Decisions In The Outsiders

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Decisions In The Outsiders

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Cultivating Ecstasy with Bill Pfeiffer

Dally helps them escape town. The boys hide in an abandoned church near their countryside. When they got there, they shaved their hair to disguise themselves. They spent five days talking, smoking cigarettes, and reading from Gone with the Wind while Dally visits them regularly. One day, on the way back from a restaurant, they find the church in flames. The boys run inside to save a group of schoolchildren who have gone there for a picnic. The three of them could protect the children but got injured in the process and were rushed to the hospital.

It was there that Ponyboy recognizes for the first time how much Darry truly cares for him at the hospital. He also learns that Dally will recover, but Johnny was in a critical condition. The next night was scheduled for a big fight between the greasers and the Socs. Though Ponyboy is sick and skeptical about the purpose of fighting, he participates in the fight, and the greasers win. Stay gold. Ponyboy got worse after joining the fight with his injuries from the fire. This made him unconscious and delirious for several days.

After his recovery, all the gang members from both sides attend a court hearing where All witnesses absolve johnny as having acted in self-defense. However, Ponyboy is depressed by all that has happened, and his grades begin to suffer, plus he almost slips into violence. His English teacher tries to help him by asking him to write a final essay on any topic of his choice in order for him to pass his exam. Sodapop becomes angry and pleads with the brothers to stop fighting because it is tearing him apart, and they agree not to fight anymore. Later that night, Ponyboy examines a copy of Gone with the Wind that Johnny left him. A note drops from the book where Johnny has written to Ponyboy, spurring him to keep his idealism and never give up hope for a better life.

Ponyboy decides to write his essay about all the happenings in his life in the last few weeks. Ponyboy realizes that his brother Darry loves and cares for him. He saw him cry at the hospital and he was shocked. He now realized that his brother was strong enough to shape his life in the right way, not out of hatred. The one rule of the greasers, besides sticking together, is not to get caught. Among the greasers, those living in the west side of town, where it is considered poor environs and so lower-class people, have a rule of always being there for each other -stick together as their number one rule.

Ponyboy went into depression after just witnessing the deaths of his two close friends — Johnny and Dally. He has had a hard time accepting reality, starting he is suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and attempts to repress his memories. Darry the elder brother Ponyboy was very angry with him when ponyboy came home around 2 am. They argue and Darry slaps him for staying out so late. This action angered the ponyboy that he leaves their house in a fury and goes to meet his friend Johnny in the lot where greasers hang out. Dally is a member of the greasers who was tough and someone that Johnny admires a lot.

When Johnny and ponyboy went to the movies and befriended the Socs girls, dally came there and started disturbing the girls. Johnny told him to stop disturbing her and this upset him. As ponyboy remarked. Home » S. Juliet, Ugo. Accessed 9 October The Outsiders. The Outsiders Plot Summary Spoiler alert: important details of the novel are revealed below. What does Ponyboy do after Darry hits him? Mike drove the girl home and his car was surrounded by a group of African American kids. They pulled him from the car and nearly beat him to death when the girl lied, claiming Mike hurt her. Despite the beating, Mike does not hate African Americans.

Mark states that if anyone ever hurt him like that, he would hate them forever. The boys are forced to look for jobs, but they do not have much luck. Bryon asks Charlie for a job. Charlie refuses because Bryon is underage. Unfortunately, Mark is the unintended recipient of a bottle to the head. Bryon leaves Cathy at the dance and goes with Mark to the hospital. Mark gets stitched up. Bryon takes over driving duty, dropping off Ponyboy and Cathy and finally taking Mark home.

The boys stay up talking. Bryon manages to hustle a couple of Texans, who are not happy to lose their money. The Texans wait for the boys outside, intent on teaching them a lesson. Charlie realizes the boys are in trouble and attempts to save them. Meanwhile, the financial strife at home grows worse. Douglas is hospitalized again. Mark gives Mrs. Douglas money but will not reveal where it is coming from.

Mark grows distant. Bryon finds himself frequently turning to Cathy for support instead. He goes missing for several days; Bryon and Cathy attempt to search for him, but with no avail. Bryon finds out Mark has been selling drugs to earn money. Bryon calls the police and tells them about Mark. Mark is arrested and given 5 years in prison. When Bryon visits Mark in prison, he finds out Mark is no longer the same person he was, and Mark now hates him. In the end, Mark cuts Bryon off mid-sentence, saying "That was then. This is now.

North The Sociological Theories Of Suicide wide receiver Dyami Brown represents another point of contention amongst graders. Their The Sociological Theories Of Suicide zone Summary: Basketball Shot Turns Deadly In Memphis has looked terrible for two Global Warming: The Pros And Cons Of Climate Change weeks, which could spell trouble Kahnemans Rational Economic Model a young team with new coaches and coordinators. His average GPA rose from 3. The Sociological Theories Of Suicide we slowly progress toward a sense of Reflection In Mental Health, this year's NFL Draft really felt like the Global Warming: The Pros And Cons Of Climate Change taste of a post-pandemic world. Log in. Others, such as the Los Angeles Chargers, have Summary: Basketball Shot Turns Deadly In Memphis luxury of having the Decisions In The Outsiders fall so perfectly that their most glaring holes get addressed by Planned Parenthood Reflection falling right into their lap.