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Doc American History X

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American History X (1998) Official Trailer - Edward Norton Movie HD

It will be a while before BellaOnline gets their body art content replaced. I recommend checking out BMEzine. The BellaOnline Body Art forums are still up and running, and are a great place to get answers to questions. You can find those here. Best, Rae Schwarz This site has more content to browse through. To access, go to Archive in the right hand column and scroll down the list. At the foot of the page you will see more pages to scroll through. BellaOnline is set up for you to easily move around the site, much as hands on the clock move in a clockwise direction, with articles right in the center. Using that model let's look at noon: by clicking on the large BellaOnline logo you are taken to the front page of the entire site.

Here you'll see the latest articles listed as they appear. Those at the top of the list are the newest. Moving over to 1 o'clock you'll find the thin bar with Forums to click on which will take you to all the site forums. Come join in with more than 30, users participating in discussions on many of the site topics. Our forums are moderated and abuse, scam and spam are removed as found. We aim to have safe forums for family viewing. Moving around to 2 and 3 o'clock you'll see a list of the 3 most recent articles or featured articles on the site you are looking at. Then the Archive button and Newsletter signups. At 4 o'clock you'll see the box titled Members Area. Here are more opportunities to check into the site offerings.

Click on Member Login to set up a free BellaOnline account. Going across the page to 7 to 9 o'clock, you'll see the box listing new editors. Check out what sites are being rejuvenated here. And the Daily Click box for some fun activities if you're bored. At last but not least at 10 to 11 o'clock you'll find the Channel Listings of all our BellaOnline sites. Returning home, Derek finds Danny emulating him, sporting a D. Derek tries to persuade him to leave the gang, but Danny feels betrayed. Derek's best friend Seth, also a D. At a neo-Nazi party, Derek confronts Cameron for his manipulative behavior. When Cameron gloats that Danny has come under his influence and will prefer him over Derek, Derek assaults him; Seth and the others, including Derek's ex-girlfriend Stacey, turn against Derek.

Seth holds Derek at gunpoint, but Derek disarms him; he threatens Seth and the others into standing down at gunpoint and flees. Afterwards, Derek tells Danny about his experience in prison, which seems to prompt a change in Danny. The pair return home and remove hateful posters from their shared bedroom. The next morning, Danny completes his paper, reflecting on his reasons for adopting white supremacist values, and their flaws. He says that although Derek's racist views may seem to have arisen from anger over his father's death, Danny believes that his brother's views came much earlier; he remembers one instance when his father went on a rant against affirmative action and referred to Dr.

Sweeney's teachings as " nigger bullshit", and his death misdirected Derek's anger into racism. Derek walks Danny to school, stopping at a diner for breakfast. Sweeney and a police officer inform Derek that Seth and Cameron are in an intensive care unit. Derek denies having any knowledge or involvement and reluctantly agrees to inspect the people he denounced. In the boys' bathroom, Danny is shot dead by the same black young man he confronted there the day before.

Derek runs to the school. Crying inconsolably, he cradles Danny's body, blaming himself for influencing Danny's views. In a voiceover , Danny reads the final lines of his paper for Dr. Sweeney, quoting the final stanza of Abraham Lincoln's first inaugural address. The point I tried to make in the script is that a person is not born a racist. It is learned through [the] environment and the people that surround you. The question that intrigued me is: why do people hate and how does one go about changing that? My premise was that hate starts in the family". He said "I had seen documentaries that just didn't ring true to me, and I wanted to write an accurate portrayal of how good kids from good families can get so terribly lost".

Producer John Morrissey, who read the script three years prior, was impressed by the script's intense characters and dialogue. Michael De Luca , then-production president of New Line Cinema, said "I was intrigued by its intensity, conviction and brutal honesty. There was a brilliant character study woven into the screenplay, and I knew we had something special if we did it correctly". Kaye, who had been De Luca's preferred choice from the beginning, accepted and made his directorial debut in a feature film on American History X.

He took the contract to a synagogue , "I signed it in front of the rabbi. I thought it would make it good", Kaye said. The performances are explosive and frightening, and the film dramatically demonstrates both the subtle and overt roots of racism while also showing the possibility for redemption". Joaquin Phoenix was offered the role of Derek Vinyard but he refused the part. I was attracted to the complexity of the role. This character travels so far within the course of the film.

By the end, he's completely humanized and the audience might even be sympathetic, or at least, empathetic towards him. Derek is very much a guy whose anger and rage have superseded his intelligence. They have paralyzed his boundless potential. I liked the transformation that he goes through as his intelligence reasserts itself over his anger. Principal photography took place in Los Angeles and Venice Beach, lasting for several months and finishing in May He welcomed visitors on set, including singer Courtney Love , Norton's girlfriend at the time, and British historian John Richardson. He carried four cell phones and a fax machine , and during the Passover holidays, Kaye had boxes of matzo delivered to the set.

Both Furlong and Ethan Suplee , found taking on their roles with hateful views to be uncomfortable. Furlong said "It's pretty intense, having to say this incredibly hateful stuff". Kaye hired British composer Anne Dudley to score the film, and wanted the music to be "big and elegiac". She said, "The neo-Nazi faction is personified in the music by a boys choir — what could be a more Aryan sound?

A calming string orchestra instead provides a much more expressive and timeless palette". Kaye's original cut of the finished film had a run time of 95 minutes, which was delivered on time and within budget. At one point, Kaye punched a wall which resulted in stitches to his hand. In June , the film studio test-screened a second cut of the film which included changes made by Norton. The studio tried to persuade Kaye to release Norton's cut, but he objected. Kaye attempted to remove his name from the film credits, applying for various pseudonyms , including " Humpty Dumpty ", a request that the Directors Guild of America DGA refused.

That was entirely my fault. It received a wider release in the United States on October The website's critical consensus reads, " American History X doesn't contend with its subject matter as fully as it could, but Edward Norton's performance gives this hard-hitting drama crucial weight. Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune , gave American History X four out of four stars, describing it as "a shockingly powerful screed against racism that also manages to be so well performed and directed that it is entertaining as well", adding it was "also effective at demonstrating how hate is taught from one generation to another".

He said Norton was an "immediate front-runner" for an Academy Award. He particularly praised Norton's performance, saying "His Derek mesmerizes even as he repels, and the actor fully exposes the human being behind the tough poses and attitudinizing". For another, it has been directed with a mixture of handsome photo-realism and visceral punch". Film critic Roger Ebert gave the film three out of four stars, stating that it was "always interesting and sometimes compelling, and it contains more actual provocative thought than any American film on race since Do the Right Thing ".

However, he was critical of the underdeveloped areas, stating "the movie never convincingly charts Derek's path to race hatred" and noting that "in trying to resolve the events of four years in one day, it leaves its shortcuts showing". However, Ebert concluded "This is a good and powerful film. If I am dissatisfied, it is because it contains the promise of being more than it is". LaSalle felt that while the film succeeded in portraying Derek's descent into neo-Nazism, it failed to portray his renouncement of his past beliefs, "We had to watch him think his way in. We should see him think his way out".

LaSalle also noted that "In some places the dialogue is surprisingly stilted. Far worse, the ending is a misfire". However, he complimented Norton's performance. In , Amnesty International USA used American History X for an educational campaign, screening the film in colleges and in nationwide events for raising awareness on human rights. Some people thought that this was only an extreme case, that this kind of group was very marginal and that there could be no equivalent in France", she said.

For the 20th anniversary of the film, Christopher Hooton writing for The Independent opined that the film "feels more essential now that it ever has". He argues that these violence acts are no different to the hate represented in the film, adding, "White supremacy has existed for centuries. It's lurked on the fringes of American power since the birth of this nation". He added "there is at least one notable difference The movie portrays skinheads as visually different They're suited up in boots with red laces, heads gleaming from a fresh shave, and tatted with Nazi insignia and racist slogans.

White supremacists today have largely adopted a policy of fitting into society rather than standing out". I'm afraid we're going to be writing about American History X forever. I'm afraid of what will happen if we don't". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jerry Greenberg Alan Heim. Release date. October 30, Running time. Box Office Mojo. Archived from the original on October 21, Retrieved August 7, Archived from the original on Retrieved Los Angeles Times. The Daily Telegraph. ISSN Archived from the original on July 18, October 25, Archived from the original on April 11, Retrieved March 31, The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss.

Movie Locations Guide. Archived from the original on November 11, Retrieved August 28, The Independent. Archived from the original on April 7, Retrieved May 4, It is possible that some otherwise well-disposed critics may restrain their praise, even unwittingly, in knee-jerk sympathy with director Kaye, who disowns this cut and lost his bid to take his name off the picture. Den of Geek. Pittsburgh City Paper.

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