Chronic Care Rollout Case Study Essay

Friday, December 3, 2021 4:29:09 AM

Chronic Care Rollout Case Study Essay

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Case Analysis: How Increasing Value to Customers Improves Business Results By Sandra Vandermerwe

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Based on this data, we are looking at two hundred thousand kids or possibly far more with chronic illness. The reality may be even worse than this, since that research uses PCR tests to find infected kids, but PCR testing strategies have been shown to fail to identify covid in kids about half the time. Furthermore, this study looked at the alpha variant. The delta variant appears to be about twice as severe. Long covid has a lot of similarities to myalgic encephalomyelitis , which for many people is a completely debilitating life-long condition. In the UK, lawsuits are now being filed based on the risks being placed on children.

Delta rips through unvaccinated populations. For instance, in England delta took hold during May After school children were required to go directly home and not mix with anyone else. Nonetheless, within three months, more kids were getting infected than had ever been before. Cases in July were around double the previous worst month of December The Doherty Model, which is being used as a foundation for Australian reopening policy, has many modeling and reporting issues which result in the Doherty Report greatly underestimating risks.

These issues are generally a result of how the report was commissioned, rather than being mistakes made by those doing the modeling. The Doherty Model has to work with incomplete data, such as the very limited information we have about the behavior of the delta variant. The recommended practice in this kind of situation is to not make a single assumption about the premises in a model, but to instead model uncertainty, by including a range of possible values for each uncertain premise. The Doherty Model does not do this. And a single output is produced by the model for each scenario. This is a critical deficiency. By failing to account for uncertainty in inputs, or uncertainty in future changes such as new variants , the model also fails to account for uncertainty in outputs.

However, in NSW optimal TTIQ was no longer maintained after just 50 cases, and the majority of cases were no longer isolating after daily cases. The Doherty Model assumes that vaccines are equally distributed throughout the country. This is mentioned in the report, and has also been confirmed by talking directly with those doing the modeling. In this group, if restrictions are removed, then R will return towards 5.

As a result, nearly the entire population will be infected within months. The same thing will happen with kids. The Doherty model fails to model school mixing, but instead makes a simplifying assumption that children have some random chance of meeting random other children each day. The Doherty Model misses the vast majority of cases. Another model has estimated the full impact of covid without such a time limitation.

It finds that there would be around 25, deaths in Australia in the absence of restrictions. A major problem with the National Plan based on the Doherty Report is that it goes directly from vaccination rate to actions, and bakes in all the model assumptions. It would be far better to decide actions in terms of measurements that reflect changing current conditions — that is, R and remaining health-care Capacity. Immunity wanes after a few months, and there will continue to be groups where fewer people have been vaccinated. We can estimate the longer term impact of covid by looking at other countries. There are currently covid deaths and , cases per week in the UK.

By comparison, there were 9 weekly deaths from flu in Australia in We are now hearing political leaders in Victoria and NSW giving up on getting the outbreaks under control. Any one of these along with the existing measures would be likely to neutralize the outbreaks; their impacts combined will be a powerful weapon. This is entirely avoidable. Acknowledgements: Thanks to Dr Rachel Thomas for many discussions about this topic and for draft review. Thanks also to the many Australian scientists with whom I consulted during development of this article. I made a playlist of 11 short videos most are mins long on Ethics in Machine Learning.

This is from my ethics lecture in Practical Deep Learning for Coders v4. I thought these short videos would be easier to watch, share, or skip around. What are Ethics and Why do they Matter? Machine Learning Edition : Through 3 key case studies, I cover how people can be harmed by machine learning gone wrong, why we as machine learning practitioners should care, and what tech ethics are. It is crucial that all machine learning systems are implemented with ways to correctly surface and correct mistakes, and to provide recourse to those harmed. The Problem with Metrics, Feedback Loops, and Hypergrowth : Overreliance on metrics is a core problem both in the field of machine learning and in the tech industry more broadly.

We see out-of-control feedback loops, widespread gaming of metrics, and people being harmed as a result. Not all types of bias are fixed by diversifying your dataset. Read more: Vaccination of healthy children aged 12 to 15 not recommended by government advisers. Read more: Advice to not vaccinate healthy teenagers may 'strengthen' trust in science - JCVI member. The JCVI then advised the government to seek further input from the chief medical officers CMOs on the wider impacts of children not being vaccinated - for example, social impacts or knock-on effects on children's education. The decision comes exactly a week after the Department of Health and Social Care confirmed preparations were under way to ensure the NHS was ready to offer coronavirus jabs to all 12 to year-olds in England from early September.

The department had said it wanted to be "ready to hit the ground running". On Thursday, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said he felt parents would find it "deeply reassuring" to have a choice of whether their children should have a jab or not, adding that many people hoped they would be in a position "of being able to roll out vaccinations for those who are under the age of 16". Read more: Five police officers injured and 10 arrests made as anti-vaxx mob runs amok across London. Read more: GPs scramble to cancel flu jabs as lorry driver shortage sparks delivery issues.

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