Urban Jungle Ferguson Rhetorical Analysis

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Urban Jungle Ferguson Rhetorical Analysis

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Jurgis and his family come to America. All is going well, Jurgis gets a job, and he is only cheated once before arriving in Chicago. The imagery used by Sinclair clearly demonstrates the filth in which the men of the stockyards are forced to work. When Jurgis comes to Chicago, he thinks that life will be worry free and successful. However, Jurgis becomes trapped in a world of crime, punishment, and lies. Throughout the novel, Jurgis endures 14 hours workdays but his family is still starving, the house is not paid for, and nearly everyone in his family has to work to just try to stay alive. When Jurgis gets hurt on the job, these problems only intensify. The Difference between rap and. Othello, Malcolm's tragic flaw is gullibility.

Many people because of their personal magnetism respect both these men. Malcolm is highly respected by many because of his ability to get results and by the way he is able to gain followers with his rhetoric. Othello is revered because of his awesome military genius. Malcolm and Othello both have very high self-confidence, which is shown by the way Malcolm argues beliefs and in the way Othello justifies his marriage to Desdemona. Since both Othello. In this paper we will look deeper into the life of Malcolm X and find the similarities between him and the tragic heroes, also.

Rhetoric Analysis of an excerpt from The Jungle by Upton Sinclair Rhetorical devices are used to strengthen writing and add dimension. When used properly, they add layers of complexity to any prose as well as further evidence for an argument. No one understood this better than Upton Sinclair. Four strong rhetoric devices are periodicity, the Rule of Three, metaphor and rhetorical questions. Sinclair masterfully demonstrates these in a speech featured in his novel, The Jungle.

Periodicity, also referred to as periodic sentences, is defined as long and frequently involved sentence in which the sense is not completely known until the last word. This is usually an exclamation or climactic sentence. This is still easy for the audience to ascertain, while being immensely descriptive. Sinclair used metaphors to add further depth, descriptiveness and understanding to his writing. This metaphor added an interesting twist and gave the speech goers a visual that made it easier for them to comprehend. Another rhetoric device utilized by Sinclair in his writing was rhetorical questions.

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