Examples Of Sexism In Disney Movies

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Examples Of Sexism In Disney Movies

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Female Stereotypes in Disney Films

Ariel, a mermaid princess, wants to experience the human world, but her father forbids her. She falls in love with Prince Eric after saving him from drowning, and makes a risky deal with Ursula, a sea witch. Ariel get legs in exchange for her voice and has to make the prince love her back within three days, or else she'll be returned to mermaid form and become Ursula's slave. Ariel undergoes a physical transformation in order to have a chance with Prince Eric, which involves literally giving up her voice.

It underscores the point that a woman's most important life goal is to find a man to marry, and that being quiet and docile is an effective way to achieve that. The film also emphasizes an impossible standard of beauty, and the idea that "women are always in competition with each other," Schreiber said. Despite being a savvy businesswoman and a powerful sea witch, Ursula is considered unattractive. Ursula wants what Ariel has: a traditional and youthful feminine identity. Towards the film's end, Ursula uses her magic to appear on land as the svelte, raven-haired "Vanessa," and makes Prince Eric agree to marry her.

This emphasizes that women's personalities are interchangeable. The man everyone is fighting over seems to only be moved by looks, and he ultimately falls in love with Ariel, a woman who can't talk back. Parents can start by asking their children how it would feel if they couldn't express themselves anymore, said Jennifer Burton, a filmmaker and professor at Tufts University. This gives kids a chance to think about what it means to use their words, and to advocate for something they care about. Ariel's desire to explore life on land is an opportunity to talk about what it might be like to engage with, and love, people who are different It's also an optimal moment to talk about beauty, and what your children love and don't love as much about themselves.

Likewise, Ariel's decision to defy her father is a chance to ask a child how they feel when an adult tells them they can't do something, and how they can manage those feelings. There's room here to acknowledge Ariel's courage and her curiosity as she collects and studies objects like an archaeologist. After Cinderella's father dies, her stepmother and stepsisters make her their servant. A fairy godmother makes it possible for Cinderella to attend the palace's ball — but only until midnight.

The prince falls in love with Cinderella, but she leaves before he learns her name, and she loses one of her glass slippers in her hurried exit. The prince then searches the kingdom for the one woman whose foot will fit the tiny, delicate shoe. The impossible expectations also preclude Cinderella from expressing how she really feels about her desperate situation. Parents can ask children how they would feel and react if they were victimized like Cinderella. This can spark a discussion on everything from how to treat people in your family to how to handle teasing. There's also an opportunity to praise how Cinderella doesn't ever question her self-worth. Jennifer Lee, chief creative officer of Disney creative studios, often credits Cinderella as having taught her that if someone is tormenting you, it is not a reflection of the victim, but of the bully.

If your children have seen "Frozen" or "Moana," then "Cinderella" also offers a helpful prompt to talk about what it means to save yourself from a challenging situation, as opposed to relying on someone else to make your problems go away. Whenever discussing prince-saving-the-princess tropes, keep in mind that it's just as important to have these conversations with your sons as well. You can emphasize that women's stories can exist outside of the context of being coupled, whether to a man or a woman. It's also an auspicious moment to teach your children to question any story that insists on certain roles for boys and girls. Princess Jasmine is told that she must find a prince to marry so she can eventually assume the throne.

But Jasmine does not want to marry for any reason other than love. While disguised as a commoner, Jasmine meets Aladdin, a street thief, who falls in love with her. Aladdin meets a genie who grants him three wishes, and he asks to become a prince so he may marry Jasmine. Towards the end of the animated version of "Aladdin," Jafar, the conniving advisor to the Sultan, captures Jasmine and makes her into what can only be conservatively read as a sex slave. Jasmine is stripped of all autonomy in both versions of Aladdin. She is not allowed to rule the kingdom on her own.

In the live action remake, she is at least given a song, "Speechless," to vent her frustrations and insistence that she won't have her independence taken away. While a discussion about sex trafficking might be premature, Jennifer Burton said that "Aladdin" could prompt an age-appropriate conversation about the idea of "owning" another person and why forcing someone into doing something they don't want to do is never acceptable. Much like "Beauty and the Beast," there's also an opening to introduce the idea of consent, even in a way that does not explicitly refer to sex.

This comes up with Jasmine's enslavement, and the genie's lack of freedom. While Jasmine is "scantily clad" for a Disney heroine, she was able to wear pants, Burton pointed out, which was something no female Disney protagonist had ever done before. A simple gesture allowed viewers to reimagine a princess who may not ascribe to a traditional standard of femininity. Even when forced into being a sex slave, Burton noted that Jasmine always "maintains a sense of herself.

Sure, some scenes are cringe-worthy, but there is merit to revisiting classic Disney princess films. Besides the fact of the main female character having a bra made out of seashells, one of the examples of a sexist theme is that she oppressed by the men in this movie, one being her father. The oppression of her father's rules on Ariel is so great she then resorts to rebellion, and he was one of the reasons Ariel had gone to Ursula. Another example of sexism in the Little Mermaid was the scene when Ursula was basically telling Ariel that women don't have to use words, when she wanted Eric to notice her, because that wasn't what men noticed in a women.

Not only is Ursula putting on makeup, symbolizing that women have to look good every five seconds, she is also saying that all you have to do is use body language to get the man, and then proceeds to sing a whole song about it. The Little Mermaid not only has men as powerful figures but also states that women are only good for their looks. In Snow White , there are also some sexist theme popping up. Snow white represents almost all the princesses by being passive and not having any real ambition at the start of the movie.

One example of an underlying sexist theme is the fact the in the first few seconds of seeing this prince, which she flees from at the sight of him at first, she falls in love with him. Her falling in love in the few seconds of being with him makes a comment that all girls are just as foolish as her falling head over heel in love with a man without knowing who he is. Another example of a sexist theme is the Queen herself. The Queen is obsessed with being the most beautiful of them all, and not the most intellectual or the one who has the best personality. She also is so bent up about it she disguises herself as an old women to be the most beautiful.

The Queen of this movie is basically saying women are desperate and should focus on the outside beauty. Unlike Snow White , the Princess and the Frog 's Tiana is a head strong women who has a purpose at the beginning of the story. However the Princess and the Frog still has some sexist qualities to it as well, one being the environment. One example is a supporting character Charlotte La Bouf, who is desperate to have a prince for her own.

She defies everything a women should be, that being she is dependent on her father even after she is grown, has everything on a silver platter for her, and also she believes that wishing on a star can solve her problems. Another example is that even though Tiana is a working women and has goals of running her won restaurant, she still throws them away for her to be able to be with Naveen, the man she is in love with. All movies deal with sexist themes while looking at them through the feminist looking glass.

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