is important to note that welfare systems are beneficial for a modern society.

Despite the fact that members of modern communities are very productive, they are usually faced by a wide range of problems that may negatively impact on their normal lives. Welfare systems have been shown to come in handy and support individual members deal with these problems. Opponents of this initiative argue that these programs are usually developed with the intent of promoting certain businesses for certain people. Welfare programs are also described as indirect support of the government to various business entities. Opponents argue that the government should not interfere with the free market as this may lead to the collapse of certain businesses. They also point out that these programs do not offer lasting solutions to most of the problems that people may be facing.

It has been argued that rather than the government providing unemployment compensation to millions of people, it should come up with a strategy to ensure that all people are incorporated either in the formal or in the informal employment sectors Hill It is important to note that welfare programs are meant to assist people who may be going through difficult situations to get back on their feet. However, some people may use these programs as a way of escaping their responsibilities.

Some people may neglect their duties and solely rely on welfare programs for help. It has been revealed that some people have been living in social houses for decades without signs of vacating. Despite the fact that these people may have attained financial stability, most of them are not willing to vacate those buildings to help other needy citizens. This cycle continues as children grow up thinking that this is the only kind of life there is. Welfare programs are beneficial to single parents who may have a child yet they do not have the means to rear that child. Single mothers, for instance, benefit greatly from these programs since they are provided with food, finances and shelter. It is unfortunate that a large number of people abuse these programs by simply having many children; an aspect that guarantees them continued financial assistance from welfare programs Sather It has been argued out that the financial assistance single mothers obtain from welfare programs is not enough to cater for their families.

Opponents assert that beneficiaries cannot manage to purchase all household requirements from the checks they receive from welfare. As a result, they conclude that welfare cannot offer the much needed support at the time of need. Welfare programs, as stated by Sather, play a significant role in ensuring that social disparities and health problems do not advance to critical stages They help people maintain a living standard that is almost similar to that of financially stable people.

For instance, despite low income and unemployment, people are able to maintain their homes; thereby eliminating cases of homelessness. It is also important to note that welfare programs have played a significant role in the health sector. The establishment of Medicare and Medicaid are referred to by many as God sent initiatives that have helped millions of financially unstable US citizens.

In the United States, every state has the ability to set their own rules regarding welfare. This also means that there is the possibility of some states offering welfare access programs and other states refusing to offer those programs. This can make it more difficult for some households to obtain the services they need and for which they may qualify for in other geographic areas. It creates societal cliques. Who deserves to receive welfare benefits in a society? The presence of a program creates a debate as to who should receive benefits. Does being an alcoholic disqualify someone from receiving benefits unless they are receiving treatment? What happens if that person cannot afford treatment?

Should drug addiction stop welfare benefits? How long should someone receive unemployment benefits, even if they are trying to find a new job? These cliques create societal separation and that has the potential to polarize a country. The pros and cons of welfare show that is can be useful to help those who are in need, but there must be controls in place to limit abuse. There will always be a debate about who deserves to receive welfare benefits. We must be able to move forward by evaluating these key points so that common ground can be found.

Here Are the Pros of Welfare 1. Here Are the Cons of Welfare 1. Share Pin Tweet. She received her B. Additionally, if this issue continues in the life of an adolescent, it can bring a great deal of diseases in the future. The mismanagement was not only in the waiting lists but also with the money. One of those pros is that The Affordable Care Act helps to prevent illness among the youth in America through many law revisions.

The United States welfare system is flawed in many ways. The government is giving benefits to people who use it on things like drugs or junk food, while others are starving on the streets without a penny to spare. The United States citizens are finally beginning to realize the flaws and advantages being taken, and have started to take action. Poverty makes up a very large portion of …show more content… We shake our heads and wonder how such a thing could be possible. This is just one example of how some people take advantage of the welfare system. Hospital emergency rooms are being bombarded with people who are on welfare that come in with non-life threatening problems requiring staff to service them and then leave the bill for the taxpayers. Everyone is beginning to see the flaws in the programs.

The United States spent 18 billion dollars in the year with 17 million recipients. Moving forward sixteen years, the price has risen to 78 billion dollars and we now have 46 million recipients. Either more people are losing their jobs or they are just becoming lazy because they know they can receive benefits from the government and live off of them for their whole life. Another program that seems to be used incorrectly is Medicaid. Many people who have Medicaid or such government assistance abuse the privilege by going to emergency rooms across the country for non-emergency problems.

This irresponsibility weighs heavy on the backs of the taxpayers whose tax dollars pay for. Show More. Salvation Army Unwanted Donation Words 5 Pages Farkas reports that waste removal now costs Goodwill half-a-million dollars a year.. Read More. Low Voter Turnout In America Essay Words 2 Pages As a result, they get caught up and end up not voting because they cannot decide who to vote for because of the influences that surround them. Homelessness In California Essay Words 4 Pages The continuous use of narcotics results in addiction, and financial struggles due to the costly upkeep. Obesity In America Words 3 Pages On the other hand, symbolic interactionism might explain the way obese people are discriminated against, and how they might feel socially isolated.

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