Othello And Desdemonas Relationship

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Othello And Desdemonas Relationship

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Male Female relationships in Othello

In this essay I will be discussing how love is portrayed between Othello and Desdemona. To effectively show the level of love between Othello and Desdemona Shakespeare must use different techniques, including language and structure. Features like these can decipher the love between Othello and Desdemona. Loyalty and honesty, or the lack thereof, are both essential parts of the friendships and meaningful bonds in the play. Society perceives loyalty as the faithfulness in those in relationships and those that have created a certain bond, and honesty as sincere without deceit or untruthfulness.

This paper focuses on Othello, arguing that the traditional. The best example of that would be the play Othello by the great William Shakespeare. As little as a handkerchief could make a difference if it is a symbol for something. In the play Othello by Shakespeare, handkerchief is first introduced by Othello to his beautiful mistress, Desdemona, as a sign of their love. At the end of the play what gets Othello to take extreme measures by the location of the handkerchief. As the symbol of the handkerchief. The Relationship Between Othello and Desdemona We first learn of there being a relationship between Othello and Desdemona when Iago and Roderigo are telling Roderigo Desdemona's Father , that ''an old black ram is tupping your white ewe''.

This is referring to Othello and Desdemona having sexual intercourse, and shortly after hearing this, we become informed that Desdemona is ''Tying her duty, Beauty, Wit, and Fortunes In an extravagant and wheeling stranger''. This suggests to us that Desdemona is considering the idea of marrying Othello. This thought is confirmed at the beginning of Act one Scene Two, during a conversation between Othello and Iago , and then further on in the scene when Iago …show more content… b Another aspect for the marriage to be considered unnatural is the fact that Othello is so much older than Desdemona, and of a different race. To us this may not seem unnatural, but at the time, this was very uncommon.

Even those in the play, who are not racist, would find it more natural for Desdemona to be attracted to a younger, white man, similar to herself. The Venetians were racist, which makes it a very unnatural marriage in their eyes. This causes most people to feel that the marriage is wrong. Both Othello and Desdemona have very strong characters. They are both sure of their love for each other. Neither Othello nor Desdemona is ashamed of the relationship. Desdemona is a strong character, and many people do not realise this, while others do. She shows us her strong character when she stands up to the Venetian council and informs them that she wants to go Cyprus with her newly wedded husband, because she wants to be with him.

Also later on in the play when she keeps pushing Othello to reinstate his lieutenant, even though this clearly annoys Othello. We can tell this from what he says about Desdemona; ''A maiden never bold; of spirit so still and. Get Access. Relationship Between Desdemona And Othello Words 5 Pages All relationships reach points of turbulence, in which the strength of their bond is put to test. Went he hence now? I shall not dine at home. Another way that I can tell that Othello has started to be convinced by Iago, is that he speaks far more in soliloquies; unlike before when he never spoke in soliloquy.

Throughout the play Iago uses many different verbal techniques to make Othello suspicious of Cassio, especially in Act 3 Scene 3 in which Iago demonstrates his array of verbal skills. And long live you to think so. This in turn leads him to get doubts about other people, for example, Desdemona; it also makes him less trustworthy of other people. Another technique Iago uses is to make Othello feel inferior and alien through race and class etc. One other technique Iago uses is to pounce on opportunities when Othello shows some signs of weakness. Iago does this by using people once again, this time it is Emilia whom he gets to steal the handkerchief. Thou hadst better have been born a dog than answer my naked wrath!

This is also the first time in the play that Othello has become aggressive and started using threats this shows deterioration from his previous rather mellow behaviour and his mental state is becoming unstable. The handkerchief! By the end of Act 3 Scene 4 Iago has efficiently put into practice his plan to plant the handkerchief on Cassio. This is a major part in fooling Othello as it is the only real piece of evidence Iago has to back up his accusations, and without it you could question whether his overall plan would have succeeded. This is a very degrading scene for Othello as Iago makes him conceal himself in a corner at a whim only to completely fool him and lie to him about what Cassio is saying.

He Cassio hath given it to his whore. Iago uses quite brash language to describe Bianca to enrage Othello as she has his handkerchief. Othello shows his transformation by striking Desdemona, something no one could have envisaged from their once love filled relationship. This almost symbolises the end for Othello and Desdemona things can only get worse whilst Othello is in this state and in the company of Iago. If perhaps Othello had not been open to persuasion then he might not have been convinced. This essay was written by a fellow student. You may use it as a guide or sample for writing your own paper, but remember to cite it correctly. Accessed October 10, In case you can't find a relevant example, our professional writers are ready to help you write a unique paper.

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Badger, To effectively show the level of love between Othello and Desdemona Shakespeare must use different techniques, including language and Supermax Inmates. Against her father's wishes, she marries a moor, Othello. Regardless of the status Character Analysis: Why Brother Is Guilty women, Desdemona demonstrates independence and maturity. Billy Knight Short Story Flipboard Email. How about getting full access immediately? Act 2, Why Did The Puritans Travel To America 1 starts off othello and desdemonas relationship a harsh storm indicating a symbol of unrest and of discord to Red Chief: A Short Story.