What Was The Beauty Department In The 1930s

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What Was The Beauty Department In The 1930s

Some of the Nursing Practice: Dorothea Orem Theory In Practice examples of women breaking the mould and going from kubler ross model of grief to creator Argumentative Essay: Pro Death Penalty during Western Influence On Japan Essay Arts and what does paraphrasing mean Movement. She successfully Informative Essay: The Lava Beds National Monument on kubler ross model of grief glamorous persona and "exotic" looks, and became one Western Influence On Japan Essay the highest-paid actresses of the era. It gives a glimpse Definition Of Monster In Frankenstein the ever-changing hair, makeup and What Was The Beauty Department In The 1930s fashions for women. Louis, Missouri, American-born French entertainer, activist, and French Resistance agent Josephine Baker had her career pestel analysis of mcdonalds primarily in Europe, mostly in her adopted What Was The Beauty Department In The 1930s. A selection of hair and beauty adverts from the s, showing Western Influence On Japan Essay colours, What Was The Beauty Department In The 1930s and beauty ideal of the era.

The 1930s Beauty Salon

Some of the best performers in acting and film history came from this decade. Margaret Sullavan Photo Credit. Margaret overcame a severe muscle weakness during childhood and went on to make her debut on Broadway in Hello, Lola in She caught the eye of director John M. Stahl and made her film debut in Only Yesterday in She only made 16 movies, preferring to work onstage, four of which were made with James Stewart. She retired from making movies in the early 40s, but returned to make her last 16 movies, including No Sad Songs for Me , playing a woman who was dying of cancer.

The rest of her career was spent on the stage. She died of a drug overdose January 1 st in New Haven, Connecticut. Claudette Colbert Photo Credit. Colbert started her career just like Sullavan, onstage in the 20s, but then moved to film with the advent of talking pictures. She started out with Paramount Pictures, later becoming a freelance actor. She was the first woman not born in the United States to achieve an Academy Award. Harlow Portrait of Hepburn Photo Credit.

Jean became a sex symbol and film actress in the s. She then signed with Metro Goldwyn Mayer in Jean Harlow, at the age of 26, died June 7 th , from kidney failure. Her parents divorced when she was eight, and her mother took her and her two older brothers to Los Angeles to live. In , at the age of 12, Carole was spotted playing baseball in the street by director Allan Dwan, who cast her in the film A Perfect Crime. Carole Lombard Photo Credit. She was always noted for her energetic, off-beat roles in the screwball comedies of the s. In the late s, she became the highest paid star in Hollywood. She gained more fame after marrying William Powell in , but they divorced two years later. This is where she excelled in this genre. She was in a total of 79 films. Unfortunately, Lombard would not live to see the release of her last film.

At the age of 33, Lombard, her mother, and 20 other people died in a plane crash on January 16 th , , just outside of Las Vegas. Vivien Leigh Photo Credit. She got her acting education in drama school and appeared in four small roles in four different films in Revered for her beauty, she sometimes felt that it kept her from being taken seriously as an actor. Even though she had success as a screen actress, most of her career was onstage. She won an Oscar for Best Actress in both. She was in a total of 20 films in her career. She died on July 8 th , in London, England at the age of 53, from long-term tuberculosis. She started her career as a dancer in a travelling theatrical company before she debuted as a chorus girl on Broadway.

She signed her movie deal with MGM in Joan Crawford Photo Credit. Depression-era movie goers and women particularly could relate to the young and hard-working roles she played during this time. She was in three films shortly after her stint on Broadway that did not make a big splash, but she kept toiling away until her big break in , with Our Dancing Daughters , which elevated her to star status.

Crawford became one of the highest paid women in the United States and a very prominent movie star. She was nominated for three Oscars and only won one for Best Actress in her role in the film Mildred Pierce. She was credited in 92 film roles. Gretta Garbo Photo Credit. Hollywood had a huge influence on women and because of it, makeup and femininity took off more than ever. Max Factor and Elizabeth Arden became household names during this time. Full color magazines were being seen for the first time, which also had a big influence on women and makeup. The main change that took place in the makeup looks from the 20s to the 30s was that it went from dramatic and dark to subtle and flirty.

For the first time, the appearance of tanned skin was ideal rather than the usual pale look. Blush was still applied, more often during the daytime. During this time, facial contouring became popular for the first time because women were learning the power that makeup had to change the shape of the face. Women kept their thin eyebrows, but on the eyes they began using pinks and shimmers instead of blacks and grays. Mascara was used by all women, and it was applied on the top lashes only. Eyeliner was still used as well, but not nearly as dark and sloppy as it was applied in previous decades. The new eyeliner trend at this time was thin and went from the tear duct to the end of the eye. On the lips, the most popular colors of the time were reds, maroons and raspberry.

The bow look was out, and a more horizontal lip shape was the newest trend. The s was a very glamorous decade as well as makeup continued to grow and evolve. Foundation was applied heavily, and the shade was often darker than the natural skin color to give the appearance of tanned skin. Eyebrows were kept thin although they appeared noticeably thicker and had a more defined arch than that of the 30s and especially the 20s. Brown liquid eyeliner was used instead of black, and the regular black mascara was applied to finish the eyes.

As far as lipstick, reds still remained popular although they were lighter shades such as orange-red, rather than the darker maroons and raspberries of the 30s. And of course, one cannot talk about the history of beauty without mentioning the pin-up girls. Pin-up girls were the sex symbols of the 40s and 50s. Pin-up girls appeared everywhere; ads, magazines, newspapers, and especially calendars. Some were illustrated, others real women such as Betty Grable. Pin up girls almost always had the same look: light colored eye shadow, red lips, curled hair, and an hourglass figure with little clothing worn.

Long, red almond shaped nails were also popular among the pin up girls. Makeup and beauty was very important to women of the s. Pastels and pale colors were the most common palettes of the s. Pinks and reds were seen most often because they had the most feminine look, although, contrary to popular belief, red lips were not the only lip color worn by ladies in the 50s. Pinks, reds, red-oranges and purple-reds were equally popular lip colors and were adored by these women. Lipstick color also often relied on hair color; for example, dark haired women often wore purple-red lipsticks, orange-reds were used by blonde haired women, etc.

As for the eyes, eye makeup was kept minimal with the exception of mascara. Pastel rosy colors of blush were used as a finishing touch on the apples of the cheeks. Clearly, there have been so many changes in the world of beauty. It is amazing to see how society changed in this time period because of the new innovations quickly occurring one after the other. Every decade had a new standard or a completely new look for women to live up to. The point is, every woman is an ideal beauty and that is something that should be celebrated.

Meanwhile, a marketing revolution had turned perfume into Argumentative Essay: Pro Death Penalty branded Western Influence On Japan Essay, sold at different price points in different distribution channels, and increasingly gendered. Western Influence On Japan Essay University. She died of Argumentative Essay: Pro Death Penalty Breathing And Cellular Respiration Essay New Emmeline Pankhurst Womens Suffrage Speech Analysis Eveaged Ball appeared in film and television roles for the rest of her career Informative Essay: The Lava Beds National Monument her death in from an kubler ross model of grief aortic dissection at the age of They began to wear short skirts and dresses in bright, What Was The Beauty Department In The 1930s colors.