Rhadia Ecological Model Essay

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Rhadia Ecological Model Essay

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Since Brofenbrenner established this framework in , the model has continued to be used and adapted enabling more depth and understanding. Every child is recognised by the ecological perspective to be an individual. The model does therefore not automatically make any assumptions that every child experiences the same surrounding networks. With every child being unique, so is there surrounding environment. For one child the outer influences may be far more direct or have a greater impact. To be able to fully understand children and young people, It is essential that their family environment, there location of community and the way society is structured, is fully understood.

Working to this understanding would enable the framework Brofenbrenner established. The direct impact of factors such as poverty, leads onto the next concentric circle of community and society. Factors such as the neighborhood the child or young person is living in, need not directly affect them if they have a positive family environment. Working in a way which supports the social ecological model can have a positive impact onto children, young people and their families. Families who experience poverty can feel that they are to blame and it is due to their own failings. It would appear that the benefits of the social ecological perspective is widely acknowledged across the United Kingdom and is underpinned by legal framework. The article outlines the nature and development of the debate about deviance and violence in schools in England.

It explains disciplinary differences in the use of terminology. The focus is on summarising the most recent evidence about the nature and extent of these issues. Policy and practice developments targeted at reducing problem behaviour in and around schools are discussed. The article With these polices in mind, it appears that the importance of the social ecological framework have been addressed yet not all practitioners and professionals actively embrace this perspective. In practice, the framework can be used as a constant reminder of a fact that in the social work system is not always practiced; the child is at the centre. The importance of the child or young person is paramount.

Children can grow up imprinted with perspectives that have been pushed onto them, intentional or not. If perspectives have been negative, it is likely to affect the overall wellbeing of the child. A practitioner can ensure that families are aware of how much a child is impacted by actively engaging in discussions about wider issues such as the community they live in and how society reflects onto them. On reflection parents may acknowledge the direct impact of their personal views and adapt the way they inflict them onto their children. The wellbeing of each child should be viewed individually. A strong affecting factor for one child may be a non existing factor for another.

One child may live with extreme fortune but face the affects of social exclusion, on the other hand, a child and their family may be in the depths of poverty, but have a solid network built around them. For both children, their wellbeing is being affected. With the understanding that social exclusion can affect a child or young person as much as poverty, practitioners must embrace outreach onto the wider society.

Outline current policies and legislation relating to children and how these affect your practice. Parental rights duties and As identified by Gill and Jack , cited by Rixon , p. Numerous refugees arriving in Australia with little to no speaking English is an essential barrier that many refugees face. This means that refugees need the support to find a solution to tackle their issue of writing and speaking English.

Homelessness in Children Homelessness in children is a serious widespread problem that causes vulnerability and anxiety in children due to the lack of stability in life. Children without permanent homes are also more susceptible to severe and chronic health problems. The plot examines the challenges the Tillerman children faced while being homeless, and issue that still exists today. They are still young and have no job, so they are cannot support their life, and when a baby born, they become a poverty families that is causing a child poverty.

Another cause is parents with lower levels of education, so they do not have much choice of a job where they can work and earn some money to feed a family and all the household expenses. These child poverty will never have a good food to eat, good clothes to wear, and a good education like everyone else in a wealthy family. The following quote I found is. Due to the very low-income budgets, many of the African Americans within these communities are not exposed to healthy food options nor are they able to afford many of the prices. I personally love Trader Joes, however, the average African American family cannot afford to buy organic groceries on a regular basis. There is very distinct difference in the quality of life amongst those afforded the opportunity to purchase healthier foods as oppose to those whom are.

Taking this research into consideration, the prevention of child abuse requires acknowledging outside factors affecting homes globally like poverty. The current approaches on child abuse, while effective,. It is very difficult for a poor or working class person who grew up in an urban ghetto to rise out of poverty for multiple reasons. Resources are limited to the poor and working class.

Parents are forced to send their children to the local schools because they cannot afford to send their children to better school districts. With the lack of resources these children are forced to fall below academic standard which makes it extremely difficult. The effect of parents bringing kids into poverty are endless because there are endless reasons why people are in poverty. Kids do not make money or if they are old enough to get a job they still don't pay all the bills or have to provide for other people.

The parents are the main source of income for these kids in poverty, it does not mean it was their fault because they could have lost their jobs or have been in poverty for their entire lives. There are parents who are at fault because of their drug addiction, lack of managing money, or because they do not consider their kids in their. Some are discriminated by others and feel lonely, pessimistic. The rate of those who have psychological problems is up to sixty percent.

Without parents company, many kids cannot communicate with others properly and they cannot guard against dangers from the society such as drowning and traffic accident because they barely know anything about the laws and basic human rights and how to protect themselves when they are tangled into a crime or danger. They start to have a deep hostility to the society.

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