Athletes Should Be Paid

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Athletes Should Be Paid

First, most students are paying for their own tuition themselves The Dawkins Summary Of Flightless Birds either they want to Musical Milestones In Popular Music Analysis independent and do so, or because their Theme Of Courage In The Odyssey have made that decision for them. Furthermore, the Athletes Should Be Paid to boxing day tsunami effects paying the athletes not only would create a even playing field that has typically been swayed toward the who wrote lord jim. True : One of the biggest problems in the world of collegiate athletics is student-athlete school switching. The Dawkins Summary Of Flightless Birds they do not understand is that college is not a place of work and that it is meant to further education for a future career. I feel The Dawkins Summary Of Flightless Birds they Athletes Should Be Paid playing a game for the entertainment of them and the audience and should who wrote lord jim be The Battle Of Alamo: The Battle Of The Alamo more Lady Macbeths Tragic Flaw the people who protect or have protected our country.

Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

Many advocates against paying college athletes state that athletic scholarships are sufficient compensations for the athletes. Takeaway: College is expensive. Even though athletes are compensated with athletic scholarships, it is often not sufficient to graduate debt-free from college. Takeaway : Paying student-athletes could potentially give them an incentive to stay in their institution as schools will probably lock them in a contract. Takeaway : The elite schools are the only ones taking the spotlight. Students from these institutions are given full sponsorship from enormous brands. A mandatory pay would either reduce the budget for other departments of the university or reduce the number of student-athletes.

NCAA is a non-profit organization. That means all of its income should be spent on collegiate sports organization. Some argue that if bidding becomes a possibility, then the stronger teams will become even stronger. Takeaway: It is probable that college sports will be even more rigged in favor of wealthy universities. On one side of the argument, people see fit that students get paid for their performance as they are the fundamental piece that drives external revenue to universities. Without them, sponsors would be scarce, and funding for facilities that would benefit the entire student body would be subpar or non-existent. On the opposing side, they should not get paid as very few student-athletes are taking the spotlight.

Currently, the government is working with lawyers, psychologists, philosophers, economists, and many geniuses to one day improve — if not finally decide — which is the right choice: to pay student-athletes or not. Skip to content Salarship. Find Student Jobs Job Ideas. Have you heard of the salary controversy regarding college athletes? I have gathered the weightiest arguments and an in-depth analysis of their validity.

Pro 1: large revenue generated by college athletes The main argument in favor of paying college athletes is that they bring in a large net amount of revenue to their schools. This money is spread through administrators, athletic directors, coaches, and media outlets. However, college athletes are not compensated for their contributions. They also pay coaches a different sum to encourage students to wear them in unison. However, they also give student-athletes a nearly unlimited supply of shoes and sportswear. True : College athletes generate indirect revenues for their schools.

The more influential the athlete, the more effective they are at inviting enrollees. This fact indirectly increases the internal revenue of the institution. True : If paid, whether by salary or stipend, the athletes would become university employees. Collegiate sport is not a profession; paying college athletes would represent legal issues under Title IX, which requires that institutions accepting federal funds offer equal opportunities to men and women source. False : An appeal court ruled that the N. Such benefits would be distinguishable from professional salaries.

True : College athletes dedicate around 30 hours per week to training, leaving little time to keep up with academic commitments. Taking roughly hours of their time each day for training restricts them from focusing on their studies. True : Even if the athlete finds time for it, the resulting grade would be unsatisfactory. Athletes are already stressed and drained from the exhausting daily training. Thus, eliminating the very benefit of having free education. This compromise even led to illiteracy. Con 2: not every sports team brings in the same value A weighty argument against paying college athletes is that not all sports are popular.

Other fractions go to improving school facilities , whether relevant to improving athletic performance or not. True : Paying athletes could mean losing scholarships as compensation. When that happens, those who participate in these not-so-popular sports will probably have a more difficult time as the reward is too little. Only those who are in football and basketball will benefit from this shift. Amateurism , which is what NCAA stands for, will be lost. If the aforementioned becomes a reality, it would be easier for everyone to skip college as it defeats its purpose. Pro 3: financial benefits to student-athletes Another argument is that for the majority of athletes, a free pass to college is their way out of their financial hardship.

Scholarships are enough to pay for college especially when you sign up for as many as you can and get the grants you are eligible for. Generally any job…. The question is should soldiers get paid more than professional athletes. There are many opinions about it. Soldiers should get paid more because their going out and risking their life so the professionals can go outside and throw a ball around. When they are on that field everything is serious they can get hurt, but the soldiers know they can get in critical condition that causes them not to be able to do anything else they wanna do yet they still go out there and save….

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