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Good Heart Arma

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With these supportive measures, the lung may heal quickly and the patient can return to normal breathing in days; in severe cases ARDS may enter a prolonged phase of healing that may require weeks to resolve. In even more severe cases, devastating lung injury cannot support life or other organs fail along with the lung a condition known as multiple organ failure. Death may occur in up to 40 percent of cases in this severe form. Some investigators objected to the study design used by the ARDS Network arguing that the control arms of the mechanical ventilation and fluid management trials were not representative of usual care. In response, Network investigators argued that usual ICU care included many approaches to mechanical ventilation and fluid management and that the control arms were indeed well represented in usual care practices at the time.

Further, usual care included widely different practices as clinicians did not have reliable evidence pointing them towards what may be best approach or best practice. This was the very reason these studies were needed. In its most important finding, OHRP said "… almost all of the consultants engaged by OHRP opined that risks to subjects in the ARMA [tidal volume] trial were minimized and reasonable in relation to anticipated benefits to the subjects and the importance of the knowledge that was expected to result.

FACTT was resumed without changes to the trial design or procedures after these actions were completed. For Misa's sake, however, she still assists Light in his schemes, although she despises Kyosuke Higuchi, the human she gave the Death Note to and calls the Yotsuba Group "disgusting creatures" due to them using the Death note for personal gain. Death Note How to Read said Rem "supposedly" experiences difficulty while writing the Japanese language. Light manages to force Rem to work for him by presenting a situation in which harm would come to Misa otherwise. As such, she dies when she writes L's name. In the second movie, Rem declares her love for Misa and her spite for Light moments before her death.

While her Death Note is left behind in the manga and anime, she burns it in the film out of spite. In the drama, she doesn't die. She returns to the shinigami realm after the Kira case solved. Obata said that Rem is his favorite Shinigami since she is a Shinigami and "a good person. Because Rem is female, Obata said that he decided to create a design contrasting with Ryuk's by using a white body with "rounder" lines. He says that he used fashion collections to create his motif.

He described her resulting appearance as if she wore a "really bizarre suit. Gelus appears in a flashback when Rem explains how to kill a Shinigami. He is a small, doll-like Shinigami who appears to be patched together out of mismatched fabric. He only has one eye, despite having two eye sockets. In the flashback, Rem recalls Gelus watching over a younger Misa Amane in the human world, which he spends most of his time doing. Knowing that it was Misa's final day, he watches with her, interested in how she will die. Having fallen in love with Misa, Gelus uses his Death Note to kill Misa's destined murderer, a crazed stalker, against Rem's protests. Gelus is reduced to a pile of "something that was not sand nor dust," as punishment for extending a human life, leaving behind only his Death Note.

His remaining years are added to Misa's lifespan. Rem delivers his Death Note to Misa because it was she whom he saved. In the film, she simply drops it and it lands near Misa. Obata said that Gelus appeared to be "a really beautiful" Shinigami in the thumbnails but decided to use his concept instead; Obata designed Gelus with a patchwork body since Gelus is a "really pitiful character. Obata said that he believed that readers could relate to him and sympathize with him more if he looked "pathetic" instead of "beautiful.

When deciding that the patterns looked "too pretty" Obata covered the patterns with black, leaving the white portions visible. The text of the notebook is in a "Shinigami language. Sidoh is the Shinigami whose Death Note was stolen by Ryuk. By the time he realizes this, however, the note has already changed hands several times, ending up in the hands of Mello 's gang more specifically, Mello's subordinate, Jack Neylon whose real name is Kal Snyder. After repeatedly hounding Ryuk for its return, he tracks down the gang to get it back.

He discovers his notebook is in Los Angeles , California and upon arrival takes the notebook out of Mello's hands making it look as if it just floated in mid-air and touches it to the notebook's current owner, Kal Snyder a. Jack Neylon. After Snyder freaks out, he gets Mello and the others to touch the notebook. Snyder is forced to make the eye trade with Sidoh, who exposes the fake day rule.

Sidoh wears heavy clothing, obscuring most of his features, and his head is wrapped in bandages. He shares Mello's great liking for chocolate, similar to Ryuk's liking of apples. Sidoh is fairly timid; Mello frightens Sidoh, despite the fact that Mello is a human. Death Note How to Read describes Sidoh as unintelligent and forgetful, rarely remembering the names of other Shinigami. Tsugumi Ohba, writer for Death Note , said that he used Sidoh as another Shinigami appearing in the human world because he liked Sidoh's appearance; Ohba described Daril Ghiroza as a "candidate" and that he wanted a "pretty pathetic" character. Obata said that when he discovered that another Shinigami would appear on Earth, he filed through designs and nominated Sidoh and Daril Ghiroza.

Obata said that he believed that Ghiroza would be chosen and prepared for that decision; instead Ohba selected Sidoh. Obata said that he based Sidoh's design on the appearance of a bird with his mouth being based on a beak of a canary. Obata described Sidoh's foldable arms as more "insect-like. Obata said he wished that Sidoh appeared more often in the story.

Armonia Justin Beyondormason, is a briefly featured Shinigami who informs Sidoh that his Death Note was stolen by the Shinigami Ryuk and gives him the rules for different situations. As his names suggests, Justin's appearance is that of a skeleton adorned with all manner of jewellery. As described in How to Read , Justin is the right-hand man of the Shinigami King and sits on a throne. Highly intelligent, Justin knows everything there is to know about the Death Note, and Shinigami often go to him in trouble. The scrolls are not mentioned in the anime. Obata said that for Justin's body he referenced Tibetan art that features skulls. He also used ideas stemming from Italian antique accessories that feature faces covered in jewels.

Midora is a large, salamander-like Shinigami with stubby limbs. Unlike most Shinigami, she does not wear any clothing or accessories. She enjoys moist weather but loathes dry seasons. Her enormous size gives her a dominating presence. In the chapter, Ryuk's actions have made apples a commodity among the Shinigami. Midora uses this to bribe the Shinigami King into giving her a second Death Note, which she gives to a human in an attempt to replicate Ryuk's experience with Light. When this "Kira" is brushed off by Near as "Cheap", they kill themselves. Midora tells Ryuk about this, and he relates Light's claim that someone must have great spiritual strength and conviction to use the Death Note; Midora simply picked a "weakling". She admits that Ryuk is better at judging such things, then gives the extra Death Note to him.

Midora appears to enjoy bananas in a similar vein to how Ryuk enjoys apples; in one panel of the one-shot, Midora is eating a banana while sitting on a pile of banana peels in the new Kira's room. Obata said that he liked Midora's design as she appears "more like a salamander " and has a "vastly different" design when compared to other Shinigami. Obata said that her skin feels moist like amphibian skin; due to this Obata said that he worries "if she can survive in the heat of the Shinigami realm.

An unseen character in the main series, the Shinigami King governs the Shinigami and controls distribution of the Death Notes. It is not made clear if he creates them or just has a certain supply, as he is unwilling to replace lost ones. He appears to at least write the rules for the Death Notes, but whether or not he enforces them himself is unclear. The Shinigami King is regarded as a sort of father figure by lesser Shinigami, and is said to be almost immortal. Chapter depicts the King as a large mass suspended in the air with chains. He has a skull for a head, which is surrounded by a larger, skull-like formation.

He has four tentacle-like arms, each with only three fingers on the hands, which hang from his body. One of the eyecatch rules given in the series states that extra Death Notes found by Shinigami are generally expected to be returned to the King, though this clearly is not something Shinigami are forced to abide by. Likewise, lost notebooks must also be reported to him. In contrast, he is quite easily bribed, as Midora was able to trade thirteen apples for a second Death Note after getting them from the human world. Obata said that he felt too afraid to design the King of Death; he said that he considered placing the King of Death on a book spine but felt that the spine would not have enough space to depict the King of Death.

Like Ryuk, he is bored with the shinigami realm, and convinces Ryuk to tell him the story of Light Yagami and the Death Note. Inspired by the tale, he heads off for the human world, in search of a similar cure for his own boredom. Sachiko Yagami is the wife of Soichiro Yagami and the mother of Light. Like her daughter Sayu, she is unaware of Light ever being Kira even after his death.

She is portrayed by Michiko Godai in the live-action films. In the live-action drama, Sachiko dies during her treatment, when Light and Sayu was a kid. Sayu Yagami is Light's kindhearted younger sister. Like her mother she never learns of Light's possession of the Death Note or his identity as Kira. In the manga and anime, after Takimura's death, Mello's gang kidnaps her in exchange for the Death Note possessed by the investigation team. Although being returned unharmed, Sayu falls into a state of shock, eventually becoming unresponsive to the presence of others. In the live-action films, her character is portrayed by actress Hikari Mitsushima , and since the mafia does not play a role, she is not kidnapped. In the drama series, Sayu is portrayed by Reiko Fujiwara.

Though not having any real concept behind Sayu's design, artist Takeshi Obata states that he often encounters difficulty in drawing female characters not central to the storyline. He turns to Light, despite knowing that he is not the real L, who manipulates him into providing assistance and attacking Mello's hideout. When the attack fails, President Hoope commits suicide to prevent Mello from writing his name and making him launch a nuclear strike. How to Read 13 states "It's believed that Kira disposed of him. In the anime, the character was merged with that of George Sairas. When Hoope dies Sairas becomes the President. He capitulates to Kira and officially announces support for him. In addition, Sairas leaks secret information about the SPK.

How to Read 13 describes Sairas as "weak-willed" and "clearly lacking as a leader. President from the start. He feels weighted by Yotsuba's pressure. How to Read 13 states that he "isn't a bad guy. Kanichi Takimura is the head director of the NPA. He is kidnapped by Mello in order to be used as a hostage in exchange for the Death Note. He is later controlled to commit suicide by Light Yagami.

Yamamoto is the newest member of the NPA who only appears in the final chapter, Finale. In the special one-shot chapter set three years later, he can be seen in the same room with the rest of the team, albeit not belonging to them, as noted by Matsuda. According to Tsugumi Ohba, the character was added during the continuity stage to show dirty side of Matsuda as a senior member, and there was no other specific intention to the inclusion of him. This character is the same character as a former high school friend of Light Yagami, appearing in the earlier chapters, who also bears strikingly similar appearances, and has the same English name, Yamamoto. However, in the original Japanese manga, the both character's spelling is different. An unemployed year-old man, Kurou Otoharada is the first criminal that Light kills.

Otoharada's name is announced on television as he holds eight hostages in a nursery school. As this incident was reported only on local television, it helped L narrow down Kira's whereabouts. Shibuimaru rides a motorcycle and travels with a group of bikers. After Light sees him harassing and chasing a woman in the anime, he was about to rape the woman , Light writes his name down with a death by traffic accident. A truck slams into Shibuimaru's motorcycle, killing him. It was this death that fully convinces Light that the Death Note does work. In the manga Light feels some guilt since Shibuimaru is not a criminal. In the first film, Shibuimaru is a criminal who was never prosecuted for killing five children.

Light finds his name in a police database after he hacks onto the NPA server, and later encounters him in a lounge, bragging about the fact that he was not prosecuted. When a man asks Shibuimaru how he felt, he brags about his acquittal and laughed at the fact that parents of his victims screamed when they discovered the acquittal. Shibuimaru finds Light looking over his shoulder and threatens him with a knife, but backs away and laughs, taunting Light by stating that no-one can prosecute him. Later on, Shibuimaru sees Light at a train crossing, gawking at him. Light, having previously killed another criminal, writes Shibuimaru's name into the Death Note, and he collapses of a heart attack as a train passes between them.

Lind L. Tailor is a convicted criminal waiting on death row; this information was kept secretly away from the public. L places Tailor as his decoy on television in exchange for being pardoned by the government. The television states that the broadcast is worldwide and that Tailor's statements are being translated into Japanese. After Tailor states that he is "L", he reads a declaration stating that Kira is evil. Light, in a rage, kills Tailor with a heart attack. The real L announces that Tailor was a decoy, a criminal on death row, and discovers that Kira cannot kill the real L without having seen his face, and that Kira is in Kanto, as that was the only area that the appearance was actually broadcast in.

Osoreda had failed in an attempt to rob a bank, shooting a teller and two customers as he escaped. Light writes Osoreda's name in the Death Note, dictating his actions. Osoreda boards a bus and holds a gun to the driver's head. Osoreda threatens Light as he unwittingly picks up a piece of the Death Note. Due to this, Ryuk appears solely to Osoreda, frightening the criminal. Osoreda empties his ammunition into Ryuk, who does not die.

Osoreda forces the driver to stop the bus and then runs into the street, where an automobile hits Osoreda's head, killing him; the authorities mistakenly believe that Osoreda's vision of Ryuk was a drug-induced hallucination. Taro Kagami is a character featured in the original Death Note pilot story, which differs greatly from the final series. While walking home from school one day, Taro finds the Death Note on the ground, and thinking it to be an ordinary journal, he writes down the names of people who had been bullying him. The next day, these bullies are reported dead, and Ryuk appears to Taro that night.

Soon, the police get involved, and Taro uses an eraser to revive the dead bullies. As the police interrogate the bullies, the bullies and the two police officers die; as it turns out, Ryuk's other note fell into the hands of one of Taro's friends. The police officers and the bullies are brought back to life again, and Taro keeps one Death Note while the other is burned. At the end of the chapter, a year-old Kagami is seen with Ryuk following him.

This version of the story is significantly more horror-based, and Death Note How to Read describes the pilot chapter Ryuk as "really lazy" and "incompetent". Sanami is a character exclusive to the Death Note film series. She is a member of the Task Force. She is portrayed by Miyuki Komatsu. She is the only female member of the Task Force, which differs from the all-male team in the manga and anime. In Death Note: The Last Name, she tends to Misa Amane during her captivity and is more critical of the methods used by the investigation team, often calling them cruel near the end of the film she is killed by the Shinigami Arma when she attempts to kill Mishima. The note tells Matsuda to visit Ryuzaki to help Matsuda find closure with the case.

Ryotaro Sakajo as a character is present only in the films. He is obsessed with Misa, collecting a used tissue of hers after she throws it in the trash. In a sequence bridged between the two films, Sakajo corners Misa and brandishes a knife, stating that he wishes to die with her. Gelus, a shinigami watching from the Shinigami realm, kills him to save Misa's life. In doing so, Gelus dies and Rem, who was watching, finds it only fitting to grant possession of his notebook to the human that he loved. Since Rem was the first Shinigami to touch the dead Gelus's notebook, she gained possession of that one. Shiori Akino is portrayed by Yuu Kashii. Shiori dreams of working in law enforcement and feels some envy stemming from Light's abilities.

Shiori disagrees with Kira's methods, stating that she does not like the terror they incite; she believes that the law should judge criminals. Shiori argues with the "pro-Kira" Light, unaware of the fact that Light is Kira. Kashii describes Shiori as a "very innocent" and "ordinary" girl who "believes in justice. Despite doing so, Light still express some remorse and sadness for using the Death Note to kill Shiori. Shusuke Kaneko , director of the film, said that he created Shiori after reading the original Death Note manga. Kaneko said that he needed Shiori to "deliver Light's badness to the audience. In the production notes Kashii said that she felt excited to portray Shiori and wondered if the audience could accept her character.

In it Kitty Sensei said that she felt concern about what the addition of Shiori "would affect our dear, megalomaniac Light. Will he be a softer version of the Light from the manga? Maki Nikaido is a year-old schoolgirl and the daughter of Dr Kimihiko Nikaido. Her mother was presumably deceased prior to the events of the film. She shared a close bond with her father's assistant Dr Kimiko Kujo also known as K before the murder of her father.

Maki appeared as a pretty girl with chin-length black hair with her bangs covering her eyebrows, and wherever she goes, she was always seen carrying a teddy bear that contains a recording of her mother's voice. She was also shown to be sensible, calm and kind and caring towards her kin, though she can be quite ruthless towards those whom she hated notably Kujo for killing her father. After witnessing her father's death at the hands of Kujo, who was in fact, the leader of the bioterrorist group who created the virus that destroyed a Thai village, Maki fled the laboratory with the virus sample and antidote formula her father inexplicitly entrusted to her to pass to Watari, and eventually she reached L's headquarters and sought refuge from him.

Soon after, Kujo and her associates reached L's headquarters, having traced Maki's whereabouts and there, Maki faces them alone in a corridor. Filled with hatred towards Kujo for causing her father's death, Maki injected herself with the virus and was about to kill Kujo and herself was going to get shot too when L rescued her, taking her and Near out of the headquarters and managed to flee from the terrorists with the help of FBI agent Hideaki Sugura. Somehow, Maki did not show any symptoms even after she had injected herself with the virus; this led to the terrorists to speculate that Maki may have the antidote injected inside her later on, when L met Dr Nikaido's lab partner Koichi Matsudo, Matsudo tested Maki and reasoned that Maki's apparent immunity to the virus was due to her low blood sugar, and this made the virus to not have sufficient energy from infecting her.

While they were travelling on the train to locate Dr Nikaido's lab partner, a television broadcast by Kujo as part of her strategy to capture Maki announced to the public that Maki was a patient infected with a lethal virus who escaped the hospital and her photo of herself in her school attire was presented on-screen. This led to widespread panic, especially to some train passengers who recognised Maki from her face and school uniform shown on the news.

As such, L had Maki changed into a red dress to prevent anyone from recognising her and they both, together with Near, had to stop using public transport to travel and used bicycles instead. During the time Maki spent with L and Near, while she bonded with both L and Near, she seemingly developed some signs of romantic feelings for the eccentric detective. Despite this possible affection, L generally views Maki as a younger sister and treats her like one. After they met Dr Nikaido's lab partner Matsudo and ask for his help to create the antidote, Matsudo, who was initially reluctant due to a past incident of an accidental death as a result of his creations, finally relented and agreed to do the job after hearing L's persuasion.

After several failed attempts, with the help of Near, the antidote was made. But by then, Maki sneaked off, intending to murder Kujo but was captured instead before L, having discovered her disappearance, could arrive on time to save her. L could only find her bag and teddy bear left abandoned at the harbour where Maki told Kujo to come meet her before her capture. Maki was later brought onto a plane bound for the United States , where the terrorists intend to use the virus in her to cause infection on the plane and spread it in the US in turn, the whole world.

With the timely intervention from L, the antidote is administered to Maki and the infected passengers, as well as the surviving infected terrorists including Kujo herself , thereby stopped the crisis. After being injected with the antidote, Maki saw an unconscious Kujo and once again attempting to murder Kujo, but stopped after L persuaded her from doing so. As she did so, Maki began to cry as L approached to console and hug her.

Soon, the police arrived to arrest Kujo and her surviving associates. Later on, together with the infected passengers, Maki was brought to hospital. It was the last time Maki would see L again before his death. Before the end of the movie, a fully-cured Maki awaken to find her teddy bear, with a new recording from L telling Maki to have a good day tomorrow. After hearing it, Maki looked up sideways at nowhere, saying L's name, presumably wondering where he is currently. It is not known over how Maki reacted to L's eventual death or what is her eventual fate, as she did not make any further appearances in the subsequent sequels of the live-action Death Note Japanese film series.

The main antagonist of the film L: Change the World. Dr Kimiko Kujo was a scientist who led a bioterrorist group that strives to use a virus to wipe out most of the mankind to create a new world, believing that the world was corrupt due to humanity's countless acts of undoing. Going by the alias K , Kujo was a former student of Watari, and was known to L. It was mentioned by L that Watari used to be proud of her, possibly due to her intelligence and academic achievements, for which this also implied that her extreme methods and disregard for humanity had led to Watari putting a possible end to their relationship, as hinted by some parts of the movie. Kujo, having collaborated with corrupt businessman Daisuke Matoba, initiated her group to infiltrate the facility she worked, and in the process, she allowed her accomplices to kill all her colleagues in the facility before surrounding Dr Nikaido, with an attempt to force him to hand over the antidote, which Nikaido made to cure the virus; that virus was the same virus Kujo had earlier used to destroy a Thai village in the beginning of the film.

Nikaido destroyed the antidote instead of handing it to Kujo, claiming that he also destroyed the antidote formula beforehand, before proceeding to inject himself with the virus. Seeing Dr Nikaido succumbing to the virus, Kujo incinerated the laboratory which Nikaido was in, leaving him to die in the room. Unbeknownst to her, Maki had witnessed her murdering Nikaido, which gave birth to hatred in the heart of the year-old, who quickly escaped the facility with grief for her father's death. After correctly deducing that Maki could have the antidote formula and sought refuge from Watari, K contacts L, pretending to ask L to meet her the next day afternoon regarding the virus she lied to L that her laboratory received the virus from the Thai village and seek his help.

Afterwards, she and her terrorist group went to L's location with attempt to capture Maki for the antidote formula. Somehow, Maki did not show any symptoms even after she had injected herself with the virus; this led to the terrorists to speculate that Maki may have the antidote injected inside her. As part of her next strategy to catch Maki, a television broadcast by Kujo announced to the public that Maki was a patient infected with a lethal virus who escaped the hospital and her photo of herself in her school attire was presented on-screen.

Widespread panic ensues and many ambulances and police cars were set on patrol to look out for any signs of Maki. Meanwhile, after arriving at Dr Nikaido's lab partner's house to seek help to create the antidote, Maki sneaked off without L and the others noticing. Maki then contacted Kujo to meet her alone at the harbour where she planned to murder Kujo to avenge her father's death. However, Kujo and her associates managed to capture Maki upon reaching the harbour.

Maki was later brought onto a plane bound for the United States , where Kujo and the terrorists intend to use the virus in her to cause infection on the plane and spread it in the US in turn, the whole world. Kujo refused to relent to L when confronted with the antidote, claiming that humanity should be destroyed, and that L was too late to stop it. L, in turn, stated that Kujo was wrong and asked her if the destruction is what Watari would have wanted implying it would not. After stating that he created a device that would make the plane crash into the sea and the virus would become harmless, which effectively made it useless for Kujo to initiate the plan, L convince her that humanity is still good at nature and would learn from their mistakes before injecting her with the antidote, choosing not to leave her to succumb to the infection with intent to let her pay for what she did by the law.

L even convince Maki to not be overcome by revenge before she can successfully murder Kujo. After the police arrived, Kujo and her surviving associates were arrested. Presumably, Kujo was sentenced to imprisonment or at most, sentenced to death for her crimes. Tsukuru Mishima is recruited by Soichiro Yagami to serve as leader of the Death Note task force that is created in response to a surge of killings by new Death Note users. In , Mishima kills Mikami in order to claim the notebook Light entrusted to his son, Hikari. Once everything was in place, Ross gave the go-ahead to Captain Sisko, wishing him good luck in the assault. DS9 : " Favor the Bold ".

Towards the end of the year, Ross presented Sisko with the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor for his actions in retaking Deep Space 9 and forcing the Dominion into temporary retreat. Following the award ceremony, Ross had scheduled a briefing to discuss a new plan to strike the Dominion behind the lines. General Martok and Sisko observed the plan would need the help of Romulan forces, who until then, had also been on the defensive, protecting their territory.

Martok, optimistic of their chances, believed that in just a year's time, all three of them would be drinking blood wine in the halls of the Cardassian Central Command , following their victory over the Dominion. During a meeting with Romulan Senator Letant , Ross attempted to convince him to join the fight, explaining the Dominion would continue to send ships at them one after another. Letant was ultimately swayed and committed his forces to the assault. Ross later ordered Sisko to take the lead in the operation, which was to become known as the First Battle of Chin'toka. DS9 : " Tears of the Prophets ". In early , Ross again visited Deep Space 9 to inform Colonel Kira Nerys , who was temporarily in command, that Romulan Senator Kimara Cretak and her delegation would be establishing a presence on the station for the duration of the war.

DS9 : " Image in the Sand ". After it was discovered that the Romulans had established plasma torpedo launchers on the Bajoran moon Derna , Ross at first refused to get involved, as he felt it could destroy the alliance they had established. However, when Colonel Kira set up a blockade of the moon in protest, he realized her resolve and told Senator Cretak that if she didn't remove the weapons, he would. Later that year, Admiral Ross aided the covert Federation organization Section 31 by helping their agents infiltrate a conference on Romulus , in order to place an operative named Koval at the highest levels of the Romulan government.

Doctor Julian Bashir , who had also attended the conference , was deceived by Ross, as part of a plot to deliver Senator Kimara Cretak into the hands of the Tal Shiar in exchange for Koval's loyalty to the Federation-Romulan alliance. Cretak had been in consideration for a seat on the Romulan Continuing Committee , just like Koval; but when she was arrested by the Tal Shiar based on a scheme perpetrated by Section 31 and Ross, the seat fell to Koval, whose support for the alliance was believed to be even more convincing due to his previously uttered anti-alliance views.

When he found out, Bashir was furious and confronted Ross. Only agreeing to openly discuss the matter if the conversation was off-record, Ross defended his actions of setting up an innocent woman by stating that he had no choice. He saw Cretak as a patriot who would not have had any remorse delivering the Federation into the hands of the Dominion and striking a separate deal with them if it served the Romulan Empire.

He admitted he disliked doing what he did. However, he also disliked ordering young women and men to die and felt this was the best way to maintain the alliance. In justifying his actions, Ross quoted Cicero 's famous line "Inter arma enim silent leges", translated by Bashir as "In time of war, the law falls silent. During the engagement, which became known as the Second Battle of Chin'toka , the Defiant was destroyed and the system was lost to Dominion forces.

Admiral Ross later returned to Deep Space 9 to discuss the Breen energy dampening weapon and Legate Damar 's newly formed anti-Dominion resistance. DS9 : " When It Rains During discussions, Ross agreed with both Sisko and Martok in that to leave Dominion forces to rebuild would be a mistake, and that a major offensive against Cardassia Prime should be launched. DS9 : " The Dogs of War ". Ross personally participated in the assault, taking command of the Starfleet element aboard a Federation starship.

During the battle, he maintained a constant communications link with Sisko and Martok, later ordering Sisko to help the Romulans, who had been hit badly, while he and Martok hit the center of Dominion lines. When the Cardassian forces switched sides against the Dominion, Ross initially suggested they keep the Dominion bottled up at Cardassia Prime. After objections from both Martok and Sisko, he later changed his mind and ordered all forces to press on in a three-pronged attack, eventually defeating Dominion forces and taking Cardassia Prime. Ross' relationship with Sisko was initially one of a professional nature. Their early meetings on Starbase consisted of tactical reports and mission planning with no room for personal conversation. When Ross appointed Sisko his adjutant, he did, however, note that he was very impressed with Sisko's performance on the Defiant and felt they would make a good team.

Sisko expressed some desire to remain with his ship, especially on the eve of the Argolis mission, and did not return Ross' expression of congratulations on his new position. During the mission itself, Sisko could not sleep, but instead waited up for news of the Defiant 's progress. Admiral Ross attempted to remind him he was now responsible for an entire tactical wing with thousands of lives at stake and that he had to get used to the Defiant being away on missions. When the crew returned after completing their mission, Sisko relaxed slightly, and both he and Ross shared a drink in the ship's mess hall. As time went on, Ross and Sisko began to discuss matters of a personal nature.

Prior to the launch of Operation Return, Ross paid a visit to Sisko to wish him good luck on the mission. As Sisko was reading a book on Bajoran texts, the conversation quickly changed to Bajor , with the captain recommending he visit the planet sometime. Upon awarding Sisko the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor, Ross noted his remarkable leadership and meritorious service in the fight against the Dominion and his bravery in taking back Deep Space 9. Despite his respect for Sisko, the captain's role as Emissary of the Prophets did cause friction between the two.

This came to a head when Ross ordered him, " to stop meddling in Bajoran affairs and return the damned tablet, " referring to Sisko's acquisition of the Reckoning Tablet from Bajor and after an official protest from Kai Winn Adami. DS9 : " The Reckoning ". The two also clashed after Sisko received a vision from the Prophets which told him not to go on the mission to Chin'toka. Sisko asked Ross to let him stay on Deep Space 9 but, unsatisfied by Sisko's reasoning, Ross warned him, " You've got to make a decision. You are either the Emissary or a Starfleet captain. You can't be both. After Sisko took leave to return to Earth in , Admiral Ross had his doubts about whether he would return.

However, when Sisko did indeed return to the station, his relationship with Admiral Ross began to improve, so much that he invited Ross to preside over his wedding to Kasidy Yates. This relationship improved as the year went on. Following the destruction of the Defiant at the Second Battle of Chin'toka, Ross promised Sisko he would find him a new ship, though it might take some time. As commanders of their respective fleets, Ross and Martok spent most of their time together discussing the war effort.

In late , Ross was invited to participate in Martok's induction into the Order of Kahless , though appeared noticeably uncomfortable during the ceremony, especially when he learned he was to cut the palm of his hand using a Klingon d'k tahg. Even though this was a learning experience for Ross, he still took to it in honor of Martok's service and partook in some blood wine to celebrate. Following the Battle of Cardassia, Martok opened a bottle of blood wine with both Ross and Sisko, having promised to do so upon their victory over the Dominion.

However, Ross and Sisko declined to drink over the dead bodies of their enemies, much to Martok's displeasure. As a Starfleet admiral and Sisko's superior, Ross did not come into contact with Kira Nerys until early , following Sisko's decision to take leave on Earth. With Kira in command of Deep Space 9, Ross informed her Romulan senator Cretak and her delegation would be establishing a presence on the station for the duration of the war. Though Kira voiced her objections to the admiral, Ross firmly rejected them, telling her the decision had already been made and that she didn't have a say in it. Though the two of them clashed on the issue, Ross did compliment Kira on her command of the station in Sisko's absence, hinting that he didn't believe the captain would return.

Their relationship became further strained following the placement of Romulan plasma weapons on the Bajoran moon of Derna. Though Ross sympathized with Kira's stance that the Romulans had no right putting weapons on a Bajoran moon, he declined to assist her in removing them, for fear it would jeopardize the alliance.

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