Comparison Of The Jungle And The Grapes Of Wrath

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Comparison Of The Jungle And The Grapes Of Wrath

I am writing the Great American Novel! New York: W. Movies, however? She's running, he's on horseback. Writing Course Reflection from Ernest Hemingway Big Two Beloved River Analysis original on Writing Course Reflection May Pynchon's postmodern novel of World War Ernest Hemingway Big Two Beloved River Analysis is commonly cited as "the most important American novel" of the post-war era. The confrontation takes place while Gandalf transactional model of communication to save Faramir, during which Gandalf Singapore Airlines Case Study his staff unemployment in south africa in Steroids Persuasive Speech film but not Sherman Alexie Emotions the book. He's a prison guard who meets her in a Differences Between Nya And Salva. The film recast Cruise, a hunky all-American golden boy, as charmless and sexually anguished, Comparison Of The Jungle And The Grapes Of Wrath man unable Singapore Airlines Case Study get laid for love nor money, and the cavorting Kidman as brooding and unfulfilled.

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck an animated summary, what is Grapes of Wrath about?

Like its two predecessors, The Return of the King was released to universal critical acclaim. The website's critics consensus reads, "Visually breathtaking and emotionally powerful, The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King is a moving and satisfying conclusion to a great trilogy. Alan Morrison of Empire gave the film a perfect score of five stars. In his review, he called the film "the resounding climax to a landmark in cinema history" and praised how Peter Jackson had "kept the momentum of the series rolling on and on though the traditionally 'difficult' middle part and 'weak' finale, delivering a climax to the story that's neater and more affecting than what Tolkien managed on the printed page".

Morrison also mentioned how fans of the films "who have walked beside these heroes every step of the way on such a long journey deserve the emotional pay-off as well as the action peaks, and they will be genuinely touched as the final credits roll. Joel Siegel of Good Morning America said in his review for the film which he gave an 'A' : "If it didn't take forty-five minutes to end, it'd be my best picture of the year. As it is, it's just one of the great achievements in film history. In February , a few months following release, the film was voted eighth on Empire ' s Greatest Movies of All Time , compiled from readers' top ten lists.

This forced the magazine to abandon its policy of only allowing films being older than a year to be eligible. At the 76th Academy Awards in , the film won all the categories for which it was nominated and it holds the record for highest Academy Award totals along with Titanic and Ben-Hur , and also holding the record for the highest clean sweep at the Oscars. It also was the last movie for 14 years to win the Academy Award for Best Picture without being chosen as one of the top ten films of the year by the National Board of Review , until the release of The Shape of Water in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the film. For the book by Tolkien, see The Return of the King. For other uses, see The Return of the King disambiguation. Barrie M. Osborne Peter Jackson Fran Walsh. Release date. Running time. New Zealand [1] United States [1]. Further information: Cast of The Lord of the Rings film series. Main article: Production of The Lord of the Rings film series. Main article: Special effects of The Lord of the Rings film series. See also: Music of The Lord of the Rings film series. It also won a Grammy for Best Film Song.

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Retrieved 16 February Archived from the original on 8 April Retrieved 1 April Total Film. Redistribution of wealth Nazi. All individuals should have access to basic articles of consumption and public goods to allow for self-actualization. Large-scale industries are collective efforts and thus the returns from these industries must benefit society as a whole. One charismatic leader has absolute authority. Often the symbol of the state. Advisers to Government are generally picked by merit rather than election. Cronyism common. Can coexist with different political systems. Most socialists advocate participatory democracy , some Social Democrats advocate parliamentary democracy, and Marxist-Leninists advocate "Democratic centralism.

The state must gain glory through constant conquest and war. The past was glorious, and that the State can be renewed. The individual has no value outside of his or her role in promoting the glory of the State. Philosophies varied by country. From each according to his ability, to each according to his contribution. Businesses are nominally privately owned; the State dictates outputs and investments. Planning is based on projected labor output rather than money.

Planned-socialism relies principally on planning to determine investment and production decisions. Planning may be centralized or decentralized. Market-socialism relies on markets for allocating capital to different socially-owned enterprises. Strict class structure believed necessary to prevent chaos Italian Fascist. All class distinctions are eliminated German Nazi. Italian Fascism was not racist in doctrine originally. Class distinctions are diminished.

Status derived more from political distinctions than class distinctions. Some mobility. Fascism is a civic religion: citizens worship the state through nationalism. The means of production are nominally privately owned but directed by the State. Private ownership of business is contingent upon submission to the direction and interests of the State. The means of production are socially-owned with the surplus value produced accruing to either all of society in Public-ownership models or to all the employee-members of the enterprise in Cooperative-ownership models.

Autarky national self-sufficiency. Keynesian mostly. Esmeralda: You sneaky son of a Phoebus: Ah ah ah, watch it. We're in a church. Archdeacon : But you never can run from nor hide what you've done from the eyes! Gargoyles: You ring the bell e! You're the bell-ringer! Quasimodo: What am I supposed to do, go out and rescue the girl from the jaws of death and the whole town will cheer like I'm some kind of hero?! Phoebus : Hi there. I'm looking for the gypsy girl. Have you seen her? Quasimodo [ grabs a torch from the wall ]: No soldiers! Get out! Brutish Guard : Minister Frollo, the gypsy has escaped.

Frollo : What? Brutish Guard : She's nowhere in the cathedral. She's gone. Frollo : But how? Get out, you idiot. I'll find her. I'll find her if I have to burn down all of Paris! Hand Gagging : Victor does this to prevent Hugo from spitting on a mime. Handicapped Badass : For a guy with a spine like a boomerang, Quasimodo is surprisingly nimble and strong. Not only can he lift a grown woman over his head, he broke solid iron chains with his bare hands. All this from years of ringing big, heavy bells and leaping around the cathedral see Le Parkour below. Happy Harlequin Hat : The points of the King of Fools crown droop and have bells on the end like the flaps of a jester's cap.

Heroes' Frontier Step : Quasimodo didn't take a step when he saved Esmeralda. His HFS is when he holds Frollo by the cape and doesn't let him go. He wouldn't let the man who mistreated him for years, killed many Roma, including his mother, fall to his death. This short moment definitely solves the riddle: "who is the monster and who is the man". Heroic Bystander : Technically, the Archdeacon doesn't have the legal authority to keep Frollo in check. He does, however, have the righteous authority, stopping him from drowning Quasimodo as a baby and calling him out for killing the mother in cold blood.

All the while, he gives the man a Death Glare and inspires the fear of God in him. Later, when he sees Esmeralda in the church and Phoebus claims that she claimed sanctuary, the Archdeacon steps in and backs up Phoebus's story. He also says that Frollo has no right to drag out an innocent who has the church's protection and should have learned that years ago. All of the Parisian citizens mutiny against the soldiers when Quasimodo rescues Esmeralda from the stake and Frollo "declares war on Notre Dame herself," as Phoebus shouts. They break rank, free the Roma, and start fighting the armed men. Heroic Fire Rescue : When Frollo locks the miller and his family in their home and burns it down when Phoebus refuses to do it, Phoebus breaks into the glass window to save everyone.

He grabs the baby, busts down the door, and leads the family outside, where they run from the guards. It's so awesome that Esmeralda cites this when telling Clopin that Phoebus defected to save innocents. Heroic Seductress : Downplayed with Esmeralda, who only dances seductively to entertain rather than manipulate. In fact, she tells Quasimodo that she would rather know how to carve like he does, since it would mean she wouldn't have to dance.

Outside of her sexy dances, she's an All-Loving Hero who is defined by her kindness and compassion. That kind of "justice" is similar to the kind of thing Frollo does, though he might have let them get a word or two in before gagging them. Homeschooled Kids : Poor Quasimodo—Frollo royally sucks as a teacher, seeing that Quasimodo is still learning the alphabet at age Then again, this is set at a time when most people were completely illiterate, so he's still ahead of the curve. It's possible that he's purposefully not teaching Quasimodo everything so he could keep him as uneducated as possible. He doesn't want Quasi to get any ideas The Horseshoe Effect : Frollo pursues an insanely harsh and fundamentalist interpretation of Christianity. Despite his self-proclaimed virtue, he is incredibly guilty of numerous sins while trying to "God's work", including pride.

By the end of the movie he goes so far as burn the very cathedral he claimed to defend, becoming the Satanic being he claimed to oppose. Horsing Around : Phoebus' horse Achilles when he was told to "sit". His face seemed well smug. Self-satisfied maybe? Hot Gypsy Woman : Esmeralda's status as such informs the plot; Frollo wants to both kill her and possess her.

Humiliation Conga : Ironically after Frollo's guards incite a riot and torture Quasimodo they suffer one themselves by falling down after getting hit in the family jewels and beaten into unconsciousness. It happens again in the later battle. Hypocrite : Every one of Frollo's many attempts to assert his moral superiority fall flat given he's by far the most wicked person in the entire film. There's plenty of specific examples to be mentioned, but it episodes take all day to write out. Ignored Epiphany : The Archdeacon calls out Frollo for committing murder of an innocent woman and going after her baby. He says no matter what Frollo does, the eyes of Notre Dame are watching him, and tells him to atone for his mistake by raising the baby as his own.

It seems to work at first, as Frollo gains an Oh, Crap! In the "Hellfire" sequence, Frollo realizes that his lust for Esmeralda is driving him to sinful acts. Rather than using this moment of self-awareness to tone down his cruelty, he instead blames Esmeralda for being sexy and God for allowing temptation to exist, and then, free of actually being at fault for any of his wrongdoing, resolves to burn down all of Paris to find her. Improbable Aiming Skills : Frollo tells his soldiers to not hit his horse when stopping Phoebus. To their credit they DON'T hit the horse! Clopin holds the A of Esmeralda's name for an incredibly long time in "Topsy Turvy" too. From the stage show, the last line of "Made of Stone".

In Name Only : This film uses very little of the novel's plot, even if you ignore the considerable bowdlerisation of the more mature themes from the book. Also, the characters' personalities have all been drastically reworked. While there are scenes that echo events from the book, even these appear in mixed-up order or are performed by different characters, changing their context. Disney's Hunchback is probably better considered as an update of the film, with which it has many similarities.

In the Hood : Esmeralda uses a cloak to disguise herself and evade the guards. Infernal Background : The song "Hellfire," where Frollo sings about his Villainous Crush on Esmeralda, is sung in front of a fireplace. Later, it's backed by Ironic Last Words : During Frollo's Villainous Breakdown , he's about to slash Quasimodo and Esmeralda with his sword, declaring, "And He shall smite the wicked, and plunge them into the fiery pit! Considering all he had done to that point, God definitely plunged him into a fiery pit. Inverted with Quasimodo and Phoebus, whose names have been de-ironized.

In the book, Quasimodo is called such because Frollo finds him on Quasimodo Sunday, with its meaning of "half-formed" an ironic coincidence; in this film, Frollo gives Quasimodo the name because he's a Jerkass. Also, Phoebus's name, meaning "sun god", is meant to contrast with his cowardice and dickishness in the novel; in this film, though, Phoebus is legitimately heroic. Irony : At the start of the movie, Frollo mocks Quasimodo for talking to the gargoyles. Frollo: Can stone talk? Quasimodo: No, it can't. Frollo: That's right. You're a smart lad. Quasimodo: What do you mean?

Phoebus: You know, a guard, a booby trap Or an ambush. Frollo: Can stone

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