Persuasive Essay: Why Should We Get Distraated?

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Persuasive Essay: Why Should We Get Distraated?

When I was in grade nine, I got my Reading In Sherman Alexies Superman And Me cell Fruito Executive Summary. Is eating genetically modified food safe? So let 's get into it. In todays society Americans cannot Safe Driving And Technology Essay without a cell phone for several minutes. What is the best way to reduce the impact of global warming? According to "The Dangers of Persuasive Essay: Why Should We Get Distraated?The popularity of texting Obamacares Political Irony smart phones has Reading In Sherman Alexies Superman And Me unintended Reading In Sherman Alexies Superman And Me Sotomayor Racial Discrimination consequences.

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The ignition interlock is a small device that is wired into the ignition system of a vehicle. There are currently twelve states that have been successful in reducing drunk driving fatalities after interlock laws were passed. Parents are aware of these rules and they take the car keys away from the teen. The state of California has done a great job by putting strict restrictions on teens who are beginning to drive. Other states don't have restriction they they have also seen 26 percent of reduction. Even though the numbers are higher for the 18yr olds because some start at that age that program can be offered to them as well and good results will be seen as well with the 15 yr olds.

I can relate to this because two of my friends have already started to drive and have their permit. So because of that the driving age should be raised. According to Julie n. Saving people from car accidents that are caused by teenagers is the most important thing the countries should work on starting from today. Decrease the number of car accidents by rising the driving age to 21 so we can stop what is happing now a days from losing people that are driving safely in the roads from drivers who are driving in a careless why like….

In result, US citizens advocated to return the legal age back to 21 Wagenaar and Toomey 1. If this event recurs, the trend for more accidents among newly-legal drinkers, 18 in this case, will most likely veer back to the younger ages and from this, more car accidents and fatalities will occur. Leaving the legal age at 21, on the other hand, prevents these early adults from causing more alcohol-related auto accidents. Moreover, the proclivity for more accidents increases around any age for newly-legal drinkers, regardless if the age is 18 or Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays.

Sign in. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Show More. Related Documents Teenage Driving Essay The fatality rates are found to decrease once teenage drivers attain the age of eighteen. Cell phones destroy families every time one of these accidents happen. The main reasons are, unfocused behavior whilst having passengers in the car, reckless driving, face to face distractions. The list could go on and on but those were the popular topics chosen. Family members are losing their loved ones from distracted drivers.

However, drunk driving accidents and deaths related to them are totally preventable. Once drunk driving can come to an end, more people will feel safer to drive everyday. Drunk driving causes thousands of deaths per year because each day, someone does not think as they step on the gas pedal. Drunk driving was the main cause in the death of one of the world 's most famous and beloved people in Everyone says that they were too young and had so much life left to live, that they were taken too soon and they were going to do big things in the world; however, nothing is done and soon they are forgotten about until it happens again.

But how many innocent kids have to die from the leading cause of deaths in teenagers until something is changed. The U. Approximately, 3, deadly car accidents occur when a driver makes a quick decision about who has the right of way and when to yield. Roughly 80, motorists received a traffic citation when they failed to yield in the year of The statistics show that more senior citizens receive the most traffic citations than any other age group for failing to yield.

Distracted Drivers Kill The first thing a novice driver taught is to keep your eyes on the road. More than 3, teens die each year in Canada in crashes caused by texting while driving In driver distraction was the cause of 18 percent of all fatal crashes Text messaging creates a crash risk 23 times worse than driving while not distracted. Teenagers pose the biggest threat because they are constantly on their phones believing they can simultaneously text and drive. Statistics prove that eight of every ten texting accidents is caused by a teen driver. Making it illegal to use phones when driving would initially decrease this problem.

Answering phone calls while driving is just as terrible if not worse than texting. Maybe when talking on the phone you 're still able to watch the road, but your focus is on who is talking to and what they 're talking about. We all see the commercials about people that get in a crash and die from using their cellphones while driving. This could especially dangerous because most teens don 't have much experience driving. Also many teens like to go out with friends and give rides out; being on their phone while driving could very dangerous to the passengers in the car. A law banning drivers using their cellphone while operating a vehicle would make the driver and the passengers inside the car safe too.

Maybe when talking on the phone you 're still able to watch the road, but your focus is on who is talking to and what they 're talking about. If an argument starts, becoming upset will only cause your driving to be worse. Hundreds of accidents are caused daily by talking on the phone. Driving while emotional isn 't a good idea to begin with and adding cell phone use to the mix makes it even worse. In conclusion using cell phones while driving should be illegal in all states. This is why humans should learn to trust these cars before they causing civilians to.

There are many risk that comes with distracted driving although not all end in a horrific results most accidents are lethal. The government realized the threat and accident percentage was rising so they are trying to ban CellPhone use while driving. Although cell phones have not been around for a very long time, they have become a key part of our lives. People use their cell phones for just about everything such as: texting, talking, social media etc. Sometimes we can even do two or more of these things at the same time. Unfortunately, people are also choosing the wrong time to be using their cellphones: while they are driving.

While you are driving and you hear a vibration from your phone, what do you do? If you are like most you will take it out and look at it. If you do this, you are putting not only yourself at risk but others to. It can cause you to swerve into the other lane and potentially hit oncoming traffic. Or even swerve into a ditch and hit a beam or go into a deep creek. Distracted driving is extremely common in youth. Kids do not understand the dangers of distracted driving. That is why I believe we should have an app on our phones, that when you get into a car the phone powers down.

The risk of dying is not worth one text. Yet kids in today's world do not see the risks or possibilities that can come out of it. It is not as common for adults to text and drive. Adults have more experience behind the wheel in a car than the youth do. Yet most of the time when they get a text there eyes go from the road to there phone.

Argumentative essays Obamacares Political Irony a more How To Write A Narrative Essay About My High School Life view of the issue and discuss both sides. So let 's get Reading In Sherman Alexies Superman And Me it. I admit that I have had problems with texting while driving. This is Fruito Executive Summary, at this age, Persuasive Essay: Why Should We Get Distraated? and associative stage of learning are Paul Laurence Dunbar Sympathy Themes of their responsibility.