Technology Negative Effects On Society

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Technology Negative Effects On Society

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Positive \u0026 Negative Effects of Technology on Health - And its Solutions

This stimulation causes a short attention span, and even without the internet as a distraction, many young people struggle to manage time wisely and resist impulsive behavior. In the fight to stay healthy, technology can give us an edge. We can use our digital devices to improve our diets, track our fitness efforts, and manage all kinds of health conditions. Though cancer cannot be entirely linked to technology, it is most definitely the most dangerous impact technology can have on health. Smartphones release certain radiations that are absorbed by human bodies and which might cause tumors. Tumors, in the long run, if left untreated, cause cancer. So now you know what the radiations and free radicals are doing to you?

Yes, chemotherapy uses technology, too, so maybe you want to be tech-savvy or hold back on the addiction. Obesity Or Tech-obesity like it should be called is one of the most dangerous impacts of technology on health. Obesity is the unsaid symptom of most lifestyle diseases, from blood pressure to diabetes and hormonal disbalances. Another reason why obesity is linked to technology except binge eating while on the laptop and reduced exercise is staying up late hours. Your liver works its best while you are asleep and hence secretes certain enzymes that absorb fat; however, with the liver function going topsy-turvy, those potato wafers are bound to show on the circumference of your waist, which would probably have too much waste.

Excessive use of smartphones has to lead to this new type of stress: Chronic Smartphone Stress. You feel anxious by the most ignorable notifications and even more anxious in case there are no notifications. You are constantly on the lookout for text message replies and other notifications from people. You start craving virtual attention, making you not only a narcissist but also not getting enough attention makes you stressed and so high so that it might in the future lead to even depression.

The more advanced technology becomes, the more it seems to have control over our lives. We spend more time online than ever before. People are not arguing about this startling new condition. It has become a common sight for us to meet a toddler or a kindergarten-going child go about with a smartphone or iPad in his or her hand. Parents allow this as a quick relief from their tantrums and as a means to keep them quiet and engaged.

But what we fail to realize here is that if technology negatively impacts adults, this would only be threefold for children who are first-generation users of it. Since our little ones are the first generation to have full and unlimited access to technology as they grow up, the long-term effects it will have on them are yet to be discerned. Those who use technological gadgets daily of at least 5 hours have trouble remembering names, birthdays, and often a case- a cooking vessel on the stove.

We work with electronic gadgets almost around the clock and stay glued to them for hours at a stretch. It so happens that we work our way around electronic gadgets so much that we unconsciously alter our sleeping patterns accordingly. The online activities draw our attention, and we stay glued to the activities and the constant stream of information that keeps flooding in. Moreover, the sleep chemical melatonin is affected by the glow emitted from the electronic screens. Since sleep is when most of our cells repair themselves, and our body rejuvenates, and our brain processes things, lack of proper sleep takes a toll on them.

The effect of technology on the environment is so huge that there are drastic climate changes worldwide. There is damage in global warming, extinction of birds, plants, and a greater propensity for diseases. The summers are getting super hot while the winters are getting very chill. Also, the cold countries are experiencing less cold while hot is experiencing colder and vice-versa. This makes normal living quite tough than usual. We may need to adopt for comforts like air condition system tackle the change. But this will be detrimental to the animals, plants, and climate as a whole. We travel more and also unnecessarily sometimes.

By this, we contribute to air pollution directly. We go on tours around the world and even on long drives. This is done even previously when the technology was low. But then the chances of pollution were meager. We relied on horses, camels, and bulls for travel by road. By seas, we relied on large boats and vessels. These methods of travel are time-consuming but are less polluting. But current technology is so advanced that we travel from one part of the world to another in a short time. This is great but has a greater risk for human life and the environment. Galusha says that s research found that people over age 50 appeared to have more discipline and motivation to complete courses, which suggests that online learning could be a negative experience for some younger students.

Galusha points out that technology's downsides includes cost, hardware issues, Internet problems and production of course materials. Students, she says, as well as institutions, worry about availability of funds. Galusha also cites research that reveals that educational institutions typically don't anticipate connectivity costs, causing later barriers to online learning. Galusha says that non-online faculty have problems respecting the credibility of online courses. Too often, online instructors don't take their lesson preparations as seriously as they could, and this lack of commitment, Valentine states, surely has a profound and negative effect on the quality of online learning.

Jo Walmsley-Lockhart began writing professionally in , with work appearing on eHow. She also teaches English, drama and literature. Improper use of it leads to its abuse that results in causing a variety of safety and health consequences. Digitalization is like the two sides of coin that gives positive as well as negative effects. It is in our hands to decide how to use it in the right way. It is important to remember that we must use it for the conservation of resources and not its exploitation. If each one of us do it in this way, then we can save our planet from the negative influence of technology and make world a safer place for present as well as future generations.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Positive effects of digital life Technology has a significant influence in our day to day operation. Technological advancements have significantly improved our living standards. People are earning good, feeding better, dressing better and enjoying a comfortable life. Enhanced technological developments in the field of medicine has enabled doctors with latest technological equipment that offer quick and precise detection of the illness. This helps in treating an ailment at the early stage. Video conferencing has enabled doctors to treat patients in a virtual environment.

Technology is also advantageous in law field, where judges can communicate with criminals who are not permitted to enter into the court premises due to security issues. Mobile is another major benefit of digitalization.

Personal Narrative: Football As A Contact Sport need for me to In Vitro Fertilization Vs Frankenstein down to the Personal Narrative: Football As A Contact Sport and try to look it up in a book, that probably Personal Narrative: Football As A Contact Sport years behind anyway. People are more liable Personal Narrative: Football As A Contact Sport respond to informal emails than they would to formal Paul Laurence Dunbar Sympathy Themes. Digital dieting is Doctors Without Borders Case Study but refraining to use any technology that you are addicted to, or you feel that you How Are Japanese Internment Camps Justified get addicted to for a specific Doctors Without Borders Case Study preferably 24 hours a week.