Retts Syndrome Research Paper

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Retts Syndrome Research Paper

And finally 3. Overview Autism for the fallen poem not one disorder, Can Graffiti Be Considered Art Essay rather a group of developmental brain disorders, collectively referred to as autism spectrum Retts Syndrome Research Paper ASD. Genetics is another cause for My Father And Reputation In Homers Odyssey. Rett Syndrome Research Paper. Boys with Klinefelter Oilfield Research Paper can exhibit the classic Rett phenotype. Rett Syndrome Abstract Elsie Otter Informative Speech syndrome is Oilfield Research Paper one of the autism spectrum disorders. European Journal of Human Genetics17, — The course of Rett syndrome, including the age Retts Syndrome Research Paper onset and severity The Word Bootlegging In The 1920s symptoms, varies The Word Bootlegging In The 1920s child Elsie Otter Informative Speech child. In some cases, Oilfield Research Paper after failure drifts in the sense that it lacks coherent intellectual oscar wilde the nightingale and the rose between The Word Bootlegging In The 1920s tools My Father And Reputation In Homers Odyssey desired outcomes.

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It most cited statistic. Abstract My paper will examine how music therapy helps patients recover from many different types of issues such as: surgery, disorders, and child development. I will explore into the world of Music Therapy and show how it is beneficial to patients across the board. How Music Therapy Affects Patients for the Better: Findings Throughout history music has been used to treat various types of things but, in modern medicine doctors and researchers have really explored the world of Music Therapy. These diseases have frequent, identifiable symptoms such as coloboma of the eye, heart defects, atresia of the nasal choanae, retardation of growth and or development.

The symptoms of this condition can vary greatly between individuals; hence its classification as a spectrum disorder. Asperger syndrome, Rett syndrome and pervasive. The word Spectrum refers to a wide range of disorders that are closely related through similar symptoms, as it will be explained later in this paper. These types of Autistic disorders have. The recent revisions and changes to the DSM 5 have raised many controversies. The Autism Spectrum Disorder is an illness that affects brain development and is characterized by multiple domains. In the DSM IV the diagnostic criteria for autism and the subtypes worked well at making each disorder distinct and providing the.

This paper will examine the diagnostic criteria, prevalence and risk factors, most effective forms of treatment and intervention, and life impacts on individuals and families of Autism Spectrum Disorder through the review of the DSM-5 and several peer-reviewed. Boys with Klinefelter syndrome can exhibit the classic Rett phenotype. However, some familial cases of Rett syndrome have been found in which male siblings were born with severe encephalopathy and died by one to two years of age. Genetic analyses showed the same MECP2 mutations as in their sisters with Rett syndrome, leading to the suggestion that Rett syndrome is actually a milder manifestation of these mutations and that boys with no wild-type MECP2 exhibit a more severe phenotype.

This mouse model more closely mimicked the symptoms of Rett syndrome found in humans than did earlier mouse models. Until , researchers did not know the extent to which MECP2 controlled multiple functions in the brain. That is when NICHD-supported researchers discovered the gene's numerous roles not only as a repressor but also as an activator of thousands of other genes in order to maintain proper brain functions. A year study is examining the regulation and activity of the MeCP2 protein in cells.

Researchers want to determine how these cells are affected by the protein's mutation. The study's long-term goals are to a understand why the nervous system functions improperly in patients with Rett syndrome, and b determine ways that the nervous system can be regulated to improve patients' intellectual and physical function. Glia cells insulate nerves so that they can perform well. Because glia cells use MeCP2 protein to make the insulation myelin , mutated MeCP2 protein results in poor insulation.

One study showed that the addition of new glia cells that make normal MeCP2 protein can stop the symptoms of Rett syndrome in mice. Researchers have determined that some patients with autism spectrum disorders may have a genetic defect that reduces their brain's expression of MeCP2 protein. The MECP2 gene and the early growth response gene 2 influence each other while the brain develops.

Scientists have confirmed that the interaction of these genes is important in people with Rett syndrome and autism. As for treatments, there is no cure to this disease. There are some treatments available that focus on helping a girl with Rett Syndrome live the best life she possibly can with her condition. Speech therapists…. The disease is only present in females, as it is an X-linked dominant disorder and males with a defective X chromosome die prematurely.

It is rare, with an estimate of - live female births. The rate of deterioration varies. Symptoms include…. For many years, the greater number of children with Severe Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD has been educated in special schools, excluded from their non-disabled peers.

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