Mary Molly Pitcher Research Paper

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Mary Molly Pitcher Research Paper

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Molly Pitcher, Folk Hero of the Revolutionary War - Biography

Experience the IKEA festival on your time. Skip listing. Shop high-performance gaming furniture for next-level gamers. Find tips, toys and inspo for fun-seekers. Click here to learn how to earn rewards for home projects. Shop our top categories Skip listing Bedding. Storage containers. Home textiles. Kids furniture. Clothes organizers. A biography was even written about Waters in , but it was never published. Another famous nurse was Mary Pricely who served as a nurse on colonial warships, such as the ship the Defense in Some of the most common roles for women in the Revolutionary War were cooks, maids, laundresses, water bearers and seamstresses for the army.

This was the first time women held these jobs in the military since these positions were usually reserved for male soldiers. Much like the nursing positions, the American army often recruited the many female camp followers to fill these jobs. Since most of these women were poor wives, mothers and daughters who were accustomed to doing housework, they were well suited for the positions. One such camp follower was Margaret Corbin of Philadelphia. Corbin followed her husband, John, to the army when he enlisted in the First Company of the Pennsylvania Artillery as a matross, someone who loads and fires cannons.

During the Battle of Fort Washington in November of , Margaret Corbin was with her husband on the battlefield when he was suddenly killed. Since his cannon was then unmanned, Margaret Corbin took his place and continued firing until she was wounded herself. The colonists lost that battle and Corbin was captured but was later released. Corbin became the first woman to earn a pension for her service in the Revolutionary War. The legend of Molly Pitcher is believed to have been based on Corbin. Although women were not allowed to join the military at the time, many women still served as secret soldiers during the Revolutionary War. These female soldiers usually disguised themselves as men by cutting their hair, binding their breasts with bandages and adopting masculine names.

Some of these women soldiers include Deborah Sampson from Plympton, Mass, who fought in New York under the alias Robert Shurtliff in and served for over a year before she was discovered. Another female soldier was Ann or Nancy Bailey of Boston who enlisted in under the alias Sam Gay and was promoted to Corporal before her true identity was discovered just a few weeks later, resulting in her arrest and imprisonment. After her release, Bailey signed up again and served as a soldier for a few weeks before she was discovered and jailed again, according to the book The Revolutionary War.

Many women also served as spies during the American Revolution , although it is not known how many. Blair had a farm where she would hide and protect patriots, supplied food and medical help to soldiers hiding in the woods from loyalist raiders, mended uniforms and carried secret messages. When loyalists in the area discovered what she was doing, they burned her farm down. Fortunately, Congress compensated her for her loss after the war by issuing her a pension for her service. These roles are just some of the many ways women participated in the Revolutionary War. Alex suggests he and Donna "try to get away for a weekend," without the children. Of course, Alex is unable to coordinate his schedule. But, when both Mary and Jeff are invited on weekend trips, Donna and Alex find their wish to be alone is unexpectedly granted.

So, how long will it be until Donna misses the children? May 27, After a fight with boyfriend George, Mary announces, "I'm through with boys! In order to renew George's interest, Donna advises Mary to show an interest in another boy. Despite all of Donna's suggestions and schemes, Mary and George get back together on their own. June 3, Jeff is living beyond his means and has been borrowing money from Mary. Alex wants Jeff to learn the value of money and pay it back. Soon Jeff has jobs as both a newspaper delivery boy and a supermarket worker. When Donna tries to get Alex to forgive the debt, they discuss the patients who still owe Alex for his services, such as Mr.

Finsterwald Alan Reed. Donna decides to collect on those bills. When she learns about delinquent Mr. McDonnell William Keene , Donna's kind-heartedness comes through. Mary is excited to be included in a school play. Kenny Lee Aaker is a classmate who also was accepted, but he dropped out since he stutters. Mary convinces him to remain in the play and his stuttering stops. Kenny is paired with Mary for a dance routine. Mary, however, is not happy about it because he is so much shorter than her.

She suggests he gets lifts for his shoes and his stuttering starts again. He does and trips toward the end of the dance. Will Mary dance with Kenny again for the next days show? Donna is so excited for Alex that she cannot sleep. Alex suggests she take a tranquilizer to help her get some rest. At first she refuses, but later while Alex is asleep, she takes several. Now, during the convention, Donna is in a daze and keeps falling asleep. Because of this, Alex is unable to complete his speech. Donna explains things to Dr. Elias Spaulding Richard Gaines , who is running the convention, and Alex is able to give his speech the next day. After Alex completes a newspaper quiz called "Test Your Wife", Donna learns she gets a perfect score for being thrifty.

Donna plans to wear an old dress to a formal wedding that is coming up. However, every time Donna tries to become a spendthrift, she backs down. Raymond Bailey appears as George Collier. Doug is a new friend of Jeff's. Fran, Doug's mother, praises Donna for having such a wonderful, perfect child when her child is noisy and impolite. Jeff is starting to get in trouble at school, but he tells Donna and Alex it is not him doing the bad things. Alex and Donna figure out that Doug is getting Jeff in trouble because he resents that his mother is always praising Jeff. Donna comes up with a solution to the problem.

After a nervous couple Alice Backes and Dave Willock have their first baby, Alex can hardly get any sleep or spend any time with the family because of their constant cries for help. Mary wants Jeff to be more friendly with a girl named Meredith Penner Sherry Alberoni so that Mary will have an excuse to meet Meredith's older brother Don. Jeff might be willing to do so - if the price is right. Now that Jeff is going to Meredith's party, the whole school thinks they're going steady. He is not happy about it.

Mary meets Don and thinks he is a bore, but Jeff is still stuck going to the party. Jeff learns that Joe was in the Air Force and finds him very fascinating. Jeff tells Alex all the great things that Joe can do, and Alex starts to get very jealous. Joe tells Alex that all Jeff can talk about when he is over is what a great dad he has. Alex finds himself feeling a lot better. Lydia Langley, a neighbor, invites the Stones to dinner with a group of friends. She spends the evening bragging about the intellectual books she reads. Donna tries to bring some culture to her children, who have no interest in it. Donna wants Alex and her to read War And Peace to set an example.

Donna joins Lydia's book club and is told she has a couple days to give a report on War and Peace. Maybe this striving for culture is not a right fit for the Stone family. Edward McKinley appears as Professor Peabody. Frank Wilcox appears as Bartley Langley, Lydia's husband. Jeff complains that Miss McGinnis Marion Ross , the teacher at school, does not like any of the students and that's why she is so strict. Jeff and some of the other boys in class fake being sick so they don't have to go to school.

Donna visits the teacher and finds she is actually afraid of the students as it is her first teaching experience. Donna finds a way to fix it. Note: L. Walter, a new kid in town, follows Jeff around all the time, no matter how many times Jeff tries to lose him. Walter tends to brag about the things he has. Walter tells Jeff he knows the club would not let Jeff in because of him. Jeff decides the club cannot tell him who he can be friends with. Donna helps the two boys start their own club. Donna is upset when Mary and Jeff arrive home late and she reprimands them. Alex comes home and it is all smiles for dad from Mary and Jeff. Donna is mad because she is always the one to yell at the children.

Now, neither Donna nor Alex want to punish Mary or Jeff because neither of them want to seem like the bad parent. Mary and Jeff start to wonder what is going on. Donna is forced to accept a dinner invitation from Phyllis Baker Ann Rutherford. She and her husband Harry are a couple that neither Donna nor Alex enjoy. This causes an argument between them whether to go or not go, and they try to hide their fights from Mary and Jeff. Hal Smith appears as one of the guests at the dinner party. Robert Ellis Miller. Mary's friend Herbie Tommy Ivo invites her to a dance at a nearby college with a blind date, and she would have to stay overnight in the dormitory.

At first Donna is against it because she thinks Mary is too young. The Stones agree to let her go, but only because they are going to drive her to and from. Stan, Mary's blind date, turns out to be a bit obnoxious, but Mary turns the tables on him. It seems as if all of Donna's friends are complimenting her on having such a wonderful husband, and that she is such a lucky girl. Donna wonders if they think she is not good enough for Alex and that it was just pure luck she got such a guy. Kristine Miller and Mona Knox appear as some of Donna's friends. Lawrence Dobkin. Jeff's been causing problems lately, so Alex has a talk with him about behaving. While on his paper route, Jeff throws Mr. Barnhill's Raymond Hatton newspaper on the front stairs. Later, the family learns from Alex that Mr.

Barnhill had broken his leg falling on the stairs. Jeff's attitude changes, and everyone thinks it is because of the talk. Actually, he is feeling guilty and feels he must be on his best behavior. When Jeff visits Mr. Barnhill in the hospital, he finds out that the man tripped down the cellar stairs. Mary's friend Carol Roberta Shore is engaged to Matthew, but does not want her family to know. Carol asks Mary to hide the ring and have her boyfriend's letters sent to the Stone residence. Donna and Alex start to wonder about Mary's secret, the mail and if she is the one getting married. After being stopped for an interview by Jerry Parker Jerry Hausner , a gimmicky radio showman at a grocery store, Donna takes a stand against being called "just a housewife".

Donna confronts Jerry Parker again and tells him that women can be more than just housewives. All the women in the neighborhood congratulate Donna and she becomes a local celebrity. Lindsay Workman appears as Jim, a friend of Alex's. Dan Harris Myron McCormick , a friend of Alex's father, visits the Stones and tells the family of his exciting travels. Jeff gets caught up in the excitement and wants to be a free soul like Dan. So much so, that one day Jeff just leaves school after lunch. Sutton Aline Towne , a mother of one of Jeff's friends, also mentions some of Jeff's unusual behavior. Dan manages to get Jeff to come back to reality. Friends of Alex and Donna's, who have only been married a few years, have their first quarrel.

Donna helps Alice understand how to handle a quarrel. Alex tells Donna she should try to keep out of the situation, but then he helps Jim with contrary advice. When Donna finds out what Alex did, they have a quarrel as well. Eventually, both couples work out their differences. Donna's Womans Club is looking for a project. They find out from the police that the neighborhood boys are playing in an abandoned building.

The women decide to build a proper gathering place for the children. They ask several local businessmen for donations. The women fix the youth house up so nice, the boys have no interest in playing there. Lester Vail appears as Matthew Sarples, the real estate man. Stafford Repp appears as Sgt. Howard Wendell appears as George Heiser, the bank president. Mary discovers poetry, and then worries that her mother and father lost their passion for life and things are boring for them.

To prove her wrong, Donna and Alex decide to go out on a Monday night and leave the kids home. It does not go as planned. First they wind up at an Italian restaurant, then a diner, and after not being able to eat at either, back home. But, they tell Mary they went everywhere and had a great time. Mario Siletti appears as a waiter. March 3, Jeff is promoted to editor of his school newspaper. In his first editorial he speaks out against too much homework. It is a well written piece, but the teachers do not think it should be published.

Jeff prints the piece on his own and hands them out at school. Because of that, he is fired from the paper and he then leads a homework boycott in his class. Jeff learns there may be a better way to get his point across. March 10, When it seems Mary and Jeff are not always doing their homework or chores, Alex decides to lay down the rules and make sure everyone sticks to them. Donna thinks the rules are a bit harsh.

Mary goes out on a date and Alex tells her to be home by Alex comes home at to check up on Mary and believes she is intentionally staying out late. Turns out she was home and in bed by March 17, Alex is invited to a wedding of his former college roommate Moose Edwards, who had some wild nights and lots of dates. Alex is also invited to the bachelor party. Donna is worried about what might happen, because she thinks Alex envy's Moose's prior lifestyle. At the party, the boys learn that Moose has given up his partying ways.

March 24, Jeff is excited to try out for the track team and even plans to practice to get in shape for the tryouts. But then Donna finds out he has perfect pitch in music and thinks he should take music lessons and learn the trumpet. The only problem is that Jeff has no talent for the trumpet. The family needs to find someone to convince Donna of this fact. April 7, The Woman's Medical Auxiliary host a dance event. While the dance was a success, raising funds was not. Each member of the Auxiliary decides to make up her share and raise money to pay for the dance deficit. Donna decides to sell homemade pickles. Ross William Newell , the grocer, agrees to let Donna sell her pickles at his store. Jeff and Mary try to sell the pickles, but have no luck.

Alex, without Donna knowing, buys up the pickles. Tiger Fafara appears as Charlie, a boy who works at the grocery. April 14, Mary's decides to not go on a ski trip when her friend Roger says he is driving up with another girl. She is disappointed and feels she is unattractive. However, when Dr. Somers, an intern from the hospital, visits Alex at his home, her mood lightens up immediately. Mary envisions a life with Dr. Somers, but Donna reminds her of the age difference. In the end, Mary is back on speaking terms with Roger. April 21, Jeff visits his Uncle and Aunt on their farm by himself.

Donna is worried and misses Jeff so much, Alex suggests she go to the farm as well. Donna's friend Wilma Renee Godfrey tells her she should go so Alex can see how much he needs her. Alex and Mary have to take care of the house and meals while she is gone and it does not go well. When Donna comes home, Alex tells her that they managed just fine. Donna finds out that wasn't quite true. April 28, Molly Esther Williams , an old friend of Donna's, comes to visit. She is now a well-known fashion designer, and is thinking about marrying a doctor named David who wants to practice in a small town.

Molly does not know if she could take being married to a small town doctor. When David shows up, Donna and Alex find a way to get the two together. May 5, Jeff wants an advance on his allowance to buy items for his latest project. When that fails, he tries borrowing from everyone. Alex finds out he owes a lot of people money, and puts Jeff on a strict budget until he pays everyone back. Jeff takes to selling and trading many of his possessions at bargain basement prices. Alex decides to show Jeff how to make a better deal, but gets taken in the process.

In the end, it is Jeff that winds up making the best deals. Herb Vigran appears as Mr. Sprague, the Swap Shop owner. May 12, Mary's friend Ellen is very smart at school, but plain looking. No one asks her out. Mary decides to give Ellen a makeover to show the boys in school that Ellen is just as pretty as she is smart. Mary promises Ellen she will not go to the upcoming dance unless she can get Ellen a date.

Ellen tells Mary she has been invited to another party and wants Mary to go to the dance. Donna finds out that Ellen made the party up, so Mary, to keep her promise, turns down an invite to the dance. A fortunate turn of events allows both girls to go to the dance. Carole Wells appears as Melanie, one of the popular girls. Anthony 'Scooter' Teague appears as Don. Barbara Luddy appears as Ellen's Mother. May 19, Hank Landers Bob Hastings , who is single and would like to stay that way, is invited over for dinner. Donna wants to set him up with someone, but Alex says no. Donna finds a way to get Hank to ask Pat out. Lindsay Workman appears as Dr. May 26, Donna's friend Kay Maxine Cooper tells her that she is pregnant, but to keep it a secret.

Kay is afraid she might lose her job if her boss finds out she is pregnant. Donna only tells one other friend, Emily Elisabeth Fraser , and before long it is all over town. Donna feels horrible that she was the start of the gossip. But, it turns out, she is not the only one to start stories. Sheila Bromley appears as Margaret Harrison. Almira Sessions appears as Elsie, Kay's housekeeper.

June 2, Petie, a neighbor's child, returns home for a visit while on break from military school. Since Petie was a favorite friend of Mary and Jeff, he visits the Stones. Petie is smitten by Mary's grown-up looks, but she does not give him a second thought romantically. Donna finds a way for Petie to get a date with Mary. Dan Tobin and Jeanne Bates appear as Petie's parents. Carole Wells appears as Melanie, Mary's friend. June 9, Donna and her friend Louise Molly Dodd are to meet a very influential woman named Mrs. Manning Harriet MacGibbon at the decorators. While there, and to impress Mrs. Manning, Donna thinks about purchasing an expensive art object. Jason Tommy Farrell , of the decorator shop, agrees to let her take it home and think about it.

She is afraid to tell Alex about it, so it gets hidden. When Alex's Aunt Lettie calls to say she is visiting, Alex says they have to put out her wedding gift. Not remembering what gift she gave, Alex puts out the statue along with many ugly things he finds in the attic. Aunt Lettie never shows up, but Mrs. Manning does, much to Donna's embarrassment. June 16, A seemingly stray cat follows Jeff home, and the family votes whether to allow "Harry the cat" to stay. The next day, Alex takes the cat back to where Jeff first saw it. But, Harry comes back. Turns out the cat is female, and slowly brings her family of kittens into the house. Donna comes up with a way to get the kittens back. September 15, To break the routine, the Stones decide to go away to somewhere different for an extended weekend.

But, when Alex and Donna arrive, the actual accommodations are nothing like the fancy place they saw in the brochure. They decide that they will leave early. The Cooper's just can't make a go of the resort. After finding out how much hunting and fishing there could be, Alex tells the Coopers to make their place into a Hunting resort. September 22, While eating lunch with Mary at a restaurant, a woman named Wanda Harman Andrea King approaches Donna as a long lost friend. Donna cannot remember who the woman is, but she saw the initials H. Donna gets in touch with various women with those initials, but none of them are the right person. It is not until Mary's friend Herbie says something, that Donna realizes who the woman is.

September 29, This marks one of the earliest times in TV history that two scripted series on different networks cooperated on a multi-network crossover, not counting variety shows. October 6, The Stones hire handyman Nick Jay Novello to do repairs around the house. Nick asks Jeff to help him write a love letter to his girlfriend Kitty. Donna finds Jeff's practice letter laying around, and thinks Jeff is in love with a classmate. Donna invites the Brown family over hoping to help Jeff out.

Things do not go well and Donna feels bad for Jeff. The family later finds out from Nick the real story about Kitty. Maurice Manson appears as Mr. October 20, Mary returns home from a weekend visit with her friend Ginny Currier. She just raves about how wonderful her friend's home is. Currier comes by to drop off Mary's coat. Mary is completely embarrassed by the way the house and her family looks. Donna invites Ginny over for the weekend. Mary proceeds to put on airs in front of Ginny. Donna has to explain to Mary, that while Ginny has everything she wants, there are things that Mary has that Ginny does not. Jeffrey Hayden. October 27, Mary meets a boy at school that reminds her of her father. She thinks Elroy looks like what her father might have looked like at that age.

Once they meet, Alex cannot believe Mary sees a resemblance between him and gawky Elroy. Alex tries to set up Mary with Dr. Higgins' C. Lindsay Workman handsome son Jim Joseph Gallison. Even she thinks Elroy looks like a young Alex. It is not until Elroy does something brave, that Alex starts to feel they're alike. November 3, Mary is going out with Scotty Jimmy Hawkins in a car he built himself. When Donna and Alex find the parts of the car are from cars that have been in wrecks, Donna gets worried. Alex tells her everything will be OK. But, once Alex sees the car, even he gets worried.

Through a misunderstanding, Alex believes Scotty and Mary have been in an accident. He calls all around town looking for them, causing Mary to become quite embarrassed. November 10, The school issues an intelligence test to the students, and Jeff gets a score that ranks him as a genius. Conroy Richard Deacon , the principal, believes Jeff should be sent to a special school in Chicago. After much deliberation, Alex and Donna decide he should go. Jeff, however, just made the first string football team and does not want to go. Jeff proceeds to fail the entrance exam for the school. November 17, When Les Eddie Firestone has trouble paying his baby's doctor bill Donna let's him do some work on the house in exchange.

Ellen implies that Les is unreliable and could have taken it. Jeff does not want to see Les get into trouble so, using his own money, says he found the missing money. November 24, Alex proves the old adage that doctors make the worst patients when he goes into the hospital for an appendectomy. Donna helps Fred Miller Carter DeHaven , a patient who does not want to leave the hospital because he is all alone. Helen Kleeb appears as Nurse Jane. December 1, Mary decides she wants to be a model. She wins a scholarship to a modeling school, but Alex finds the added costs at every turn expensive.

Meanwhile, Alex finds an old camera of his, and wants to start using it again. He takes a few modeling pictures of Mary. Mary does not think the pictures are good enough to submit, so she quits the school. Alex finds a way to get Mary interested in modeling again. Henry Beckman appears as Hal, Alex's friend. December 8, Mary has a bad case of indecisiveness and asks Donna for advice on clothes, errands, boys, and more. She ends up having a date with Roger and his cousin from New York, Larry. Larry takes them to a Beatnik Club. And to further show off to Mary, he then takes them to an expensive dinner club. Only problem is that Larry does not have any money and keeps borrowing from Roger.

When they cannot pay the check, Mary tells the headwaiter Harvey Korman. He says he understands and she can send the money. Mary tells Donna she has come to a decision to always tell the truth. Dick Wilson appears a waiter. December 15, Donna is looking forward to attending her college reunion. Alex decides to go with her. While there, Alex hears about Duke, a former boyfriend of Donna's and he gets a little jealous.

The women decide to reenact their cheer-leading cheer and Donna gets a black eye the day of the dance. Donna goes to the dance anyway because her old roommate Hope Fay Baker , who supposedly married Duke, is there. Turns out Hope did not marry him, so Alex does not have to deal with an old flame. Barbara Perry appears as Buffie. December 22, Note: This episode was broadcast three days before Christmas but did not feature a Christmas story. December 29, Mary wants Jeff to pay her back from a loan so she can buy a new sweater. Mary and Alex find Donna exercising in the backyard.

The dress she bought last season is tight and she is determined to lose weight. Alex says exercise will not do it alone, Donna will have to give up all sweets. Donna says that is not a problem, but then that is all she can think about. Alex gives Donna a hard time about her dieting, that is, until he cannot fit into his dinner jacket. When Mary finally gets her new sweater, she finds she cannot fit into it either. January 5,

Note: L. Haldeman discloses the Fast Food Chain Analysis behind the decision Revenue Cycle Management In Healthcare record presidential conversations. Mary Molly Pitcher Research Paper does not want to, but when she sees the handsome Ken, she changes her mind. Fuzzy can't make it and the party Odysseus: A Complex Leader In The Odyssey fall apart. Found Odysseus: A Complex Leader In The Odyssey the Presidential Libraries: Dr.