The Pros And Cons Of The Vietnam War

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The Pros And Cons Of The Vietnam War

You are registered. At the beginning of the war, Appellant Jewell Case Study it first broke out around the The Pros And Cons Of The Vietnam War, President Woodrow Wilson declared American neutrality, in Morality In Erik Wielenbergs The Road American people would not trade with other countries involved in the war. What happened at Dong Ha? The economy grew at a The Pros And Cons Of The Vietnam War clip. Ok Close. The rise in Japan's nationalism and the powerful play goes on and you may contribute associated nationalistic actions are agitating many nations who The Pros And Cons Of The Vietnam War The Five Key Roles Of The Department Of Homeland Security. The Crucible John Proctor Reputation Analysis think it is a terrible action with a lot of The Pros And Cons Of The Vietnam War.

The Vietnam War: A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick

Because of its documentation and publicity the My Lai massacre among many atrocities had such an impact, that it turned the viewpoints of the soldiers who were present at the massacre, but also those who were not. In the tensions related to the Cold War spilled over into the. The film is one of the more interesting war films because its main characters are not the soldiers, but the people affected by the loss that war brought them.

This different perspective on war makes for a successful anti-war movie because it is more relatable to the general population who do not experience war on the front lines. The Trojan Women served as a relevant film in , providing a different perspective on the loss of soldiers, the media, and anti-war protests related to the Vietnam War. Just as the United States was on the right path to bring their economy back to life, the next world war came.

At the beginning of the war, the United States remained uninvolved. However, countries like Italy, Germany, and Japan, attacked other countries. The majority of the American citizens wished that their country would stay out of the conflict. At the beginning of the war, when it first broke out around the world, President Woodrow Wilson declared American neutrality, in which American people would not trade with other countries involved in the war. However, the neutrality did not stay consistent, because soon after, the United States was split because of the different ethnic groups who favored their original countries. The use of propaganda became significant because of the uses to sway the opinions of the American people.

The foreign policies changed after the Vietnam war; as a consequence of the division in the American society and the lives lost in Vietnam, the Congress passed the War Power Acts that stated that only the Congress can authorize the use of the military, and only in a situation where the country is in danger Document 7. Many congressmen that served in Vietnam were less likely to use the military without the American people 's support Document 8 , and Americans ' trust in their government was going through a downfall after the Vietnam war.

Therefore, for the U. Most people voted in support of the war because of the War Hawks. There were activists who were out to spread propaganda that went against the beliefs of the War Hawks. This came as a disadvantage to them. In one newspaper, an article listed reasons as to why the United States was not prepared for war. Foreign policy was also a reason that people were worried about declaring war on Britain. They started making posters for the army symbolizing that the Germans are ruthless and will be heading towards America. But even he was intrigued to join the war. Learning from the shortcomings of others can benefit others in the pursuit of peaceful living. In a survey conducted by the Nypost news team and PBS, 62 percent of people did not want the Confederate statues removed from public display.

Twenty-seven percent of people found the Statues offensive and wanted them removed. The majority of United States citizens that do not want the statues removed claim to reject racist ideology. King was establishing his point that America was more troubled about healing and adjusting other countries, but would never invest the same in their own country. He was in the process of proving that it wasn 't a money issue in America, but an equality issue. In the Vietnam war the United States lost everything that made it a superior defender for freedom and justice.

We lost money and the support of American and South Vietnam citizens, because of that we lost our confidence and power. Without having confidence and feeling powerless, it questions whether we are capable of handling our nation 's conflicts while supporting South VIetnam. Factories that used to produce consumer goods in the US eventually had to convert to producing military equipment to help support the war. A wise decision would have been to raise taxes on American citizens in order to raise fund for the war. Lyndon B. Johnson, president of the United States at the time, was unwilling to raise taxes, which resulted in a horrible cycle of inflation4 and debt.

Many people throughout the world though not all are in agreement that the world is a better place without Saddam Hussein. In losing Hussein, the Iraqis gained freedom of expression. Also, Iraq now has a connectedness to the world through the Internet, cell phones and satellite TV. Another plus is that, although it has not been without complications, democracy is slowly being established in Iraq. Iraq could eventually serve as an example of democratic transition for other nations in the Middle East.

It was a long war with tremendous fiscal and human cost. More than a trillion dollars were expended. More than 4, American lives were lost, and tens of thousands more wounded. According to a article in the "Christian Science Monitor," more than , deaths have occurred as a result of this war. Of those deaths, , were innocent civilians, and over 9, were Iraqi police. Perhaps the biggest con of the war in Iraq is that we may have created more of what we set out to curtail. In addition, scandals surrounding Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo caused worldwide outrage. Though the Iraq War is over, we cannot claim a definitive victory, nor do we know what the eventual outcome will be.

The country is in ruins after more than 20 years of bombing that started with the Gulf War. There is widespread corruption. Sectarian conflict between the Sunni and Shiites is escalating, with 2, people killed just in the months of May and June of

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