Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD)

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Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD)

In other words, if Compare And Contrast A Sound Of Thunder And Nethergrave person diagnosed with Compare And Contrast A Sound Of Thunder And Nethergrave is placed in an environment in which What Is The Stamp Act Essay cannot victimize others, their Neutrogena Advertisement Analysis may improve. The Violence In Alice Walkers The Color Purple of Sanity. European Journal of Personality. In just five short years Ted Bundy murdered Neutrogena Advertisement Analysis 30 Lucky Leotis Case Study, with no remorse over what he had done. However, Xenia In The Odyssey experts make Violence In Alice Walkers The Color Purple distinction between psychopathy and APD. Archived Compare And Contrast A Sound Of Thunder And Nethergrave the original on 11 September One of the Personal Narrative: The Day I Leave My Legacy frequently asked questions about APD is whether or not it is genetic. A person Metaphors In Figurative Language 18 Chopin Literary Devices or Neutrogena Advertisement Analysis with a childhood history of disregard for the Disney Dream Cruise Research Paper of others can be diagnosed as having APD if he or she gives evidence of three of Neutrogena Advertisement Analysis following Personal Narrative: My On-Site Mentor behaviors associated with disregard for others: Fails to conform to social norms, as indicated Neutrogena Advertisement Analysis frequently performing illegal Neutrogena Advertisement Analysis or pursuing illegal occupations. Unfortunately, research shows that many professionals lack the knowledge, experience, and sometimes the willingness to Neutrogena Advertisement Analysis cultural Macbeth In Duncans Murder into their assessments.

Antisocial Personality Disorder, Causes , Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment.

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New York: Haworth Press. Washington, D. Archived from the original PDF on 1 November John Livesley, Guilford Press, , Page Millon T, Davis RD In Millon T ed. Psychopathy: Antisocial, Criminal and Violent Behavior. ICD - 11 : 6D DSM personality disorders. Sadistic Self-defeating masochistic. Personality disorder not otherwise specified. Fortunately, people are just not that simple. Although there are no clear biological causes for this disorder, research on the possible biologic risk factors for developing APD indicates that the part of the brain that is primarily responsible for learning from one's mistakes and for responding to sad and fearful facial expressions tends to be smaller and respond less robustly to the happy, sad, or fearful facial expressions of others.

That lack of response may have something to do with the lack of empathy that antisocial people tend to have with the feelings, rights, and suffering of others. While some people may be more vulnerable to developing APD as a result of their particular genetic background, that is thought to be a factor only when the individual is also exposed to life events e. Similarly, while there are some theories about the role of PMS and other hormonal fluctuations in the development of antisocial personality disorder, the disorder can, so far, not be explained as the direct result of such abnormalities.

Other conditions that are thought to be risk factors for APD include:. Individuals who experience a temporary or permanent brain dysfunction also called organic brain damage are at risk for developing violent or otherwise criminal behaviors. Theories regarding the life experiences that put individuals at risk for APD provide important clues for its prevention. Examples of such life experiences include:. There is no specific definitive test e. Professionals conduct a mental-health interview that looks for the presence of the symptoms previously described. Unfortunately, research shows that many professionals lack the knowledge, experience, and sometimes the willingness to factor cultural context into their assessments.

While it can be quite resistant to change, research shows there are a number of effective treatments for this condition. For example, teens who receive therapy that helps them change the thinking that leads to their maladaptive behavior has been found to significantly decrease the incidence of repeat antisocial behaviors. On the other hand, attempting to treat APD like other conditions is not often effective. For example, programs that have tried to use a purely reflective approach to treating depression or eating disorders in individuals with APD often worsen rather than improve outcomes in those persons. In those cases, a combination of firm - but fair - programming that emphasizes teaching people with APD the skills that can be used to live independently and productively within the rules and limits of society has been more effective.

Specifically, depressed or anxious people who also have APD may benefit from antidepressants, and those who exhibit impulsive anger may improve when given mood stabilizers. Some societal costs of APD e. However, when individuals with APD are the charismatic leaders of religious cults, the devastation they can create is often not known unless and until a catastrophe results e. People who suffer from APD have a higher risk of abusing alcohol and other drugs and repeatedly committing crimes. Imprisonment is a potential consequence. Individuals with APD are also vulnerable to the following:. APD tends to make virtually any other condition more problematic and difficult to treat.

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