Repetitive Symbolism In Beowulf

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Beowulf: The Antagonist

It was this idea that an "Elvish language" must be associated with a complex history and mythology of the Elves that was at the core of the development of Tolkien's legendarium. It is not a 'hobby', in the sense of something quite different from one's work, taken up as a relief-outlet. The invention of languages is the foundation. The 'stories' were made rather to provide a world for the languages than the reverse. To me a name comes first and the story follows.

I should have preferred to write in 'Elvish'. But, of course, such a work as The Lord of the Rings has been edited and only as much 'language' has been left in as I thought would be stomached by readers. I now find that many would have liked more. It is to me, anyway, largely an essay in 'linguistic aesthetic', as I sometimes say to people who ask me 'what is it all about'. While the Elvish languages remained at the center of Tolkien's attention, the requirements of the narratives associated with Middle-earth also necessitated the development at least superficially of the languages of other races, especially of Dwarves and Men , but also the Black Speech designed by Sauron , the main antagonist in The Lord of the Rings.

This latter language was designed to be the ostensible antithesis of the ideal of an artistic language pursued with the development of Quenya , the Black Speech representing a dystopian parody of an international auxiliary language just as Sauron's rule over the Orcs is a dystopian parody of a totalitarian state. The Elvish language family is a group of languages related by descent from a common ancestor, called the proto-language. Tolkien constructed the family from around , working on it up to his death in He constructed the grammar and vocabulary of at least fifteen languages and dialects in roughly three periods:. Although the Elvish languages Sindarin and Quenya are the most famous and the most developed of the languages that Tolkien invented for his Secondary World, they are by no means the only ones.

They belong to a family of Elvish languages, that originate in Common Eldarin, the language common to all Eldar , which in turn originates in Primitive Quendian, the common root of Eldarin and Avarin languages. Finnish morphology particularly its rich system of inflection in part gave rise to Quenya. Another of Tolkien's favourites was Welsh , and features of Welsh phonology found their way into Sindarin.

Very few words were borrowed from existing languages so that attempts to match a source to a particular Elvish word or name in works published during his lifetime are often very dubious. Tolkien had worked out much of the etymological background of his Elvish languages during the s collected in the form of The Etymologies. In , he wrote the Lhammas , a linguistic treatise addressing the relationship of not just the Elvish languages, but of all languages spoken in Middle-earth during the First Age. The text purports to be a translation of an Elvish work, written by one Pengolodh, whose historical works are presented as being the main source of the narratives in The Silmarillion concerning the First Age.

The Lhammas exists in two versions, the shorter one being called the Lammasathen. Tolkien later revised this internal history to the effect that the Elves had been capable of inventing language on their own, before coming into contact with Valarin see Primitive Quendian. When working on The Lord of the Rings during the s, Tolkien invested great effort into detailing the linguistics of Middle-earth. When writing The Lord of the Rings , a sequel to The Hobbit , Tolkien came up with the literary device of using real languages to "translate" fictional languages.

This device of rendering an imaginary language with a real one was carried further: [4]. Rohirric is always represented by the Mercian dialect of Old English because Tolkien chose to make the relationship between Rohirric and the Common Speech similar to that of Old English and Modern English. The terms Rohirric, Rohirian, and Rohanese have all been used to refer to the language. Tolkien himself used "Rohanese". Furthermore, to parallel the Celtic substratum in England, he used Old Welsh names to render the Dunlendish names of Buckland Hobbits e.

Because of the device of having Modern English representing Westron, there was no necessity to actually work out the details of Westron grammar or vocabulary in any detail, but Tolkien does give some examples of Westron words in Appendix F to The Lord of the Rings , where he also summarizes its origin and role as lingua franca in Middle-earth:. In the course of that age it had become the native language of nearly all the speaking-peoples save the Elves who dwelt within the bounds of the old kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor At the time of the War of the Ring at the end of the age these were still its bounds as a native tongue.

Appendix F. Even orcs had to rely on using Common Speech albeit in a much-debased form for communication between themselves, because different orc sub-dialects change so haphazardly that they are not mutually intelligible from one clan to the next. The explanation here is a little different from the "Mannish" languages: as Khuzdul was supposedly kept secret by the Dwarves and never used in the presence of outsiders not even Dwarvish given names , it was not "translated" by any real-life historical language, and such limited examples as there are in the text are given in the "original". Khuzdul was designed to have a "Semitic" affinity, with a system of triconsonantal roots and other parallels especially to Hebrew , just as some resemblances between the Dwarves and the Jews are intentional.

The language of the Ents is also described in the novel. As the Ents were first taught to speak by Elves, Entish appears related to the Elvish languages. However, the Ents continued to develop their language. It is described as long and sonorous, a tonal language somewhat like a woodwind instrument. Only the Ents spoke Entish as no others could master it. Even the Elves, master linguists , could not learn Entish, nor did they attempt to record it because of its complex sound structure:.

The grammatical structure of Old Entish was bizarre, often described as a lengthy, long-winded discussion of a topic. There may not even have been words for yes and no : such questions would be answered by a long monologue on why the Ent in question did or did not agree with the Ent who asked the question. The Ent Quickbeam was regarded as a very "hasty" Ent for answering a question before another Ent had finished: the end may only have been another hour away. Ents as a rule would say nothing in Entish unless it was worth taking a long time to say. This added a depth of historical development to the Mannish languages. It is there that the most extensive sample of the language is found, revealed to one of the modern-day protagonists, Lowdham, of that story in a visionary dream of Atlantis.

Its grammar is sketched in the unfinished "Lowdham's Report on the Adunaic Language". Quenya instead. Being a skilled calligrapher , Tolkien not only invented many languages but also scripts. Some of his scripts were designed for use with his constructed languages, others for more practical ends: to be used in his personal diary, and one especially for English, the New English Alphabet. It is composed of articles written before the publication of The Silmarillion. Ruth Noel wrote a book on Middle-earth's languages in With the publication of much linguistic material during the s, especially in the History of Middle-earth series, and the Vinyar Tengwar and Parma Eldalamberon material published at an increasing rate during the early s from the stock of linguistic material in the possession of the appointed team of editors some pages according to them , [17] [18] the subject of Tolkien's constructed languages has become much more accessible.

Internet mailing lists and forums dedicated to Tolkien's constructed languages include Tolklang, Elfling and Lambengolmor. Since , there has been an International Conference on J. Tolkien's Invented Languages, part of a series of biennial conferences at changing locations. They are open to everyone with a serious interest in Tolkien's invented languages. Attendees are encouraged to prepare, bring, and deliver a paper on any aspect of Tolkien's languages.

A recent line of study includes hidden religious symbolism in Tolkien's languages. For instance, lembas translates to way bread in Sindarin and life bread in Quenya; the Christian communion bread is referred to as viaticum in Latin meaning "way bread" and bread of life in English. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Constructed languages of British author and philologist J. Further information: J. Main article: Elvish languages Middle-earth. Main articles: Cirth , Sarati , and Tengwar. Further information: Tolkien studies. Tolkien , letter number to W.

Auden , 7 June That sounds like empathy or clairsentience , and precognition! Can we email kameahm gmail. Ok well I have no idea what my psychic ability is and I've researched a lot about it but I just can't find the right one for me…. I first got into psychic abilitys when I got my dolly magazine and it had a box to start with then it would have a question inside of it and if you were to say yes then it would lead you to another box and it would continue until the end where it would have 4 different boxes with different ability and I would always land on telepathy becasue you could start at diferent boxes but all my friends and family members get more then 1 ability but at first I thought that they might have been changing their answers to each question each time until i tried to use my ability and I keep practicing and practicing but it never works and I have no idea what to do.

Please answer. Magazines and tests may be able to catch if you have a specific ability, but the best way to know for sure is to meditate! And once the cool air hit you it was very soothing as well. I know how u feel. I get frequent moments of Deja Vu, but when it happens, I remember the full event that causes the Daja Vu; Even the parts that have yet to take place. An example of this happening, was during a conversation with my friends. I was able to say what they were going to say before they said it On top of that, a friend we haven't seen in a couple years appeared during the conversation and I predicted them too.

They would open their mouths to say something and I would either say it before them or at the exact same time. They found it desturbing, but they all shrugged it off as a big Jinx. I have really strong sense of character. Also I can do many other thigs without meaning to. When i go into a vision my eyes tend to flare ocen blu and I'm scared. I have had many visions a mysterious guy that i feel like I know but I do not. What does this mean? I am scared of this gift.

I also have felt ghost's and spirits and many other supernatural aura's. How do I hone my ablities? How do I figure out who the mysterious guy is? How do I figure out the string of numbers in my head? I'm extremely terrifiedsomething's going to happen in my college years, and I do not know what to do. Can anyone tell me how powerful I am? Over my lifetime i've had lots of those weird things happen that can't be explained really and freak out even skeptics. BUT I've also had spurts of something else that I don't understand, can't control unfortunately , and haven't really even heard of.

I'm hoping someone might have a clue of advice because there is no possible way this is just in my head. Hm how to explain.. Sounds crazy. I sometimes go through a couple months when people think my thoughts but don't know they are doing it. I know what people are thinking but scarily, they say crazy shit that can't just be common thinking, only random stuff that i am thinking that have nothing to do with anything. My sons are the worst! My daughter not so much. I literally can't have a private thought during those periods! Also, I can "call people to me" for lack of better terms. If i make a connection with them in my head by thinking, no matter if we haven't spoken in forever, they one way or another show up.

It's sort of like i have no privacy! I don't know about you, but i don't want my 8yr old knowing what i'm thinking all the time. It's like being psychic but backwards! The worst part is that i have a bad situation in that i can't keep my ex-husband out of my head and he is a huge predator. He chilled out for about a yr and a half but low and behold, i put him in my head processing past damage and poof, he's badgering me threatening to get an attorney again.. He's screwing up my kids. I need to learn how to keep him out of my head. It's time. Right now. He is no joke. Way too powerful! See how that works, and we wish you the best of luck!

Hey there.. I was in similar situation… But gradually after going through all suffering i came to the conclusion that its not they who put thought in your head.. Actually we create our own reality. To stop every thing from bothering you, first of all you need to forgive that person for all their deeds.. If you imagine their welbeing then evenif they pop up.. Try this out.. It will definately help.. Love n light.. You may be projecting your thoughts unknowingly. Thank you very much. I've been working on trying to will him to calm down and for him to not have the desire to attack me, and to heal and relax. But it's not easy because he is extremely powerful too. It's still kind of hard to believe what i tell myself when somehow i still believe what he's thinking first.

Anyway, like i said, working on it. Can't see myself ever doing that again. I hope both of you are able to grow past this experience — it does sound like you two have met in this incarnation for a deep soul reason — and that eventually you are both able to release each other with love. I'm an Aquarius, "control" — of anything, does not come naturally. Silly little miracles. We hope you find a way to explore it without being hindered by your religious background. When I was 3 I lived in a haunted house apparently but my parents moved from the house because supernatural things were happening. I personally know the ppl who live in the house now and have not experienced what my parents and I did in this house the spirit or spirits not sure would be drawn to me my mom would hear foot steps going up the stairs in to my room I told her a name of a lady can't remember what her name is now.

When we moved we were watching tv I turned around and told her Starr street did it… After that I began having night terrors every night some I remembered I would go stiff as a board eyes opened toes curled legs bent and scream and cry I want my mommy is one that I actually was out of my body and could see my mom holding me… I was awake and I lifted my covers and my bed was covered in lil red spiders my mom came up and told me there wasn't anything there but they were there I seen it she had to pretend to kill them which didn't work so I had to sleep in my moms bedroom… I say a name of a person and sometimes they show up in some form….

Everywhere I live I have experienced paranormal activity I feel like maybe I'm possessed electricity goes nuts when I get upset angry…. I have gut feelings all the time and they happen something in my mind tells me that something bad is going to happen and it does… I try to surpress it think it not real I'm having coincidences all the time my cousin sees ghost every where's she lives aswell and I just met her…. The thing that scares me the most is the spirits they scare me and I tell myself it's not real I could write a book on my experiences I've broughten an animal back to life… So sorry this is long but I just don't understand and I know I'm not crazy because I feel smarter than others and feel like no one understands me and I don't understand normal people's actions.

You guys won't answer I feel I'm being scammed and other emails and your messing with me. Hey Amanda, our staff is not always online, so we do try to answer every comment when we are. Feel free to call our toll free number and hopefully we could help you out by connecting you with a psychic who can give you some illumination on your experiences. Hey Amanda, your experiences sound particularly frightening.

Dear Anna, You may not have thought of this, but have you seen a counselor? There might be a counselor at your school that you can talk to. I also can sometimes predict the future but when I am scared a counselor is trained to help me work things out so I can be safe. You should be able to get help with anxiety and not lose any abilities you have for intuition or healing. Woohoo for intuitive wildlife biologists. It really relaxes me. A lot of times my predictions, directions and visions come as I am praying, so I know they are coming from a good source, not an evil one. Harriet Tubman led a lot of slaves out of slavery because she prayed to God, He gave her visions of where to go and how to get money to get there, and she trusted those visions. It is also great to have a relationship with God because you can ask Him for things and if He sees it is for your good, He will give them to you.

He was sure. So I got it! I gave him a thank you card. Then later on, I started talking to a girl and she wanted to help me out by giving me a pillow. When she came out with the pillow, it had purple flowers on it that matched the color of the purple sleeping bag. I had not told her what color pillow to get. I thanked her and am paying it forward by helping others. Now I have my matching pillow and sleeping bag that God gave me just because I needed it and I asked Him and he gave it to me. Take care, Carmen. We wish you the best of luck! I think I may have an ability. And I feel weird and I am afraid to say anything because people think I am Crazy!!!

What does it mean? I felt I knew what to do is. That normal? Never son or felt this loss before? Hi i may have several psychic powers but i need help with what all of them are i have really hi intuition i can tell when something bad is going to happen before it does i have lots of deja vu like i have already seen something when it happens i hear a really high pitched ringing in my ears sometimes. I also have a special gift i cant find information on it anywhere i see white energy around everything i have been told its auras but it cant be its a white energy around vehicles, people, buldings, power poles, etc its around every thing and i do mean everything i have the ability to see ghosts as well i need help i need to know what all of these abilities are please if someone can help me i would be greatful.

I stumbled across this website and I'm glad I did. Since I was 3 or 4 would dream about a man that would try to tell me to wake up and use the bathroom claiming he was my grandfather. Well I never met him as he died when my mother was in her early 20's. When I reached my early 20's I saw the picture of the same man on my grandmothers dresser so I told my mother he used to be in my dreams when I was little.

To this day my deceased relatives come to me in my dreams. Also if I forget something like a telephone number I can go to sleep and get the number while dreaming and that started when I was about 8. I also can feel when someone does not mean well. And I feel a very eerie feeling at night sometimes. One time I almost over slept and I heard my name being called and I woke up just in time. I also had a difficult time passing my LSW exam so I dreamed I got a 97 and needed a 95 and that was exactly right.

I wrote it in my note section of my phone. Also I dreamed about my uncles murder months before it happened and he ended up being murdered when I was in labor with my 12 year old daughter! I have experience with all your symptoms except psychometry. Feel free to share your experiences with our other followers on our Facebook page and Twitter account, Paul! This happened 5 years ago, I had a dream that my granny died and the funeral date was right in my face in red writing "March 13th" and then I seen the funeral.

There were black horse and carriage and a black coffin and pink rose petals coming from the sky she didn't even get a horse and carriage and the girl next door to me was heavily pregnant at the time and she was at the funeral. I looked away from her for a second and when I looked back at her she was holding a baby in a blue blanket. Couple days after that my granny died her funeral was on March 13th and the girl next door had her baby the day of the funeral and it was a boy. Hi there i sense things all da time like sounds devu alot an i also think thing before it happens would i hve a sixth sense. When I was a little girl , I would cry when I felt it coming, I tried to avoid it ,it scared me very much , I never told anyone how I felt and just lived with it,,.

I'm sorry to hear you've had a rough time. We would recommend finding a support group of people with abilities like yours, as well as people around you who can accept you for your abilities without judging you. We wish you all the best! I dnt really knw but i need help to understand about my physic abilities. I always think i understand other ppl better than others The other thing when im looking at a story which someone spks i understand more than he is telling me.

What troubles me is sometimes those pple are well educated than me. Even im reading a bible i heard or like it seems like a revelation to me What stops me is it is not what everyone believes. So wl u tell me pliz what to do or expect. I ws sleeping in my house but widely awake i can hear my kids playing in the room I saw myself crossing a river near i live. That moment i ws in another country not my home country.

I saw our house far away. I ddnt walk i saw my self there. My kids make a noise and i wake up. Having vivid dreams is a good sign! We recommend keeping a dream journal; from our personal experience, they make more sense as time passes! Hi Jackson, we can't really tell anyone what to do or expect in various situations, the best we can do is to advise you to learn more about your abilities and learn more about dealing with people in general. It's good that you don't judge. You don't have to say anything until you feel comfortable or ready to back up what you want to say. It doesn't matter if they're more well-educated than you, in the end we are all equal. We hope the best for you and your journey! I think perhaps the Holy Spirit may be guiding you to a deeper understanding of the Bible?

John ESV. When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come. Just be careful because it could also be an evil force trying to mislead you. Do you feel peace, love, and security when you develop these revelations? Or do you feel uncomfortable, like you are making a bargain with the thoughts because you are too scared to say no. I have been finding that my inner light and intuitive powers have been growing since I became a Christian and opened myself up more to God and good and spurned evil, not making bargains with it, or listening to it speak.

My life is much better now. I still am staying open to new experiences and am still getting rid of the shadows of my old life, where I was surrounded by people who were slaves to evil and were hurting me and others because of it. The Holy Spirit is a great guide. I have always experienced deja vu. I also had dreams at night that I was telekinetic. I could shoot my hand at something and then it would just come to me.

For example I see books on a shelf and my arm would just point at where the books would be and then I would pull my arm back and then the books would just fly out. I also used my powers for other things but only good things not bad. Does this mean I have some kind of psychic power in me? Plz answer!! Those are some wonderful dreams, Julie! Yes, we all have some latent psychic power in us, and it looks like yours is about to wake up! I don't have every signs in the list but as far as I know, I have 2 and Does that mean I may have some sort of psychic ability? I don't really want to have any but I am just curious to find out. To be honest, when I was a young girl I always had this same dream and when I opened my eyes I felt like I was at that place but somehow I know it is a dream Thats because I used to sleep with my mum and although I can't see her in it… I can feel her because she was sleeping right beside me.

As I grew older, I nvr dreamt of that again but I started having deja vu. It is pretty scary… If I were to tell others… they will think I am mental or telling a lie. But I know, I am not. So when I was in my teenage years, there was once I heard a key sound… I don't know how to explain but it sounded like someone was running with keys in the pocket shaking. But obviously, I didn't see anyone About 2 years ago, while I was having my vacation overseas… I heard noises during the night when I was sleeping in the hotel room. I pretended not to hear but I clearly remember I was terrified Somehow, I even knew that it wasn't a bad spirit Honestly, I don't even know if I should call that a spirit or what It is not everytime I have this signs. Sometimes, I just don't feel anything.

You don't have to feel like a mutant when you admit that, everyone has it, and everyone has brushes with it one way or another, it just really depends on each person whether they want to look more deeply into it, and I'm glad you've chosen a braver path! I'd really recommend finding people in your area who have similar experiences so you all have a support group for each other.

Study more about how you can protect yourself and refine your psychic senses, and we hope the best for you on your journey! I have been having trouble lately identifying what in my life is psychic and what isn't. I have looked into these abilities a bit and I know I am psycic but the problem is I also have aspergers syndrome and anxiety. For example somtimes I will get a feeling and just know something is going to happen or something is right, but at the same time it is really hard to pin point if that is a feeling or if it's anxiety. This is also problematic if I am trying to meditate because due to having aspergers my mind can't really be slowed down. Anyway I have had visions, have strong gut feelings and hear sounds.

But most of all I reguarlly vivid dream and my vivid dreams have been continuing the same story since I was about 7. I am 16 now. Aspergers And Psychic Experiences. I'm 11 years old. I died when I was about 2, nobody knew what caused it, it was an unexplained and unknown cause of death, though they shocked me back to life. Ever since then, I could sense if a house was haunted. I also have daja vue ALOT like at least 1 time every days. But its like the daja vue happens and I realised I knew it was going to happen when it happened. But I didnt know it in the past. I also have seen blue orbs, black orbs, and I think I have some sort of connection with ghosts since I died. Does this mean I'm part psychic?

Yes, Kaylyn, it definitely sounds like you're psychic! Maybe the deja vu you get is because you've seen the situation the first time in a dream? You could try keeping a dream journal so you remember them better, and maybe have a better idea where the deja vus come from the next time around! I have some extremely intuitive dreams. Dreams that actually happen a few days later. Lucid dreams, self-awareness dreams— you name it, I had it. Thing is, I never taught myself to have these dreams. Came naturally. I don't think I'm a psychic, but whatever I dream, people have learned to take seriously. Nice part about being semi-conscious in my dreams. Can't control it though. It ranges from 1 time a week, to multiple times a week.

It is what it is. I believe that I am psychic mainly because I have had countless dreams that shows something that happens in the future. When I was like 4 I had a dream about my parents splitting up and I cried to my mom and dad saying I wanted them to stay together and they thought I heard something somewhere but then 3 years later it did in fact happen. And something more recent also happened.

On November 25, I took a nap and I had another dream. It was a lot different but just as vivid. Hey Chloe, thank you for sharing your experiences! Yes, your dreams are powerful stuff. I hope everything turns out for the best! Hey Melissa, that sounds wonderful! Aside from the fact that the people around you who are not yet in touch with their psychic abilities will consider your experiences anything but normal, other people who do experience them may experience them differently have different combinations of them, etc. This is not necessarily so. Hey Snow, it does! You should read up more on all that so you can fine-tune your abilities further! When i was young one day I went to my grandad and asked him if he had a brother and he said he has but he said they have not spoken for many years.

I said to him that he needs to talk to him as i had this tense sense of urgency that something bad was going to happen in my gut. I told he needed to sort things out "before its too late" i quote from the past… two weeks later my grandad's brother died. I can sense someones aura or personality before even talking to him and since i was 9 years old i wondered if i have any phycic abilities please can i have some opinions. Hey Jess, it does sound like you have promising psychic abilities! It would be amazing if you could hone that further to help other people. Another example was wen I was younger, me and my brother had been playing in the street and I had sensed something bad was gonna happen, I turned around as a truck was speeding toward my brother and I ran as fast as I CD and shoved him outta the way.

But you definitely have promise! We encourage you to research more on those terms so get more in touch with your abilities, and then decide what you want to do with them. Best of luck on your journey! When i was Around 8 years old or so, my Great-Grandma died. The night after the funeral i had a dream where i was holding her hand walking through this giant garden and it was all white except the flowers and she was whispering to me that its okay and she'll see me again. Whenever i get hurt or something i can see my body, like i dont see right, its not through my eyes, im looking down at my body.

And i can 'feel' when someone else is near and i know who they are. Am i pyschic or no? Your soul or Higher Self is much larger than your physical body, so you may be seeing through Their eyes when that happens! We encourage you to read more on those terms mentioned to find out more about what you can do about it. A few years ago I had a dream that my husband drowned in a lake. I woke up and told him about my dream. A few minutes later we get a phone call from my father In law. Until this day I feel like i seen it happen in my dream only it was my husband and not the young man that die. Could I have some sort of psychic abilities that i have not discovered yet?

Yes, Sandra, you definitely do! We encourage you to explore that more and keep a dream journal. Unfortunately we're not qualified to interpret dreams, Jonathan, but we encourage you to research more about it, or maybe look for a dream analyst in your area. Or, well, you could call one of our psychics! Must need to know whyt his thing keeps on happening…But when ever i walk through roads and sidewalks and who ever passes by me, Well i suddenly get a name ,Probably of that guy and when i turn around i stare at him for lets say quite a while and then i take a cheap shot and then make a excuse like if he Knows my father or not , So he just told me his name Straight…And im like.. Whoah…And Plus it was the exact name what i thought about….

I'm just wondering if there is such a thing as "knowing" of the future by looking at news related articles or tv reports, and then getting an idea of something and then it coming true. Ps sometimes the "idea" I get has nothing to do with the original story — I tend to pick up things through images or names displayed in the background of the report or article. I've experienced many of these. I honestly didn't know what to do. I knew I was different from other people and now I know. This information was really helpful.

Thank you. I'm glad I got to find out more about myself, I didn't know about. Hey Janges, sorry we couldn't respond to you right away, though we did try to answer some of your questions via online chat. So far we have general advice on how to focus and direct your psychic energy and how to protect yourself. We hope you find the answers to your questions through direct experience soon enough! I often experience many of these things, but I never tell anyone about them because I know alot of people would ask me if I needed a therapist. My parents call me the animal medium because I see, sense, and hear the presence of animals that nobady else can.

I also get premonitions about danger. Most of the time these premonitions are correct. I have been having dreams for many years now. I saw my little cousins assault before it happened and woke up in shambles. My mother told me what happened a few months later and every detail was exact. I can see a person and tell their entire personality. If they touch me I can see more. This is scary. When I was a child people would tell me I had the eye of the Tiger or I was a star child. I hate to dream almost. Its weird. DE ja vou is normal at least once a month. Hey Celeste, we hope that you find the answers to your questions. I was wondering if anyone could possibly give me some advice on what I may have or if its anything at all. I have had experiences with seeing things and hearing things for as long as I can remember.

For example my mother told me when I was about four maybe 5 we were unloading groceries at our apartment complex and there was a bus stop near by she said i was waving at someone and she asked who I was waving at i guess I described an elderly gentlemen who was waiting for the bus. When my dads mom died that night I had a very vivid dream of her and she kept telling me to tell Paul tell Paul. The next day when I called my father to tell him about it he started to cry BC my dad had asked my grandma the day she passed she had fallen into a coma that day if there was anyway to tell him that she was okay and there was something more if she could give him a sign. I wasn't there the day she passed and I lived an hour away and my father didn't mention it to anyone not even my mother and he and my grandma were alone when he asked her that.

I see people who are not there and hear people who are not there the dream of my dead grandma asking me to give a MSG is not the first decest family member who has visited me asking me to tell someone something for them. Im scared all the time of what's lying around the corner. I just want it to go away. Is it possible to stop this? If someone can give me some insight or has the same stuff happen to you i would love to hear from you. If you just need some support, we highly recommend you find a local group in your area, or online communities for now — there are many Facebook groups, as well as individual forums online, that can give you the support you need.

Something strange is happening to me. Is it possible for a spirit to follow you throughout your life? My husband saw the shadows in a mirror the night before. Am I just crazy? How do I get it to go away?? We highly recommend that you talk to a medium or channeler about these figures so you can find closure with them. You can find some of ours, some with schedules posted online, in our psychics roster. We hope you find peace about this matter soon! I was wondering if psychic abilities tend to run in families… For ex. Whenever something bad is going to happen to someone I know and love I get that o erwhelming feeling of freed..

We do not call each other to specofically discuss this but if we are all feeling it, it comes put it n the conversation… Hope that makes sense…. Yes, Wendy, a number of our psychics have inherited their abilities from their families, though there are some that are unique to their family as well! Well, where to start? I would say that psychic abilities definitely run in the family. My grandmother had dreams of 2 of her children dying a few days before it actually happened. My mother has those experiences, as well as me. I also have fairly strong intuition. Sorry for the long post.

Not long at all, Dustin! Hi so before an unexpected event I get a feeling of anxiety and it can really scare me. For instance by the way I am 13 the last time I got this feeling was the day before my cat got run over. The time before that was the day my crush asked me out. Sometimes I get smaller feelings like the day before I get into an argument with my friend and the last time I had one of these 'smaller feelings' was the day before my friends broke up. It is odd because I never remember in the day that I had the feeling the day before so I am completely off guard when it does occur, but I remember a couple of days after and make the connection.

I also experience frequent de ja vu and hear noises that no-one else can hear… And the things have only really started happening recently. And sometimes I feel as if I am in another place but everything is still going on around me. It is like there are no thoughts going on in my brain. I'm not sure if that is a sign or something but yeah…. Hi Beth! Was there a particular event that triggered your sudden sensitivity? The information provided here is very useful. Thanks for sharing this. About me, I usually get deja vu. And like it is said above, I have experienced deja vu countless times. I have wanted to know why I get these deja vu. What is the reason and purpose? If it is something I would want to develop, then what should I do? Also my mom has the higher levels of intuition.

Many a times the things she has predicted to be coming up in and around our locality have really come up. Buildings or establishments. Ofcourse you can put that mostly as common sense. But once she told me that when she was young, and lived with her parents, she had a dream about one of her uncles or some relative who usually comes to her house on a bicycle.

Next day, she got the news that he has passed away. This shows that my mom has psychic abilities too. So is this a familial thing? Like I got it passed down from her? If you want to develop it, general stuff we could advise is to keep a journal of your experiences, preferably only specifically about these psychic experiences, so that your subconscious knows that your conscious self values its input and will be encouraged to open its faculties into your conscious awareness even further. Ok, I'm fairly new at this whole psychic and telepathic ordeal.

When I was younger, I saw a ghost or two near a building that my dad used to work at. Ever since then I was frightened by ghosts and spirits. A few years ago I consulted a psychic medium, and somethings she told me bothered me a bit. One, I'm border line telepathic and two, i have been under psychic attack. I was a very cheerful girl growing up but for about 10 years I had countless accounts of misfortunes. I've always lose something, I have been in terrible relationships pretty much all my previous boyfriends cheated on me even though I never did anything wrong. My father abandoned my family, my cat dies 2 years ago. I usually never remember my dreams but I had one that stood out.

I dont know if the grim reaper helps me out in my dream even though i died in my dream. As for being telepathic, i tested it out yesterday on a guy at work, I looked at his third eye and a few moments later, he looked like someone was watching him. Does that mean that I am telepathic? You can make an account with us and set an appointment up with her yourself, or you can call us to do it for you. Hi, I recently began speaking to someone mltiple times a day. The day before had a dream about a "rainbow colored goldfish being placed into a box and a pic of a man jumping into a wave at the beach".

I waited and held the information for a day and come to find out her "ex husband gave her daughter a beta rainbowfish to fishsit for a weekend" the same exact day! This is just a friend not my gf how does a link like that exist? Hey RG, that is a wonderful mystery our staff is not able to answer, but if you ever decide to consult one of our psychics about it, our Customer Care people will be more than happy to help you! When I was 4 years old, I owned this 48 inch doll. I would always comb her hair and talk to her.

One day my brother and sister-a bit older than me-were arguing and fighting. I got very concentrated on them and their movement. I walked into my room where my doll was standing. She looked at me and put her finger to her lips. She started walking towards my siblings ,and I followed. They didn't seem to notice her. My doll pointed her finger towards them :time stopped. I was in shook. They stood frozen. Then my doll walked back to my room. I tried to ask her what she did and why. She stood still : motionless. I was baffled. I saw that she had a hole in the finger she pointed at my siblings.

I heard my siblings laughing as if they never argued. I asked them about what happened and they said I was crazy. The doll remained with the hole in her finger ,but never did she move again. Now , I find myself thinking about what people might say or what I might see and just like that it happens. I believe there is some sort of power out there. I know it. I have seen it. For example, I imagine a person I haven't seen in a while walking. When I walk in the store or some other place I see them. Other things I just can't explain. I just need to know if there is someone that knows about this. Is this real? Am I insane? That incident with the doll sounds fascinatingly wonderful! Understanding how she was able to turn the negative energy between your siblings into something physical on her finger may be something you could begin to investigate to learn what you need to understand from the experience.

Maybe one of your guides was guiding you, so you would ask questions that would lead to your discovery of your abilities later on. It looks like we may have a community effort going on soon too, so stay tuned for that! Feel free to read through the blog or ask one of our psychics for guidance! And I kept thinking about it for a few weeks then days after that I had a dream that he said that he had one brother and two sisters I didnt really think much about it but I told my friend anyway and then weeks later we were in a lesson with the teacher and he said that he had one brother and two sisters! And so a few weeks later i had a dream that the teacher said that he had one brother and two sisters, I was really creeped out so I told my best mate and she found it pretty strange as well.

But weeks after the dream I was in a lesson with him and he said that he had one brother and two sisters! Hey Grace, that sounds very uncanny! You may be able to relate with those! I can look at people and tell they r pregnant and see the baby and sex without them telling me! I also am drained by others energy. I simply can't even go into large crowds anymore. Wow, Kda! My right ear rings and I want to know more about it. I cannot turn the alter of the sounds off its haunting me and I want to know has there ever been a person who can do this? What kind of telepathy am I and where would I go to get help.

We hope the best for you on your journey, and keep checking back for when we have a post up on telepathy! I think something is Goin on in my dreams thay seem too come true a lot. That sounds like something you should definitely look into, and explore if you can! Hey Janese, see if some meditation can help! We moved and never returned we never went into the house ever again. Hey Michelle, thanks for pointing that out! More power to you, and we hope you continue on your journey! Human have psychic abilities, they are part of whatever else one has and like other talents and abilities, it takes practice and often training to develop them. You may be born with musical talent, but you still have to practice your instrument! Being psychic has precious little to do with making predictions or telling people what to do.

I have so much of rhis going on. At times I feel I need to supress it because it interferes with my life. Other timea I feel I need to develop these things but would not even know where to start. I have no resources.. I feel I may possess significant qbilities. We suggest reading this post on how to develop your psychic powers. Meditation and learning how to protect yourself also helps! Good day. I almost have all that signs but many times, i also denied it. Now, i listed my signs and visions but not to tell anyone about it. I just continue praying and prepare myself to accept of what will happen soon.

That is a powerful story, Shei. I often have a gut feeling that something will happen and it will. Other times I will be thinking of something and the exact opposite happens. Does this mean anything? Try meditation so you can learn to grasp it. What could this be, that we are experiencing? Also, hopefully your grandson remembers these experiences by the time he can talk, so you can ask him yourself what he saw.

We hope all the best for you and your family! I can feel others emotions anger, sadness, fear, happiness, etc. I dream all the time deaths, births, accidents and they come true. I want to understand these gifts and would love to use them for good, but I have no idea where to start. Any help is greatly appreciated and please accept my apologies for this being so long. My birthday was March 1st i just turned 19 I have always had a string intuition as well as being able to predict things before they happen.

I had a dream that a little girl was killed by a semi truck while riding her bike a police officer from the same town as me died while riding a motorcycle he was hit by a semi truck. I had a dream that I slipped by down a flight of stairs two days later my girlfriend slipped down a flight of stairs and badly hurt her ankle we went to the hospital. Lastly I had a dream I was walking with my friends when my phone fell in in a puddle mind you I walking over a bridge with a huge body of water underneath but my phone only falls into a long deep puddle and it stopped working but it all adds up because that same day later on that afternoon my friends that were in my dream were at my house and guess what?

One of them dropped there phones while at work earlier that day In a puddle outside I honestly think I was having the dream While all that was transpiring to her At work I had that dream in the morning around the sametime she said it happened she works in Bridgewater my dream transpired on a bridge then my phone fell in a puddle of water. We highly suggest meditation. My name is Alexis, and I have been experiencing these events many times. During school yes I am still in school school , I would look at someone and know alot about them, with out even talking to them, or about them a total stranger and later I would tell my friends if they know them, and I would be spot on.

I always thought I was abnormal. I am also able to remember lots of things from my dreams, and they are usually in great detail and I have horrible memory in the awake hours , I am able to sense when something bad is gonna happen, and just know things, with out studying, or anything, and it is usually about social or people, not academics. I sometimes hear my name is called, but it never was, and a few minutes later is really is. Deja vu happens alot, and I have lots of gut feeling. I always thought I was going crazy, cause no one I know knows about this, or has it. It is scary sometimes, because when a nightmare happens, and it is realistic, I am afraid it was really something that will happen.

Hey Alexis, we hope you find meaning and purpose from these experiences. What you need to know most of all, though, is that you are definitely not alone, and there are ways to do something about these visions! I can agree with so many that have commented. It is good to know I am not alone and at the same time, maybe not as different as I thought. How do you suggest that I find groups in my area that I can meet up with to share what we have in common. There are non-Facebook groups too, like Spiritual Unite. Situation 1 at 2 in the morning I woke up and dramatically started a fight with my husband. I insisted on going to stay on my grandmothers house till morning. My husband clammed me down and then told me I would startle my grandmother at such an hour.

The next day around dinner time, my mother decided to drive to my grandmothers home because she wasnt answering her phone. My grandmother had passed. The medical examiner estimated she died at 2 am. The time I woke up and wanted to go to her house. I tried to dismiss it as some sort of crazy imagination day dream. The moment I walked in to the door returning from lunch is when my phone rang informing me that my brother had died that morning in a terrible house fire.

I never knew this woman as she was on my cousins fathers side of the family. I woke up and told my husband that I needed to call my cousin because my dream creeped me out. I got up and used the restroom. The text came in while I was I. The restroom. She works overnights so I never call her at 10 am. I told my class to take a break and called her. So what do you think I am dealing with here? Thank in advance for your help. You sound like you have great potential to be a medium. We encourage you to follow your intuition when it strikes, find out what else you can do, and see if you can take classes on it in your area, surrounding areas or online. Or start with basic courses. I have a weird feeling about my life, all life, and all of the universe.

I am a spirit simply stuck in a vessel wanting to travel. I get very, anxious. I am with animals most of the time, I talk to plants, the moon, the sky. Everything contains some sort of feeling and aura that I love. This universe that contains so many beings and amazing things and what time is and what has existed before the universe and all time. I just need to be alone. I feel this constant feeling of some kind of frequency like screaming or loud static on a TV and the stress never goes away, I feel strongly for equality and one of my biggest triggers are people who sexually assault.

Consent is the most important thing to me, and any kind of oversexualizing of any woman or any man seeing a woman as just an object to have sex with and not see as another soul or being I get very angry. An anger I feel whenever one is disrespected? But then I know both men and women can objectify a being. A female had touched me sexually when I was only five. Nothing feels simple, everything is a loud static sound and an extremely anxious feeling wherever I go. I have a lot of trouble sleeping. I love being alone, tranquility, peace. Everyone is equal in my eyes. As long as my family and animals are healthy and happy. It goes back to questions of the universe and the significance of our lives and what everything is how unique it is of how everyone learns to communicate or just do things in a cultural norm or doing everything the same every day.

What are days? The concept of days, years, months, minutes, hours? Why does this exist? Everyone and every living being is equal. From an ant to an elephant to a human or a beetle. Plants, animals, water, the universe. Everything is beautiful. The ways beings have learned to cope with other life in the universe. What am I? When I was a child, I used to draw people before they visited me, or my house, before I knew who they were. I also seen spirits, who were once human beings but are now gone.

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