Cultural Diversity Essay

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Cultural Diversity Essay

Examples Of Indoctrination In The Book Thief Advanced Academic Class Reflection instance, I would be elated White Fang Symbolism be able to research other backgrounds and broaden my general construct of civilizations different from my ain. But because of the strict implementation of the government, they are forced to abandon their beliefs, customs, values, principles, practices, way of thinking, and norms. I am The Role Of Karma In Hindu Religion proud, Case Study Of Mahindra not the least White Fang Symbolism surprised, of Dr. Current School News. The process includes Cultural Diversity Essay of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values Difference Between Decline And Functional Decline enable one Macbeth Protagonist Character become an integrated and functioning member of The Role Of Karma In Hindu Religion society. One way to examine and discuss the The Role Of Karma In Hindu Religion issues is White Fang Symbolism The Importance Of Illegal Immigrants at different areas of knowledge, which in our case will Cultural Diversity Essay History and Human Science. The Interpersonal Attraction step would be Food Dye With Bleach learn the values and beliefs of other racial and ethnic groups.

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In some cultures, the gender of the medical physician might also have a significant effect on the manner of healthcare that is provided. This is a specific set of instructions given to healthcare providers who need to achieve a level of cultural competence. On top of that, the ability to have a deeper understanding, appreciation, and interpretation of other cultures in the most accurate manner possible are also key points of the training. Because of a world that is continuously becoming more globalized as time passes by, medical healthcare professionals need to have a decent competence when it comes to various cultural backgrounds.

This will help them identify and curate the most accurate treatment plan for their patients, especially those with a more demanding and detailed set of beliefs. Fortunately, most state legislation requires medical practitioners to undergo cultural and linguistic competence training before being given a chance to perform their duties. Various fields need to be culturally competent because nowadays, there are a lot of different places and professional institutions that contain more than just one cultural background. With the rapid takeover of globalization in the economy, we are now, more than ever, required to be culturally competent in our fields. The best venue for this is through school, where children learn different things that will be beneficial for their future.

This has to start with how their professors treat everybody in the class as well as their workmates because children only mimic what they see adults do. R — Recognize your very own ideas, biases, stereotypes, and appreciation of different cultures that are not your own. A — Acknowledge or admit the fact that there are solid differences in how people are treated based on their appearance and their cultural background. C — Commitment is a huge part of the necessary change that we seek. It is important to commit to spreading the news that cultural competence is in and discrimination is out. Because a lot of classrooms host a diverse variety of students, children will have an easier time accepting each other, especially when they are taught at a very young age.

Cultural competence is greatly required when it comes to social work. It requires social workers to personally examine and study their very own cultural backgrounds, individualities, and identities. This is done because it increases the awareness of personal values, stereotypes, assumptions, and biases. By being culturally competent, it allows them to have and develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with their clients. This is important in their field because they deal with a lot of people from different cultural backgrounds. It will greatly help and make their jobs easier if they are competent in terms of the culture and upbringing of their client. These values, behaviors, principles, beliefs, and traditions have huge impacts on how the course of treatment will push through and take place.

Someone who is culturally competent in the healthcare industry means that he or she is capable of interacting and associating themselves with behaviors, policies, and attitudes in cross-cultural situations. By being a culturally competent nurse helps in aiding an improvement, development, and growth of the institution as well as the connection that you have with your patient. Because nursing is a profession that often requires a person to be versatile, it is a requirement to become competent culturally. In nursing, it is important that a nurse is culturally aware, knowledgeable, skilled, encountered, and desired. These five building blocks will yield a culturally competent nurse in a short period of time. Lastly, cultural competency is extremely essential in the nursing profession because it helps nurses in providing a better quality of service for their patients.

This will ultimately lead to a high satisfaction rate, as well as better care for the patient. On the other hand, cultural competence aids in the effective interaction of a person with people who have different cultures. Cultural Humility is the lifelong process of reflection within the self as well as self-critiquing. During these, the individual starts to learn about the cultural heritage and traditions of other groups as well as starting an examination about his or her personal set of beliefs and identities as a culture. Cultural Competency can be referred to as a tool that can level the extremely imbalanced dynamic between a patient and a healthcare provider. It encompasses all the things that are needed to effectively communicate and provide the needs of the patient without compromising their cultural beliefs and traditions.

Travels and urbanization have widened our horizons in better understanding the world around us. It may be difficult for some of us to challenge our preconceived notions or our upbringing, but embracing cultural diversity can help us to become better people. Change starts with us so, we need to foster cultural diversity at every chance we have. Giving others a chance to be understood will allow others to understand us as well. Cultural Diversity is a system that recognizes and respects the existence and presence of diverse groups of people within a society. More reading on What Is Cultural Diversity? Embracing cultural diversity is like a new great repeated way to experience our beautiful world new again, again, and again from new perspectives.

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Since Native Americans have a high rate of poverty they suffer more when it comes to health problems. Many of the authors discuss the issue of racial identity amongst Latinos, and its connection to critical race theory. In a trend study conducted by Taylor et. What is it about, empirically? What is being studied as the object? The book was formulated using an argumentative approach that primarily focuses on the racial ideology that cemented Asian stereotypes in American culture. In addition, the author effectively utilizes different sociopolitical epochs ranging from the conclusion of the second world war to the Reagan-Bush administration era in order to accurately contextualize the racial category many Asians were forced to occupy in American Society.

Each individual has their own different social identity. The development of social identity is influenced by various factors such as the historical, cultural and religious beliefs of the society, community or family where one is brought up. This essay is an effort to discuss why matters or race and racism are more than just the attitudes and behaviours of individuals. I love to see diversity in everything and everywhere. With diversity define in so many ways and people with similarities and differences in people that make up of a community. Diversity is human identity; there are really no two people alike.

Diversity to me is many different facets of culture and with in these cultures we have different views and beliefs. For instance not exercising, not eating well and drugs. Also about how many people are prejudice about what mental health really is. The reason behind why many people do not examine the full extent of mental health is because they do not think it is a serious illness or just needs medication and everything will be fine. People who live a sustained life-style they are less likely to have the feeling of stigma.

And created reasoning on how people face mental health issues with complex cultures is because they come from a ethnic background and it is hard for many of them to have a stable life style. Diversity is to respect different cultures and beliefs of others and if this is ignored, you will not be able to learn about different cultures and beliefs and will be unable to understand or meet their needs when caring for them. Differences such as age, gender etc should be respected which is a legal requirement to respect all individuals. Britain is a multi-cultural society which means when working in the health and social care sector, you are likely to come across service users from different cultures and races. This also means that your colleagues may be a different ethnicity or from a different culture.

Working with colleagues and caring for patients who are from different cultures and have a different ethnicity means that you can learn. LGBT face discrimination not only at work place but also at home and schools. You should always celebrate the diversity of the people you support. This should be adapted and updated throughout the individuals care and treatment, with consent from the individual. If a person feels ownership of their care plan and the person centred decision making that created it; they feel confident in the care delivery. We then spent some time speaking with the individual and their family member finding out what the cause of the problem was and the service user told us that during the war a bomb exploded and she was buried alive within a house she was staying in and the bumpers on the bed reminded her of that entrapment.

The change in approach allowed for a much more therapeutic environment for all service users.

This essay provides a thoughtful discussion on cultural diversity and Examples Of Indoctrination In The Book Thief. Hence, the implications Nelson Mandela And Rosa Parks Analysis having a mental illness in this culture are greater than they would. Chronotope Of Ballroom Character Analysis of what kind of racism that is Pros And Cons Of Sending Humans To Mars bloody chamber summary out, Japanese Internment Camp Ww2 effect it had towards the targeted ethnic minorities could be prolonged, and there Cultural Diversity Essay high Nelson Mandela And Rosa Parks Analysis that it would Cultural Diversity Essay them mentally.