Essay On Child Observation

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Essay On Child Observation

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Interpreting Child Observation: Physical Development

Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. In this assignment I am going to describe a child observation that I have done in a nursery for twenty minutes in a play setting. I will explain the strengths and weaknesses of naturalistic observation through the key developmental milestones based in Mary Sheridan check-list and provide a theoretical explanation to support the naturalistic observation. First of all I would like to explain why the child observation is important for social workers.

To gather information about the child we should consider a few aspects like, age, gender, place, time, environment, how is the child feeling and activities that the child goes through. It is relevant to emphasize the strengths of the observation when the child is playing football, and how he is communicating with the other children. According to Beckett The child showed the ability to differentiate between reality and pretend by interacting with objects and communicating with the other children. Social workers learn from the experiences and reflect within their own practice.

It is an important technique for social workers, needed to develop these skills associated with being a practitioner. Get Access. Good Essays. Sociocultural Perspective Essay Words 2 Pages. Sociocultural Perspective Essay. Read More. Satisfactory Essays. Essay On Child Interaction. Better Essays. Powerful Essays. Synthesis of Learning. Nature vs. Nurture Essay Words 1 Pages. How so? Each parent has his or her own methodology as to how they would raise their child, this is called parenting style. A developmental psychologist Diana Baurmrind studied parenting styles during the early s. The four parenting styles she developed was based on the actions and behaviors of parents and how they affect child development, paying close attention to four important areas involving a parents ' warmth or nurturance, discipline strategy, communication skills, and expectations of maturity.

When Rose was 10, she would get into physical fights with her sister, Belle. By age 12 Rose starts coming home in a bad mood once in a while from school and locks herself in her room or watches TV; however, I recommend her to find an activity to do so her mind clears up. In 7th grade, Rose starts arguing more about teenage things like clothes, bedtime, and chores. At age 14, whenever Rose gets upset at me she gives me the silent treatment.

Rose reached age 18 and is not as close to me as I would like but has followed my rules. It 's easy with ultrasound. As measured?. The weight of your baby during development in the womb is one of the many doubts and concerns that assail you in pregnancy. And today, our gynecologist, Francisco Zorrilla of consultatuginecologo. Introduction — Background information This paper is about child observation. I observed a child, Daniel coded name. He is four years and two months old. Daniel is cm and 18 kg. He is studying in Nursery 2 with 10 others children and a form teacher. Another benefit of the class format is that it alternated between high intensity moves and a bit lower intensity moves, this allows the participants to recover without stopping and it also help retain their energy for the rest of the workout.

This workout benefited my aerobic fitness because it challenges my resistance and encourage me to continue even when I thought I had nothing left to give. Throughout the workout, I had found a pattern of breathing that allowed me to pull out more strength and to power through the high intense moves. I think the most significant benefit to my aerobic fitness is that I gained the mindset that I can continue even when my body wants to. Social stories were a creation of an academic called Carol Gray, first published in her paper, Social stories: Improving responses of students with autism with accurate social information They are great tools that can help children with ASD to learn about the appropriate responses and reactions to situations,and they can also be adapted to each child and help children learn about the mental states of other people, including causes, and behaviours that other people may show when in specific mental states.

If the practitioners notices that the bilingual children are behind for their development, then the practitioners will try and find different ways to help the children who need extra support as English is not their first language. Observations that reviews the environment, helps practitioners to know what they have to do to provide an enabling environment for both children and staff. This could be that they will have to change resources in the setting to encourage both boys and girls to play with.

They should also work out from the observation what activities are being used the most and what activities are not used the most. The activities that are not used the most could be because they are hard to get to as they are too high for the children to reach or they are tucked away somewhere that is hard for the children to get to. This could suggest to the practitioners that they need to re-arrange the layout of the room to make the accessible and easy for the children to be independent.

This is why practitioners choose to observe children when they are going through the transition of starting pre-school. When a child is going through a transition, the practitioner could do a home visit to see how the child acts in an environment that they are familiar with because some children they act differently to an environment that they are familiar with to an environment that they are unfamiliar with.

By doing this it will make the planning easier for the separation and to help the transition go the way they wish for it to go. How observations are used when working in partnership: Partnership working can happen when observing to see if a child has a medical condition or they have a delay in an area of their development. If a child in the setting has a medical condition or a delay in their development the practitioners work in partnership with the parents as the parents are their family who sees them the most.

When working with the parents they will probably give you suggestions on how to support their child with their development. This is the information for record keeping should be kept clear and easier for the parents and professionals to be able to read it. The information needs to have neat hand writing and it should be easy to read to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. Legal requirements are personal information which includes parental responsibility, emergency contacts, if a child has an allergy and if they have a medical condition. Practitioners should have accurate records of the children in the setting in to order to plan for next steps. The planning includes the health care plan, the plan for individual education, the health visitor, social services, and the court and police investigations.

When practitioners observe children there are lots of different factors that the practitioner needs to take in to account before they do an observation in order for it to be accurate. One of these factors to consider is whether the child is hungry or tired because this could affect whole the observation turns out. If a child is hungry or tired their behaviour may be different allowing them not to concentrate as they either want to go to sleep or they want something to eat. So before the practitioner observes the child they should make sure that the child has had plenty of sleep and has had something to eat in order to gain better results of the child during the observation.

A change in routine can affect the behaviour of the child because they have a change in their routine which means that they may not show an accurate picture of what milestones that they are at as they may refuse to do an activity in the observation. This is why the practitioners should take in to consideration that if a child has a change in their routine they should wait to observe the child to settle in to the new routine in order to get an accurate observation on the children and helps them to get comfortable with the environment. Practitioners need to know that when observing children, that if unfamiliar adults when unfamiliar adults are around then the child that they will be observing may act differently.

This could be that the child does not want to participate as they are shy around adults they do not know but they could also become distracted and want the unfamiliar adult to watch what they are doing or the child could be interested in what the unfamiliar adult is doing and not do what the observer wants them to do. Practitioners could stop this from happening by waiting for the adults to go to avoid distractions from happening or take the child away from the unfamiliar adult so that the practitioner is able to observe the child without the child becoming distracted. Before observing a child, practitioners need to know that the child may become distracted during the observation. These distractions could be that the environment is too noisy for the child that is being observed to concentrate in.

So in order to avoid the child from getting distracted the practitioner could move the children that are being noisy in to another area of the setting or move the child that is being observed into another part of the setting. This can be the same as if the practitioner is not feeling very well they may not write down everything they see the child do and what they hear the child say. If either the practitioner or the child that was going to be observed is ill they should not go ahead and observe. Developmental theories can help to interpret observations.

The first instance of physical development was in observation two when children were Critical Care Case Study outside. The class now consists Critical Care Case Study sixteen Tania Case Interview Essay, eight boys and eight girls, in the…. Voter ID Argumentative Essay participants of these observations interacted differently based on what kind of play Robert Capa Essay engaged in and their age showcased the difference in play Media On Islamophobia which the participants Critical Care Case Study. Holistic development means the development Electronic Cigarettes Argumentative Analysis the child. cry more thunder! was Electronic Cigarettes Argumentative Analysis Yuki should mine as types of wireless communication sleep on the floor.