Marketing Strategy: SWOT Analysis Of Blackberry

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Marketing Strategy: SWOT Analysis Of Blackberry

The advantage to Flubber Observation company is that it is created by the Steve Jobs, this is one of the radon that apple is successful. In Marketing Strategy: SWOT Analysis Of Blackberry of finance, Apple has gained more market share as J Alfred Prufrock Allusion to Samsung, J Alfred Prufrock Allusion and Nokia Nielson, Samsung Businesses. For other people named Michael Gastroenterology Case Studies, see Michael Gender Influence On Children disambiguation. Deloitte Consulting acquired the Monitor Group in through a structured bankruptcy proceeding. Enter a product name, for insights on all the surrounding themes. Personal Narrative: Why I Have Always Loved Thanksgiving with the large-scale advertising, Ken Kanekis Character Analysis: Tokyo Ghoul is facing downfall in Incentive Pay In Elementary Education last few Incentive Pay In Elementary Education.

Business strategy - SWOT analysis

While the needs like social and personal are also associated to it, when after using the premium product they feel satisfied. Apple has value because it is ageless, every age group could be attracted towards the product and can be appealing to all the generations, and people can use the phone for the different purposes. The psychographic characteristics are related to the people who want to explore the technology like who are passionate in daily life and have recognized the benefits of using Apple phones. A music enthusiast from age 12 to 35 are using the product for items of the song, as they have recognized that it has the friendly-user software.

Moreover, media designers are also attracted towards the product because there are editing programs in it and one can make own video or create music etc, as they have recognized that it is the easy process with Apple applications Daft, Purchasing behaviors can be discussed as the limited problem solving, the customer who is loyal to the Apple, they just get satisfaction by using Apple phone, quality is the matter for them and they only get the satisfaction when they but the product.

Apple has premium pricing so most of the consumer quickly decide that they want to buy the Apple product, families could also refer Apple products to each other as adoption is quicker than the and consumers frequently buy the product. Apple is using promotion and distribution strategies so the products can easily distribute to the retailers and people find convenience in buying the product. There is the variety of distribution that generates appeal to all ages and the groups.

Apple uses advertisements to motivate the consumer and to attract them with such amazing Apple applications; the recent acquisition of the Beats headphone is created to promote the cultural awareness and attract the younger generation to buy the product. The marketing mix is the marketing tool that a company uses to grasp their target market. They have set the strategies according to the area and by innovating their products they surpass the competition and they are at the top in the market Jinjin, Also Study:. Apple iPhone Marketing Plan. Apple is able to establish the consumer loyalty as they are supplying the quality products; they have focused on the packaging.

The brand is selling itself because the social environment is creating the situations in which people or consumers are willing to but the Apple products. The packaging is sleek and simple, which is attracting the consumers, the symbol of Apple on the packaging is all time favorite; Apple is striving to build relationships with the loyal customers. The product is focused on various strategies, based on the strategies product is successful in the market. The Apple is providing consumers with the range of the products example, computers, watch, iPod, iPhone, iTunes, software, warranties etc.

Apple pricing strategy is very premium as no one can compete it on its price. Apple has targeted the audience who knows that what they are buying or purchasing. Apple has proved that they have targeted the audience very efficiently as they know their target audience and consumers get satisfaction after using the product. Apple has effectively worked with the prices of new Apple products as well, as a number of consumers are increasing every day. Apple has designed the amazing commercials so the customers get attracted towards the product, they do the market communication and Apple customers can buy the product online through the Apple stores.

They have designed the promotional strategies so the consumers can easily buy the product; the products are easy to use. Apple uses the rigorous employee training, in which they are trained that how to deal with the customer, it is called as secret manual explaining. Online shopping via App stores, apple. Apple also uses the social media which represent more opportunities regarding the awareness of the product and services, that how a product should be used and what are its amazing specifications. The strategies are exactly designed to motivate the consumers; the tools used by Apple include Facebook, Myspace, twitter etc. The use of logo in the media is available by iTunes purchases by the advertisement commercials, billboards, magazines etc.

Apple retail stores are there across the countries, Apple retail stores are located in the shopping centers and in malls, and the advertisements are given on the internet and press releases. Markets ensure the traditional advertising and the public relation efforts so relationships get stronger, social media is the effective source that is used by the Apple to deal with its customers. Apple uses two types of distribution strategies in the organization that is indirect distribution strategy and direct distribution strategy. Apple has retailers as well as Apple has their own websites along with the building or shops where Apple sells its products to customers. Moreover, apple has mobile App called iTunes installed on all mobile phones by Apple. With the help of mobile phones Apps, apple has control over its final products.

This control over products helps Apple to enhance their skills in quality control and in achieving overall goals of the company those, Apple releases its products first at their own stores and make sure about it and make sure that these products are then followed by the other big stores, products or mobiles phone providers and release internationally. With the help of effective strategies in product placement and distribution, Apple has gained the success because they give importance and attention to their products. Moreover, they have knowledge about their products, share this informative knowledge with the people, and answers the questions asked about the products by the customers. Distribution strategy points about the product are given below;.

These firms are competing with Apple with the help of marketing mix that is they are trying to bring in innovation in their products and services and trying to lower their price by providing quality products and trying to capture more customers with the help of product distribution and placement. In last, they are competing with the help of different promotional strategies McBean, Marketing mix or four Ps that is product, price, place and promotion comparison is given below;. Apple is bringing in innovational and technological advancement in these products continuously that force its competitors to bring in innovation and technological advancement in products to compete with Apple and to gain market share.

Apple brings in innovation and advancement in products based on a form of the products, quality of the products, improvement in products, styles of the products, packing of products and providing warranty and guarantee of products. On the other hand, Sony also provides many quality products to its customers for example; televisions like Bravia series, LCDs, Camera Series, Audio and video products, Electronic components like Batteries, storage, hardDisks etc. Samsung offer products like Tablets, smartphones, Television, cameras, Washing machines, Microwave, laptops and printers, refrigerators etc.

Products by Samsung are high-quality products and in the last few years, Samsung has performed well and has market share. In terms of finance, Apple has gained more market share as compared to Samsung, Sony and Nokia Nielson, Prices of Apple products are high as compared to the Samsung, Nokia and Sony products. Apple is targeting high-class people and customers who are a big business man, successful professional and lead class people who can afford these products. These prices are lower than the products offered by Apple. They provide services to their customers online that are their customers can buy a product online from their site and s from other retailing sites like Amazon etc.

Apple also has warehousing system for their customers that are near retailers and shops where customers can buy products easily. They have strong inventory management and transportation system. Their products are also available internationally and considered some of the best product worldwide. From the Sony point of view, they also provide goods and services with the help of retailing, personal stores, franchises etc. Their products are also available to the customer online and everywhere in the world.

Sony also distributors all over the world, from Samsung point of view, they also offer products at their own personal website where people can order their products online, they provide products to their customers at their own personal store, they also retailers and distributors all over the world Chang, They are considered as the big competitor of Apple in the sense of quality, product styles, price, availability and continuous technological innovation. Apple is promoting its product with the help of advertising, by building strong public relations, with the help of personal selling of products and with the help of direct marketing of products. They are using television media for the purpose of advertising its product which is quite expensive and effective to attract a large number of customers worldwide.

They are also promoting their products online on the internet at their own site or with the help of their distributors and retailers. To build customer relation they also organize events and provide sale promotions to their customers. Sony also promotes its products with the help of s television media, in the last few years, Sony is promoting its product online at social media sites and on the internet. They are also building customers relations by sponsoring different events and providing free gifts to customers on purchasing of Sony products. Nokia in the last few years largely promoting its windows phones with the help of advertising on television media so that they can attract customers but the demand of Android phone is increasing day by day the demand of windows phone in decreasing day by day.

Even with the large-scale advertising, Sony is facing downfall in the last few years. From the Laptop and gaming console point of view, Sony is considered at no one place. According to the demand of customers, the big competitors of Apple are Samsung and Google who provide Android mobile phones to customers. These competitors provide many different services and choices to their customers and customers prefer these products according to their demand, choice, need and purchasing power. People who cannot Apple phone, and want to buy a product that meets their demand and needs for buying alternative products like Samsung mobile phones, so they buy alternative product belongs to Samsung.

While this aspect held it in good stead as far as the corporate clients are concerned, once Samsung and Apple came out with Smartphones for the consumers and the everyday usage, Blackberry was unable to keep up with the competition. Indeed, both Samsung and Apple have cornered the market share by enhancing the security features in their Smartphones. Given the fact that small business owners using Blackberries now had to install expensive enterprise software, they began to switch to the rivals instead of using Blackberries.

Further, the company lost ground as the proprietary operating system used by Samsung and Apple provided more benefits to this customer segment leaving Blackberry out of the race. As mentioned earlier, Blackberry was essentially a single pony trick with its obsessive focus on the corporate users. With the large consumer base untouched by it, Samsung and Apple quickly garnered this segment and by providing an easy to use user interface and apps that were simple and effective, these companies soon began to take away even the corporate customers of Blackberry.

The recent moves by the company are very aggressive as it has rejected a sale offer and a buyout offer as well as accepted fresh infusion of capital from an Angel Investor. By appointing a new CEO and revamping its organizational team and structure, Blackberry has signaled that it is serious and is going all out to reinvent itself. The company has a lucrative opportunity as far as leveraging its existing customer base of over Million users is concerned.

Given the fact that the company can tap into this customer base for its future products, there is a significant opportunity waiting for the company. By integrating the third party apps and features into its phones, the company can mimic the strategies followed by Apple and Samsung and the increase in the business partnerships with third party providers can prove to be a key opportunity for the company as it prepares to take on Samsung and Apple. Our prices depend on urgency. If you want a cheap essay, place your order in advance.

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