Knapps Relational Development Model

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Knapps Relational Development Model

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Knapp's Relationship Development Model

Although it presumes that interpersonal relationships will progress through these stages at one time or another, the model is more descriptive in nature because it explains what has already happened better than it predicts exactly what will occur in the future. It is also quite intuitively credible because it is practicable and usable. Another reason this model appears to be more humanistic is in the vagueness of the stage identification.

Ideas and Implications: The relational stages model is useful to apply in all situations in which interpersonal communication occurs. It is relevant for romantic as well as platonic or same-gender relationships. The model also helps couples understand why there are discrepancies in what each partner is wanting from the relationship. When a person wants to move up a stage in his or her relationship, it probably means that he or she wants to increase positive feelings derived from being with the other person.

When one partner wants to move down a stage, it usually means he or she wants to decrease certain negative feelings that come from being involved with the other. Example: The following is a tangible example of the model of relationship development created by Knapp. Where do you go? I think I love you. What happens to you happens to me. This is one area where I am not like you at all. Estimated Reading Time: 10 mins. Knapps developmental relationship model is broken down by 10 steps; 5 coming together and 5 coming apart. Home xxx Knapps developmental model. Developmental Knapps Model. You might like Bi Ficken Deutsch Girlfriend Cocksucker Terminating which come under the Termination model The first stage is the initiating stage.

This stage is very short. Subjects involved in this stage try to make a favorable first impression and observe the other subject through their mannerisms and body language. The second stage is the experimenting stage. Subjects involved in this stage try to find out more about each other. They ask questions about their backgrounds, personalities and culture. If they have that special chemistry, they move on to the next stage. Otherwise, they remain in the second stage as acquaintances.

The third stage is the intensifying stage. The relationship becomes more friendly and personal and disclosure of feelings to the other party becomes more prevalent. There is also a heightened expression of affection between the subjects involved. It is in this stage that people begin to further their relationships from "just friends" to something more romantic and committed. Methods to further their relationships include subtle hints and asking the other party for approval to take their relationship to the next level. The fourth stage is the integrating stage. This is the stage where two become one. The two individuals come to be seen as a unit than two separate individuals.

There is a more physical display of affection and there may be a public declaration of how far the relationship has gone. The fifth stage is the bonding stage which basically is the stage where the relationship becomes legalized and formalized. Subjects may engage in public rituals such as marriage and engagement.

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