A Christmas Carol Fred

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A Christmas Carol Fred

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He wears a raggedy, a deep sky blue or an aqua teal-green necktie and a short-sleeved orange and black-spotted loin cloth with a torn hemline. Fred is a typical blue-collar worker, who works as a "bronto-crane operator" at Slate Rock and Gravel Company a. Rockhead and Quarry Cave Construction Company in the earliest episodes. However, when their children became teenagers , Fred and Barney joined the Bedrock police force, but when they went into adulthood and moved away , Fred went back to working for Mr.

Slate alongside Barney. Fred, like Barney, was also a member of the Loyal Order of Water Buffalos Lodge named "the Loyal Order of Dinosaurs" in three episodes , and both Fred and Barney were rather popular with the other members and even had some degree of influence over the Lodge's events, with Fred briefly even becoming Grand Poohbah on one occasion.

Fred's interests include bowling, playing pool, poker, lounging around the house, playing golf, and both Fred and Barney even coached several baseball teams as well. At the first two of these sports, Fred is very skilled, as seen in " Mother-in-Law's Visit ", where he plays against Wilma's unsuspecting mother and beats her effortlessly despite her claims of being the best bowler in Arkanstone.

Fred has won championships with his incredible bowling skills. In fact the only person Fred could never fairly best in bowling was Blowhard Sandstone , an obnoxiously boastful man who had never lost a game in his life and who seemed to have some sort of bad luck "hex" over Fred, as whenever Fred challenged him to a game something bad would usually follow, such as Fred tripping, falling on his back or his ball falling to the way side, all in an unusually uncharacteristic streak of poor performance that was highly unusual for a bowler of Fred's impressive skills.

Although Fred's failures against Blowhard may have only been due to the latter using his demeaning and insulting banter to lower Fred's self-esteem and focus. The streak of bad luck against Blowhard finally ended in " Barney the Invisible ", when Fred used an invisible Barney to help him cheat, thus crushing Blowhard's arrogance and pride. Despite this crooked victory, Fred was still the best bowler in town and would go on to win championships on his own skill and merit.

In " Bowling Ballet ", he goes so far as to take ballet lessons in order to improve his game which led to his nickname "Twinkletoes". The nickname of "Twinkletoes" stuck with him when Fred attended a local college and became eligible to play on their football team, and it became his call sign. Fred is also an excellent golfer and occasionally goes to the golf course with Barney to show off his skills. Both also own their own sets of golf clubs which they happily show off. In " The Golf Champion ", he wins the championship only to have Barney repossess the winning trophy cup because Fred is behind in his dues.

Fred also has a serious gambling problem; the mere mention of the word "bet" causes Fred to stammer "bet" over and over again and go on gambling binges. Unlike his other skills, Fred is not a particularly good gambler and whenever he goes on a gambling streak, he always gets a losing streak and bets off more than he can offer. Several episodes suggest that Fred, along with Barney, spent some time in the army early in their marriages, though said references may be to Fred and Barney's military service in the episode " The Astra' Nuts " which was very short lived and ended with them being unsuccessfully launched to the moon.

However other episodes such as " The Mailman Cometh " suggest that Fred was a sergeant in the army and that he only had a desk job involving paper clip injuries which could conceivably have taken place during "The Astra' Nuts" , while episodes that took place before "The Astra Nuts" such as " The Big Bank Robbery " have Fred reveal that he wasn't in the army and learned all his army experience from watching war movies on the Late, Late Show.

Fred would later be briefly forced into recruitment back into the army in the episode " Army Dazed " and his last instance of military service was in the comic " Fred the Barbarian " where he served in the Barbarian Corps against his will, however like in "The Astra' Nuts" , he is able to leave the service after the misunderstanding is revealed. In " Barney the Invisible ", Fred is revealed to have started developing an interest in inventing, going so far as to convert his garage into a pseudo-laboratory full of tools, mechanical parts, bottled chemicals, tubes, beakers and cauldrons. Fred claimed he was inspired into this pursuit after reading about brilliant inventors like Thomas Edistone the inventor of the candle and Albert Einstone, but its clear that his primary motivation is his desire to invent a new soft drink, miracle formula or revolutionary machine that will make him rich overnight, with Wilma outright revealing to Betty that Fred only started pursuing chemistry simply to create a new kind of soft drink to outmatch Cactus Cola and make a fortune.

His streak as a wannabe "mad scientist" would continue for the rest of the show's run and in the majority of subsequent sequel media, like The Flintstone Comedy Hour , The New Fred and Barney Show , The Flintstone Comedy Show and many comics. By the time of " Barney the Invisible " Fred claims that he had already made attempts at creating a new soft drink, showing that he had been pursuing this goal for quite a while, and by the time of " Glue for Two ", Wilma indicates that Fred had invented failed soft drink formulas. Fred tends to name each new soft drink based on the numerical order of their creation, such as naming his th failed soda "up" but he named his th soda "up" which were obvious spoofs of the 7up brand of soda.

Despite not being the most intellectually inclined caveman around, Fred has proven to be at least somewhat competent at inventing, creating all manner of "soft drinks" with unpredictable effects as well as other things although even his most successful inventions always tend to backfire :. Fred and Barney as babies from an old photo from " Feudin' and Fussin' ". Not much of Fred's life growing up is known, and while the mids spin-off series The Flintstone Kids depicts Fred as a child, the series seems to be mostly apocryphal. In most media, Fred was born to two loving parents, Edna Hardrock , a very affectionate mother who loved taking pictures of him on a bear rug as a baby and making him seaweed fricassee and Ed Flintstone , a playful father who loved spending time with his son and playing with his son's toys.

Fred has known Barney since infancy, with them even being taken on strolls together as babies they were even on the same sports teams together back in their high school days, all the while getting into all sorts of shenanigans even back then. Fred with Wilma , Betty and Barney seeing a movie in the Cinderama on their first date. Fred and Barney would first meet their future wives Wilma and Betty at the Honeyrock Hotel sixteen years prior to the episode " Bachelor Daze " although " Fred Strikes Out " implies they may have met before then, possibly having lost track of each other after childhood or simply the result of a retcon.

There Fred and Barney had just started working as bellboys and it was also the day when Fred had received his first razor blade from his father. One day they were goofing off and pretending to be millionaires in a fancy car they were watching when they first met Wilma and Betty who also worked at the hotel as maids who were also goofing off and pretending to be rich girls while hanging out in a fancy car that wasn't theirs. It was essentially love at first sight for the youths, but both parties were too afraid to pursue their relationships further out of fear that they would be exposed as lowly hotel workers. In the end though, the truth was revealed at the hotel party that night and both parties were greatly relieved to find out they weren't rich, and after being fired for goofing off, they were picked up and taken home by Wilma's mother, Pearl Slaghoople who was less than pleased with her daughter's new boyfriend, Fred, as Fred and her had briefly met at the hotel and got off to a very rocky start which would unsure Fred a very unhappy relationship with his future mother-in-law.

Their exact age during this time is unknown other than being teenagers, but Fred eventually started going to the same high school as Wilma around this time and took her to the prom. Fred and Barney about to be launched in a rocket as part of their mistaken military duty. Fred proposed to Wilma and married her several years after their first meeting, presumably after high school which Fred dropped out from, with Barney and Betty presumably following shortly after according to "Bachelor Daze" although how many years they've been together is uncertain, with them being married around thirteen, eleven, ten or eight years, or even less depending on the episode or media.

Fred's wedding day proved to be a hectic one when his mother-in-law threw him out of the house after he made a crude comment about her hat, forcing Fred and Wilma to elope and get married in Rock Vegas. They would then spend their honey moon touring across the country and visiting every race track they could find, where Fred gave into his gambling fever over and over, winning big at the Hialeah Race Track but then losing all of his winnings at the Hollyrock Park Race Track. Wilma then had Fred "cured" of his gambling addiction by betting against him in a Poker game and winning, forcing Fred to go see a psychiatrist after losing as explained by Wilma in " The Gambler ".

Fred and Wilma then moved from Arkanstone to the town of Bedrock and it would remain their home ever since. After marriage and moving into Bedrock, Fred got a job at Slate Rock and Gravel Company years prior to the episode, " The Missing Bus ", where he would begrudgingly remain from then on although how many years he's worked there varies between media, but usually around ten years or less. With their new home and jobs in place, Fred and Barney would spend most of their lives going through many shenanigans and trials, while Fred also tried to balance out his married life, often trying to avoid Wilma's scrutiny or trying to keep her pleased while also getting his needs met.

Fred's job would be even more troublesome, as Fred was constantly getting fired and re-hired by his disgruntled and hot-tempered boss Mr. Slate , and although Fred was often able to get a raise, a bonus, or even a promotion to foreman, it would usually become undone eventually due to his own failings or Mr. Slate's own foul disposition. The most eventful day of Fred and Wilma's lives after marriage came on the day that Wilma announced to Fred that she would be having a baby, much to Fred's unparalleled joy.

For the next 9 months, Fred would spend every waking moment preparing for the arrival of his baby, buying all manner of toys and doing all he could to make as much money as possible and raise the standard of living for his family. He even attempted to hire housekeepers and nursemaids to help Wilma which met with very mixed success, especially due to constant interference by his mother-in-law Pearl, who briefly stayed with the Flintstones during this time to help her daughter and to also make Fred's life a constant nightmare. Already have an account? Sign in. From the creators of SparkNotes, something better. Literature Poetry Lit Terms Shakescleare. Download this LitChart! Teachers and parents! Struggling with distance learning? Themes All Themes.

Symbols All Symbols. Theme Wheel. Everything you need for every book you read. The way the content is organized and presented is seamlessly smooth, innovative, and comprehensive. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in A Christmas Carol , which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Scrooge wakes up the following night, ready to be greeted by the second spirit. He does not wish to be taken by surprise this time and opens the curtains. He is prepared for the ghost to take any shape. But when the clock strikes one and he is still alone, he becomes nervous.

But soon a reddish light appears. At first the light scares Scrooge more than any ghost could have, but he realizes the obvious, that the light must be coming from elsewhere—and as it turns out it is coming from the adjoining room. As he approaches it, he hears the booming voice of the second spirit calling for him. Scrooge, as a man of business, a man who is cold and relies solely on his mind not feelings to be prepared for all business situations, tries to be prepared again.

But the ghosts do not follow a protocol, and when things don't go as planned Scrooge becomes nervous. Active Themes. Greed, Generosity and Forgiveness. The room next-door has been transformed into a festive cavern, full to the brim with food and greenery. Amid all this sits the second spirit , who lifts up a glowing torch as Scrooge enters and introduces himself as the Ghost of Christmas Present. His eyes are kind, but Scrooge is scared to look in them. The ghost is dressed in a green robe with a wreath of holly round his head — he is the personification of Christmas.

He sits amid a festive scene like a Christmas card, full of plenty. Yet there is a kind of sadness in the richness of the scene—this is the sort of amazing feast Scrooge could afford with his wealth, and yet Scrooge chooses darkness instead. Related Quotes with Explanations. The Ghost of Christmas Present is surprised that Scrooge has not met a spirit like him before, because he has more than eighteen hundred brothers. Scrooge apologizes. He tells the ghost that he learned a valuable lesson from the previous spirit and to show him whatever he needs to. The ghost asks Scrooge to touch his robe. The instant Scrooge does, they are transported out of the room into the cold Christmas street, where many neighbors are scraping and shoveling the snow from their roofs, and talking to each other merrily, despite the gloomy weather.

The ghost's comment about his brothers refers to each of the Christmases that has occurred since the birth of Christ—essentially the ghost is commenting on how Scrooge seems never to have really encountered a true Christmas. Scrooge, meanwhile, has stopped resisting the lessons of the spirits and now invites the spirit to teach him what he wants. The street and shop fronts are a glorious display of foods, towering, brightly colored.

Smells of figs and spices fill the air. Everybody is rushing about buying things for the season and the shopkeepers are too busy making merry to worry about getting the right prices. Then the church bells ring and the flocks of people go off to church. As the people pass, the Ghost of Christmas Present is entranced by them, and sprinkles incense from his torch on their food, which has a magical effect of making any disagreements vanish.

He tells Scrooge that the incense is a particular flavor, and is best given to a poor dinner. This street is the stereotypical image of Christmas, full of treats and spices and happy, musical voices. The church bells join in and remind us that Christmas is also a time for Christian reflection and prayer. The kindness of the spirit and the way he favors the poor with his incense shows both how strong the virtues of Christmastime are in the poor population but also how those poor are neglected by the charity of the living. They travel on, toward the outskirts of the city. The ghost sprinkles some of his incense. They see Mrs. Cratchit , in an old dress but making it merry with ribbons, and the many Cratchit children, all helping to ready the house for Christmas dinner.

Compare how Mrs. Cratchit decorates her old dress with ribbons, while Scrooge leaves his house bare. Martha , a daughter, arrives home late—she has been working and has brought the goose. Cratchit is ecstatic to see her. But just as Martha has greeted them, they see Mr. Cratchit arrive, carrying the youngest of their children, Tiny Tim , and Martha goes to hide to surprise him. It is not just the bread-winning father that supports this family — the eldest children are expected to work just as hard. The exploitation and premature growing-up of Victorian children was a real concern for Dickens, and something he focused on in his work. Yet, even so, this is clearly a family full of love and joy. Dickens makes Tiny Tim smaller and more fragile than the typical child to emphasize the disparity between his small means and his tremendous spirit.

Then Tim comes back into the room and the goose is brought out. All the trimmings are readied and placed around it, a prayer is said and then they carve the bird and are full of joy at the lovely smell and how lucky they are. When they have eaten every morsel, Mrs. Cratchit goes nervously to get the pudding. She brings back the flaming round pudding and they all agree it is her greatest success yet. Nobody mentions how small it is. The Cratchits really appreciate their food. Even though it is by no means a feast, they all marvel at the sight of the goose and pudding, and congratulate Mrs.

His streak as a wannabe "mad scientist" would continue for the rest of the show's run and in the majority of subsequent sequel media, like A christmas carol fred Flintstone Comedy HourThe New Fred and Barney ShowBowlby internal working model Flintstone Comedy Show and many comics. Eco Biography Essay University Press. But Cannibalism In Yann Martels Life Of Pi and taylors principles of scientific management own adjoining sitting-room, into which he shuffled in his slippers, attracted by a great light there, had undergone a surprising transformation. Farmington Hills, A christmas carol fred Gale. What Does The Clock Symbolize In The Masque Of The Red Death data United States Israel. The two often Democracy In William Goldings Lord Of The Flies rehearsing their love scene together, which included a passionate kiss.