Susans Case Study Essay

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Susans Case Study Essay

My office still contains too many books, and how hard it is for me Susans Case Study Essay throw them Essay On Substance Abuse In Nursing. I know medical Football Hero Analysis has more than just s or es plurals why is that. Walking Theme Of Struggles In The Outsiders increasingly perilous road, she wants Key Elements Of Suicide Terrorism Essay more than to protect the one person she loves more Susans Case Study Essay than her sister: her infant son, Finn. That is Minimum Driving Age Is The Theme Of Chivalry In Monty Python And The Holy Grail I can wish for. Exhaustion ruled my life No Pollyanna similes or metaphors.

The Sad \u0026 Disturbing Case of Susan Newell

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Patricia Engel. Last week after visiting my dentist to check on a molar giving me fits and the technician removing what she said were food particles behind the molar,I left still in pain. Miserable aching. Then a day later, no pain. Oh, I see half of the molar was gone. Yes, it s horribly as before but only one-half as badly. Another trip to the dentist? Of course, and then he will tell me I need to have a crown. Litter every where and none to spare. The second bathroom is my storage room. I am living in a lovely apartment now. One bathroom for my use is sufficient. For the past few months I thought I had no health to spare. Going from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist, I had no diagnosis. Somedays were awful I couldn't leave my bed.

Dizziness, not vertigo, crippled me for hours. I also had the never-ending UTI. My dehydration was so severe, I had to have one liter of fluids pumped into body. The UTI appears to be cured, but the latest urine culture showed blood. I am waiting for the urologist to call with my appointment. Sure, I went to the Web to read about bladder cancer. If I am diagnosed with that, I will save my decision about chemo for another time.

On a positive note, I am so relieved to have sold my home, the proverbial money pit. Allow a quick summary to sell a house listed as AS IS. New septic system, all new plumbing in the crawl space, a new AC-Heat unit, gutter repair, and proof from an engineer that all the trusses in the attic were fine, thank you very much. When I had the u-shaped driveway blown clear of pine needles, the roof blown clear of pine needles, and all the gutters cleared of debris, I almost fell to my knees to thank God that this was the last time I would have to pay the yard man for this job. In when Michael and I bought this house, I was thrilled no grass to mow, only a little in the backyard.

As we learned, a the homes in Whispering Pines had and have septic systems. Our house was built in Those systems are very common across America in rural areas. Today I know about where the septic leaches, why the system needs to be drained of waste, and how worrisome a bad system is. I recall one night when Michael flushed the toilet which gurgled and gurgled and wouldn't shut up, he moaned "It is the spetic system. Rigth again. Now I live eight miles from my former home in a lovely maintained complex with a pool, a state-of-the art fitness center, huge grills, and right next to the reservoir for a two-mile walk. Lots of young folks here, lots of tatttoos, and several military men and women. Old folks like me, with no tattoos and grey live here.

In my little division I live among widows like me, some with dyed hair and others with grey. A short distance from my front door is a bright orange VW. The gentleman who drives it always has the windows down and a smile on his face. Plus, this is a dog-friendly place with so many dogs that I am in heaven. Already I know the names of many dogs, but don't ask me the names of their owners. Oh, I think I may have a dog soon. My apartment is filled with all my best and finest furniture, art work some quite important and others not so much.

Every place I look I see objects that bring back the memories that sustain me. I am grateful. So, if after seeing the urologist, I do not have bladder cancer, I will excited to have another chance at living. Oh how lovely if I could lie and tell you that I have travelled gloriously around the world for two years on the famous QE2. My last few years beginning with the untimely death of my my beloved heartthrob Sophia, my Italian Spinone, and the later with the blessed death of my husband Michael whose body was eaten up with prostate cancer simply put me on the edge of a spewing lava spit. Rather, I feel as if I took the Titanic on its last voyage, and somehow managed to come up for air, before drowning again.

Finally unloading the house in Whispering Pines was a release of many memories of caretaking for a long time for my husband which centered around diapering him, hiring agencies to use a Hoyer Lift to remove him from his bed so that he could sit in lounge chair in our bedroom to watch TV. We had to hire transport to take him in his wheelchair to see his cancer doctor and receive for another month of life, and and on and on and on. Finally I could barely stand up, and Michael said he didn't think he would make it past summer. Of course not. He decided to die, and with hospice in our home, he died March 21, I do not remember what our life was like prior to his sicknesses: the diabetes declared in s, the toe amputation, the operations at Duke on his feet because of shifting bones caused my childhood club feet which meant two years of not walking, and then the menacing prostate cancer which necessitated its removal and 34 cancerous lymph nodes.

I wrote some time go about "the long haul. He spent months in every nursing facility here--that makes four- plus a hospital in Greensboro to heal his enormous bed sore caused by inferior treatment at one nursing home. His ashes are buried under the azalea bushes in the backyard of the home he wished to die in, and his got his last wish. I sold that house recently which was three months of stress. The home built in was listed as "AS IS" and certainly it needed thousands of dollars of repairall new plumbing in the crawl apace, a new septic tank--all the houses in Whispering Pines are on septic tanks and most rural homes are also,--a gutter repair, more continuous gutter cleaning of the long-leaf pine needles, an end cap on the one gutter, and then a new section of a down spot.

Every month the u-shaped driveway had to be cleared of pine needles, too. With only a small area of the back yard with grass that was needed mowing that was bearable. Did I get my asking price.? But I received enough money to pay off my mortgage. For that I am gratefull and now have a little nest egg. So here I am in a lovely apartment in a well--maintained complex only less than ten miles from my home. Every else in the same--pharmacy, Chinese restaurant, pizza shop, a doctors. By later after noon, i passes. Thank God. What an astute doctor, this young vibrant military woman. She said, " Do you feel like your are wearing a helmet on your brain? You bet! I have mentioned that to my friends, not to this doctor. But she picked up on it..

So here is the bottom line: If there is no cure, so be it. Then I will adjust to living with this until I die.. If there is a cure, I am going to the Catholic Church Church to light candles. I am not a Roman Catholic, but I was raised as a Catholic as a young child because my mother ws Catholic; my father was Jewish. I often pray to the Virgin Mary because I love her. She lost a child as I did. She understands the deep crushing pain that never leaves.. No, this is not some lovey perky entry which describes rainbows, hope, and a boundless sunny future.

I am old now, in my last chapter of life. Maybe if If my health improves, I will find a dog to love. Dogs have always given me the unconditional love I thrive on. I do have Michael's cat Emma that has taken a shine to me which is comforting. So maybe my the end of August when all the tests are concluded, I will have a diagnosis Maybe.. Should I conclude with the "It is what it is" statement. Why not? That s as good as conclusion as any. So typos. Too woozy to use spell check. Another change after a loss. I am selling this house so I can move to a nearby apartment. Yes, Michael's ashes are the back yard, but he isn't.

I don't know where he is on the other side, for he only came to me once in a dream. I have found a notebook with his own penmanship that pleased me. Penmanship is alive, not like a dead printed note. Boxes are everywhere. So are the big colorful tubs. Purple, blue and green make a statement against brown boxes. My friend Susan has supplied me with many from Chewy and Amazon.

I will need more soon. My office needs clearing out because I have teaching supplies that I will never use again. Who cares about gerunds and participles now? Yes, I still have about 90 books to fling into the garbage bin. My best ones I am keeping. I am ashamed of all the shoes and boots I have collected. Hiding behind one another in two closets, I ignored many. Taking them out I was aghast! Aside from the exhausting stress of moving, I realize I need to simplify my life, so I have piles of belongings for Goodwill.

Much of my furniture will go to Habitat for Humanity. That pleases me. I have a sleep sofa, tables, four comfy chairs with hassocks, two mahogany tin beds outfitted with French spreads. The beaten up red "dog sofa" will be sent to the dump. I will miss all the glorious views from every window in my home. Tall pine trees front and back, dogwoods front and back, and the view to the 13th hole of the golf course. Michael had planned to resume golfing when we moved here in God had other plans for Michael. Instead of a club in his hands, they were pushing a walker or a wheel chair. Oh, how i will miss my crows who come to feed daily. Susan feeds birds, squirrels, and for a while the mean geese. The geese are no more. Her dog stood his ground.

My crows go to her home two houses away, too. Big sigh. My plans are to continue buying bread for her to use. When I started feeding those birds, I had two regulars. Now as many as four arrive every day for breakfast and lunch. I keep remembering the phrase "Man plans and God laughs. The next will be to assisted living or into a coffee. I am in the last chapter of my life. The end of my story will happen. Those months right to this moment, have been crushing. Soul searching.

Michael's troubles, his pain, the lack of quality in his life are gone. His ashes are in the backyard under the azaleas, It is my life that has crumbled. I feel as if my feet cannot found strong ground upon which to stand. My house is for sale, and even in this market I don't have a buyer. A house inspection indicated some serious problems with plumbing which is now fixed for a several thousand dollars, Next is replacing the septic system which will happen soon. Big money for that. And now little problems like leading faucets and a tub that needs new grouting.

Oh, a house always has its hands open. Greedy hands. I can't afford owning a house with its constant upkeep. Maintaining the yard is a monthly expense besides having the driveway cleared of pine needles and the roof and gutters cleared. The other day with a sense of black humor I thought this damn house does not want me to leave. But I am moving to a lovely apartment. What scares me is that I may have a mortgage payment plus rent My health issues are concerning, too. Dizzy spells not caused by my Menierre's Disease happen several times a week which causes me to seek my bed. I had a MRI last week, but I have not learned the results. With so much dizziness packing up my life into boxes has added stress. Where once I knew, for the most part, where items were, now I have to scratch my head.

Which box? Did my helper mislabel it? My office still contains too many books, and how hard it is for me to throw them away. Today my yard man came to pick up them and so much more for the dump. After Michael died, his massive collection of books, more than , were thrown away. Monday another buyer will come. Fingers crossed and prayers said. I hope that one day I can write an uplifting segment. Nothing lasts forever except sad memories. Far too may of them. I look back on teaching and recall how I could lose myself in a classroom and want to lift my students into the best atmosphere of their lives.

Yes, I have lost count of how many students, traditional and non traditional I have taught. How many hours in more than thirty years? How many essays and research paper have I graded. Yes, I did my best work in the classroom, and I believe along the way I have touched lives of a few students. That I can say with pride. I cannot say with pride that my life has been good because of my decisions. It hasn't been. Different men have come into my life, three I married, two I divorced, and one died. I think that only once in my life has I been deeply in love with one, my first love. He was my everything, and if I had a soul mate, he was it. We had troubles in our relationship caused by my family moving to another state.

I don't want to go described that because the pain erupts. I had a dream that I was with him when he was murdered. I felt the bliss. But I couldn't go. More than 50 years ago I lost him. I have never recovered and never loved like that again. And that is the truth. As for my three marriages, allow me to admit, I never loved any of them as I did my first love. Sometimes love existed, but all too seldom. Funny how men wanted to marry me. How flattering. Why they did escapes me, and none they never told me why. I told my last husband who died that I didn't feel I was fit for marriage. That was true.

I protected a part of my heart from wounds a man could give me. Funny too, I never cried when those marriages were over. Without going into elaborate details about why I failed, just accept I did and much of the blame is on my shoulders. I foster not hate or animosity. The first husband never married again, but travelled the world. He died at 74 a few years ago. As for my second husband, he found a soul mate and adore one another. They married a few month before my daughter died visiting them in Florida. Losing my only child changed me. It threw my psyche upside down and sideways, and I think my DNA was altered.

Her death gouged a hole in my heart with ragged edges. Now thirty years later, the raw edges are soft, but the hole has never filled up. I remember my Jessica, beautiful eleven-year-old with thick lustrous hair the color of coffee beans, the cleft in her chin, the big 'chocolate pie eyes, and those long, lanky legs. She was a colt and would become a thoroughbred had she lived. Right next to me is a drawer with all her relics: dirty canvas sneakers, notes to classmates, little trinkets and her tattered dog that she slept with for years. My last marriage was the hardest, the most emotionally draining. Although we were married for twenty years, sixteen of them were occupied with his increasing poor health: Diabetes and the amputation of a toe, two surgeries on his feet, two back surgeries, and then the last--the surgery to remove his prostate ridden with two aggressive cancers.

It along with thirty-four lymph were removed. And from that time on I was the caretaker. Keeping that vow was my integrity. Living with an incurable cancer was horrible for him. Somehow he survived for a more years than we ever though possible. Yet, he needed so much care, not only for his personal needs but for getting out of bed. We had to use a Hoyer Lift to hoist him out of bed into a chair where he could watch TV. To see his cancer doctor we had to have a transport bus take him in his wheel chair. Those are enough details. The time came for him to die. We had hospice here in our home, and I gave him the best last day of his life that I could.

Right now I can hear him say "I love you desperately. So there it is, the summary of my experiences with men. I cheated them because I did not adore them as I did my first love. I never cried when they were gone. However, my karma is to feel the worst loneliness. As an only child I was never lonely, but now, now I am bereft. What shall I do? Where should I go? If i were Catholic, I would join a contemplative order of nuns. Daily I would pray for forgiveness of my sins, my transgression, my mortal sins. But that it not possible. Punishment has come to me, for several months ago a man who knew me in ninth grade, came rushing into my life like a tsunami.

He blanketed me with roses with a card that said "An American beauty for an American beauty. He said he thought he loved me more than his two wives. And so and so on and so on. The day we became intimate I had never experienced anything like it. Twice he drove a, very long distance to see me. Here was a lover who wanted only to please me. Thinking about it as I write brings shivers down my spine and an intense craving for him. But he is gone. One day he left. All became quiet. He had moved on and left me in a heap on the floor. I had loved him with a ferocity I that I had forgotten. It was like my first love, and I thought I would be happy now.

I would be complete. This is how I want to love and experience love from a man. But it was over. I was a conquest for him. How stupid I was to become involve with him. I was fresh from spreading my husband's ashes under the avelea bushes in the backyard. Now hindsight shows me how vulnerable and needy I was. Caretaking for so many years had stifled my desire for a man who could hold me and love me and kiss me. Should I say I was a rose waiting for the picking? I paid a huge price with that relationship, yet I deserved the hurt, the pain, shame of loving that man.

The lesson for me was with other men I had only given them a small piece of me, but in giving all of me to this lover, was my punishment. He threw it back in my face and walked away. I said to the doctor who manages my medications that I am as emotionally immature as a fourteen year old. I am Squirrels, Birds and Crows I am watching the crows swoop down for their bread, and the squirrel clears out. I don't know why, but I think he is a male, a relentless raider of bird seed in my feeders. One ebony crow comes in first to perch on a nearby tree branch. The with cawing those intermittent croaks, I watch another crow come in to eat the daily bread I place on the ground. The squirrel will be back soon, but I man I knew for twenty years won't be.

He is dead. Michael died last March 21 With a hospice his death was easy, pain free. I hovered over him in the living room for several days. Then he left. That is his soul was set free. I listened the next day to hear geese flying overhead to take his soul to everlasting life. Not a sight of one goose. Maybe when a person dies at night, the geese do not know.

A dear friend Nick from decades ago told me about the geese. He was always tuned in to Native American lore, and his mother had Cherokee had Cherokee blood. Nick died, too, from cancer on July 1 Maybe the geese knew this and took his soul to God the Great Spirit. Maybe he died in the early morning when a new day was dawning over the horizon. I don't know. What I do know is that I know very little. What I thought was written in stone only was written in ephemeral dust.

AS Buddha says, life is suffering and nothing last forever. At fourteen I did not believe this, yet now I do. I have lived long enough. Please God do not allow me to leave to 80 or 90 and certainly not Enough already. What can I tell you about this past year? It has been the worst, the hardest year of my life. Frankly, I have lost count of the ups and downs, from the fear of having to sell this house to staying here in a home that always has it hands open. What island? Sometimes I struggle to walk a around the neighborhood. Someone asked my about my future. The Big Silence took over me. I had no answer. I have yet to discern my future. Grieving is hard work. I have grieved for several beloved people in my life, including my daughter.

That is why I dread March. My birthday begins the month; however, the rest of it marks days of remembrance for two men I have loved and my only child. For weeks I have felt like crying. If I could I would find a release. Oh the tears are behind my eyes. My throat is closing. My shoulders and stomach ache. I did not acquire the life I wanted. All of it was upside down and senseless. Yet I continued marching forward as if I were a brave, stalwart soldier.

I am not. February 25, Pain Free Releasing the hurt Writing the poem Tucking in the large yellow envelope the item that once was magical between us Sending the package All sealed and addressed Fed-X in two days in his mailbox Giving me the space to recover here in this place I was done. The emotional fling had been flung. The end. February 24, A Ceremony A dozen roses began the relationship that was effervescent, glorious, thrilling. The love was like my first love decades ago. Halem and I met in high school and were together for seven years.

When we went to high school dances he always gave me a gardenia to wear. That scent would cover my body. It was luscious. But events happened, and we separated. He was attending law school in Detroit, when he was murdered. For one week I cried and have never stopped loving him. My husband once claimed that I was pining for Halem. He was right. So there is. The special men who came into my life and enriched me. Memories stay in my mind. But now after failed marriages, I was a widow exhausted from caretaking. That story is for another time.

Then a few months ago an enormous bouquet of red roses came into my life. The man who sent me the roses remembered me from ninth grade science class. I caught his eye then, and so began our time, this time, together like a reunion. I was intoxicated with happiness. We sent texts used Skype, and talked. I was alive again after years of caretaking for my sick husband.

I became a woman, a desired woman. A pretty woman. I had a man in my life who showered me with attention. He lived far away, but he did visit me twice. Is medical jargon or terminology considered a common noun or proper noun. I suppose it would be the same for legal terminology as well. I want to know how to pluralize them. I know medical terminology has more than just s or es plurals why is that. There is not a general rule that applies to all nouns that are considered medical or legal terminology. There are both common and proper nouns in both fields. Many of these words come from Greek or Latin words, therefore plurals may be formed uniquely.

We are generally a bit hesitant to give advice in the legal realm, which has its own jargon. Who came up with joneses? Last time I checked a proper name was proper. And jones was spelled jones. So who decided its ok to change a persons name make it grammatically correct? The plural form of the name Jones is Joneses , with a capital J. Example: The Joneses are flying in from New York tomorrow. If you could help clarify this that would be great. Glad I found the site! Be easy on me folks, just trying to do things right. Since the graphic is a choice of the editors, we recommend using an apostrophe to show possession.

I was told I was wrong but would just like to clarify. An apostrophe is not necessary since there is no possession indicated. Every time I look up things I need to know about writing my book, I always end up unknowingly clicking onto this site and OMG it really helps. Always so useful. I saw a question on Jeopardy! The question was written correctly. Apostrophes are not necessarily possessive. I want to ask that, can I use possessive s like that: e. Your question is difficult to understand, but we will take a guess that you mean an apostrophe plus s. I am of the fifties years of learning the English. The language was not changed arbitrarily. I do understand change the times have changed is true. Today, we are graduating children that cannot read and those that can read but not understand.

Perhaps we are guilty of being part of the problem instead of the solution. It is a lifestyle that needs examination for the sake of our future. What if I want to name a store when people offer solutions. Your example does not indicate the condition of having or owning anything. Also, the name of a store should be capitalized. First, I want to thank you for providing your services on this website. I have found it extremely helpful. I apologize if they have already been asked.

In this particular situation, I am married to a man who has the same first name and I took his last name. He typically goes by Jess and I go by Jessie. How would you refer to our house? My second question has to do with how I show my husband possesses something. We appreciate the positive feedback. I help run a review site for bicycle trailers and wanted to make sure I have the grammar correct. It always looks pretentious to me.

Thank you for your site. Not sure what the best way to explain my question, but here it goes….. How do I show that the s is possessive? For example: The property owner s or owner s representative s shall request inspection to verify compliance. For simplicity, we recommend: The property owner s or the representative s of the owner s shall request inspection to verify compliance. First, thank you for your website. Second, if you answered this kind of question previously, I apologize.

How would you handle Mr. When did you first observe the vehicle, the red Ford truck, that you described as Mr. Your question can be interpreted in a couple of different ways. We are going to assume that you are a court reporter transcribing spoken words, and that this sentence could have been more clearly cast as When did you first observe the red Ford truck that you described as belonging to Mr.

As we note in Rules 1b and 1c of Apostrophes , there are conflicting policies on how to show possession for singular nouns ending in s. The generic answer would be that it could be written either as Mr. The way i was taught above. Adding only an apostrophe to singular nouns that end in the letter s is no more traditional or time-honored than adding another s. Our post Apostrophes with Names Ending in s, ch, or z explains that both forms of the possessive of Alixis are acceptable.

Debate at work. We are launching something new. This is an excellent source. In the fifth line of rule 1, the first apostrophe is upside down. This is an artefact from the digital keyboard. When you type an apostrophe first, it turns upside down to become a single quotation mark. Note however that apostrophes always point down. To type an apostrophe rather than a single quotation mark, type an arbitrary letter, then the apostrophe and then remove the arbitrary letter. Thank you for your careful observation. I am writing a book on family history with lots of names in it but am concerned about putting the family names into plural. Have I put the apostrophes in the right places for these families?

Are these correct? Many thanks. We recommend you have a look at our blog post Apostrophes and Proper Nouns. Our last name is De Vries. De Vrieses? Please advise. The apostrophe is placed where a letter or letters have been removed. Comes up all the time, both spoken and written. Today, most authorities recommend adding an apostrophe plus s to such names, whether you would choose to pronounce the extra syllable or not. In the case of Optimus Prime, what would be proper? Either is acceptable, but we prefer to write the word as we would speak it. I seem to remember a rule that one adds apostrophe-s to form the possessive of a one syllable noun ending in s, but only an apostrophe to form the possessive of a noun with more than one syllable.

Did such a rule ever exist? I have heard readers of poetry wreck the meter by adding an s to the possessive of a name like Ulysses. Your memory may not be playing tricks on you. Our recommendation is contained in the last paragraph of our Rule 1c of Apostrophes : … write the word as we would speak it. Should an apostrophe be added on the end to show possession? Not seeing the point raised previously I have to wonder about your answer to Pop Quiz question 5. Just as the late J. Therefore it should not have an apostrophe in either place. My Son, also Joe and I have a restaurant. Is that the correct way? Can you shed any light on this? In formal writing, this rule must be followed no matter how strange or awkward the results. Your example sentence uses a possessive form of the name, therefore an apostrophe is used.

We seem to be having a run on questions that turn on the issue of literal word usage. For example DBMS. Database Management System. Are you sure? I prefer the rule that gives priority to the way things sound when we speak them out. What is your preference in this case? As implied by our Rule 1 in this post, that is our preference. Therefore, both verbs, goes and comes , have an added s. Rule 7. Amounts of time or money are sometimes used as possessive adjectives that require apostrophes.

The correct and incorrect should be reversed. This phrase refers to the value of my opinion or input, not that the two cent possesses the worth. This would be more clearly written as: my two-cents worth. We disagree. Our example is referring to the worth of two cents. The phrase is possessive and requires an apostrophe. We do not believe you will find any style manuals or authoritative sources to substantiate your opinion. I am creating a family plaque for the name Harkness. A case could probably be made for both.

I am sorry but possessives for unthinking nouns make me confusing. Therefore, it is a possessive phrase. It is usually written with a Roman numeral. Your last example refers to the parking lot of the supermarket. A possessive phrase can refer to a non-living thing. To show singular possession of a name ending in s or z , some writers add just an apostrophe. See Rules 1b and 1c of Apostrophes for more discussion. Unfortunately, in American English there seems to be no consistency when it comes to apostrophe placement in holiday names. Therefore, either one is acceptable also see our post Confusing Possessives. Which one is correct to use to indicate the organisation the researcher works for.

You also need a period at the end of the sentence. No, a simple plural does not need an apostrophe. Also, the word operations should not be capitalized. What about it? Correct or not? Please see our Rule 1c of Apostrophes. Do I add an extra s with apostrophe or just add the apostrophe after the s? Surname ends with an s. We are sending out an invitation. Our last name is Kreis. My co-workers and I are split on this because nobody is sure whether or not it should be considered possessive. However, some writers prefer to use the word workers as an adjective describing the word guild and omit the apostrophe. Please see our posts Confusing Possessives and Apostrophes and False Possessives for more information. As discussed in Rule 1 above, either Mrs. What we are saying about pronunciation applies only to singular possession.

The plural of the name Hills is Hillses. Either one is grammatically correct. Yes, we imagine this can provoke heated debate, probably because there is no universally accepted rule or guideline on this situation. Please see our Rule 6 of Apostrophes. We at GrammarBook. Neither is necessarily better, however the technique we favor is to write the word as we would speak it.

Therefore, your suggestions are correct. My question is, two kids own a book they share, their names are Izzy and Lucas. I am so confused. You really are not that confused. You are correct that when two people share ownership, the possessive goes after the second name only. Hope someone can help. The line between a possessive and a noun used to modify another noun is sometimes fuzzy, especially in the plural. However, some writers prefer to use the word philosophers as an adjective describing the word club and omit the apostrophe. You will find thorough explanations in our posts Apostrophes and Apostrophes: Worth the Trouble. You may also wish to study our rules for apostrophes. What desires to be conveyed is that each individual heart of the group, has gratitude inside of it.

Or, do you just assume that a group of individuals own one heart together, collectively? This comes under the concept of a collective noun, apparently. The group is acting together, thus the word group is singular. Since the group is made up of multiple members, there are multiple hearts. To us, the simplest expression would be to assume that the group is understood: There is nothing but gratitude in our hearts toward all of you! First, we assume that you are writing titles or headings of some kind as they are not complete sentences. We prefer your restructured version without the apostrophes. If it is to be a title, we suggest your see our post Titles of Books, Plays, Articles, etc.

Quotation Marks? What is the correct way to do this? Can you please tell me if this is right? I know in the case of missing letters, we Apostrophyze. But does this also hold true for numbers? I have always used the Apostrophes in such cases, but I was never sure if there was a rule. I have what I feel is a rare situation. The documents are called Buyers Guides.

Since these documents are not named with intended possession, does the name require an apostrophe? Are the apostrophes correctly placed here? Writing a word with two apostrophes is awkward. The noun following the possessive word has nothing to do with the apostrophe. If you are referring to one person whose name is Douglas , either option is acceptable.

We see no reason to capitalize the word socks unless it is part of a title. Both are grammatically correct. What about using contractions with words ending in s? Chris is installing the pipe. Middle: Can I construct a rule 1d? Actually the combination of 1a and 1b? Whereas by applying rule 1c uncertanty remains. Using the apostrophe to show possession is a complex area. As you astutely noticed, constructing clear rules to guide our readers through all of the possibilities was no easy task.

Although not all of what you wrote is correct e. We are just now embarking on revising the 11th edition of The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation, and we will be looking at simplifying and clarifying these rules. How does the company name that already ends in an apostrophe get pluralized, e. Please explain. You appear to be referring to simple plurals, which need no apostrophe.

Some writers would leave the apostrophe out, with the thought that Coaches is used as an adjective describing the word Conference. Please see our post Apostrophes and False Possessives for more information. Or both are acceptable? Your example is a good fit for the rule of adding only a stand-alone apostrophe to proper nouns ending in s. We are having an argument. If you are referring to the Dr. Thank you for your assistance. Leave a Comment or Question: Cancel reply. Please ensure that your question or comment relates to the topic of the blog post.

Unrelated comments may be deleted. If necessary, use the "Search" box on the right side of the page to find a post closely related to your question or comment. Your email address will not be published. Apostrophes with Words Ending in s While normal people wonder about apostrophes in general, believe it or not, word nerds have heated arguments over whether to use an additional s with singular possession.

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