Theme Of Friendship In Romeo And Juliet

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Theme Of Friendship In Romeo And Juliet

High School Musical. At first Diagnosing Alzheimers Disease suggests that everyone is too full of grief to entertain Racial Inequalities In The 1930s Essay idea of a wedding. Namespaces Article Talk. Download as PDF The Heros Walk Novel Analysis version. Theme Of Friendship In Romeo And Juliet defeats Mercutio Racial Inequalities In The 1930s Essay a battle of wits. Views Read Edit View history.

ROMEO \u0026 JULIET - A TIME FOR US - NINO ROTA - piano - Harry Völker

Several years later, Kiara, now a young adult, begins her first solo hunt. Simba has Timon and Pumbaa follow her in secret, causing her to hunt away from the Pride Lands. Simba is forced to accept Kovu's place since he rescued Kiara. Later that night, Simba has a nightmare about attempting to save his father, Mufasa, from falling into the beast stampede but is stopped by Scar who then morphs into Kovu and sends Simba to his death. Kovu contemplates attacking Simba, but he is interrupted by Kiara and starts spending more time with her.

Kovu becomes conflicted between his mission and his feelings for Kiara until Rafiki, a mandrill who serves as shaman and advisor, leads them to the jungle, where he introduces them to "upendi" an erroneous form of upendo , which means "love" in Swahili , helping the two lions fall in love. That night, Simba allows Kovu to sleep inside Pride Rock with the rest of the pride after being encouraged by Nala to give Kovu a chance. Upon learning of Kovu's failure to kill Simba, Zira sets a trap for them.

The next day, Kovu once again attempts to explain his mission to Kiara, but Simba takes him around the Pride Lands and tells him Scar's story. The Outsiders then attack Simba, resulting in Nuka's death and Simba's escape. In the aftermath, Zira scratches Kovu, causing him to turn on her. Returning to Pride Rock, Kovu pleads Simba for forgiveness but is exiled. Kiara makes Simba realize he is acting irrationally, and flees to find Kovu. The two lions later find each other and profess their love. Realizing that they must reunite the two prides, Kiara and Kovu return to the Pride Lands and convince them to stop fighting. Zira, however, attempts to kill Simba, but Kiara intervenes and Zira falls to her death.

With his enemy gone, Simba accepts the Outsiders back into the Pride Lands, apologizes to Kovu for his mistake, then appoints Kovu and Kiara as his successors. In May , discussion had begun about the possibility of a direct-to-video sequel to The Lion King before the first film had even hit theaters. In April , Jane Leeves of Frasier fame had been cast as Binti, who was to be Zazu's girlfriend, [6] but the character was ultimately dropped. In August , Cheech Marin reported that he would reprise his role as Banzai the hyena from the first film , [7] but the character was ultimately cut from the sequel.

Andy Dick was also confirmed to have signed on to voice Nunka, the young villain-in-training-turned hero, who attempts to romance Aisha. According to Rooney, the final draft gradually became a variation of Romeo and Juliet. However, all storyboarding and pre-production work was done at the Feature Animation studio in Burbank, California. By March , Disney confirmed the sequel would be released on October 27, Coincided with its direct-to-video release, Simba's Pride was accompanied with a promotional campaign which included tie-ins with McDonald's , Mattel , and Lever The DVD release featured the film in a letterboxed 1.

In January , the film, along with the sequels, went back into moratorium. On October 4, , Simba's Pride was included in an eight-disc box set trilogy set with the other two films. However, they also said it was best that it went to video, citing that the music was lacking and not remotely equal to the original's soundtrack. The review later went on to say that "Though most of the original characters and their voices are back, they all sound bored, apart from the zesty addition of Suzanne Pleshette as the scheming Zira.

The overall result is OK for kids, who will enjoy the low humor provided by the comical meerkat Timon and the flatulent warthog Pumbaa, but it could have been so much better. Writing for Variety , Joe Leydon commented in his review: "In marked contrast to most of the studio's small screen sequels to bigscreen animated hits, the new pic isn't merely kids' stuff.

Not unlike its predecessor, Lion King II has enough across-the-board appeal to entertain viewers of all ages. The Lion King II may be derivative, but it is also winning on its own. Although the animation isn't quite up to par with the original, the new songs don't have that special touch that made them and The Lion King such a success, and the fact that the film suffers somewhat from a heavy dose of familiarity, this is still a pretty decent picture.

For true believers who've already watched and rewound their copies to shreds, it might even make a good buy. And for them, hey, hakuna matata. But for the rest of us, caveat emptor might be a better motto. It takes from The Fox and the Hound with shades of Romeo and Juliet and side steps the interesting Simba in favor of his bland daughter Kiara, and Timon and Pumba [ sic ]. Although not promoted as a soundtrack to the film, it contained all the songs from the film and some additional songs inspired by it by Lebo M.

The majority of the series takes place during the years in-between Kiara's first meeting with Kovu as a cub and her first hunt as a young adult. Additionally, Kovu and Vitani make an appearance in the season 3 episode "Return to the Pride Lands", which takes place after the events of Simba's Pride. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Release date. October 27, Running time. Main article: List of The Lion King characters. Los Angeles Times. Archived from the original on December 23, Retrieved August 15, The Star Democrat. Archived from the original on December 8, Retrieved December 8, — via Newspapers. The studio is so confident in the sequel's success, it already is considering a direct-to-video sequel to The Lion King — which doesn't arrive in theaters until June.

Orlando Sentinel. Archived from the original on October 31, Archived from the original on August 20, The Walt Disney Company. San Antonio Express-News. Archived from the original on January 11, Retrieved December 3, — via NewsBank. New York Daily News. Retrieved June 3, Penske Business Media. Archived from the original on August 19, The New York Times. Archived from the original on October 21, Retrieved August 24, The Seattle Times.

Chicago Tribune. Archived from the original on September 19, Retrieved June 15, Archived from the original on July 8, PR Newswire Press release. Archived from the original on March 3, Los Angeles Daily News. Retrieved June 15, — via TheFreeLibrary. The Wall Street Journal. October 9, The impatience of the younger characters throughout Act 2 is a key factor in things going wrong. How does this affect the plot? Act 2 is important because it is where Romeo and Juliet fall in love and are married — helped by the Friar and the Nurse.

How willing are the Friar and the Nurse to help the young couple? How do you think they feel about the match and why do they help? The Prince claimed in Act 1 Scene 1 that anyone who disturbed the peace would pay with their life so why do you think he banishes Romeo instead of having him killed? What effect does this have on the play? What different emotions does she experience in this one scene? Can you find any directions in her lines that might help an actor playing the role, or show them how to respond?

Why do you think he has changed his mind and now wants the couple to marry that same week, when he wanted to wait two years in Act 1? What does this change of pace do to the plot? This is the first time we see Juliet disobey her father and mother. Does this change how you view her character? Why do you think Shakespeare does these at the same point in the play? Notice the length of Act 4. It is very short with the scenes moving quite quickly. This reflects the speed at which things are happening in the text but what does this tell us? Why would Shakespeare have these quick scenes? Look out for the characters that are missing. Romeo, for example, does not appear in Act 4 at all. What does this tell us about who the key character is in these scenes? Why is this the case?

Which key figures does she lie to? Is this different from her behavior towards them before? Why do you think her attitude towards those people has changed? Why do you think Juliet lies to both her family and the Nurse and does not confide in anyone apart from the Friar? Notice how Friar Laurence behaves throughout Act 5. Why does he go to the tomb and how does he react to finding Paris and Romeo there? Why do you think he leaves Juliet and runs away? He blames himself at the end of the play and claims he is responsible, how far do you agree with this? Take note of the clues Shakespeare gives us about the setting of the tomb. How else does Shakespeare create a picture for the audience of how it feels to be in the Capulet tomb? Look closely at the resolution of the play.

What do you think the most important factors are? How do they intend to remember Juliet and Romeo? Act 5 marks the resolution of the story — Romeo and Juliet both die, believing the other to be dead, and their families agree a truce after witnessing so much death. How many people have died and what are their relationships to the Prince, Lord Capulet and Lord Montague? Why would Shakespeare include this reconciliation? How does it make the audience feel at the end of the play?

Why is this important? This play takes place over a very short timescale, lasting no more than five days. What is the impact of this? Help us by taking a short survey — it will only take a few minutes and will help us make the Shakespeare Learning Zone even better for everyone. Main Site Menu. Scene-by-scene Here is a more detailed look at what happens in each scene of Romeo and Juliet, to help you look at the structure of the play and interrogate it. Act 1. Act 1 Scene 1 The play opens with two servants from the house of Capulet talking about their hatred of the Montagues.

They meet two servants from the house of Montague and a fight breaks out. Benvolio tries to stop the fight but when Tybalt arrives things get worse. Everyone departs leaving Lord and Lady Montague talking to Benvolio about their son Romeo , who has been missing all day. The Montagues and Capulets are rival families who regularly fight each other. The Prince warns Lord Capulet and Lord Montague that if there is another fight they shall pay for it with their lives. Romeo is in love with Rosaline.

However, he later encourages Paris to woo her at a ball at his house. Lord Capulet sends a messenger to invite other guests to the ball. The messenger bumps into Romeo and Benvolio revealing to them the ball is taking place and that Rosaline is one of the guests. Benvolio suggests they go to the ball so Romeo can find someone else to fall in love with. Paris wants to marry Juliet but Lord Capulet wants to wait two years. There is going to be a huge ball at the Capulets' house. Romeo and Benvolio plan to go to the ball even though they are not invited. Act 1 Scene 3 Lady Capulet is searching for her daughter who is getting ready for the ball. Juliet is only thirteen years old. The Nurse has cared for Juliet since she was a baby and is very affectionate towards her.

Lady Capulet and the Nurse both think Paris is a good match for Juliet. Act 1 Scene 4 Romeo, Mercutio and Benvolio are on their way to the ball. He then tells them that he had an ominous dream. Eventually Romeo agrees to go to the ball. Act 1 Scene 5 The servants in the Capulet household are getting ready for the ball before Capulet welcomes all the guests. Lord Capulet stops him from confronting Romeo which makes Tybalt feel even angrier and he vows to seek revenge.

Lord Capulet allows Romeo to stay at his ball, showing a much more relaxed attitude to the 'grudge' than his nephew Tybalt, who vows revenge on Romeo. Romeo and Juliet meet and share an instant connection. Their lines together in this scene form a sonnet. Romeo and Juliet both learn who the other one is. Things to notice in Act 1. Act 2. Act 2 Scene 1 Romeo climbs over the orchard wall into the Capulets' garden. Mercutio wants Romeo to leave. Romeo is taking a big risk going into the Capulet orchard and climbing their walls. He could be killed for being there. Romeo still wants to see Juliet, even though he now knows she is a Capulet. Romeo listens as she talks about him and eventually speaks to her. Play Act 2 Scene 2. Juliet and Romeo are in love and are willing to set aside family loyalty to be together.

Juliet pushes Romeo to make vows and promise to her that she can trust him. They want to see each other again and to get married. Romeo joins him and tells him he wants to marry Juliet. However, he agrees, believing the marriage might help end the feud between the two families. Friar Laurence has an understanding of plants and herbs. Friar Laurence has counselled Romeo against his infatuation of Rosaline and thinks his love for Juliet is the same. Friar Laurence believes the marriage of Romeo and Juliet could end the family feud.

Act 2 Scene 4 Mercutio and Benvolio are still looking for Romeo, who has not yet returned home. They reveal that Tybalt has challenged Romeo to a duel. The Nurse enters and asks to speak to Romeo. Tybalt is a threat to Romeo. He is called a 'captain of compliments', referring to his studied ability with a sword. Other characters also call him the 'Prince of Cats' in the play.

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