Rachel Carson Biography

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Rachel Carson Biography

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Biography Rachel Carson

Part of her job was to interest the general public in marine and freshwater biology via radio programs. Alongside this, she published a string of articles in regional newspapers in the s, focusing mostly on marine life in the Chesapeake Bay, some of which already touched on the topic of the pollution of regional waters. Her success in this line of work earned her a full-time position at the Bureau of Fisheries as an aquatic biologist with the Division of Scientific Inquiry. She was soon asked to expand it into a book.

The essay as well as the book already displays her characteristic integration of literary and scientific writing, colored both by nineteenth-century romantic tradition on the one hand and by early twentieth-century ideas of nature conservation and preservation on the other, as well as by new discoveries in ecology. It was due mainly to her last book that this respected but somewhat retiring author of non-fiction metamorphosed into a political figure with unexpected influence and lasting impact. Silent Spring became the catalyst for the beginning environmental consciousness in the US In this book, Carson attacks the widespread and unregulated use of chemical pesticides such as DDT, which until then had been sprayed indiscriminately from airplanes over wide areas, even including some residential areas in conurbations like Long Island and Detroit.

Her untimely death in April ultimately reinforced her status as one of the most important figureheads for the swiftly forming environmental movement. It was thought these pesticides were safe, but they were actually causing many birds to die. DDT stayed in insects and fish which were eaten by birds. The birds then laid eggs with thin shells that would break. Some birds, like the Bald Eagle almost disappeared from the United States. Instead of hearing birds sing in the spring, it would be quiet, and that is how the book got its title.

This book led to a change in the national pesticide policy and a ban on DDT and some other pesticides. There is a National Wildlife Refuge in Maine named after her. Rachel Carson was born on May 27, in Springdale , Pennsylvania and grew up on a family farm. Carson liked to read, and was a talented writer from an young age. She also spent a lot of time exploring around her acre 26 ha farm. She began writing stories often with animals in them at age eight, and had her first story published at age eleven.

She liked to read the St. Nicholas Magazine , which published her first stories. The natural world, particularly the ocean, was a common part of her favorite books. Carson graduated high school in , at the top of her class of forty-four students. At the Pennsylvania College for Women now known as Chatham University , as in high school, Carson was a bit of a loner. She originally studied English, but switched her major to biology in January She continued writing in the school's student newspaper. Though accepted to graduate school at Johns Hopkins University in , she had to remain at the Pennsylvania College for Women for her senior year because of money problems.

She graduated magna cum laude highest honors in After a summer course at the Marine Biological Laboratory , she continued her studies in zoology and genetics at Johns Hopkins in the fall of After her first year of graduate school, Carson worked in a laboratory with rats and Drosophila , to earn money for tuition. She wrote her dissertation for her master's degree on how the pronephros in fish developed early in their life.

She earned a master's degree in zoology in June She wanted to continue for a doctorate, but in Carson had to leave Johns Hopkins to find a full-time teaching job to help support her family. In , her father died suddenly, and Carson had to take care of her aging mother. This made the money problem even bigger this was during the Great Depression , when jobs were hard to find.

Her biology mentor from college helped her get a part-time job with the U. Bureau of Fisheries. Here she wrote for a educational broadcast called Romance Under the Waters on the radio this was before television. It was a seven-minute program that ran once a week for a year. It was about aquatic life mostly fish , to increase public interest in fish biology and in what the Bureau of Fisheries did. This was a job several people before Carson had not been able to do.

Carson also began submitting articles on marine life in the Chesapeake Bay to local newspapers and magazines. Carson's boss liked what she did, and asked her to write the introduction to a public brochure about the fisheries bureau. He also had her apply to the first full-time job that became available.

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