The Most Stressed-Out Generation Analysis

Thursday, September 16, 2021 11:02:04 PM

The Most Stressed-Out Generation Analysis

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You remember three commercials that you found interesting and re-watch them, taking notes on details that stand out to you. You freewrite for five minutes on each of the three commercials, and discover that you have much more to say about one than the others. You focus on that one, expanding your freewrite into the an outline for the entire essay. Example: You work for your campus newspaper and have been assigned to write an article on an upcoming career fair. You talk to your editor and get permission to write the article that engages you more. Example: The same scenario as above, but your editor tells you that you have to write the original, more general article.

There was no talk of lockdowns, no prospect of social distancing. Daily hospitalisations and deaths are at levels that would have created a furore last year. The tempting next sentence is: what a difference a year makes. The more accurate one: what a difference vaccination makes. More importantly, it creates a security blanket — one that has changed how Britain actually feels about the pandemic.

Johnson, his ministers, his advisers and the broader community of epidemiologists now seem to broadly share the view that lockdowns could well be a thing of the past. Cases may be high — still more than 25, new infections a day — and hospitalisations and deaths are at levels that would have created a furore last year. Nobody is ruling anything out — whether it be masks, vaccine passports, even full lockdowns. But Johnson is holding his nerve, and the country is embracing its freedom. Can it last until Christmas — and beyond? In November last year, deaths a day was just the slip-road into a full-blown crisis. Without lockdown, there was nothing to stop that number surging higher and higher.

And it did. On January 20, the daily death toll hit a high of This month, though the case and mortality numbers are no longer in that binary of either unfettered growth or locked-down decline, are flat-lining. COVID has not gone, but for now, at least, it is contained. It seems that if Britain is on a plateau, rather than racing up a curve, then COVIDrelated deaths a day — mostly among the unvaccinated and the vulnerable — is a number the country can live with. Britain knows it. On July 19, Johnson called time on a lockdown that had been going on, in one form or another, since before Christmas. In the ensuing two months, people have noticeably begun to ease up.

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