Psalm 56: The Folly Of Davids Life

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Psalm 56: The Folly Of Davids Life

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056 Treasury of David - Psalm 56 by Charles Spurgeon

Moses concentrated on the people that IsraEL would encounter! Finally, the book of Enoch is fake! It was written in the 2nd century BCE. Enoch was already according to the Bible in Heaven! What astonished me is how people can believe in something so ridiculous and full of lies. People will believe a lie quickly and publish it. Thank you for your in depth description of this subject. Got a better understanding of the Nephilim , sons of God , the giants. Thanks again. Keep excavating in Israel. Those rsiding yhere presently, are not the Binlical Israelites. Revelation and , tells us who they are…liars from the synagogue of Satan. They flaunt it in their flag which is a hexagram.

There is no nationality or such people as JewISH. They know exactly what they are and the church has truly been deceived. Great , great deception. Ge , 2, 8, ; ; Jos But heaven is the proper abode of spirit persons, and the angels there have positions of service under God. Increased Wickedness. Their angelic fathers, knowing the construction of the human body and being able to materialize, were not creating life, but lived in these human bodies and, cohabiting with women, brought forth children.

Apparently the Nephilim did not, in turn, have children. One would think having a Phd in the Hebrew Bible that the author would detail a more accurate description of the Nephilim. The author leads you to believe there is a more current or correct theory, although there is not. According to every ancient civilization on the planet another huge clue who they were , they were known as a threat to all mankind.

Again, the author suggests they unfairly got a bad rap, which is untrue and absurd. Thereafter is the flood. We know this from Job and Just allow Scripture to explain Scripture. Dana, thank you for your interpretation however, can you give a clear explanation about the angels one third if you were referring to them that were cast down from Heaven along with Satan. What gave them the ability to be able to mate with the women on earth? Considering that these angels had to of have the same DNA as we humans have. Ii was asked by a demon Mellissa, if I had ever read the Bible.

I told her no I really do not. But of course no one cared about the lives of the innocent women, only about peddling their religion and waging war against those who rightfully opposed it. Religion is for ignorant people and sociopaths. How can you say that they are. Did God ever say to angels you are my son? Heb Thank you for your research and time in this matter. I want to add that Rephaim refers to those departed spirits who were the product of Nephilim and seed of men. This is found in 1st book of Enoch Ethiopic and the very demons The Christ was rebuking out of people.

I take issue with the author of this article when she states the Nephilim were not likely the reason for the flood. While I am sure the reasons were many, it is difficult to see how the existence of half angel, half human beings would have been anything but an abomination in the eyes of God. Wiping them from the earth would have certainly been a consideration. Noah was perfect in his generations or fully human. This is a ridiculous argument and article. The natives all have legends of red haired cannibalistic giants.

The bodies have been found all around the world. They were responsible for all the ziggarats stepped pyramids found all over as they were worshiped, demanding human sacrifice. The had a viper look to them because their fathers the fallen angels were Seraphim class angels which are reptile in form and appearance. The Hittites, Jebusites, Amorites, Canaanites….. Which is why Joshua reported back the promised land was filled with giants and they appeared to be grasshoppers in their sight. Also, if you remove the giants from the bible then God does become genocidal. Seraphim — fiery flying serpent The Aztec god Quetzalcoatl — feathered serpent God, hmmm. I believe the main reason for the flood is to get rid of all the bad dna. That it was very important that Noah be perfect in his generations.

God must secure the blood line that would bring forth the messiah. It had to be perfect in its generations from Adam to Seth to Noah to Shem. Evidently Ham was not perfect. The fact that is was secured makes me want to praise God that it was a true and perfect blood line that our messiah was indeed born. Because their presence is of the earth, grounded; therefore their souls never enter Heaven. They remain in the soil for eternity, to sprout forth and become giants once more. In understanding the issue of the nephilim we must first state who the sons of God are. Adam was a son of God. Many biblical scholars have stated that the race of Adam may well have been up to 15feet tall giant?

All were human. Why so? This had an effect on both races from gen5- sons of God in Gods image and the race of gen4- the sons of man or cain in his image. These two races are the only two mentioned and no other class of angels or devine beings are found mentioned in the chapter. Only Noah and his family survived. The people of the world were in a state of moral decay, and had fallen spiritually. This is a sadly narrow understanding of the Nephilim. One needs to understand that these half gods are the foundation of the Sumerian, Babylonian, Persian and Assyrian religion.

Educated guess. Both populations may well have lived in the plane around the ancient fresh water lake that became the bottom of the Black Sea. It also builds out the linkage for the other Mesopotamian peoples; non-Semite Sumerians. Using this basis, we also see that the calendar for all of the civilizations clicks together. The flood works, the mountains of Ararat work, the Assyrian and Sumerian stories link together. It is a good thing. These spirits although evil, are eternal as well.

Because of the spiritual nature of these evil angels, a. This is not the case, but try to explain that to someone thousands of years ago. They are also known as familiar spirits. Though you are unaware of it, they can follow your movements and spirituals who are in touch with them can present their information as though it comes from a dead loving relative. In fact, it is coming from the enemies of God. Interesting to know that initiated freemasons are also called nephil fallen angels. The noos around neck at initiation gallow noose represents death and they are then baptised into a coffin, making a covenant with death.

See Isaiah 28, covenant with death which will be annulled. Antitype is the baptism in water the symbol of His Word bringing life! The Source of Nephil also the name of an initiated to freemasonry as shared to me by and inactive freemason himself. The symbol of the axe, Pick-Adze Handles, Spokes , is a freemasonry symbol of fellers like felling a tree with an axe to make it fall H naphal- to fall. Noah has spent decades inviting people inside the ark to escape the coming wrath. The bible clearly says the nobody heeded his warnings. Everybody was happy to go about their lives. Matthew For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; So this superhuman did not hitch a ride INSIDE the ark.

For him to hitch a ride, it would suggest he must have somehow clung to it. Fair to say it would have been impossible to climb onto the ark and since God shut the door, it was impossible to open. So this superhuman clung to the side of the ark, partly treading water, partly white-knuckle holding on until the ark settled back on dry ground in days. The ark was shaped like any normal boat hull, with smooth sides. It was going to encounter some rough weather!! Also, the outside was covered in tar to help seal it. So again, holding on was never going to be a long-term, life-saving venture.

Today, we stand at the ramp of a new ark. An ark shaped like a cross. Jesus Christ himself is inviting you inside to escape the coming wrath. What will you do? Ignore Him and hope He shuts up? Eat, drink, be merry, marry, give in marriage? He loves you. He died for you. Except for this telling verse: Genesis Every living thing on the face of the earth was wiped out; people and animals and the creatures that move along the ground and the birds were wiped from the earth.

Only Noah was left, and those with him in the ark. So, I guess know that the line of Nephilim was history at that point because the bible affirms it. Can the Nephalim represent a vague ancient memory of the Neanderthals? Modern humans came into contact with them when venturing out of Africa about 50, BC. Scientists now believe that humans today have a small amount of Neanderthal DNA showing that the two species mated several times during their co-existence. This has many of the elements of the Biblical story.

I suggest that the author should also consult The article found in appendix of the Companion Bible by the late Dr. The author has an interesting discussion of the word Nephilim. How could Goliath have descended from the Nephalim? Everyone alive at the time of the flood drowned, except Noah and his family. Unless they were also descendants of the Nephalim, these giants would have been become extinct. The Midrash deals with this question. According to the Midrash Og, one of the Niphalim, hitched a ride on the ark by clinging to it from outside and thus survived the flood. Um…angels, fallen or not do not marry, or reproduce…. Its just men….

I agree with Blaze above. The ancient Hebrews, first millennium BCE, always connected these groups, Nephilim and Rephaim, as having similar origin and attributed evil to them. Modern scholarship constantly desires to distance the Nephilim from evil. There is no indication of any semi-divine status of the Nephilim of Canaan; if humans and fallen angels could interbreed the same would be true after the flood as well, no? So does the Bible indicate that those who appear as human beings around the world today might actually be children of demons?

So the old explanation that this is simply describing intermarriage of believers with unbelievers actually makes sense. Why is it only mentioned one way not daughters of God marrying sons of man? John, that theory has been disproven time and again. Please see Dr. Michael S. The article started right. Sons of God are fallen angels. Scripture says that they mated with human women thus creating a demonized race of giants. Then the writer mistakenly interprets scripture to suit her rhetoric. The legend is recounted at great length in the non-canonical Book of Enoch. In one of my conversations with my wife, she stated that it was mentioned somewhere that Cain had been killed. She found the website where she read it and sent it to me.

I was shocked after I read its content. It reminded me of a piece of Swiss cheese: full of holes. I can offer three reasons from the bible as to why Cain could not have been murdered by Lamech or anyone else. God made sure that no one would kill Cain. How does God considers murder and murderers? Like an animal. Justice is served. Ro Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head. Ro Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. Do people actually spend time and money in buying and reading such books? They would do much better to read the Bible themselves to find the truth. As Christ Himself states: Joh Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Does Mr. Where does Mr. Byron get the idea that Lamech was blind or that it was accidently? The excerpt itself states: Simply because Gen. Where is the evident; where are the facts to substantiate such a claim? Furthermore in v. By this time Cain had had a son: Enoch; a grandson: Irad; a great grandson; mehujael; a great, great grandson: methushael; and a great, great, great grandson: who was Lamech! Is death any worse that his curse from God? How does Cain feel about his curse? Ge Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth; and from thy face shall I be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth; … Is death any worse that his curse from God?

Therefore anyone who finds me Cain will kill me. And he is fully aware of the probable or implied consequences of his actions. Unless he could show just cause for his actions, eg self-defence the punishment that he might have expected may well have been imposed by his own people, and not just against him, but his whole family.. Try Dr Michael Heiser at drmsh. They were decimated in the flood, but still held sway in parts of the world afterwards, being slowly extinguished by internecine warfare amongst themselves provoked by Yahweh, and the activities of Joshua and Israel, and other groups of men. They are the spirits which which men foolishly involve themselves with when they engage in many occult activities. They are still worshipped by Luciferians, Satanists, Idolators and practioners of witchcraft the whole world over.

Thus Nephilim and sons of God are just neighboring tribes. Ok, I have been confused by this subject for sometime now. If Adam and Eve were the first humans, which I believe wholeheartedly, then who did their children procreate with? Each other? According to Genesis, there was no one but Adam and Eve before having children. It raises the question as to whether God had indeed created beings on Earth that would ultimately be the progressive entities that God had developed to a stage where they could be perfected to be the Spiritual children of God.

Albeit, less than perfect children of God. We are ready to accept our common dignity with the other animals at creation?? We can say that we are created in the image of God. Must we confine the image of God to be in our physical appearance, which I hardly think in our physical form is a particularly good reflection of our Maker? Or can we accept that the image in which we were created is a spiritual image? This would seem to be within the framework of the topics discussed on this website. The Bible makes no reference to a book written by Enoch and there is no way to validate the Book of Enoch floating around these days. On the other hand; we are warned by Paul:1 Tim. This other thought was of the present for the author of Genesis, that would be Moses as directed by Yahushua [a.

Jesus] our Redeemer. He said angels can not procreate. Please, study Scripture and not the writings of men. Go back to the beginning. First there was Adam, Cain killed his brother Abel so we go on to their brother Seth. From Seth came Enosh, etc. Did you know that Noah was over years old before Adam died and that Abraham was over years old before Noah died? The Word of the Most High had been given to Adam and he passed it down through the line of Seth to Abraham and from Abraham to Issac and then Jacob who were the men of renown for their time. The children lost the Truth during their years of slavery and hence the Sinai experience. Because Seth and his line followed the Word they were healthier, more intelligent and much wiser, by nature, than the surrounding heathen.

Some of those walking in the Light saw that the heathen women were very beautiful and began intermarrying with them. Because they were advanced their children inherited good health and much intelligence and wisdom from them. Jude mentions the book of Enoch. The early Church believed that fallen angels raped the daughters of men. See the Jewish historian Josephus. Their is coming a UFO deception. It is rally a demonic deception being propagated through the teaching of evolution.

The main thing to focus on is the doctrine of salvation. The puritans had it right. Look up Tom Horn and Lyn Marzulli for more info. The book of Enoch is false. So are the dead sea scrolls. This is a simple hoax. They are not even real. It will all be made up. Videos,Audio and magical illusion. This is my opinion. The world is being programed into believing in UFOs and aliens. Read the book of Enoch! He wrote all about the Giants! Also research Sardinia. Teens of thousands have been unearthed and hidden by the government and Catholic church. To say that the Bible is vague is to say that the heavens are empty. The problem with understanding the scriptures is. You must have insight.

Spiritual insight. And then claim it has no value. The scriptures Beckons us to seek, ask, and it will be opened to us. God will provide if you ask Him. I have a subscription to your magazine. I subscribed with the hopes of using it as supplemental material for homeschooling. These are incredible topics that could be researched well and executed on a much higher level. Not just this article, but several others by different writers too. For other readers please refer to 2 Sam 21, Jude , 2 Peter This article is just another painful reminder at the dumbing down of America. Seems like this was pulled out of your ass in 10 minutes to meet a deadline. And by someone who holds a doctorate. Wolves in sheeps clothing.

Genesis WHEN MEN began to multiply on the face of the land and daughters were born to them, The sons of God Elohim saw that the daughters of men were fair, and they took wives of all they desired and chose. In the future, their normal lifespan will be no more than years. The lord observed the extent of human wickedness on the earth, and he saw that everything they thought or imagined was consistently and totally evil. So the lord was sorry he had ever made them and put them on the earth. It broke his heart. Yes, and I will destroy every living thing—all the people, the large animals, the small animals that scurry along the ground, and even the birds of the sky. I am sorry I ever made them. The bible confuses me because so much of it is brief and vague. Do we believe everything in it or not?

Some believe every word of the bible. Maybe we should pick and choose by what seems appropriate? What is true and what is not? Claiming so based on a few brief and vague descript sentences is an infringement on any possible truth. Truth and the pursuit of it should not be embellished to serve ones own personal views or that of any organization. It is stated as a physical event and not of any spiritual agenda. I have a question? I was wanting to determine where the Rephaim came from since all the giants were destroyed during the flood?. I have read about two explanations: One that Hams wife had some of the genes and this was how some of the genes survived.

OR that the people after the flood found inscriptions at mount Hermon - of the angels Watchers and started sinning again in the way before the flood? That which is bound on earth shall be bound in heaven in Enoch the fallen were bound here yes here on Earth be careful what you loose or scientific term archeological find dig up because that which is loosed on earth shall be loosed in heaven…war of the worlds. The book of Enoch explains the death of the fallen and the sites in which they are bound and speaking of being bound in Matthew that which is loosed on earth shall be loosed in heaven and that which is bound on earth shall be bound in heaven but these scholars already know this archeologists seek it for sake of science by the way if you read the book of Enoch it will fill in the blank for kjv God was displeased with the fallen he had become jealous so to speak because of their desire for the daughters of men he felt betrayed.

They were also teaching mankind about fire colors and their meanings for trade of their daughters so to whomever this site belongs you may need to study some more the flood was gods way of killing the seed of the nephilim. I have 41 years experience with the Bible. I believe that when this happened they were already sinners. This was why Cane killed his brother Abel. The Bible is about a King, a Kingdom, and His royal family. If you get the understanding of that then everything will be ok. To all that commented and posted. I know that u will feel different to what I say but I felt the same way. I was disliked by the members. I grown afraid of Chirstians. But when I got older I met the Great Goddess. Be for you judge. Learn about her 1st.

I have many Chirstians threating me when I decided to become a Wiccan. May you find the happiness you are looking for. Stacie, please, if possible, contact me at [email protected]. The answer to everything has always, in every scenario, been God. Otherwise, know that God has called upon your life, and should you obey, your life will become abundant, full of zest and purpose. As we know, for every Spirit God created in a beginning he made a body for us to be born of blood and water and it is our bodies we are given in our mothers womb that makes us Male or female.

God is neither male or female God is a spirit. So knowing this where did the original giants get their earthly bodies? As we know, The demons of satan can do nothing without a body so they influence and tempt man to do their will. The giants are the power and principalities of power of the air. They are the walking dead because when their earthly bodies died they had no place to go. If anyone has a bibical reference pleas give it to me here. All this is interesting but the main fact is there are giants in the world today and they are not all genetically large because of glandular or other physical problems.

But the main concern is do you know who your Messiah is? He is just around the corner from coming again to gather his chosen ones who have accepted Him in a personal way as Savior and Lord of their life. The question is, are you ready to meet Him? He will only accept the ones who have accepted the plan of Salvation the Father set out through His Son Yeshua as the one who paid for our sins by His sacrificial Act. God Bless. Could someone shed more light?

The Fallen ones represent exactly that. King Davids mighty men hunted those abominations. After David slew Goliath and cut off his head, he hunted down Goliath brothers. You offer none of those future events in this article. At the very beginning of Genesis The Creator already mentions a way out for mankind. Did you write this article to deliberately mislead people? Stacey, how was your childhood? I feel very much the same way but I know he reason was iresponsible te3rrible parents. Niphilim are fallen angels commanded by Satan to tempt man through them, sleep with them and created giants like Goliath. Giants exist today due to genetics and growth gland malfunction. Trust God not the strenght of giants.

Giants fall! Angels fall, Jesus doesent, he ascended and is seated at the right hand of God and will return to judge the living and the dead. If you deny him here he will deny you in heaven. Their Angelic Fathers, knowing the construction of the human body and being able to Materialize, were not creating life, but lived in these Human Bodies and, cohabiting with women, brought forth Children. Apparently the Nephilim did not, in turn, have Children. Nephilim are not a Gift Ahmed, they are a gift from Satan to man before The flood. God is a God of Shalom! Not War! Goliath the Giant Nephilim and Rephaiam from the philistines whom the women slept with fallen angels from satan went against David whom is Gods chosen people.

Stop spreading Satans heretical lies and crawl back to the Pit! They wanted to follow suit and grabbed like spoils of war the human women in a wedding party. I have been studying sense l was 13 asking for knowledge. This is going to sound like I should be wearing a tinfoil hat or be locked away, but I can promise you with all sincerity I am serious. I have felt different since I was a kid. I later found out, which made me more confused. I am an old soul. I feel like I know more than I am supposed to… more than I have learned. I have a very black and white view of morality of course, my humanity ruins that for me. I feel odd.

Always in waiting for… something…. I cannot explain it no matter how hard I try. Why does any of the above comments matter???? Who cares about the Nephillim …. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind and love thy neighbor as thy self because according to our Lord all the Law and prophets are summed up in these two commandments! Keep looking unto Christ and hoping and trusting in Him and you will find rest for your souls!!

I must vehemently disagree with this conclusion as it neglects the true Hebrew behind the text and the context in which it sits. I think the answer to the above is pretty simple: The translator thought gigantes when he saw nephilim because the Aramaic word naphila popped into his head. Yes, he was. Since the Nephilims were sons of a Miscarriage from the pre flood earth submerged in the Central East of Fiji.

As the Bibles geographical description in my earlier post above about the pre flood earth n Eden garden,points towards the Fiji Isles.. Remember Genesis 3 vs That piece of sea was classed as sacred or taboo to do any disrespective act in the Fijian society frm ancient generations until today. Who was put there in a garden of plantain on Vuniivilevu before it was flooded by Elohim. I know thats different frm the fall mentioned in the Bible. Here in the woods Father looking for Ivi nd the children. Aubin Bay, on the S. Ives , 1, a town in Cornwall, 8 m. It gives name to the British court. John , a river of North America, rises in the highlands of North Maine and crosses the continent in an easterly direction and falls into the Bay of Fundy after a course of m.

John 39 , embracing the adjacent town of Portland, chief commercial city of New Brunswick, on the estuary of St. John River, m. Johns 26 , capital of Newfoundland, situated on a splendid harbour on the peninsula or Avalon, in the E. Joseph , a city of Missouri, on the Missouri River here spanned by a fine bridge , m. See Kilda, St. Lawrence, forming a broad estuary; is m. Louis , 1, One of the great commercial cities of the United States, capital of Missouri State; situated on the Mississippi here spanned by two fine bridges , 21 m.

Malo 12 , a strongly fortified seaport of France, on the Brittany coast department of Ille-et-Vilaine , at the mouth of the Ranee; the old town is built over the Rocher d'Auron, an islet connected with the mainland by a causeway yards long; there is a good harbour, and a considerable amount of shipping is done; potatoes, dairy-produce, and some cereals are exported. It was the birthplace of several distinguished French authors and sailors.

Michael's , the largest and most fertile of the Azores, 40 m. Michael's Mount , an islet, forming a precipitous granite mass, in Mount's Bay, Cornwall, connected with the mainland by a low causeway passable only at low tides; a fine old castle crowns its rocky height, and a small fishing village lies sheltered on the northern side. Michel, Mont , a remarkable islet in St. Michel Bay, SW. Nazaire 26 , a flourishing seaport of France, on the Loire, 40 m. Neots 4 , an old market-town of Huntingdonshire, on the Ouse, 8 m. Nicholas , the patron saint of boys, who was fabled to bring presents to good children on Christmas eve; was bishop of Myra in the 4th century, and had taken a special interest in the young. Omer 20 , a fortified town of France, on the Aa, 26 m.

Paul's Churchyard, but was burned out by the Great Fire of ; the present building was opened in There are a number of Oxford and Cambridge exhibitions. Petersburg 1, , capital of Russia, an imposing city, occupying a dreary, isolated site at the head of the Gulf of Finland, on the banks and delta islands of the Neva, founded in by Peter the Great; a large number of bridges span the main stream and its numerous divisions; massive stone quays hold back the waters, but a rise of 12 ft. Quentin 48 , a manufacturing town of France, on the Somme, 95 m. See St. Simon, Comte de. Thomas , 1, an unhealthy volcanic island 20 in the Gulf of Guinea, belonging to Portugal; produces coffee, cocoa, and some spices; chief town, St.

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Vincent; was created an earl in reward; during was a successful First Lord of the Admiralty Thomas, West Indies; occupied for many years the chair of Chemistry in the Sorbonne, Paris; his important contributions to chemical knowledge include a process for simplifying the extraction of aluminium and platinum Saintes 15 , an interesting old town in West France, dep. Saivas , in the Hindu religion the worshippers of Siva, one of the two great sections of the Hindus, the worshippers of Vishnu being the other. Saki , a beer of alcoholic quality made in Japan from rice by fermentation. It is drunk hot at meals, and is in a small way intoxicating.

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Salmon, George , mathematician and divine, born in Dublin, and there in graduated with mathematical honours at Trinity College; became a Fellow, entered the Church, and in was elected regius professor of Divinity, becoming provost of the college in ; has carried on with eminent success his dual studies, mathematics and theology, and has published some notable works in both sciences, e. Salonica or Saloniki , the Thessalonica of the Scriptures, the second port and city of Turkey in Europe; occupies a bold and rocky site at the head of the Gulf of Salonica, m. Salsette , an island N. Salt, Sir Titus , English manufacturer, born near Leeds; introduced the manufacture of alpaca, planted his factory at Saltaire, near Leeds, which he made a model village for his workers as a philanthropic employer of labour Salt Lake City 53 , the capital of Utah, a high-lying city and stronghold of Mormonism, 11 m.

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The natives are chiefly Indians of Aztec descent, but speaking Spanish. The government is vested in a president and chamber of deputies. Education is free and compulsory. Broke away from Spanish control in ; was a member of the Central American Confederacy, but since has enjoyed complete independence. Capital, San Salvador q. Salvation Army , a modern religious organisation and propaganda, remarkable alike for its novel methods and phenomenal expansion; assumed its present quasi-military form in , but is in reality the outgrowth of a mission founded in London in by the Rev.

William Booth q. It is in essence a protest against the older conventional methods of propagating the Christian religion, and would seem by its remarkable success to have ministered to some latent and wide-spread need among the poorer classes. In it numbered , enrolled soldiers, 25, local officers, and 11, officers; these are spread over 35 countries. The members assume semi-military attire, march through the streets to the sound of musical instruments, displaying banners; but while these and other sensational devices bring its purposes home to the hearts of the people, its vitality rests upon the real spiritual devotion and self-sacrifice of its members.

Various agencies of a more directly philanthropic kind homes of rest, rescues, workshops, farms, etc. Funds are raised by means of the War Cry and other periodicals. Salween , a river of Asia whose source is still uncertain; forms in its lower part the boundary between Siam and British Burma, and falls into the Gulf of Martaban; its upper course traverses the northern Shan district; only 80 m. Salzburg , a western province and duchy of Austria, borders on Bavaria between the Tyrol and Upper Austria; is woody and mountainous, especially in the S.

The inhabitants, being Protestants, were severely persecuted by the Church, and 30, of them emigrated in , and on the invitation of Frederick William of Prussia settled in Lithuania, that had been desolated by plague. Salzburg 28 , the capital, occupies a fine site on the hill-girt banks of the Salzach crossed by 3 bridges , 80 m. Salzkammergut 18 , a beautiful mountain district of Austria, between Salzburg W. Sam Slick. See Slick. Sam Weller. See Weller. Samarcand 33 , a city of West Turkestan, situated at the western base of the Tian-Shan Mountains, m.

Suffered at the hands of Genghis Khan in the 13th century; was Timur's capital in the 14th century, and has since been held sacred by the Moslems. Captured by the Russians in , who have improved it, and built a handsome suburb on the west. Samaria , a city of a district of the name between Judea and Galilee in the Holy Land, and which became the capital of the North Kingdom of Israel after the revolt from the Southern; was desolated by the hosts of Assyria in B.

Samaritan Pentateuch , a version of the Pentateuch in use among the Samaritans, and alone accepted by them as canonical. It is of value from its independence of other versions. See Samaria. Samaveda , the section of the Veda that contains the chants, intended for singers. Samnites , a warlike people of ancient Italy in territory SE. A revolt in 90 B. Samoa , or Navigators' Islands 36 , a group of 14 volcanic islands in the W. Louis Stevenson spent the last five years of his life. Samoyedes , a people of the Mongolian race, occupying the N. Samson , ranked as judge of Israel, but the story of his life is as of a Jewish hero, distinguished for his feats of strength; employed in the service of his country against the Philistines.

Samson Agonistes , the strong man of a nation or race caught in the net of his and their enemies, and, encompassed by them, wrestling in his soul's agony to free himself from them; the imagery here being suggested by the story of Samson in the hands of the Philistines. Samuel , a Jewish prophet, born, of the tribe of Levi, about B. Samuel, Books of , two books of the Old Testament, originally one, and divided in the Septuagint into two, entitled respectively the First and Second Books of Kings; the narrative embraces a period of years, and extends from the time of the Judges to the close of the reign of David, including the intermediate judgeship of Samuel and the reign of Saul, with the view of exalting the prophetic office on the one hand and the kingly office on the other.

San Antonio 53 , the second city of Texas, of Spanish origin, on a river of the name, 80 m. San Diego 16 , a thriving port in S. California, situated on a handsome bay of the same name, m. San Domingo 25 , capital of the Dominican Republic, a fortified port on the S. San Francisco , capital of California, and commercial metropolis of the W. The name also of small towns in Guatemala, Lower California, and Uruguay. San Juan , a mountainous province of the Argentine Republic, on the Chilian border; is rich in metals, but, save coal, not worked; agriculture is the chief industry.

San Juan 12 , on a river of the same name, is the capital, lies 98 m. The name of numerous other towns in different parts of Spanish South America. San Marino 8 , a little republic of Europe which has maintained its independence since the 4th century; comprises a town same name and several villages occupying rocky and elevated sites on the eastern slopes of the Apennines; some agriculture and cattle-rearing are done; is under the friendly protection of Italy. San Salvador 20 , capital of Salvador q. San Sebastian 30 , a fortified seaport of North Spain, on a small peninsula jutting into the Bay of Biscay, 10 m.

San Stefano , a Turkish village, a few miles W. Sancho Panza , the immortal squire of Don Quixote. See Panza, Sancho. Sanchoniathon , a Phoenician historian of uncertain date; author of a history of Phoenicia, of which only a few fragments remain, and that of a translation into Greek; he is supposed to have lived in the time of Semiramus. Sancroft, William , an English prelate, born in Suffolk; rose through a succession of preferments to be Archbishop of Canterbury; was with six other bishops committed to the Tower for petitioning against James II. Sand, George , the assumed name of Aurore Dupin, notable French novelist, born in Paris; married Baron Dudevant, a man of means, but with no literary sympathies; became the mother of two children, and after nine years effected a separation from him and went to Paris to push her way in literature, and involved herself in some unhappy liaisons , notably with Alfred de Musset q.

Cloud See Glassites. Sanderson, Burdon , English physiologist; professor of Physiology first at University College, London, and since at Oxford; is one of the greatest authorities on the subject; b. Sanderson, Robert , English prelate, great casuist; became chaplain to Charles I. Sandwich 3 , one of the old Cinque Ports q. Sandwich Islands. See Hawaiian Islands. Sangha , the Buddhist Church, and the third term of the Triratna or Buddhist trinity, the two other being Buddha and Dharma, his law. See Graal, Holy. Sanhedrim , a council of the Jews which held its sittings in Jerusalem, and claimed authority and jurisdiction over the whole Jewish people; it was an aristocratic body, and was presided over by the high-priest; its authority was limited from time to time, and it ceased to exist with the fall of Jerusalem; there is no note of its existence prior to the Grecian period of Jewish history.

Sankara , a Hindu teacher of the philosophy or the Vedas, who lived some time between and B. Sans Souci i. Sansculottes i. Sansculottism , belief in the rights of man, stript of all the conventional vestures and badges by which alone, and without any other ground of right, one man maintains an ascendency over another. Sanskrit , the name given to the ancient literary language of the Hindus, still preserved in their literature, belongs to the Aryan family of languages, in their purest form and most perfect development.

Santa-Anna, Antonio de , a noted soldier and President of Mexico, entered the army as a boy, and from the proclamation of the Republic in till his final exile in was embroiled in all the wars, intrigues, and revolutions of his country; was four times President, and on the last occasion was appointed for life, but his habitual harshness alienated the people in two years; fled the country as on many former crises in his life; intrigued against the newly-established empire, but was captured and sentenced to death ; allowed to expatriate himself, and died in exile; he was one of the most forceful characters in Mexican history Santa Claus , contraction of St.

Nicholas q. Santa Cruz or St. Croix 20 , one of the Virgin Islands; produces sugar, rum, and cotton; ceded by France to Denmark in ; a serious nigger revolt took place in ; capital is Christianstadt 6. Santals , one of the aboriginal tribes of India, inhabiting a district in the province of Bengal, which stretches southward from the Ganges; they are chiefly hunters, but also agriculturists; dwell by the forest edges, are fond of music, and are sun-worshippers; number considerably over a million. Santander 42 , a flourishing port of North Spain, stands on a fine bay facing the Bay of Biscay, m.

Santiago , capital of Chile, beautifully situated on a wide fertile and elevated plain overhung on the N. Santiago de Compostella 23 , a city of Spain, in Galicia, of which it was formerly the capital, 26 m. Santiago de Cuba 71 , formerly capital of Cuba, on a beautiful land-locked bay on the S. Atlantic after a course of m. Sapphire , a precious stone of the corundum class, and differing from the ruby q.

Sappho , a lyric poetess of Greece of the 7th century B. Saragossa 95 , an interesting city of Spain, and capital of Aragon, on the Ebro, which flows through it, m. Sarasate, Martin Meliton , a Spanish violinist, and one of the most finished of the day, a Basque by birth, but educated at Paris; has travelled over the world, winning fame and a fortune; made his first appearance in London in ; is composer of some light pieces; b. Sarasvati , a Hindu goddess, and ultimately the wife of Brahma and goddess of music and eloquence. Saratoff , a handsome city of Russia, on the Volga, m. Sardinia , an island of the Mediterranean, m. Sardis , capital of ancient Lydia, in Asia Minor, at the foot of Mount Tmolus, celebrated for its wealth, its trade, and luxury, through the market-place of which the river Pactolus flowed with its sands of gold.

Sarmatians or Sarmats , an ancient race, embracing several warlike nomadic tribes, who spoke the Scythian language, and inhabited the shores of the Black Sea and Eastern Europe as far as the Caucasus; fought with Mithridates against the Romans; were overwhelmed by the Goths in the 4th century A. Sarto, Andreo del i. Andrew, the tailors son , a Florentine artist; painted in oil and fresco numerous works; died of the plague at Florence, his work displays accuracy of drawing and delicacy of feeling Sartor Resartus i.

It is a book in many respects unparalleled in literature, and for spiritual significance and worth the most remarkable that has been written in the century. It was written in the time and for the time by one who understood the time as not another of his contemporaries succeeded in doing, and who interprets it in a light in which every man must read it who would solve its problems to any purpose. Its style is an offence to many, but not to any one who loves wisdom and has faith in God. For it is a brave book, and a reassuring, as well as a wise, the author of it regarding the universe not as a dead thing but a living, and athwart the fire deluges that from time to time sweep it, and seem to threaten with ruin everything in it we hold sacred, descrying nothing more appalling than the phoenix-bird immolating herself in flames that she may the sooner rise renewed out of her ashes and soar aloft with healing in her wings.

Saskatchewan , one of the great and navigable rivers of Canada, rises among the Rockies in two great branches, called respectively the North and South Saskatchewan, and m. The upper branches traverse and give their name to one of the western territories of Canada. Sassari 32 , the second city of Sardinia, in the NW. Satan , an archangel who, according to the Talmud, revolted against the Most High, particularly when required to do homage to Adam, and who for his disobedience was with all his following cast into the abyss of hell. See Devil. Satellites lit. Satire , a species of poetry or prose writing in which the vice or folly of the times is held up to ridicule, a species in which Horace and Juvenal excelled among the Romans, and Dryden, Pope, and Swift among us.

Satrap , a governor of a province under the ancient Persian monarchy, with large military and civil powers; when the central authority began to wane, some of them set up as independent rulers. Saturn , in the Roman mythology a primitive god of agriculture in Italy, often confounded with the Greek Kronos, the father of Zeus, and sovereign of the Golden Age; was represented as an old man bearing a sickle.

Saturnalia , a festival in ancient Rome in honour of Saturn, in which all classes, free and bond, and young and old, enjoyed and indulged in all kinds of merriment without restraint. Satyrs , in the Greek mythology semi-animal woodland deities who roamed the hills generally in the train of Dionysus q. Sauerkraut , a favourite article of food in Germany and elsewhere in North Europe; formed of thinly sliced young cabbage laid in layers, with salt and spice-seeds, pressed in casks and allowed to ferment.

Sauerteig i. Saul , a Benjamite, the son of Kish, who fell in with Samuel as he was on the way in search of his father's asses that had gone astray, and from his stature and stately bearing was anointed by him to be first king of Israel; he distinguished himself in the field against the enemies of his people, but fell at the hands of the Philistines after a reign of 40 years, and after several insane attempts on the life of David, who had been elected to succeed him. Saumarez, James, Baron de , English admiral, born at Guernsey; entered the navy at 13, distinguished himself in the American War, captured a French frigate in , which brought him knighthood; was second in command at the battle of the Nile, and gained a great victory off Cadiz in ; was raised to the peerage in Saumur 14 , a town of France, in the department of Maine-et-Loire, situated on the Loire and partly on an island in the river, 32 m.

Saussure, Horace Benedict de , geologist and physicist, born in Geneva; was the first to ascend Mont Blanc in the interest of science, and was distinguished for his researches in the same interest all over the Alps and on other mountain ranges; he invented or improved several scientific instruments Saville, Sir Henry , a learned scholar, born in Yorkshire; was tutor to Queen Elizabeth and provost of Eton, and founder of the Savilian professorships of Geometry and Astronomy at Oxford Savona 24 , a seaport of Italy, on the Gulf of Genoa, in the Riviera, 26 m. Savonarola, Girolamo , Italian reformer, born at Ferrara of a noble family; was in his youth of a studious ascetic turn, became at 24 a Dominican monk, was fired with a holy zeal for the purity of the Church, and issued forth from his privacy to denounce the vices that everywhere prevailed under her sanction, with threats of divine judgment on her head, so that the impressions his denunciations made were deep and wide-spread; the effect was especially marked in Florence, where for three years the reformer's influence became supreme, till a combination of enemies headed by the Pope succeeded in subverting it to his ejection from the Church, his imprisonment, and final execution, preceded by that of his confederates Fra Domenico and Fra Silvestro; it was as a reformer of the morals of the Church and nowise of its dogmas that Savonarolo presented himself, while the effect of his efforts was limited pretty much to his own day and generation Savoy, Duchy of , in the SE.

Aix-les-Bains, Evian, and Challes are popular watering-places. Savoy, House of , an ancient royal house of Europe represented now by the king of Italy , whose territorial possessions were constituted a county of the empire in the 12th century under the name Savoy; was created a duchy in the 15th century. By the treaty of Utrecht the island of Sicily was ceded to Savoy and the title of king bestowed upon the duke; in Victor Amadeus II.

Savoy, The , a district of the Strand, London, in which a palace was built in called of the Savoy, in which John of France was confined after his capture at Poitiers; was burnt at the time of the Wat Tyler insurrection, but rebuilt in as a hospital; it included a chapel, which was damaged by fire in , but restored by the Queen. Saxe-Weimar, Amalia, Duchess of , was of the Guelph family, and married to the duke, and in two years was left a widow and in government of the duchy, attracting to her court all the literary notabilities of the day, Goethe the chief, till in she resigned her authority to her son, who followed in her footsteps Saxon Switzerland , name given to a mountainous region in Saxony, SE.

Saxons , a people of the Teutonic stock who settled early on the estuary of the Elbe and the adjoining islands, who in their piratical excursions infested and finally settled in Britain and part of Gaul, and who, under the name of Anglo-Saxons, now hold sovereign sway over large sections of the globe. Saxony 3, , a kingdom of Germany, lies within the basin of the Elbe, facing on the E. Saxony, Prussian 2, , a province of Prussia, chiefly comprises that part of Saxony q. Sayce, Alexander Henry , philologist, born near Bristol; has written works on the monuments of the East, bearing chiefly on Old Testament history; b.

Porsena, moved by his courage, both pardoned him, and on hearing that as defiant had sworn his death, made peace with Rome and departed. Scafell , a Cumberland mountain on the borders of Westmorland, with two peaks, one ft. Scale, Delfa , a prince of Verona, and a general of the Ghibellines in Lombardy, who offered Dante an asylum when expelled from Florence Scaliger, Joseph Justus , eminent scholar, son of the following, born at Agen; educated by his father; followed in his father's footsteps, and far surpassed him in scholarship; travelled over Europe, and became a zealous Protestant; accepted the chair of belles lettres in the University of Leyden on condition that he should not be called upon to lecture, and gave himself up to a life of study, especially on matters philological and literary; was a man of universal knowledge, and the creator of modern chronology Scanderbeg i.

Prince or Bey Alexander , the patriot chief of Albania, and the great hero of Albanian independence, who in the 15th century renounced Islamism for Christianity, and by his military prowess and skill freed Albania from the Turkish yoke; throughout his lifetime maintained its independence, crushing again and again the Turkish armies; was known among the Christians as George Castriot Scandinavia , the ancient name still used of the great northern peninsula of Europe, which embraces Norway q. Scarborough 34 , a popular seaside town and watering-place on the Yorkshire coast; built on rising ground on the shores of a fine bay; is a place of great antiquity, with interesting ruins; has churches, harbour, piers, and a fine promenade; noted for the manufacture of jet.

Scattery Island , in the Shannon estuary, 3 m. Scepticism , primarily doubt respecting, and ultimately disbelief in, the reality of the super-sensible, or the transcendental, or the validity of the evidence on which the belief in it is founded, such as reason or revelation, and in religious matters is tantamount to infidelity more or less sweeping. Sceptre , the symbol of royal power, power to command and compel, originally a club, the crown being the symbol of dominion. Schadow, Johannes Gottfried , sculptor, born in Berlin; was trained in Rome under the best masters, returned to Berlin, and became Director of the Academy of Arts; laboured here for 62 years, and produced works which placed him among the first rank of artists; he had two sons, one of whom distinguished himself as a sculptor, and the other as a painter Schaff, Philip , a theologian, born in Switzerland; studied in Germany; came recommended by high names to the United States, and became professor first in Pennsylvania, and finally in New York Schaffhausen 38 , a canton in the extreme N.

The capital, Schaffhausen 19 , occupies a picturesque site on the Rhine, 31 m. The famous falls, the finest on the Rhine, are 3 m. Schall, Johann Adam von , Jesuit missionary to China, born at Cologne; was received with honours at the Imperial Court; obtained permission to preach, and founded churches to the spread of Christianity, a privilege which was revoked by the next emperor; he was subjected to imprisonment, which shortened his life See Shamyl. Scharnhorst, Gerhard von , a Prussian general, distinguished as the organiser of the Prussian army, to the establishment of a national force instead of a mercenary; died of a wound in battle Scheffer, Ary , painter, born at Dordrecht, of German and Dutch parentage; settled in Paris; began as a genre -painter; illustrated Dante, Goethe, and Byron, and in the end painted religious subjects; he did excellent portraits also; was of the Romantic school Scheldt , an important river of Belgium and Holland, rises in the French dep.

Schemnitz 15 , a town of Hungary, noted as a mining centre since Roman times, situated in the midst of a mountainous region, 65 m. Scherer, Edmond , French critic, born in Paris, spent his early years in England, his mother being English; was for some time devoted to theology and the Church, but changed his views; settled in Paris, and took to journalism and politics, distinguishing himself more especially in literary criticism Schleicher, August , German philologist, did eminent service by his studies in the Indo-Germanic languages, and particularly in the Slavonic languages Schlemihl, Peter , the name of a man who in Chamisso's tale sold his shadow to the devil, a synonym of one who makes a desperate or silly bargain.

Schliemann, Heinrich , a German explorer, born in Mecklenburg-Schwerin; excavated at his own cost the ruins, among others in Greece, of Hissarlik, in the Troad, believing them to be those of Troy; spent 12 years in this enterprise, collecting the spoils and depositing them in safe keeping in Berlin; died at Naples before his excavations were complete Schlossner, Friedrich Christoph , German historian, born in Oldenburg; was studios of the moral factor in history, and gave especial prominence to it Schmalkaldic League , a league of the Protestant States of Germany concluded in at Schmalkalden, Prussia, in defence of their religious and civil liberties against the Emperor Charles V.

Schnitzer, Eduard , physician, born in Breslau; went to Turkey, entered the Turkish medical service, adopted the name Emin Pasha, and was appointed by Gordon medical officer of the Equatorial Province of Egypt, and raised to the rank of Pasha; soon after the outbreak of the Mahdist insurrection he was cut off from civilisation, but was discovered by Stanley in and brought to Zanzibar, after which he was murdered by Arabs Scholasticism , the name given to the philosophy that prevailed in Europe during the Middle Ages, particularly in the second half of them, and has been generally characterised as an attempt at conciliation between dogma and thought, between faith and reason, an attempt to form a scientific system on that basis, founded on the pre-supposition that the creed of the Church was absolutely true, and capable of rationalisation.

Scholiasts , name given to a class of grammarians who appended annotations to the margins of the MSS. Scholten, Hendrik , a Dutch theologian of the rationalistic school Schomberg, Duke of , French marshal, of German origin and the Protestant persuasion; took service under the Prince of Orange, and fell at the battle of the Boyne Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe , a noted American ethnologist, born in New York State; at 24 was geologist to an exploring expedition undertaken by General Cass to Lake Superior and the Upper Mississippi; married the educated daughter of an Ojibway chief; founded the Historical Society of Michigan and the Algic Society at Detroit; discovered the sources of the Mississippi in ; was an active and friendly agent for the Indians, and in began, under Government authorisation, his great work of gathering together all possible information regarding the Indian tribes of the United States, an invaluable work embodied in six great volumes; author also of many other works treating of Indian life, exploration, etc.

Schoolmen , teachers of the scholastic philosophy q. Schouvaloff, Count Peter , a Russian ambassador, born at St. I wonder why USA sponsors warfare around the world for decades. It must be fair, right? Using your own method here to show you how stupid such statements are. Neither yours nor previous commenters argument is valid. You just reversed their argument and present it as a valid contra-argument which uses the same logic, just biased in an opposite way. Btw, Islam be it right or wrong is still their choice, same as GMO. Moreover, Why would you choose to cite Islam? Why not Christianity? Why not just say religion? Your very soul is bias. Does anyone know a good, objective source for vetting them a little more thoroughly?

Does anyone know if this is true? Thanks for reading and participating in the discussion! Would you feed your kids GMOs? Your research is bulshit compared to all the real parents who are witnessing the harmful effects of GMOs on a daily basis. I agree with the intelligent points in your response. I heard that if you eat lettuce, which contains encoding for green and leafy, your kids can end up green and leafy. Makes sense. I would perhaps look up the effects of certain food colourings, preservatives and other additives in your diet. So if I could get some unbiased point of view on this, it would be appreciated. For example, newer GMO technologies that are focusing on eliminating expression of certain genes rather than adding foreign genes have very little potential to create food that will be harmful our health.

At the other extreme, if you genetically engineered corn to express a gene that make the protein that people are allergic to in peanuts, and then you gave someone with a peanut allergy that corn, they would likely also be allergic to the GE-peanut-corn. The Seralini study is somewhere in between these two extremes—they are testing GMOs that have a foreign protein with no known allergenic or negative properties. Usually to show that a substance is harmful, you would show that if you give an animal more of that substance, the effect is greater.

Right, I never thought of limiting the expression of genes. I am 14 and got intimidated by a few GMO documentaries a few years ago. That would be bad for the environment. And since all the Native ones would eventually create their own pesticide, environmental pressures would mean that they would overpopulate and native bugs would die. This would mess up the food chain and lead to a loss of biodiversity. Evolution will lead to resistance and that means more pesticides and more environmental harm. Their environmental impacts are too risky. Especially, if they crossbreed with Native Plants. Why do through all this hassle? Just eat Organic. If it takes up too much land, use hydroponics. If it raises prices, then work harder and get a pay raise.

If Organic means people in 3rd world countries are starving because food is expensive, then tell them to have a 1 child policy and then until they afford it, they can have a 2 child policy. Hi, I am going to include this research in my argument paper. Thank you for providing a good clarification details regarding the toxicity, genes and mutagenesis. I will cite your research properly and hopefully will have a good feedback to my professor. Hi again, another thing is that your references and sources are not up to date. It will actually affect your credibility.

Although I took some information that were published after the year of to make my paper more concise. I still acknowledge and applaud you for your work it is very well written! Liked the article and the comments. Glyphosate resistant weeds look just like their non glyphosate counterparts. The resistant plants have just developed ways to stop glyphosate from harming them — through natural selection.

Many other herbicides have had target weeds develop resistance as well. Glyphosate has been a very effective tool in our area for reducing soil erosion and preserving moisture in our semi arid climate. Thanks for your perspective as a farmer! I am not a scientist, just a mom who wants healthy kids. I talk to other moms, many spending huge amounts of their limited income trying to avoid foods that may be unhealthy for their kids, including GMOs. I did study agriculture, but I am outdated. But, I do remember finding that organic crops often required elevated total toxicity in order to achieve pest control when compared with non-organic crops since the chemicals at the disposal of an organic farmer are, by nature, limited.

So, they sometimes must choose something more toxic than traditional pesticides or use much more of their pesticides to achieve control. I do not remember any sources at this point so everyone can and probably should have a heyday with that. My question is about Bt crops. You said there is evidence that Bt crops actually contain less total pesticide than those sprayed with Bt. However, those sprayed can be washed. I assume you cannot wash the pesticide from Bt crops. But Bt is complex. There may be more to it than I understand. Have any studies been done that take washing or rinsing into account, or is that irrelevant for some reason that I do not currently know about? Actually, though, not all organic Bt treatment can be washed off, since it is sometimes injected e.

Also, Bt toxin in GM crops is at very low doses in the parts of the plant that we usually eat e. I think all of you should look in to foreign studies on this I went through american after america study on this and its left me just unsure, but second I typed in Russian study holy shit I need to look more in to this and other countries that have and have not Banned GMOs. I have found a difficult time finding studies from any country that convincingly show health effects of eating GMO crops. In this article we cite studies from Korea and China, among other countries.

Chinese studies will most likely be in favour of GMO simply because its negative effects on reproduction can partially solve their over-reproduction problem. Besides, everything in China is seriously controlled by the state and can easily be altered in favour of the state. Your information and attitude is among the most responsible I have seen. A sign of an objective person. I am a research scientist in Agriculture and pesticides- worked on it over 40 years. Do we know all?

Certainly not, but there is a huge amount of data showing safety for both. The negatives are mostly circumstantial or feelings. Your comment about human-caused global warming is not true, however. IPCC is a group of proponents of man-caused global warming but over 31, American Scientists have signed a petition for our government to get out of the Japanese global warming agreement because there is not good data to show that carbon dioxide increases warming. There may be a correlation but not causation. Second, I wanted to know if you found a single credible link that gives negatives about GMOs.

I really enjoyed reading it and even the comments on it were interesting to read. This essay really helped to clear the waters up. Thanks Megan! These mega-crops consume significantly more water resources while compared to traditional crops like Sorghum and Millets. We hear news about drought and food insecurity in African and South Asian countries which, in fact, receive adequate sunlight throughout the year.

Is it because these countries move towards the 3 mega crops eventually phasing out the drought resistant traditional crops like millets, sorghum, etc? The economy of India is heavily dependent on food exports which majorly includes rice, wheat and corn. And not just export, the consumption of millets and other traditional crops by the people of South Asian and African countries has gone down significantly and the mega crops consumption has increased on the other hand.

There is heavy pressure on such countries to go GMO in order to increase their rice or wheat production despite their water scarcity. Is GMO the optimal solution or do we need to pay more attention to food and biodiversity? What if, change in mindset and investing on native crops has got a better and sustainable solution? I am sorry to have brought out the political aspect of this in this thread which is meant only for scientific discussion. For more information on food and biodiversity, please refer to the below link.

However, it will always be important to consider and test the environmental impact of any newly engineered crops. Great article! So much people need to read this! My father is an avid farmer at home and a chemical engineer. I recently watched an episode of Bill Nye Save the world and he even spoke with experts on how they are not harmful to humans. Finally i have documents I can show that research was done. Thank you very much.

My only concern is the effect they could have on the ecosystem and surrounding plants. But not harm on humans. In fact i hope they are working on something to save Mexico and South American bananas right now. I think people are taught to worry to much about almost everything in life! Does all of this GMO really cause cancer or is it the fact that humans genetically outliving how long the human body is really meant to live? People used to live to 20,30, Think about if people stopped stressing about everything and enjoyed life how much happier we would all be. Grow your own food, stop making babies and quit trying to find an answer to prove your truth……. So, put down your proven sticks, eat what you feel comfortable with, go sit out in nature and take a deep breath.

Or else we are going to spend another day writing about the Lactose intolerance scare! I think not. We are a volunteer graduate-student-run organization. First of all I would like to thank you for the excellent article and your articulate and logical responses to the people that comment on this site. Next I would like to say how Monsanto is not an evil corporation that most people make it out to be. Many of their products, especially vegetable crops, are changed through hybridization which means that they should not be considered a GMO. Specifically, I have been learning about the process in which they are created and how they may impact our world positively and negatively. Would you be able to help me understand this topic a little better?

When this disadvantage for the consumer is relieved, by laws that are enforced, then the process will take on a much different approach than what is being used presently. Can you please clarify for me where the funding for this paper came from? Can you clafify what you plan to do when you recieve your doctrine degree? Lastly, who do you work for or intended to work for? I found this article extremely informative but do not agree with it. I am asking about funding because I am sure you are aware of funding that comes from the same position as the author and would recommend if anybody wanted to see a counter argument to this article to watch the moive GMO Roulette.

I believe it is beyond safe for me to say that there is an argument for both sides and somewhere in there the truith is. My objective is to find that truith from an unbiased source, which seems to be very challenging these days. Thank you for your time. Hi Mark, Thanks for your comment! I agree with this article and everything that it is supporting. All the people do is extract a gene in that specific food. The author is trying to put dust in the eyes of the public.

Every second person is getting cancer after eating GMO food. The true results are there to see. This happened after the introduction of GMO food. This is a laughable article and may be paid advertisement to buy more GMO and end up part of population control. I am sure I will be able to find an article totally scientific but opposite to what the author wrote here to deceive the public. If GMO is safe why people are having an epidemic of Diabetes, thyroid problem, obesity, blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, and great cancer epidemic which started as every 49th person was diagnosed with cancer but now every other person has cancer. I understand just GMO is not targetted attack on the body but almost everything that we used for life has been GM.

For example water has chlorine and fluoride with hundreds of side effects, then air is full of planted and hundreds of chemical, then radiation from electronics we use, then all food we eat, then our brains are getting polluted with horrible news of crimes in the world, hardly you see good news of people who are heroes in daily life, they are not reported to promote goodness and human brotherhood. Them the sun is causing cancer due to the hole over the north pole. Most of the cancer caused by what you state in your comment is your comment itself, it really is making me want to die with how you are just stating random things you found on the internet and I just have to say you have really made my day man, I appreciate being stupid for the sake of making my day better!

I only hope that they label all GMO foods that way I still have the choice to eat or not to eat. Being a vegan I read all lables. This one company that makes veggie meat also has it in it but then they also have caffeine in their meatballs. Well we have been modifying food crops for a very long period of time by selecting the characteristics that we think are desirable. Just compare the original wild corn to the corn used by the Aztecs in Mexico when the Spaniards arrived. By the use of genetic modification we have speeded up the process.

Introducing genes from unrelated species is new but there is s evidence that in nature there occurs a crossover of genes between unrelated species. One also has to take note that in nature many plants have toxins that are harmful to human health. So when we genetically modify a plant there is a risk we might make the plant more toxic but that same risk exists in nature. Contrary to what some people would like to believe nature is not this benign force that is looking out for our interests. That is not good science. Probably what would bother me the most is pesticide resistance which translates into a heavier use of pesticides.

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More testing should be done, especially with long term studies that track changes over two or three year periods. Interesting how many people are defending GMOs on this board even though they have no personal investment in the topic…Or do they.. The only reason this topic is searched and therefore this article discovered is someone is either concerned about the safety of GMOs, wants to learn more about GMOs, or the person has a vested interest in the success of GMOs. So to be on this board defending GMOs is questionable to say the least, particularly because there is not enough evidence to even make a claim about the safety of GMOs.

So making such a definitive claim is negligent and really suspicious. I have spoke with professors that casually speak of the risk a researcher poses to his or her career if they publish studies shining any negative light on GMOs. Thats actually incorrect Jacob. There is a significant amount of information backed by credible sources to indicate that health outcomes from non-GMO foods are the same as GMO foods. She earned her B. The data starts in through , and GMOs were first introduced in So if GMO foods cause cancer or tumors or birth defects why did animal health actually improve? What I was trying to say with my above comment is that there is research on both sides of this argument and the data points to GMOs being safe for human consumption.

However, there are still some studies that show otherwise so we need to continue to pursue that information. You will not be able to prove they are safe, you can only prove they are as safe as non-GMO foods, which is what the large majority of studies prove. I suggest you take a look at the study in my above comment in red text. One more thing to add here, Jacob. I had to read multiple academic sources, multiple opinion articles, multiple articles from both sides of this argument and then produce a lengthy essay that combines all this information into one piece. The reason I was putting this information up for others is because I know others have come to this article seeking information about GMO foods.

I know many of those people are not in college or may not have a college degree. I was attempting to put the information that I found up here in a concise manner to help others. It is completely up to you if you want to read the two studies that I have linked in red text , but if you are looking for more information just as I was then I hope what I found was helpful to you.

This article by Megan Norris was one of many sources of information that I used. For anyone else looking up the safety of GMO foods you should know the facts and do your own research. Thank god for the internet and being able to find out the truth. The aim is to make them better right? Anyway, this is how I see it. A big thanks to the writer of this article. I am actually doing an assignment and have to compare different 4 articles to find which one do answer my question on GMOs. Wooow i found this as best and interesting. I didnt even have a knowledge on GMOS as im a commerce student but now im no more left out.

Thanks to the internet. This is why places like Harvard need to be fact checked. Now we have countless lawsuits against Monsanto for glyphosate poisoning and several lawsuits have been awarded millions in damages. Great job Ivy league!

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