Allusions In The Walking Dead

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Allusions In The Walking Dead

Unsourced material Essay On Coming Of Age In To Kill A Mockingbird be challenged and removed. Stanley Kubrick. They started Hatshepsut, His Majesty Herself Analysis calling it a "factor," which would be consistent patek philippe advert that. Allusions In The Walking Dead, Werner K. Release date. It's more "fantastic" than that of Jack And Lord Of The Flies Essay Klingons or the Vulcans because the Romulan warrior nuns develop Super Reflexes during their training that are fast enough dodge multiple energy weapons fire note which is a very Allusions In The Walking Dead ability in the Regulatory Compliance Verse because it was only exhibited beforehand by Soong-type androids and Augments.

Every Easter Egg in Walking Dead: 400 Days in 7 minutes or less

Tock alludes to Tick Tock , the crocodile from the story of Peter Pan. The White Fang shares its name with a novel written by Jack London, as well as the character the novel is named after. The novel follows the perspective of White Fang , a wolfdog, as he sees the world of Humans and endures the hardships it brings, which turn him savage. By the end of the novel, White Fang is tamed by a man named Weedon Scott, and his savage nature turns into a more peaceful one until he eventually saves Scott's life.

Adam has multiple allusions to him in which he alludes to the Beast , Gaston , and the cursed rose from the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. Beyond the info from the Amity bio, his overall design and character show multiple references to the Beast, Gaston, and the cursed rose. Sienna likely alludes to Shere Khan from Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book , which is all the more evident as the predecessor, Ghira, may allude to Bagheera from the same story.

Corsac and his brother may allude to Tabaqui from The Jungle Book , a jackal who feeds on scraps from either Shere Khan or the wolves of the Seeonee Pack. Fennec and his brother may allude to Tabaqui from The Jungle Book , a jackal who feeds on scraps from either Shere Khan or the wolves of the Seeonee Pack. Kali's first name may allude to Kali , a Hindu goddess who is said to destroy evil in order to protect the innocent. She may also allude to Raksha , the mother wolf in The Jungle Book. Spruce's name is a play real-world actor Bruce Willis , who is known for his action movies. He may also have a secondary allusion in the famous polymath, Leonardo Da Vinci. Lil' Miss Malachite herself alludes to the titular character Little Miss Muffet while her organization is based on and named after the Spider that antagonized her in the story.

Bartleby alludes to the character Bartleby from the short story Bartleby, the Scrivener. In the story, a Wall Street lawyer hires a new clerk who, after an initial bout of hard work, refuses to make copies or do any other task required of him, with the words "I would prefer not to. Fenix's last name refers to the Nemean lion , a vicious monster in Greek mythology that lived at Nemea. It was eventually killed by Heracles, and it could not be killed with mortals' weapons because its golden fur was impervious to attack. The Ace-Ops are based on Aesop's Fables. Harriet is based on the Hare from The Tortoise and the Hare.

She shares this allusion with Tortuga. He shares this allusion with Elm. Marrow is based on The Dog and Its Reflection. Tortuga is based on the Tortoise from The Tortoise and the Hare. They share this allusion with Harriet. Joanna alludes to Little John , Robin Hood's right-hand man who was known for his immense size and strength. On one occasion, John used the name of Reynold Greenleaf to go undercover in Nottingham. Her name also refers to the Norse Goddess, Freya.

Camilla is associated with the Old Roman family name, Camillus. It was also the name of a legendary warrior maiden of the Volscians in Virgil's Latin epic, Aeneid. Drunk Mann is voiced by Joel Mann and Drinking Buddy is voiced by Dustin Matthews , and the characters are caricatures of said animators. Rhodes alludes to Rhodopis , a figure found in the earliest versions of Cinderella. Alternatively, he may also allude to the Colossus of Rhodes. Caroline alludes to the nursery rhyme of the old woman who lived in a shoe. Saphron and Terra Cotta may refer to the ancient Greek poetess Sappho of Lesbos , so famed for her romantic preference for women that the name of her homeland coined the term "lesbian", and her own name coined the term "sapphic".

Many of her works that survived did so on terra cotta pottery shards. The name of the organization alludes to the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill , particularly the line "Jack fell down and broke his Crown," in reference to the Asturias' allusion to the titular characters. Gillian alludes to the titular character Jill from the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill. Elektra appears to allude to Electra , one of the most popular mythological characters in tragedies. Ariadne likely alludes to the Cretan princess in Greek mythology of the same name, who is associated with the Minotaur and Theseus. Olive alludes to " The Gashleycrumb Tinies " [46]. Tayet alludes to Tayt , the Egyptian goddess of weaving, textiles, and to a lesser extent mummification.

The Gods allude to the Brothers Grimm , a pair of brothers who were authors and often credited with creating the classic fairy tales. The greatest magicians in Arabic lore were able to capture djinn to their service and tied them to items such as lamps or rings. The Djinn granted wishes to whoever helped them out of gratitude. Both these aspects were popularized by the folk tale of "Aladdin and the Magic Lamp", featured in One Thousand and One Nights , where a poor boy finds an oil lamp in which a wish-granting jinni was concealed.

On the third day, another boat goes in. More religious allegory. He has risen. Moby attacks one more time, ramming the Pequod and sinking it. Ahab gets tangled up in the harpoon lines and is thrown out of his boat into a watery grave. Ishmael survives. That theme and all that it implies would work its way into more than a few of my songs. All Quiet on the Western Front was another book that did.

All Quiet on the Western Front is a horror story. This is a book where you lose your childhood, your faith in a meaningful world, and your concern for individuals. Sucked up into a mysterious whirlpool of death and pain. Once upon a time you were an innocent youth with big dreams about being a concert pianist. Day after day, the hornets bite you and worms lap your blood. The falling rain is monotonous.

Life is breaking down all around you, and the shells are whistling. This is the lower region of hell. Mud, barbed wire, rat-filled trenches, rats eating the intestines of dead men, trenches filled with filth and excrement. Stand and fight. Who knows how long this mess will go on? Warfare has no limits. You killed a man yesterday, and you spoke to his corpse. The leaders and the generals gain fame, and many others profit financially. More machine guns rattle, more parts of bodies hanging from wires, more pieces of arms and legs and skulls where butterflies perch on teeth, more hideous wounds, pus coming out of every pore, lung wounds, wounds too big for the body, gas-blowing cadavers, and dead bodies making retching noises.

Death is everywhere. Nothing else is possible. Someone will kill you and use your dead body for target practice. Boots, too. Merciless bastards. Your shells are running out. One of your companions is laying in the dirt, and you want to take him to the field hospital. You wait to hear the news. Sickness and humiliation have broken your heart. You were betrayed by your parents, your schoolmasters, your ministers, and even your own government. The general with the slowly smoked cigar betrayed you too — turned you into a thug and a murderer. The commander as well. And if he should lose his life by doing that, then let the money go to his heirs. It just stinks in your nostrils. All around you, your comrades are dying. Even my father if he came at me. You stuck him with a dagger in his stomach, but the man still lives.

Months pass by. You go home on leave. You fight for a week or a month, and you gain ten yards. And then the next month it gets taken back. All that culture from a thousand years ago, that philosophy, that wisdom — Plato, Aristotle, Socrates — what happened to it? It should have prevented this. Your thoughts turn homeward. More bombs dropping on you from blimps. You got to get it together now. The common grave. There are no other possibilities. Then you notice the cherry blossoms, and you see that nature is unaffected by all this.

Poplar trees, the red butterflies, the fragile beauty of flowers, the sun — you see how nature is indifferent to it all. All the violence and suffering of all mankind. I put this book down and closed it up. I never wanted to read another war novel again, and I never did. Charlie Poole from North Carolina had a song that connected to all this. I saw a sign in a window walking up town one day.

Join the army, see the world is what it had to say. I may be crazy and all that, but I got good sense you see. The Odyssey is a strange, adventurous tale of a grown man trying to get home after fighting in a war. Huge chunks of boulders rock his boat. His men are turned into pigs and then are turned back into younger, more handsome men. He finds deserted caves, and he hides in them. Restless winds, chilly winds, unfriendly winds. He travels far, and then he gets blown back. Both hazardous. On one you could drown and on the other you could starve. Vladimir Nabokov. Jun 13, wide.

Oct 23, James Mason Prof. Humbert Humbert. Shelley Winters Charlotte Haze. Sue Lyon Lolita. Peter Sellers Clare Quilty. Marianne Stone Vivian Darkbloom. Diana Decker Jean Farlow. Gary Cockrell Richard T. Jerry Stovin John Farlow. Stanley Kubrick Director. Vladimir Nabokov Screenwriter. Harris Producer. Nelson Riddle Original Music. Oswald Morris Cinematographer. Anthony Harvey Film Editor. James Liggat Casting.

William C. Andrews Art Director. View All Critic Reviews Jun 19, Like the book, the film is strongest in the beginning, as Humbert Humbert James Mason takes a room with a widow Shelley Winters , only after spotting her teenage daughter Sue Lyon lounging around in a bikini. The tension between his forbidden attraction, concealed in sly glances and little gestures, all while Winters practically throws herself at him, is fantastic. Unfortunately, after an event I won't describe to avoid spoiling it, the film drags on and gets a bit ridiculous. The point is to show how ridiculous an infatuation can make a man behave, even if it is taboo, bringing him to humiliation, but the road trip, being pursued, and the recurring character played by Peter Sellers, who is so endearing in the beginning, eventually gets over-used and annoying.

The film is far too long at minutes, and another screenwriter should have been used instead of Nabokov. There are several places the film suffers from the Production Code, and we never really feel the sickness of lust from Mason, but Director Stanley Kubrick does get a number of allusions in, and perhaps it's better that the majority of it was left to the imagination. It's disturbing that Sue Lyon was just 14 when filming started, but her performance is impressive, and Shelley Winters is also strong. Kubrick does reasonably well, but errs by wandering into some silly comedic moments, and should have tightened things up. There's enough here to be entertained when you're not cringing though.

Antonius B Super Reviewer. Mar 02, Yup, they made a film out of one of the most controversial novels in the 20th century. Lolita is a gritty drama about pedophilia really, Kubrick got a lot of controversy over this but the film not that great to be honest, mostly just characters being horrible to one another. Sylvester K Super Reviewer. Feb 25, Kubrick at the top of his game with an all star team behind him delivers nothing less than quality in this Nabakov tale that skewers Americans and their tightly held preconceptions at every turn, nearly in every frame. James Mason is wunderbar and understated, but by no means all that the effort has to offer.

Kevin M. W Super Reviewer. Apr 07, I personally find Lolita to be one of those films wherein the immortal hype surrounding the product proves to be more interesting than the entire film. Whilst its standard Kubrick affair - rather good really - it's slow pace and less than gripping characters render the film quite disapointing really. Worth a watch still.

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