Mrs Cratchit Quotes

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Mrs Cratchit Quotes

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Mr \u0026 Mrs Cratchit: Character Analysis (animated and updated)

Wednesday, September 26, Mrs. Though Scrooge treats him harshly, Mr. Cratchit continues to work for him in order to make ends meet for him and his poor family. He remains a humble employee regardless of the things Scrooge puts him through, which his children learn from him and followhis dedication. Cratchit tries to stay a strong man and works hard just for the sake of his family. Scrooge, Cratchit must do anything he can to keep his job, under the circumstances. With the conditions that people had been living in during this era, any and all jobs that people had, they were very fortunate to have.

The Cratchits stayed humble because of the employment Mr. Cratchit had. Cratchit, his wife, was a very loving and caring woman who supporter her husband in all the decisions that he made, even though she disagreed with the way that Scrooge treated his employees. Though only on the sidelines, Mrs. Cratchit looks after her family and takes care of all the household chores that Mr. Cratchit is not able to do because of work. She is a strong woman, and with four kids, she proves herself during this time of poverty and even depression. Women had no rights of suffrage, nor rights to sue or to own property.

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