Pros And Cons Of Uber

Monday, April 11, 2022 8:30:09 AM

Pros And Cons Of Uber

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As of , there were more than million registered vehicles in the country. Meanwhile, significant swatches of the US have very little reliable alternatives, like access to public transit. Those without access to public transit or safe streets for walking or biking needed to rely heavily on private vehicles to get from point A to point B. Around 10 years ago, ride sharing apps were unveiled to the public and quickly became a large part of how commuters move today. According to a survey from the Pew Research Center, more than a third of adults in the US have used a ride sharing app like Lyft or Uber. But it comes at a cost. They measured the social and environmental costs and benefits by examining theoretical trips completed by a car being used for a ride sharing app and the same trips traveled by a privately owned vehicle.

According to the study, ride sharing services do often beat out private vehicle ownership in terms of lower emissions of traditional air pollutants like NOx, particulate matter, and volatile organic compounds. TNC car trips represent an about 50 percent decline in air pollutants including fine particulate matter mostly because there are less cold starts in between rides. Driving your own car may lower the amount of carbon emissions you emit, since carbon emissions directly correlate with how much fuel is burned. So, compared to driving your own car, on average, Uber reduces traditional air pollution the kind that causes respiratory and cardiovascular health costs but increases greenhouse gas emissions the kind that causes climate change.

Michalek says this is one of the few times that the emission benefits outweigh the social. Many ride sharing apps have paused pooling trips with various customers since pandemic shutdowns began in March Moreover, these people reckon that freelance work and gig work represent the future and hence, it is better to get in there early and reap the rewards of the emerging economic model where employment does not mean the earlier generation emphasis of a company that hires and keeps workers for life and instead, represents the brave new world of work where one is paid by the hour or for each parcel of work done. Having said that, there are others who point to the fact that the freelance economy or the Uber economy is a model where the workers do not receive health, social security, and k or pension benefits, in addition to not receiving any paid leave or time off for medical reasons.

Indeed, there is a growing chorus of opposition to the emerging freelance and gig economy or the Uber economy since many believe that this is no different from the colonial model of exploitation of workers where hourly wages and per task payment is the norm with no longer term benefits, no annual bonuses, and above all no medical and pension benefits. Further, when one is performing freelance work, there is no guarantee that such gig work or the Uber model would let them continue even if they fail once or twice. In other words, unlike traditional occupations where the employers tend to take a longer term view and reward and take action on the workers depending on their performance over a broader time frame, the emerging world of work is a ruthless and Uber competitive place literally as well as metaphorically where one is as good as the last work or the gig done and there are virtually no laws or regulations that would protect the workers and their rights.

Considering the pros and cons of the Uber economy, there are many who are filing for lawsuits and petitioning the government to regulate the emerging model of work so that the workers are not at the receiving end. Indeed, there are some class action lawsuits pending in the United States and upcoming to be heard in the next few months that seek more governmental oversight over the industry that specializes in freelance work. While the petitioners are not asking for a complete overhaul of the freelance or the gig model of work, nonetheless, they want the government to ensure that the workers are not shortchanged and that companies such as Uber follow some work practices where the workers are not always at the receiving end.

Having said that, it must also be noted that the emerging Uber economy is something that no one can stop or slow down since the future of work would indeed be a model where there would be more sharing economic practices and companies such as Uber would be the go to employers for many. View All Articles. Similar Articles Under - Managerial Economics. To Know more, click on About Us. The use of this material is free for learning and education purpose. Please reference authorship of content used, including link s to ManagementStudyGuide.

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