An Analysis Of Martin Luther Kings Speech

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An Analysis Of Martin Luther Kings Speech

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“I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King. Speech Analysis - Free Essay Sample

King noted that the constitution and the Declaration of Independence guaranteed the freedom and equality of all the citizens of the country. It confirmed that King was confident that the American people would one day honor the declaration that everyone was created equal. Another point made in the speech is that discrimination and racial injustices were prevalent in the country. This discrimination was undertaken based on the race of an individual. The speech highlighted that while America was a prosperous nation, the people of color continued to live in poverty. The speech demonstrated that people of color were faced with racial injustices every day. In addition to this, the speech documented the violent injustices that racial discrimination resulted in.

These injustices had necessitated the civil protests such as the one King was addressing. The speech also acknowledged that the Blacks were undergoing great tribulation in the country. King implored the people not to despair even when faced with this discrimination and mistreatment. The third major point raised in the speech was that nonviolence would be used to achieve the goals of civil rights. At a time when some African American Civil Rights Activist leaders were calling for violence, King emphasized on the need to engage in peaceful protest.

According to him, protest could be made in a peaceful and dignified manner. The speech asserted that even when faced with violent opposition, the followers of Martin Luther King would not respond with force. The speech affirmed that all the citizens of the nation should coexist peacefully as brothers. King was keen to point out that in spite of the struggles that the people of color faced, the African American community should not distrust all white people.

He explained that there were many white people who supported the struggle for civil rights by the black community. The speech highlighted the aspirations of the African American community and their conviction to keep struggling until their achieved their goals. The points made in the speech inspired millions in the country and they were able to steer the American nation out of racial oppression and into an era of freedom and justice for all. King, Luther.

I Have a Dream. August It included a perfect combination of Ethos, logos and Pathos that directly…. Martin Luther King Jr. Although there was great opposition and difficulty, King still took the stage and delivered some of his most powerful and influential words that are still remembered by millions of people around the world today. In fact, several important and historical events…. C to more than , people who had come there to demand civil rights for everyone in America. As time went on civil rights leaders appeared. The most popular activist of them was Martin Luther King Jr. Throughout the s, King was in various civil rights boycotts and protests, helping to give real rights and freedom to the blacks in the south.

To this very day this speech continues…. Incorporating his own style of diction makes his speech affective and powerful. Throughout the speech, King uses archetypal universal similes and metaphors to help emphasize his purpose and unique diction. First, some…. Over , followers were at the march protesting against discrimination in employment, racial separation in schools and they demanded the minimum wage for all workers. Their aim was to pressure President Kennedy to create a civil rights bill. After the march, King and other leaders met with President Kennedy to discuss the civil rights bill. The march was one of the largest demonstrations for human rights in US history, and a spectacular example of the power of nonviolent direct action.

It began at the Washington monument and ended at the Lincoln Memorial, where representatives of the sponsoring organizations delivered speeches. The last speaker of the day was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In Martin Luther King Jr. This speech not only brought all the blacks it also brought the whites to stand side by side with them and make a change in history. Once you get through the end of the dark tunnel the light will…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Martin Luther King's Speech.

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